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Brian's guide to keeping your DATA safe from the NWO

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Brian's guide to keeping your DATA safe from the NWO
By encryption and security expert Brian

His whole job is to protect National Security from the NWO Terrorists and bilderbugs ;) Roughchilds and Screws and bones lol
You can add this to sticky if any of you moderators or admins like it. I made it especially for prisonplanet to teach everyone how to be secure

I am Brian and I have analyzed security software for the past 3 or 4 years, I'm not joking. I was paranoid about the government as a teen when spyware infected my computer accusing me of accessing adult content (even though I didn't) and so it said all sorts of stuff that scared the heck out of me, After that I been getting into firewalls, encryption, erasing tools, and other stuff. So I will share my security wisdom with you all so you know how to handle yourselves against the spy scums of the internet.
     First lets start with free space erasing, and how the government can recover erased data, some of this knowledge came from a FBI TV Show called N3mbers, and common sense. I was learning about all these different government approved erasing methods whether they really completely erase your computers or not, it actually does not matter how many overwritting methods you use because why else do you think the government and the DOD approves these different erasing methods, because they actually have government backdoors in them or if they don't they could use Magnetic Force Microscope and the info of what erasing method they used, to try to rebuild the data. Some people complained the gutmann method doesn't worked which shocked me because it's suppose to be the strongest erasing method ever! well the government needs predictability to track and prosecute anybody.
     So if you want your DATA truly erased I recommend Eraser because you can create your own erase method to make your methods very unpredictable and thus the FBI and charles epps (lol hes just a TV Actor) won't be able to calculate the methods you use and ways to program the MFM Scanner to use whatever means to recover the data.
    The Data might be gone and I'm just a paranoid freak, but you never know! because the government is so calm about anybody using erasing software because it could be used by terrorists, criminals and child molesters. So I recommend if your a innocent person, part of the 9/11 truth movement, or a very targeted activist, start cleaning and erasing your caches using very unpredictable methods.

My idea is this:

1010101 - 1010101 - 1010101
pseudorandom erase
pseudorandom erase
0101010 - 0101010 - 0101010
pseudorandom erase
1011101 - 0010100 - 0111000 (you know a bunch of random garbage of ones and zeros)
and last but not least
1111111 - 1111111 - 1111111
0000000 - 0000000 - 0000000

Well some said that erasing with ones pass zeros make it easier to recover the data with a MFM Scanner because that method is mainly for like setting the last data to recover in government standards. So in order to have your DATA entirely destroyed use unpredictable erase methods and then use ones pass zeros to mark your new data as your old data and thus the government would be doomed to failure.

What if I don't have a custom erase method?

Then I recommend combining those erase methods to make it way harder to predict since the government knows many people just do one method then stopped.

Certain mix cascades of erase methods I recommend are:

a)Gutmann Method
b)NSA 7 pass
c)One pass Zeros

total overwrites: 35 + 7 + 1 = 43 with three cascades of erasing methods.

So my other idea is to use erase cascades, especially on SD Cards, laptops, pocket pcs, and cell phones.

I did found and use erasing software for computers, all card type stuff, and pocket pcs. For cell phones I recommend you feel it with random bitmap or image files (like make random stupid drawings) and then fill you cell phone with it and then format it all before disposing your phone or just using random meaningless files and not format it if your gonna use the cell phone.

Thats my 2 cents on erase. Now I will teach you about encryption, I recommend using FreeOTFE

Before we start I will tell you each and every free encryption and it's benefits.

1>Best Winner! for advanced users or users that have at least a good amount of knowledge around the subject


Why? It has more advanced options which means more security then lower products, you can use RC6 which means up to 1024 bit (1/2 the bits the military uses) encryption plus it's 512bit for block, it's the best available. Also it has been known that even before TrueCrypt and loads of other encryption products were all vulnerable to watermarking attacks and TrueCrypt doesn't even have a rondom IV option yet FreeOTFE has had ESSIV for a long time and it was able to overcome watermarking attacks so if you want safer security and more bits then use FreeOTFE.

it also has a option for hidden volumes which is cool so even if they forced you to give your password, you can always let them go through it and then they leave and they never touched your hidden volume data.

