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More guns than people in some NSW suburbs

Article from: The Daily Telegraph
Exclusive by Rhett Watson, Political Reporter
March 09, 2009 12:00am

GUNS now outnumber people in some areas of NSW as the latest Firearms Registry figures show alarming local spikes in weapon numbers, including in Sydney's crime hotspot suburbs.

A Daily Telegraph investigation into the steadily growing NSW firearms stockpile shows suburbs such as Auburn, Bankstown, Chester Hill, Bligh Park, Surry Hills and Kellyville have all significantly increased their guns in just three years.

Gun lobby experts put some of the growth down to dealers and distributors registering new stock - but in many cases there is no explanation other than strong growth.

In country localities such as Rylstone and Geurie in the state's Central West and Bendemeer in the Northern Tablelands there are more guns than people. Rylstone, population 798 in the most recent census, has 1276 firearms in the postcode.

Statewide, registered firearms have increased from 650,185 in May 2005 to 687,200 as of December 30.

The most recent count shows the state's gun stockpile includes 489,348 rifles, 61,767 single barrel shotguns, 49,818 side-by-side single barrel shotguns, 37,273 under and over double barrel shotguns, 24,468 pistols and 13,307 revolvers. There were even 9 walking stick, or cane, guns registered.

A postcode breakdown of ownership figures as of June 30 shows the growth to be strong in certain localities, sometimes many hundreds of per cent.

The gun capital of metropolitan Sydney is Bligh Park in Sydney's west, home to 4728 firearms in the postcode 2756, up 14 per cent in three years.

In Sydney's southwest, registered firearms in Auburn have risen sharply by more than 300 per cent to 2552, due to a new dealer.

At Bankstown firearms are up 73 per cent to 2804 while at nearby Chester Hill the increase is 80 per cent, up to 2777. At Horsley Park, the number of guns has risen from 2983 to 4498, dwarfing the official population of 1812, but much of this is registrations by the Horsley Park Gun Shop.

Other places with big increases include Tamworth, up 25 per cent, Singleton (19 per cent) Gulgong (108 per cent), Young (27 per cent), and Queanbeyan, (18 per cent). Moss Vale is home to more firearms than anywhere else in the state.

The 18,329 registered firearms as of June 30, 2008, is more than the local population of 14,150 living there in the 2006 census. The figure is up from 11,686 in May 2005. Highland Sports, one of the nation's biggest importers and distributors is located in the town.

Coalition for Gun Control spokeswoman Samantha Lee was concerned: "The more guns there . . . the more likely they are to be stolen or fall into the wrong hands".

She predicted the number of registered guns would surge due to a recent softening of firearms laws introduced after Port Arthur. The changing laws include existing gun owners no longer requiring a 28-day waiting period to acquire second or third guns. Bans on AVO recipients having a firearm for 10 years have also been wound back.

Shooters Party MP Robert Brown said many owners in regional areas had up to three firearms, including a .22 rifle and shotgun, explaining how guns may outnumber residents.

He said most were concentrated in Sydney's west and this was not surprising as "shooting is generally regarded as a blue collar sport".,22049,25157413-5006009,00.html


Kevin Farrugia jailed for possession of illegal firearms

Article from: Herald Sun
Katie Bice and Elissa Hunt
March 12, 2009 03:20pm

A GUN-TOTING criminal caught for the sixth time with illegal firearms has been jailed - but for less than half the record sentence prosecutors had asked for.
Kidnapper and drug trafficker Kevin Farrugia, 36, was pulled over by police in Glenroy last April and had to be subdued with a taser.

A loaded .357 revolver was found in a bag that fell from Farrugia's lap and a 9mm semi-automatic handgun was found beside the passenger seat, cocked and loaded.

Farrugia already had four prior convictions for illegal guns.

At his County Court plea hearing last month Farrugia was branded a Good Samaritan after he rescued an injured woman from a horror smash that killed her two children.

The court heard he was first on the accident scene, helping to remove the mother from her wrecked car. He could see the younger child, a boy aged three months, had died but stayed with the other boy, aged 5, until emergency workers arrived. That child later died.

Defence lawyer Carolene Gwynn said Farrugia had been carrying guns when arrested because he got paranoid as his drug use escalated and feared he would become an underworld target.

Farrugia pleaded guilty to two counts of being a prohibited person in possession of an unregistered firearm and possessing cannabis.

Prosecutors had asked for Farrugia to be jailed for 8-9 years with a minimum of 6-7. The maximum penalty for the illegal weapons offence is 15 years.

