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Brian's guide to removing or disabling RFID chips
« on: February 18, 2009, 08:06:49 am »
Brian's guide to removing or disabling RFID chips
By Brian H. - Helping to teach prisonplanet ways to remove or disabled RFID chips

Disabling RFID chips aren't like some spy having to disable a ticking time bomb, although disabling RFID chips might be easier then disabling ticking time bombs, it can be more deadly, and possibly permanently alter the human you are, but if you really want to refuse the RFID chip and the police hold you down and force you to take the chip (My mom said you can refuse but they can just put you to sleep and then put the chip in you). So if you have no choice you can always brace the chip then find a way to take it out, or disable the chip

Theres two options to stop the chip:

  • Cut the chip out via illegal surgeries, such as black market hospitals, or go through the pain of taking it out yourself
  • Use a device or special bomb that can take out the chip with less annoying effort, although it won't remove the chip but it will keep it from working properly, or completely disable the chip.

Well lets first start with how to disable it, I can't say too much in this guide until theres more military experts willing to leak some data on how to make grade A devices on how to disable the RFID chips inside your body without causing any harm to cells and tissue.

You could use a laser but thats very risky if you don't know what your doing so you could use a EMP device/bomb.

For you noobies out there EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse, it can take out both communications and technology thats within it's field, theres been theories that one could detonate a EMP bomb near your head, or body and it could take out the chip but could there be other effects, people could test this theory but it would become highly illegal or taboo to our surveillance society because (1)Such knowledge could be used by terrorists, (2)It would totally defeat the whole point of mandatory chipping which would totally anger the Bilderbergs, and government officials that support compulsory chipping, and (3)It may be hard to buy the materials to make this device, not to mention if they can track your purchases they can possibly target you before you even get a chance to develop this EMP weapon to target the chip in your head or forehead, the trick is to work together with others who also want the chip remove and each person buys different portion of the materials needed so it would totally stump government spies and therefore can successfully make the anti-chip materials.

but as a precaution I can't tell you how to make this EMP device because doing so would get both this forum and me highly targeted and thrown in a torture detention center but I can tell you if you want to research how to assemble EMP devices to take out RFID chips can be found on the internet, you just got to know where to look.

Now heres my info on RFID surgery:

I have gathered a photo online that shows where RFID implants could possibly be, and that it's kinda easy to pretty much about take out without much complications.

be aware that they could try to change the area with images like this but you can always ask your doctor for xray scans and just tell them your interested in xray scans, and they wouldn't suspect that your just finding out a easy way to plan and effectively remove the RFID chip implants.

Copying your RFID chip before destroying and/or removing it:

In both bible prophecies and simple logic (Revelation 13:17 and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.) if you attempt to destroy the chip before you make a direct hacker copy of it, your screwed because you won't be able to eat food or even go into public places of federal buildings without the chip and if a cop searches you and finds you have no chip you could be a possible future felon and have the chip forced back in you with probably extreme torture and pain, and possibly punishable by death by the order of the world rulers or anti-christ.

So to copy it you will be some type of device or converter to your computer that will copy the data and copy it or move it onto another rfid chip which you can carry with you everywhere you go so that it will look like you still have the chip implant when you really have it reattached. I also recommend you carry a deactivated spare that can be activated at any time in case you lose your copied and modified RFID chip.

Thats all I will also say for now, just like the other article I did, Both my big articles on here is not complete but more information will be added on there and updated in the future.

So thats all I have to say for now, hope this helps you all :)
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