Also it allows you to use custom SALT values which no other software I used has found to have it. it also allows

2>This is the second best option and has a better system for creating hidden volumes.

TrueCrypt v6:

Why? Because the newer versions of truecrypt has actually fixed the vulnerability of watermarking attacks and it's still not as good as the one above since it doesn't have more advanced options. It is a handy software and can be portable. It also supports hidden volumes and has a method that freeotfe doesn't have, bitmap scanning option where it scans the encrypted bitmap but not until you entre the password then it will check the free space then let you have a hidden volume in it while in FreeOTFE you have to be careful how much you add for hidden volume.

So this is my little comparison on the two free encryption products:
ComparisontrueCryptFreeOTFETruly FreeYesYesOpen SourceYesYesAllows Hidden VolumesYesYesEasy Hidden Volume creating systemYesNoinvulnerable to watermarking attacksYes in latest v.YesAllows custom SALTNoYesAllows custom IterationsNoYeshas random bit generationYesYescan be portableYesYesCan Be used in LinuxYesYesCan be used in Pocket PCNoYesUse cascading cyphersYesn\aUse system encryptionYesn\aUse the passwords be longer then 64charsnon\a
So anyways why is custom key iterations and custom SALT important, because even if there were laws forcing you to give up your passwords, you don't have to tell them Key Iterations and SALT value used and so they still can't get it without that. Also you can separate the keyfile so it can't be opened without that, since that's clearly not a password and it's a file, not a key alone, you don't have to tell where the keyfile is which defeats the whole password laws if they make one requiring you to giveup the key to the government.

Also I recommend doing your own independent methods to better protect your security.

This is all I got right now and will add more later because my blood sugars a little high right now and it's harder to concentrate on this.

I also recommend you all use PeerGuardian. It can block Government IP Addresses, it may not block proxies or hacked computers but it can minimize that risk and protect all truth movements from government hackers and intruders.

I will tell you why I know so much about the government. I have been hacked several times by corporations and government officials.

When I created a free stuff site corporations didn't like me giving things away for free so they put some stuff that made a callback to www.fbi.gov and I was scared out my witts and blocked it, Sygate told me that the fbi did a callback. Thats why I really trust their firewall.

After I got so many attacks on my system like fbi attacks, corporate attacks and porn attacks my server went down under.

They even banned me from prisonplanet at one time by hacking into the router because I sent a email to manna storehouse asking them if the FBI really went after them, got no email and got my router hacked.

So yes the government has hacked me, several times, thats why I know so much info on stopping the government because they hacked me before. Thats why I change my MAC Address several times every month so the government doesn't hack me.

I am probably on the same List as Alex Jones is on so we both have something a common. I share a lot of knowledge that the rockefellers would love to kill me for but if they did the people would wake up and fight back, or use my knowledge and become more free from being a slave to medicines and society.

I am a truth teller, I tell the truth and get the truth out, even if I take a little risk because it makes me and other people stronger because doing the right thing isn't a crime, even if it hurts the rockefellers because they don't care about the people, don't truly care about peoples health, it's all about money.

excellent information. 


--- Quote from: Byrne0ut on February 06, 2009, 12:45:45 am ---excellent information. 

--- End quote ---

thanks for the compliment. I will add more if I can, I notice I only have limited edit times so I need to spell correct it on word processors before updating this thread or making a new one which the moderators could combine into the thread.

I am hoping to add all the security knowledge I held within my possession. I have been attacked so many times and messed around with a lot of security stuff.

I will make sure prisonplanet members can learn how to be almost totally secure (Because true security seems to not exist) and anonymous on the internet and protect themselfs from the bilderbergers.


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