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 You’ve heard all the rumors. You’ve seen all the TV movies. You own The Shawshank Redemption and Oz on DVD. You’ve read all the "You Are Going to be Raped in Prison" books.

You’re scared shitless.

You know that when the gavel falls and they send you up the river, you’ll be a "new fish" dumped into a pool of bloodthirsty piranhas. The first time you walk down the tier to your cell, praying for God to give your trembling knees the energy to keep pushing forward, you’ll hear the hoots and whistles and see the grimy hands reaching out to grab your ass, leering toothless mastodons making kissy-face at you, the nauseatingly horrifying amorous advances of drooling tattooed sociopaths ready to split your rectum open like they’re deboning a chicken. Your anus will pucker in terrified self-defense.

Your cellmate will be a seven-foot-tall tobacco farmer/smalltime burglar named "Bubba," a gentle soul except when it comes to matters of the flesh. He will murder your manhood. The things he’ll force you to do are degrading, humiliating, and you’ll probably never come close to recovering psychologically from them, but you can at least comfort yourself knowing that it’ll never hurt as much as it did the first time. It’ll still hurt, don’t get me wrong—it’ll hurt BAD—just not as much as the first time. And probably not nearly as bad as during the first few weeks when the virgin wounds are still fresh. But you’ll get over it, and you’ll learn to fold Daddy Bubba’s sheets and do his laundry and sweep the floor and clean the toilet just the way he likes it, and if he isn’t in too bad a mood, he might wait a few more days before he sells your ass for a cigarette to the Samoan twins down the block.

Every day will bring another punch to your jaw from another psychotic lifer, and you’ll get used to picking up your teeth from the shower-room floor like so many bloody Chiclets. To make the predators leave you alone, you’ll probably have to sharpen a pork-chop bone and stab someone under the armpit with it, and while the air’s hissing out of his lung and he falls to the ground gasping for mercy, you’ll shout, "OK? Anybody ELSE want some? No? NO? Didn’t THINK so."

You’ll have to pull a stunt like that within the first few hours, or else they’ll think you’re a punk and bum-rush you, hanging a sheet in front of your cell bars and pulling a "train" on your swollen, infected ass, shooting AIDS-laden cum into every hole in your body, taking their dicks out of your mouth long enough to punch you again, calling you their bitch and smearing food coloring from Peanut M&Ms on your lips and eyelids and saying it’s "makeup."


That sounds scary.

You have a vivid imagination, don’t you, boy?

I can tell you’ve never been to prison. I recently spent almost two-and-a-half years in the clink. My journey took me from crowded county jails to a minimum-security prison all the way to a maximum-security penitentiary with big gray walls and rifle towers and serial killers and even a member of the Manson family.

And not once during all this time…not ONCE…did another inmate threaten me. The popular myth is that convicts will force you to either "fight or f**k." In reality, the most coercive thing another inmate did to me was to reach down from his bunk, wake me up, and politely ask me to roll over because I was snoring too loudly.

I spent a year straight in a 110-man prison dormitory, surrounded day and night by 109 loud, crude, smelly, near-retarded convicts, and maybe I witnessed three fistfights total, all of them related to card games. I remember thinking that you could cram 110 men from any walk of life into that room…you could probably put the entire US Senate in there…and you’d have more than three fistfights a DAY, much less yearly.

Sex was nearly as rare as violence. Despite the quaint fantasies of an uninformed public, there was almost no obvious homosexual activity in prison. There was a small contingent of flagrant queens, but they kept to themselves and no one hassled them. I’d reckon there’s a lot more cocksucking and anal plowing, consensual and otherwise, happening at your average Catholic seminary than in prison.

And rape…bloody, violent, systemic, eternal rape…so ubiquitous in fictional accounts of prison life, seemed nonexistent. In all my time there, immersed as I was in a buzzing hive of inmates where the tiniest scrap of gossip spread through the chow hall before anyone took their first sip of soup, I didn’t hear rumors of ONE rape occurring. Never saw it happen in the showers. Never saw it happen in the dorms. Never saw it happen out on the yard. I once…only ONCE…heard a guy groaning from a faraway cell late at night, but who’s to say he wasn’t having a nightmare?

