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When i look at Conserative Blogs
« on: January 29, 2009, 06:56:17 am »
I just want to get a different view on things so i went searching.  One blogsite that stood out was screwloosechange.  I read a few of the blogs and it's pretty f-ing crazy.  Some people really hate Alex Jones.  Now i'll admit i can't listen to alex everyday for the entire 4 hours.  It's not that i don't believe the guy it's just too much. 

This guy, whatever his name, is as much in love with hating on truthers (which he/she refers to as troofers) as truthers are about wanting the truth.  It's like he fails to realize the 911 truth movement initially was made up of the family of first responders and victims.  And his pentagon 'de-bunking' is utterly astonishing.  Makes no effort to mention the lack of camera evidence even though there are tons of camera footage that won't be released. 

It seems we (truthers/awake) are willing to say something fishy happened, mostly (i'm guessing) because of the lack of physical evidence in PA, the footage seizure of the Pentagon, the removal of evidence at ground zero, and Building 7.  Now as to the explanations of those events we start to become divided, but something fishy happened.  This guy just ignores anything that could raise a question, and shoots down opposing views. 

And the most bothersome thing is the group he is in (group may be the wrong word for semantics sake) its the 101st flying keyboardists.  It's an emblem of military style as the name would imply.  Do you think some of those airforce trolls have a group where they go and all attack a forum? I wouldn't be surprised if they did.   

When i look at Conserative Blogs, i'm amazed at the people who hate people who are asking questions.


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Re: When i look at Conserative Blogs
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2009, 07:01:32 am »
The truth is always hated.  People would rather be lied to than have to take their head out of the sand and see things for what it really is.  I've only found a few people who are willing to look, most don't want to know, they rather be ignorant!!