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Homeless people disappearing in SF, CA! WTF?!?

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a million people a year is a good enough sized population for them to be able to get away with a pretty broad range and scope of experimentation, imho.

I hope to GOD that's not what's happening, but a million people a year is kinda hard to miss. :-\

must be some bad crack circulating...  ::)

Homeless disappearing

San Francisco

... more than 1,000 others have disappeared from its welfare rolls –
and the Department of Human Services, which administers the program, has no idea where they've gone.

Los Angeles

Skid Row is missing 705 homeless people, according to a recent head
count by the Los Angeles Police Department

Central Division Officers found that the number of homeless people dropped from 1,876
on Sept. 18 to 1,171 six weeks later.

Last Wednesday, there was a noticeable change on Skid Row. On a warm
afternoon, the number of homeless encampments and people walking the street appeared to have declined.


In sacramento a few months ago, Union Pacific went and got a court
order to throw out the homeless on their property,

but when they showed up to throw 'em out, they were already
gone....Funny thing is (well, not funny, but weird), is that

they LEFT ALL THEIR STUFF. Now, a normal, uninformed person would say,
"hey, they were in a hurry, and just left

their stuff in the excitement."

Well, have you ever met a homeless person? THEY NEVER LEAVE THEIR
STUFF. ANYWHERE. Their "stuff"

(shopping carts filled with garbage, their tents, their blankets) is
THEIR LIFE. That's like us abandoning our children or something.


"And you'd think that, with such a huge influx of people and wealth,
panhandlers would be all over the place trying to get

as much money from the delegates, press, staff, and politicians as
they possibly could. But they aren't there. They're not

just invisible, they're actually gone."

San Francisco

Los Angeles



Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Estella Lopez's letter states that "instead of an average 2,100 calls a month involving sick or mentally ill people, last month we [the Central City East Assn.] received 729." Where did all the sick and mentally ill people go? Did they go to jail? Did they get dispersed to other parts of the city and county?

December 04, 2007
Tacoma's panhandling ban: Where did they all go?

"It's extremely dramatic," Landenburg says with some surprise at her law's rapid success. "One day we'd see a lot of people on the street corners, and then next day they were gone. It appears that it was almost overnight."

Indeed, I didn't see any panhandlers during a full day spent walking and driving around the city. Not one.

Dec 5, 2008

What happened to all the homeless folk that used to populate the leeward beaches on Oahu?

Did the Satellite images get doctored so that we can't see the homeless tent cities any more?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What the heck happened at Pigeon Park?

Can't believe how empty the City's most neglected park has been these days. Pigeon Park, which sits at the corner of Carrall and Hastings has always been the runt of the Parks Board litter. Despite that, the park is consistently full of people. Folks sitting, talking, and of course (this is the DTES), using on occasion.

But not anymore. The park is completely empty.

Like empty empty. Nobody. And it's been this way for weeks now.

Friday, 20 August 2004

Where did all the homeless people go?

The scores of homeless people huddled in boxes at the centre of one of the world's richest cities was an iconic image of Thatcherism. But how many people know that under the current government, the number of rough sleepers has been slashed by two thirds?

(though this isn't exactly the same, found it and gonna share it)

Nowadays, a few homeless kids still show up in the parks and underpasses in the city centre, but they quickly disappear and you seldom see them twice. Now the mystery is: Where did they go?


Smoky trucks and the homeless disappearing, some said not true. In Denver 500-700 homeless population disappeared overnight. Didn't care about 5000 disappearing from Louisiana. Sinister wicked people to kill homeless and incinerate in smoky trucks. He can't even make this stuff up. For sake of saving lives, sit up and take notice. As long as knock on door at night isn't on your door, you will wonder when does knock come on your door. We've got to say, things coming apart FAST.

Homeless disappearing
Thousands of homeless gone and no one knows or cares.
Mobile crematorium - black truck incinerating homeless people.
Homeless disappearing, SQ:
DEATH CAMPS in the USA run by FEMA:
Concentration Camps (DEATH CAMPS) in America:


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