I started believing that in prison, no one gets f**ked in the ass who doesn’t WANT to get f**ked in the ass.

The night of my arrest, I was assigned a jail cell inhabited by a huge ponytailed Eskimo, someone who could have easily snapped my neck between his thumb and forefingers. Instead of attacking me, he smiled, held out his hand, and told me his name. He ran through his hard-luck story, and I ran through mine.

The next day, while I was out of the cell taking a shower, guards sent the Eskimo home due to overcrowding. When I got back to my cell, he had left a candy bar for me on my bunk, a friendly gesture to help my time go easier.

A few nights later I was moved to another county jail, a louder, filthier, rustier one than before, and sent into a cell with a tall, muscular black guy called "Mack." He was a Crip from South-Central LA and had done hard time in California penitentiaries…a chap who could have easily made me retarded with one punch to the nose. Instead of fighting for my life, I spent all night talking with him about everything from computer viruses to Islam to UFOs to the Federal Reserve. Within a few hours he had given me his mother’s address and home phone number so when I got out I could see for myself whether she baked the meanest pies I’d ever tasted.

Wherever I went, the same scenario played itself out—convicted felons who’d scare you just to look at them were friendly and helpful in ways you’d never expect to see in prison, much less on the outside.

Convicts would befriend me. They’d share food, drugs, or legal advice. Or all three. And they’d expect nothing in return.

I saw this same cooperative spirit everywhere:

Black gangstas braiding each other’s hair in the bleachers.

Bone-crushing peckerwoods massaging each other’s impossibly muscular backs out on the weight pile, greeting each other with a throaty, Hulk Hogan-styled "Helll-ooo, bruh-thuurrrr!"

Crips playing cards with Nazis.

In prison, people get along better than they do on the streets. Rather than a gladiatorial bloodbath, prison is more like a giant support group for criminals.

Convicts display the sort of camaraderie that only emerges under siege. They are polite to one another because they know the consequences of being rude. It’s as if everyone’s carrying a gun, so no one gets shot. People are respectful in prison for the same reason that soldiers step carefully through a minefield.

Chaos is in nobody’s best interest. It’s f**king bad enough to be locked down. No need to make it worse. Nobody can afford the headaches. Everyone just wants to do their time and avoid trouble. The lifers, more than anyone, want a minimum of turbulence. They may be mamma-clubbers and baby-f**kers, but they still like a clean cell and a good night’s rest. Rape and assault would be, you know, too much trouble.

During the entire incarceration process, from arrest to detainment to prosecution to conviction to prison to parole, you realize that the ONLY people who are nice to you are other inmates. You’ll meet a lot of cold-blooded prosecutors and sadistic guards, a lot of do-gooders on the "right" side of the law who are paid to harm you and who laugh at the very idea that you’re human. But unless you go out of your way to be an asshole to other inmates, they’ll help you a lot more than they’ll hurt you.

Maybe these guys aren’t so empathetic when it comes to, say, not robbing banks or not making speed in their bathtubs or not having sex with corpses, but when it comes to other convicts, they have boundless empathy.


Because they know what it feels like to be locked up and treated like an animal.

Because they know that placing a human being in a cage is a crime in itself.

Because, despite whatever they’ve done in the past, they’ve learned one ethical lesson that no District Attorney or scared mindless taxpayer ever learned—it’s immoral to lock people up.

Because they know that being locked in a box, day in and day out for years and years, is more destructive to the human soul than being assaulted or raped.

Because, despite the fact that you’re a peckerwood and he’s a brutha, you’re all wearing the same blue uniform and you’re all soldiers against a common enemy.

Because, in a weird way, you are brought together by compassion. The compassion of dudes helping dudes.

I worried about the guards. I worried about returning to a society whose members would never understand what it feels like to be squashed inside a sardine can for 876 straight nights. But I didn’t worry about the inmates.