But Judge Graeme Hicks said despite Farrugia's lengthy list of prior convictions other sentences handed down for the guns charge were dramatically less than what prosecutors had requested.

He jailed Farrugia for three years and six months with 16 months added onto a jail term he is already serving.,,25176481-2862,00.html


Bikies with illegal guns could be used to highlight Government argument for stricter control of legal firearms.

Drive-by shooting in Merrylands, Sydney

By staff writers
March 24, 2009 11:49am

BIKIE violence is "absolutely unaccepteable,'' says Prime Minister Kevin Rudd after the brawl at Sydney airport which left one man dead.

Speaking from Washington where he will meet with US President Barack Obama, Mr Rudd said he had a "zero tolerance'' attitude towards gang violence, adding it was "repugnant'' and clearly showed Australia had a problem on its hands.

"Bikie gangs, bikie thugs and organised criminal activity, from my point of view, should have zero tolerance,'' Mr Rudd said.

He said the next regular meeting of federal and state attorneys-general - the standing committee of attorneys-general (SCAGS) - will put the issue on the agenda to look at what further action can be taken to curb such violence.

"This sort of behaviour by bikies and others engaged in organised criminal activity is unacceptable in Australia, absolutely unacceptable,'' Mr Rudd said.

Suburban warzones

Yesterday couple and three children narrowly escaped injury when his home and car were fired on in the latest of a spate of drive-by shootings linked to bikie warfare.

The shooting, in Merrylands, west Sydney, was the 11th gun attack in just five days.

Police could not officially confirm if the latest drive-by was bikie related but said a number of shots were fired from a white Nissan Maxima about 8.40pm (AEDT).

"It is alleged an occupant of the vehicle fired four shots into a house and sped away," police said. "Two adults and three children were in the premises at the time. No one was injured."

The house targeted was a brick duplex and a bullet shattered the rear window of a blue BMW X5 in the driveway.

One person was near the car when the shooting occurred. Reports differ as to whether it was a man or a child.

No one was injured but detectives last night took the man and other occupants of the house away for questioning.

Frances St was blocked off as forensic and crime scene officers investigated the shooting.

A group of friends, who had been at a park adjacent to the house, said they heard shots and saw flashes.

The 19-year-old witness, who did not want to be named, saw a white car, drive by.

"We saw gun shots and flashes, it wasn't that loud," he said. "I thought it was a bunger at first but as soon as I saw the flashes (of the gun) we all just started running."

The previous attack, on Sunday night, was at Bossley Park. A house was sprayed with bullets, but no one was injured. Hours earlier seven houses were sprayed with gunfire at Auburn as the Bandidos and rival gang Notorious exchanged fire.

On Sunday Anthony Zervas, 29, was bludgeoned to death at Qantas's T3 terminal in a brawl involving members of the Hells Angels and Comancheros bikie gangs.

No arrests were made at the airport and many of the attackers fled from the domestic terminal in taxis soon afterwards. Four men were later arrested and charged over the brawl.

Go to the Daily Telegraph more local coverage of Sydney's bikie gang wars.,27574,25233496-1242,00.html


Make no mistake, defending yourself even if you are older and vulnerable is illegal in Australia. All examples of self defense will be punished. Also, an intentional shot below the waist is NOT "intent to murder".

Resident charged with shooting attacker

Article from: AAP
April 01, 2009 06:53am

A SYDNEY resident has been charged with attempted murder after shooting another man who smashed a window of his home.

Police said 60-year-old male resident allegedly shot a man in the leg who smashed a window of his home at Cambridge Park, in Sydney's west, about 2.20am (AEDT) on February 23.

The wounded man, 41, ran to a neighbouring home for help while the other man drove away from the scene.

He was taken by ambulance to Nepean Hospital where he underwent surgery.

Following police inquiries, the older man was arrested yesterday and charged with shooting with intent to murder, causing grievous bodily harm with intent to murder and firing a firearm near a public place and in a manner likely to injure a person.

He was refused bail and is due to appear at Penrith Local Court today.,22049,25273449-5001028,00.html


--- Quote from: burlguy on April 02, 2009, 01:41:54 am --- So the 60 year old dude is afraid this burglar is going to make it into his house and cause him harm. So he shoots him in the leg and gets charged with murder? Why? Its the end of the world..... >:(

--- End quote ---

In Australia self defense is practically outlawed. Possessing pepper spray (mace) or a taser is a crime. You need a rather hard to get license to own a paint ball gun, a pellet gun, an Airsoft gun, even a non-firing replica gun. In Australia it is illegal to use a gun for self defense.


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