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9-11 Remember 2 men captured in the "Truck filled with Explosives"?

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The media focused on pounding the images of planes flying into the twin towers,

...yet on that same day...

Two men arrested driving a van loaded with explosives in downtown New York is untouched!


I've added reference to this thread 9/11 Memorandum Commission Select Committees 2004 - Israeli Surveillance

This has ?police? audio documenting that the van at 6th-7th and King st. EXPLODED.
This van has a mural on the side with an airplane exploding into New York City.
Two suspects taken.


The Mystery Of The 9/11 Car Bombs
Evidence points to multiple roaming backup teams with vans full of explosives

Infowars.net | April 23, 2007
Steve Watson

The first, and most mysterious, piece of evidence to highlight comes from an actual transmission from audio from Channel 30 NYC, one of the emergency communications channels, on the morning of September 11 which makes reference to the discovery of a van full of explosives and two suspects located between 6th and 7th on King Street , some blocks away from the World Trade Center.

The bizarre thing about the transmission is that the responder makes reference to a mural painted on the side of the van depicting a "remote controlled plane" diving into New York City.

A full transcript follows the audio:

Begin Transcript:

officer: [inaudible]
officer: 5 the message about the plane
officer: Sergeant [inaudible] seven five (Miller?)
officer: 5 [inaudible] about the, 10-5 the message about the plane
officer: 9414 hold up
officer: 5 the message about the remote-control plane
officer: [inaudible] on the air
officer: [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible] Trinity and Liberty? all city wide task force units are to respond to Liberty Trinity Place
officer: 10-4 the message is the plane [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible] task forces
c/o: [inaudible] and [inaudible] will be the mobilization point at this time [inaudible]
officer: 10-4 c/o central who is [inaudible]
officer: didn't find any mention about the plane (alt: didn't find any admission about the plane)
officer: central, we need the bomb squad and EAQ over at King and??background noise?.click
officer: [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible] units
officer: [inaudible] on the air
officer: 9415 you on?
officer: 85[inaudible] this is uhh operator
officer: [inaudible]
officer: negat[inaudible]
officer: [inaudible] giving up these [inaudible] (planes?)
officer: [inaudible] I got a message on that uh plane,
it's a big truck with a mural painted of a of a airplane diving into New York City
and exploding [inaudible] know what's in the truck, the truck is in between 6th and 7th on King Street
officer: [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible] 10-5 10-5
officer: with a mural painted uh airplane diving into New York blowing up. Two men got outta the truck
ran away from it, we got those two [inaudible] under.
officer: kay great.
officer: [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible] are you holding those to guys [inaudible] (kay?)
multiple voices/commotion: [inaudible] f**king beat the shit out of him.
officer: [gasps]
multiple voices/commotion: [inaudible] f**king shit out of him [inaudible]
officer: all right listen you need any [inaudible] on those two guys over there? you all right over there kay?
officer: we got both suspects under kay, we have the suspects who drive?drove in the van and that exploded
we have both of them under kay let's get some help over here
officer: now I'm sending you [inaudible] I just want to make sure you and your guys all right over there kay, that's all.
officer: what's the location [inaudible]
officer: put em up, put em up
officer: you know we have both the [inaudible] driven that exploded. Is that correct?
officer: what location?
officer: location [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible] location [inaudible]
officer: King Street between 6th and 7th
officer: King Street and 6th and 7th avenue, King Street and 6th and 7th avenue
officer: [inaudible] on the scene King 6 and 7, which unit are you kay?
officer: [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible]
officer: [inaudible] explosion
officer: which unit is on the scene at king street?
officer: truck to Manhattan
officer: [inaudible] 10 truck
officer: [inaudible] 10 truck is heading a team toward 14 Trinity Place
officer: all right you take care of that for me and get back to me
multiple voices: [inaudible]
officer: all right just check out that location let me know what you got
officer: [inaudible]4
officer: [inaudible] on the air
officer: on the air
officer: [inaudible]
officer: that fine with you?
officer: CIT Units on the air, CIT
officer: [inaudible] always available [inaudible] we're talkin

The indication is that the suspects ran away when the van was stopped and were then apprehended following some sort of struggle. It is then stated that the van has actually exploded.

Naturally the strangeness of this audio clip has lead to questions concerning its authenticity, yet this was cleared up soon after the clip emerged sometime last year, when it was discovered that reference to the mural van was also made in the February 2006 Norman Y. Mineta International Institute for Surface Transportation Policy Studies (MTI) report entitled: ? Saving City Lifelines: Lessons Learned in the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks ?. The report states

?There were continuing moments of alarm. A panel truck with a painting of a plane flying into the World Trade Center was stopped near the temporary command post. It proved to be rented to a group of ethnic Middle Eastern people who did not speak English. Fearing that it might be a truck bomb, the NYPD immediately evacuated the area, called out the bomb squad, and detained the occupants until a thorough search was made. The vehicle was found to be an innocent delivery truck.?

The Culhavoc blog site, which has covered this mystery in depth here , notes:

The MTI quote makes absolutely no mention of the truck exploding.

This report states that the truck was rented. Doesn't the MTI find it interesting that middle eastern men rented a truck and painted it with a mural depicting an attack currently taking place blocks away? Why would someone paint a mural of WTC being attacked by planes on a rented van?

In addition if this was an "innocent delivery truck" why did the suspects attempt to run away?

We have two middle eastern men in a van with a mural on the side of New York being attacked by a plane diving into it on the same day as two planes are flown into the twin towers. Is this alone not suspicious enough to warrant a full explanation in the MTI report?

