Author Topic: Good late 2002 radio program about the anthrax attacks and biological weapons  (Read 3493 times)

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There must be a lot of information out there on the web about these attacks, but this program not only has a good résumé made by an investigator, it also reveals in another segment, the important information about how easy it is today to manufacture biological weapons.

Here are the main points made in the lecture by investigator John Judge, presented in the December 16th 2002 edition of "Radio Internet Story Exchange" (at 19 minutes and 11 seconds into the program):

- the anthrax used was of a highly sophisticated new type that matched the goal characteristics of "next generation anthrax" the U.S. government had recently ordered to be developed
- receivers of the envelopes were the photo editor that exposed Bush's daughter, "liberals in the media" and politicians that were the main critics of the Bush Administration
- 10 days before the envelopes were sent, the FBI ordered a decades-old archive of anthrax strains kept at an American University destroyed (including the paper trail of who dealt with which strain)
- DNA analysis of the anthrax used revealed it was one of the strains kept at that same American University
- the investigation of the attacks stopped as soon as it was established that the anthrax had been weaponized at an U.S. military biological weapons lab (Fort Detrick)

The timing of the call to destroy the archive and paper trail, I guess we're supposed to consider that as just a coincidence. And the later official explanation was that the attacks were the responsibility of "one lone nut" (*one single person*).

Yeah, right...