Author Topic: Pirates and Emperors - Liberty, Freedom & Justice or Might Makes Right  (Read 11321 times)

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Pirates and Emperors - Liberty, Freedom & Justice or Might Makes Right

Well our
Story begins, you know, with old St. Augustine.
Way back in days of old he reported on this theme:
A mighty emperor had caught himself a pirate who
Was a-terrorizin' people who were sailin' on the open seas.

ALEXANDER THE GREAT: What meanest thou by keeping hostile possession of the sea?

PIRATE: What meanest thou by seizing the whole earth; because I do it with a petty ship, I'm called a robber, whilst thou who dost the same with a great fleet art styled emperor..............

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I say if the shoe fits, wear it.

There is no excuse for tyranny, and one mans solution to that is tyranny over tyranny.

I suppose that'd work... like one evil guy fighting the next evil guy, it sure would free up the lot of 'good' peoples time, so that they can use their minds to contribute to something finer! (Like preservation of our Earth, Mind and soul, and not needlessly creating greed and filth.)
'A Man can only become great, when he understands his place in time' - JPM Jr.

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Government is the Entertainment Division of the military-industrial complex. --  Frank Zappa

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That little cartoon has a strong message! Cool