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Ptech submits metalmodel as proposed OOAD standard -- Leading provider of visual modeling products responds to OMG request for proposals.

--Ptech, a leader in enterprise-wide business process modeling and code generation tools, announced today that it recently submitted a proposed standard for object-oriented analysis and design Object-oriented analysis and design (OOAD) is a software engineering approach that models a system as a group of interacting objects. Each object represents some entity of interest in the system being modeled, and is characterised by its class, its state (data elements), and its . The document responds to the Object Analysis and Design RFP-1 of the Object Management Group in Framingham, Mass.

Ptech develops the software solution FrameWork, an object-oriented business process modeling and application development tool that lets business and technology professionals use a single graphical interface See GUI.  to capture business goals and design processes to support them. FrameWork 5.0 for Microsoft Windows See Windows.
(operating system) Microsoft Windows - Microsoft's proprietary window system and user interface software released in 1985 to run on top of MS-DOS. Widely criticised for being too slow (hence "Windoze", "Microsloth Windows") on the machines available then.  NT and 95 facilitates conceptualizing, modeling and implementing processes and information for maximum competitive advantage. The Ptech Abstract Code Generator See application generator and macro recorder.  (ACG ACG American College of Gastroenterology; angiocardiography; apexcardiogram.AcG accelerator globulin (coagulation factor V).

accelerator globulin (clotting factor V). ) lets customers generate up to 90 percent of application code directly from the models.

"Ptech is submitting a response to the OMG (1) See Object Management Group.

(2) "Oh my God!" See digispeak.
OMG - Object Management Group  request for proposals as a result of customer feedback highlighting a void in the marketplace," explained James Cerrato, vice president of technology deployment. "We are convinced that our approach will enrich the emerging OMG standard. Since most approaches in the marketplace focus on systems development, they often result in applications that do not reflect actual business needs. The Ptech approach, in contrast, is actually driven by business strategy."

"Ptech has always advocated a fully open approach, providing customers with all the underlying metamodels that define the Ptech methodology and cover the full life cycle from enterprise modeling through application implementation," added Oussama Ziade, chairman and CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board. . "The Ptech metamodel is based on seventeen years of practical experience with customers and notable industry experts. Since the metamodel is easy to extend, users have continually expanded and refined it so that it reflects a degree of maturity, formality and integration unique in the marketplace. We are excited about submitting this Ptech metamodel to support the OMG in their standardization effort for object analysis and design."

The Ptech submission is one of a handful offered by industry leaders for consideration. It consists of an overview of the Ptech method, a description of the models supported and a glossary of terms. The body of the document addresses these topics:

-- Structural models

-- Architectural models

-- Behavioral models

-- Distributed processing The first term used to describe the distribution of multiple computers throughout an organization in contrast to a centralized system. It started with the first minicomputers. Today, distributed processing is called "distributed computing." See also client/server.  models

-- Usage models

-- Annotation models

The revised submission in April will also address the relationship between metamodel constructs defined in this submission and specifications in the Business Object Facility, the Meta Object Facility, the CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) A software-based interface from the Object Management Group (OMG) that allows software modules (objects) to communicate with each other no matter where they are located on a private network or the global  Interface Repository and CORBA Services.

For details about Ptech or FrameWork, call 617/577-7100 or visit . -0- Founded in 1994, Ptech Inc. is a privately held software company located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ptech and the Ptech logo are trademarks of Ptech Inc.


Janet Fink, 617/577-7100 x360

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