Prisoners form a common bond against a society so stupidly out-of-touch that it thinks all we do is punk out new fish and sell their asses for cigarettes.

The only time I saw inmates acting like animals…with "acting" being the operative word…was every week on Thursday morning when some local probation officer would parade a cluster of teenagers on some diversionary "Scared Straight" program past our cell bars while muttering the same tired speech about how, c’mon kids, ya don’t want to end up like these guys. That’s when we’d put on a show, a tongue-in-cheek "Welcome to the Jungle" guerrilla theater performance fulla hootin’ and hollerin’ and rattlin’ cell bars. I’d flash the kids my best "hundred-yard stare" and Clockwork Orange grin. And none of them would ever look me in the eye. On those mornings, we’d amuse ourselves by PRETENDING we were crazy, just like the straights expected of us…what an insult for us to be put on display like f**king zoo animals.

What does it say about SOCIETY that they need to see us as zoo beasts? It says they couldn’t justify caging us otherwise.

Believe me—prison is hell. Being salted away inside a steel box is worse than you could imagine. And it turns your worldview upside-down when you see it’s society…not the criminals…that is harming you. It f**ks your head up to realize the system…not Bubba…is the predator.

The night I got out of prison, I went shopping at a local supermarket. While I was standing in the checkout line, someone bumped into me and kept walking without apologizing.

I was stunned. I didn’t know what to do. I hadn’t been treated like that in years.

People are never that rude in prison.


Reasons Why Prisons are Safer Than They Used to Be

There are some practical explanations for why prisons might be safer than a generation or two ago. One is that America is jailing a LOT more people these days—a staggering ten times as many as thirty years ago. People who would have been diverted into probation…or a mental institution…back in the 1970s are now doing hard time for their first offense. This has resulted in a dilution of the pure old-school hardcore convict population, and, perhaps by accident, it has made prisons safer.

Another reason is that many states are increasingly likely to pop you with new criminal charges for crimes you commit while behind bars. The idea of raping or assaulting someone loses a certain cachet when it means an additional seven to ten years in the Cement Shithole. Whereas the state used to ignore…or even encourage…mayhem and rape among inmates, it now makes financial sense to squash such shenanigans. The benefits are twofold: The state avoids spendy lawsuits from prisoners with broken noses or perforated rectums, and they also keep the prison beds filled for years to come, ensuring job security and satisfying the private contractors.

Finally, one mustn’t underestimate the effect of STATE-SPONSORED MEDICATION on keeping the inmate population placid and nonviolent. One of the most ironic sights in prison is when the bell rings for "Pill Line," and all the guys who were busted on drug charges line up to receive little dixie cups containing legal zonk-out drugs to help quell whatever mental disorder the prison psychiatrist decided they were afflicted with after interviewing them for five minutes.


Although prison life is not the cartoonishly bloody mosh pit depicted in the movies, it would be overstating things to say it’s sterile and safe. To avoid trouble, there ARE a few rules you might like to observe:

• MIND YOUR OWN f**kING BUSINESS. No one really cares that much about you, and half the time they don’t even notice you. If you aren’t an obnoxious asswipe who’s always in everybody’s face, you’ll probably blend in without trouble.

• DON’T GET INTO DEBT with anyone, either through borrowing or gambling. Resources are very scarce in prison. People are extremely protective of what they have and are likely to become violent to get it back.

• DON’T BE A SEX OFFENDER, and if you are, don’t tell anyone you are. All groups need someone to scapegoat, and for convicts, the "rapo" (convicted rapist) and "chomo" (child molester) wear the goat horns. Sex offenders tend to be inadequate types who are physically weaker than your average convict. They are the bespectacled nerds in the violent all-male high school that is prison. Even so, they are much more likely to be shunned than outright attacked.

• DON’T BE A RAT, because everyone knows you’re guilty, too.

