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This is the second David Rothscum Report. For the previous report, and additional findings made by Sane, visit this link:

Assasination attempt against Morgan Tsvangirai: Part of a wider agenda?

Evidence is coming forward that strongly suggests that the car-truck collision that led to the death of Morgan Tsvangirai's wife was not an accident but an assassination attempt meant to spread chaos and instability in Zimbabwe.

Morgan Tsvangirai's political party, the Movement for Democratic Change, describes the crash as a "perfect organised hit".
"What he told me was that the truck went for his car," said Dennis Murira, director of public affairs in the Prime Minister's office.
It is interesting to note that two different stories exist that try to explain the exact reason the truck driver hit Mr Tsvangirai's car in a head-on collision that caused his car to roll over three times.
Primarily British papers report that the truck driver tried to avoid a podhole, and thus crashed into Zimbabwe's Vice-President's car. Most Zimbabwean media however report that the driver claims to have fallen asleep.
Some people claim that nobody would commit such an attempt to kill someone else that would also endanger his own life. However, in car-truck collisions, 98 percent of the fatalities were occupants of the car. In case the crash happened on purpose and the truck driver prepared himself for the crash, his chance of survival may be even higher compared to that of the occupants of his car. This means that compared to other methods of assassination, an attempt to murder someone through a car crash isn't exceptionally dangerous, especially since the truck driver can claim it was an accident. According to many Zimbabweans, President Mugabe has a long history of assassinating his enemies through staged car accidents. In December of 2008 is was reported that Elson Gezi, the brother of a prominent Zimbabwean politician wanted a meeting with President Mugabe to to clarify circumstances surrounding the death of his brother, Border Gezi, who died in a car accident. A few months after Gezi, another minister died in what was deemed a car accident.
Therefore it wouldn't be far fetched to claim Mr Mugabe is behind his Prime Minister's death. However the difference this time is that Tsvangirai is not a member of Mugabe's own party, unlike the two ministers who lost their lives in 2001. Assasinating the leader of the main opposition party would carry the risk of destabilizing the country, since many Zimbabweans would immediatly hold Mugabe responsible, who is already becoming less popular within the country. Furthermore it is hard to imagine why Mugabe would want to assasinate his Prime Minster, after he finally managed to form a coalition government with his opposition. Two days before the car crash, Tsvangirai came out opposing the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.
In 2004 Tsvangirai still supported sanctions on Zimbabwe by the Western world.

Tsvangirai appears to be a Western puppet gone rogue. In 2003 Israeli Intelligence officer Ari Ben-Menashe claimed that Tsvangirai wanted to assasinate Mugabe, to bring about a military coup. The British government would provide the money. Back then, Tsvangirai also still supported Western sanctions. After he was sworn into office however, it appears he turned around; He wanted to work with Mugabe to strengthen Zimbabwe by ending the sanctions and rebuilding the economy. America's government had other plans for Zimbabwe, and decided to extend the sanctions for another year.

It appears to me that Mugabe wouldn't have anything to gain by murdering his Prime Minister, the opposition to his position, both within and outside of his country, would just increase, and Tsvangirai would be succeeded by another MDC politician if Mugabe would get away with it.

However, Western governments, especcially those of the US and the UK, have an interest in further destabilization. This is the reason they are imposing these sanctions in the first place and tried to overthrow Mugabe. An assasination attempt on their former ally in the fight against Mugabe that would be blamed on Mugabe himself would help to destabilize the nation. Skeptics might ask why they would assasinate Tsvangirai instead of simply murdering Mugabe. A similar assasination attempt has indeed been attempted against Mugabe. It failed because Mugabe travels with a massive convoy, to prevent anyone from getting close to his vehicle.

Of course these are all just motives and a strong case needs more evidence than just motives.
The truck driver that hit Zimbabwe's Vice President car worked for USAID. USAID has a long history of ties to the CIA. Recently declassified CIA documents (part of the so called "family jewels" show that the CIA worked together with USAID to train security personnel for foreign countries. They were taught how to create bombs, how to analyse targets and how to plan operations. Before this, Venezuela's government already believed USAID to be working with the CIA to destabilize their nation.
And just a month before this incident that killed Morgan Tsvangirai's wife, USAID workers were arrested after suspected involvement in a failed assasination attempt on Zimbabwe's Air Force Commander Perence Shiri. Perence Shiri is also named in the failed attempt to overthrow Mugabe and replace his government by a military dictatorship.
The BBC report I mentioned earlier says that:

    Mr Ben-Menashe said that the MDC had signed a $500,000 contract with his firm and promised $10m to the head of the air force, Air Marshal Perence Shiri, to stage a coup after Mr Mugabe's assassination.

