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--- Quote from: LibertyPrevails on September 04, 2009, 05:22:42 pm ---Thanks for this information. How long did it take for them to respond? I submitted an article as well.

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Depends on who you send it to.

Note: I am new to this forum and wanted to share something I recently broadcast.
Thank you

Our current situation did not begin 4 years ago, or even 4 years before that...
I did not support the Patriot Act, but it was because prior the Patriot Act, I suspected we would go to war the moment Bush and Cheney were elected. I thought the combination of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld was far too dangerous and that they could not legitimize the presidency without a common enemy. The Cold War had ended with a fizzle, we were drifting into a quiet point in history, and nothing brings out patriotism (and blind allegiance) like foreign conflict.
They needed it.
What is so pervasive and dangerous today is the enemy they chose cannot be pegged into a singular country. This makes the entire world up for grabs in the fight. It creates world war with no boundary lines, including our home turf.... This is how we have welcomed the tyranny into our borders.
It is glaringly evident that the current administration is not only furthering the Bush administration's policies but building upon a long standing legacy. The erosion of the concept that no man has a master... The elite only seek power they can wield for themselves and each breach of liberty transforms their ability to suppress liberty ten fold.
The enemy is not the one they tell you to fear. This is a farce. It plays upon your sympathies, patriotism and sense of duty. It's an emotional ploy meant to excite you, meant to make you feel helpless without their protection. But the protection they offer is a con. It is a decoy to their agenda, which is less power for you and more power for themselves. Every time you support their agenda, you give more of yourself away. You do not gain security, you put your life, your children's life and your grand children's lives at risk.
History is not a hobbyist's tool. It is a record of the framework of civilization. Human beings have struggled under oppressive rule for all of recorded history and the great experiment that was the United States of America was the guideline for the true balance between a civil society and personal ownership. The simple idea that no man is your master was a prevention against the atrocities of history and an unprecedented endeavor. The only true equality is liberty for all. To give up this dream only continues the cycle of human misery and abuse.
Be fearless. Because fear is the only weapon they have... If they say to you, 'Give up your liberty' you can be assured that they will use your own insecurity to justify their actions... Only the fearless can defeat them because without fear, they have no power.


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