(originally published in HIGH SOCIETY magazine, August, 2003)
“If you strike at,imprison,or kill us,out of our prisons or graves we will still evoke a spirit that will thwart you,and perhaps,raise a force that will destroy you! We defy you! Do your worst!”-James Connolly 1909


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   Prison rape. I can guarantee you that those two words are the first thing that popped into your head when you heard you were on the way to the slammer. There is no way to sugarcoat this issue. You may be raped when you go to prison. I am not trying to scare you. It is a serious, real issue. Here are some facts:
It is estimated that there are over 300,000 instances of prison rape a year.

196,000 are estimated to happen to men in prison
123,000 are estimated to happen to men in county jail.
40,000 are estimated to be committed against boys in either adult prisons or while in juvenile facilities or lock ups.
5000 women are estimated to be raped in prison.

     Remember that these are all estimates. Most rapes are not reported.

     Sexual attacks in prison are considered rape when penetration occurs. It is estimated that inmates are approached with unwanted sexual advances over 80,000 times per day in the United States alone.

     Keep in mind that many experts consider county and local jails to be more likely places for rapes than prisons. There is a reason for this. You are more likely to be raped while in prison if:

You are young.
You come from a middle-class background.
You are white.
You are not street smart or have no gang affiliations.
Physically you are of small stature.

     By the time repeat or career criminals get to prison they have normally made the circuit through foster homes, juvenile lockups and reform schools where rape is very common. So by the time they actually make it to the big time they are well schooled in this fact of prison life and quite often they are the attackers not the attackees.

     This guide is for the person who has never done any kind of time. Do not think that rape will only happen in prison. If you have to go to county jail prior to your trial and while awaiting transfer to prison, a sexual attack is very likely to occur there. This can all depend on the area you live in. If you are in a rural area with a small jail, of course the chances will drop. But if you are in a metro area, Los Angeles County, New York’s Rikers Island, Miami’s Dade, and Chicago’s Cook being among the worst, your chances of being raped are going to skyrocket.

     Especially, and this is not a racist statement, if you are white. Consider that of the total number of estimated prison rapes:

13% involved white inmates raping white inmates
29% involved black inmates raping black inmates.
56% involved black inmates raping white inmates.

     This comes to a grand total of 85% of prison rapes being committed by blacks, with 69% of the victims being white. The rapes of white inmates are normally done by gangs of blacks and somewhat in the open so that other inmates, but not staff, can witness the attacks. The blacks involved are generally in the joint for crimes such as armed robbery or severe assault cases.

     One of the reasons for this situation is that whites lack solidarity while in prison and unlike the population on the outside, are the minority on the inside.

     Scenario #1. A white middle-class man, let’s say a car dealer, is picked up for sale of cocaine, and is locked into a communal cell with four black inmates, all whom have done substantial amounts of time in prison. The white man is of small stature and has no street smarts. The chances of him being raped:. Damn near 100%.

     Scenario #2. Same situation only this time the white is a solid member of a biker gang that has ties to inside the prison walls. He himself has been in several times. Chances of rape in this situation: Practically zero. The black inmates are smart enough to know that they may be able to out muscle this man and rape him, but the long-term ramifications are not worth it. Without even talking to this man, the blacks’ years of experience in prison will give them the sense to leave him alone.

     While I was an officer in Moose Lake/Willow River (Minnesota) prison I worked a unit that held two Native Americans, one black, one Asian, a younger white inmate, and an older seasoned inmate. When it finally came to the attention of the staff, it turned out that the young white inmate had been raped repeatedly over several months by the black and Indian inmates, but not by the Asian or the older inmate. It also turned out that no advances had ever been made toward either of those two. Note that the seasoned inmate did not join in on the rapes, but never tried to stop it either. That is just the way things are in prison. There is no brotherhood of man when you walk inside those gates.

     There is a class system of three groups in prison involving prison sex.