Is it just coincidence that USAID workers are arrested after an assasination attempt against Perence Shiri, and one month later a USAID worker is arrested after crashing his truck into the car of Morgan Tsvangirai? How many USAID workers are there in Zimbabwe?

It is important to remind everyone that the destabilization campaign in Zimbabwe is part of a wider agenda of Western Nations in Africa. Webster G. Tarpley wrote in 2006:

    BUSH IN AFRICA - President Bush may not know what he is doing on his current visit to five African countries, but Zbigniew Brzezinski knows exactly what the mission is. The Brzezinski policy is to foment destabilization and chaos in Africa under the auspices of the new United States African command (US-AFRICOM), all for the purpose of driving the Chinese out of Africa. As Zbigniew announced on November 30, 2007 in the Washington Post, he intends to cut off Chinese access to oil, other energy sources, and strategic raw materials on the African continent.

Two of China's main allies in Africa are Zimbabwe and Sudan. Zimbabwe has the second largest plutonium reserves in the world, and Sudan has oil that China needs for it's rapid industrialization.

Israel is currently funding the Justice and Equality Movement, a rebel movement in Darfur, according to Sudan's state media. The Justice and Equality Movement is involved in attacks on China's oil wells in the Region.
According to Al Jazeera, the head of JEM says that he wants all Chinese companies to leave.
Another rebel group in Sudan that Israel appears to have ties to is the Sudan Liberation Movement. The leader of this rebel group in Sudan's Darfur region visited Israel to request its support in the rebels' fight against the Sudanese government.
The International Criminal Court that is under control of Western Elite's also appears to be used in this larger agenda. The International Criminal Court recently indicted Sudan's President
Omar al-Bashir, and China was one of a large number of countries that opposed this move.

This indictment is supposedly because of the genocide that is currently happening in Darfur. However, the ICC is remarkably quiet about the genocide commited in Iraq by the US government that has killed more than a million people. This is because the real goal is to destabilize Africa nations that have strong ties to China, to help prevent China from becoming the next world power that could threaten the current balance of power.

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Britain behind death of Tsvangirai's wifes death

Tsvangirai’s wife killed by lorry on British aid run

Sophie Shaw in Harare and Jon Swain THE mysterious road accident that killed the wife of Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe’s prime minister, leaving him injured and emotionally devastated, was caused by an aid lorry on a mission funded by Britain’s international development department.

The heavy Nissan truck, registered to the American embassy in Harare, was carrying life-saving drugs for HIV-Aids sufferers, officials revealed yesterday.

Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party has demanded an independent investigation into the crash. It said the tragedy could have been avoided if proper security had been in place. Tendai Biti, the secretary-general of the party, said: “If there had been a police escort, what happened would not have happened.”

There was inevitable speculation of foul play, given Tsvangirai’s intense rivalry with President Robert Mugabe, with whom he formed a fragile unity government a month ago, and his claims to have been the target of four assassination attempts.

Mrs Tsvangirai was immensely popular with MDC supporters. The couple had been married for 31 years and had six children. Nelson Chamisa, a party spokesman, described her as “a mother not only to the Tsvangirai family, but to the party and the nation”.

The American ambassador, Jim McGee, said the driver might have been trying to avoid a pothole but police denied there were any large holes in the road. McGee’s statement was apparently contradicted by the driver, who reportedly told police he had fallen asleep at the wheel.

Activists seized on the inconsistency. One said the driver could well have been ordered or bribed to crash into Tsvangirai’s car. “This is how they killed their opponents in the 1980s.” Mugabe’s supporters are alleged to have faked car accidents in the past.

Zimbabwe’s national security chiefs are hostile to Tsvangirai’s role in the unity government. The police chief, Augustine Chihuri, and Constantine Chiwenga, the head of the army, have both threatened Tsvangirai in the past.

Tsvangirai suffered head and neck injuries but left hospital yesterday. Last night he was flown to neighbouring Botswana on President Seretse Ian Khama’s aircraft. Tuesday is his 57th birthday.

As he mourns his wife he faces enormous challenges in trying to bring a crippled Zim-babwe to its feet. He is also under pressure from supporters who believe he sold out cheaply by joining a government while Mugabe remains president.

Diplomats said any reduction in Tsvangirai’s capacity for work would be critical and that he needs to resume the role of prime minister quickly. The alternative would be to allow Mugabe to reassert complete authority.
"Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmers, liquidate real estate … It will purge the rottenness out of the system..." - Andrew Mellon, Secretary of Treasury, 1929.

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