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I've hesitated to do this, because I don't want to suggest in any way that article comments are being lost on purpose. Paul replied to a message from me that the Prison Planet Server sometimes loses comments unexpectedly, and I believe him. I've even suspected that a troll may have gotten access to the Comment program and uses that to delete comments that strongly defend Alex or make a serious political point, or perhaps they just delete any comment from certain posters. I find too many of the comments I read under the articles to be hateful of Alex or Paul, ill-informed, in bad taste, or just outright inane. And I'm constantly wondering where the more thoughtful and serious comments are.
So here is a place where anyone who has saved his or her comment elsewhere can post it. I would suggest that you refer to the Prison Planet article and give the URL of the page if you still have it. Many times the article runs as a non-featured item.
If this duplicates a Forum topic elsewhere, moderators please move the postings there.

Article: "House Passes Mandatory National Service Bill"
This seems to be Obama & Co.’s version of the Hitler Youth, but the ideas behind the rhetoric are appealing and even socially good. High schools no longer teach civics, so young people have no idea how the government is SUPPOSED to work under the Constitution. As for mandated opportunities for charity and societal good works, these are things which should be inculcated in the nation’s youth; and, if religion has failed miserably to encourage them, a national crusade led by a representative government of the citizenry should step in to do so. Of course, the government that now styles itself as the “U.S. Government” is an alien entity which is not to be trusted by anyone in this country or abroad. This is just one more indication that a thoroughgoing popular revolution and Constitutional restoration is long overdue. I want to add that home schooling is a Constitutional right; and I've met some well-educated graduates of home schooling.

Article: Missouri Governor Stands Behind MIAC Smear Report

Anyone who actually read the MEIAC report, which was posted here on Prison Planet, knows that it's way out of bounds. I'd like to say I'm not surprised that Jay Nixon stood by it, but I don't understand why these gentlemen are sticking their necks out this way unless they're planning martial law for the near future. Doesn't Nixon realize how many police officers and military people have already come over to our side? Doesn't he realize that there are penalties for conspiracy to commit treason and that he'll face justice if their coup attempt fails?

Economist: US collapse driven by ‘fraud,’ Geithner covering up bank insolvency
Stephen C. Webster
Raw Story
Sunday, April 5, 2009

Link: http://www.prisonplanet.com/economist-us-collapse-driven-by-fraud-geithner-covering-up-bank-insolvency.html

The people who were supposed to watch the mad dog lied about their job. So the mad dog got loose and killed all the kids in the neighborhood. What to do?

* Change the job requirements?
* Send the old dog-watcher to jail and hire a more honest dog-watcher? Or...
* Euthanize the mad dog?    
Bill Moyers is a Left-Gatekeeper whose job is to keep the spotlight off the system by re-focussing it on the banks. The banks can't direct the military in its imperialistic adventures, they can't neglect the infrastructure, they can't allow the food supply and the water to be poisoned, they can't keep minimum wage at pennies in real dollars, they can't give tax breaks to corporations that move abroad, they can't bust unions (except banking unions). Unfortunately, there is too much of this shift-the-blame game at Prison Planet. Let's not be Right-Gatekeepers, folks!

--- Quote ---mike Says:
April 5th, 2009 at 5:16 am
Nah—we is a kristian country—these kindA THINGS JUST CAN’T HAPPEN HERE….
--- End quote ---
Fascism. It can't happen here: Germany was a cultivated nation.

Swine flu source spawns wild theories
Michael Kahn
Thursday, April 30, 2009
A detailed, sourced report a lot like Alex's. But Taking Aim has a little different take and focusses on the political situation in Mexico, and whether the flu biowar attack was to help him and whether the U.S. military would invade Mexico should Calderón face a full insurrection. Not about secret pig farms or drug cartels.
Drag it to your player 'File' area: http://takingaimradio.com/mp3/takingaim090428.mp3


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