Something about the mural also must have caused the officer heard on the transmission to believe that it depicted a remote controlled airplane packed with explosives. The remote controlled plane comments are interesting when put into context side by side with Operation Northwoods , the now infamous 1962 plan by the Joint Chiefs to carry out terror attacks on American soil to be used as a pretext to invade Cuba.

What happened to these two men? Why was the apparent explosion of the vehicle never reported? And why was first responder audio stating the vehicle had exploded subsequently ignored by all the official investigations into 9/11?

More Roaming Explosive Vans in NY on 9/11

Another transcript of 9/11 police radio transmissions, originally obtained by memoryhole.org in 2005 through a Port Authority Freedom of Information Request, reveals a second separate mention of a van with ?terrorists? and explosives:

CPD - Ch . 018 - Radio (Ch . W) LT Police
from page 148 of 1593 (in pdf pages)


MALE C: Attention all 880(?) police units . Stand by for the (Inaudible) the Holland Tunnel . (01 :18:57)
MALE D : (Inaudible) copy .
MALE C : (Inaudible) from the Holland Tunnel exit, a tan Ford alpha van . New York tags . delta (Inaudible), November 8970 . Information has it this van was seen with possible terrorists in it, with explosives . That's from the Holland Tunnel desk, (Inaudible) 32nd . It's heading eastbound towards Le Havre(?) at this time . but they haven't caught it yet, and it may be coming towards this way . (01 :19:25)
The Holland Tunnel exit is a few blocks from King between 6th and 7th.

Could this be the same van that exploded on King St. as was reported on NYPD radio or is it a completely different van?

Certainly if the van had a mural painted on its side one would assume any sightings would include a description of this also. This is not the case here however, which suggests this may be an altogether different white van with 'terrorists" and explosives.


More Exploding Vans?

The following clip shows Jack Kelley a foreign war correspondent stating to USA today that the FBI believed that a truck full of explosives was parked beneath the buildings which exploded and weakened the structures aiding their complete collapse:

So not only do we have reports of explosive vans from all over New York on 9/11, news reports also strongly suggest that the authorities believed that vans packed with explosives were used in the actual attack on the World Trade Center.

Another widely circulated report picked up by multiple mainstream outlets on 9/11 was the announcement by senior law officials within the State Department in Washington that a car bomb had exploded outside the their building.

The news anchors in the following British Channel 5 clip also make mention of a car bomb at the State Department and the bombing of a shopping mall in Washington DC.

These were not rumors generated as a result of "confusion" as is often the defense - the anchor cites a "senior U.S. law enforcement official" as the source. Why were these events reported and then never covered again?

It is commonly accepted that the breadth of the 9/11 attack was planned to be larger in scope because Flight 93 did not reach its target. Were the State Department and Washington Mall "bombings" intended to go ahead but for whatever reason failed or were called off? Was the media fed a script too early as in the case of Building 7, which was also reported to have collapsed by both the BBC and CNN up to 30 minutes before it actually fell?

By the evening of September 11, following a "perimeter walk around our building," the State Department publicly stated that no such bombing had taken place.

Why were senior State Department officials telling the media that there had been a bombing without even conducting a basic appraisal of the building's perimeter? Can this all be put down to "confusion" or were some elements of the 9/11 script changed according to how events were unfolding on the day?


There are reports from 9/11 of white vans with explosives and middle eastern suspects in at least eight different places in New York on that day:

King Street
nr. Holland Tunnel
nr. George Washington Bridge
nr. Lincoln Tunnel
Liberty State Park
Jersey City
World Trade Center

These locations are represented by the blue placemarks on the map (click for enlargement).

There were at least three different parties involved:

1. The Israeli group detained near the Lincoln Tunnel 2. The mural van pair detained on King Street 3. Whoever it was that was detained near the GW Bridge
None of these groups were dressed in Arab garb so, if the documented call to police stating this was authentic, there may have been another group.

There are many more witness statements and reports of exploding vehicles in and around ground zero on 9/11, far too many to go into detail about.

Were all these reports and statements, including the NYPD transmissions inaccurate or false alarms? Or do they represent evidence of 9/11 being a much larger scale operation than we have been led to believe? Were all the mysterious suspects "backup" in case the planes never reached their targets? Were some involved in bringing the towers down?

We can only speculate on who these people were, what their roles were and who they were working for, but once again it is clear that the whole truth as to what happened on the day that changed the world is far from being told.

Note: More transcripts from 9/11 can be found here . Independent researchers may wish to look through them. There may be more references to suspicious vehicles contained within this myriad of documentation .

I'm not sure what to make of this. But the thing that sticks out to me is the mural of a plane diving into NY or the WTC? If I were driving a van in NYC on the morning of 9/11 and had it full of explosives, if I wanted to get arrested and draw attention to myself I'd have a big mural of a plane diving into the WTC. WTF would anyone have that on their van? Wouldn't it seem to be extremely stupid and unneccessary? It's just pure speculation but......it could be that in case the media didn't immediatly accept that the buildings crumbled into nothing in 10 seconds without explosives, but instead insisted that it's obvious explosives were used......there would be a ready made explanation, middle eastern men driving a van of explosives ....members of Al Qaeda no doubt.

Jackson Holly:
I have often wondered ... What if the plane/s had missed the buildings?

Whether the planes were remote controlled or patsy controlled, there would seem to be a high probability that one or both would miss their targets.

So, they MUST have had a backup plan. The wayward plane would have no doubt plowed into the island somewhere ... perhaps leaving a less-controlled scene and more evidence than the point blank ramming of the WTC.

What do you think? Would the nutty trucks of explosives figure into that scenario somehow?


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