     Group #1: The predators. They are known as jockers, studs, wolves, and pitchers. These inmates will sniff out new victims and will almost always attack in groups. Of the three groups these are the inmates who consider themselves “men.” “Men” in prison have not ever been penetrated or raped; if this is done to them, they immediately lose this status. They never consider themselves homosexuals but some probably are and for their safety will never admit it, just as some of these men have been victims of sexual assault and will never admit it. A number of these inmates also don’t have much of a taste for rape, but do it to protect their own status so they themselves could be turned on.

     Group #2: The jailhouse queens. These inmates actively carry on a female-like existence and will dress as femininely as they can within the regulations of the prison. There is a lower percentage of these inmates in prison and thus are cherished by the jockers. They are referred to in female terms and are called “her” or “she” by both prisoners and staff alike. Quite often these inmates will have somewhat of a permanent relationship with one of the stronger, established wolves, even though it is not uncommon for the wolf to lend his gal out to his buddies to pay off a debt or for some other reason. Other names used for queens are bitches, ladies, and whores. They will often refer to their assholes as “pussies.” I once had a queen tell me that she f**ked like a woman, but fought like a man.

     Group #3. The punks. Also called f**k boys. These inmates are the younger, weaker, normally white inmates who have been “turned out” by the stronger inmates. They are normally assaulted within days of arrival and these attacks will keep up until they either get protection, are locked up in protective custody, or turn queen themselves. The queens normally look down on punks with disdain. Punks are down on the same prison level as child molesters. Often they are sold to other gangs. They have an extremely high suicide rate.

     Suicide rates in prison are estimated to be 15.4 per 100,000 inmates in all the states averaged out, with the exception of California, which has an astronomical 179 per 100,000. Penologists believe that the number one cause of suicide in prison is rape, with AIDS and depression from being in prison being the two runner up reasons.

     AIDS/HIV is six times the national average in prison. When inmates rape, they don’t wear condoms.

     You can always spot a punk in prison. Often they shuffle around like mental patients and will have extremely poor hygiene in an attempt to stave off future attacks. Rarely will they alert staff to what is going on. I approached several of these inmates while I was an officer to offer them help and they never accepted.

     How do first time inmates defend against rape? They will either pay for protection, join a gang, or they can be “sponsored” by a relative or friends before they even get there. But I have seen fish (rookie) inmates so big and f**king tough that no inmate even wanted to think about taking them on.

     If it happens, it will most likely happen in a dorm or shower area. But anyplace will do if it is out of sight of the officers. My advice to you if you are not protected in some way and you are attacked is to FIGHT back as hard and as loud as you can. AIDS is a death sentence, so that’s the biggest reason. The second reason is once you are raped you are considered in prison circles to have lost your manhood. If you find out you are being singled out and do not have protection, I would also consider striking first against one of the main wolves, although return violence is sure to occur. The problem with this is that you are going to wind up in the hole with maybe some time added to your sentence and things may not have changed when you are released out of segregation.

     If you are cornered and things aren’t going your way, some people think that a way to avoid being raped is to tell your attackers that you are HIV positive and have AIDS. This may work as a quick fix but it more than likely will also result in you being severely beaten if not killed. AIDS in prison is a very sensitive issue with both officers and inmates. Security staff aren’t even told who has AIDS, due to privacy rights issues.

     Do Not Be Passive. Stand Your Ground.

     If you are young, small, and white, your chances of being attacked are higher. If you are getting middle-aged, the chances will drop. Don’t even drop your guard though.

     In a minimum facility there is a much smaller chance of rape as inmates don’t want to screw up chances of their release. In maximum joints, the chance is much higher because inmates have longer sentences and less to lose. In medium facilities always remember that a good share of your fellow inmates are former maximum inmates so the chance of rape is always there with them. County jails have a very high number of rapes reported.

     Many officers that you are going to come in contact with think that most inmates are homosexuals and they deserve what is coming to them and they will often turn their backs when they feel a rape is being committed. Officers have been known to allow a rape to go on if they are working in a high-risk facility and think that doing so will help keep the stronger inmates in line. I can tell you for a fact that the number one worry of all corrections staff is that if there is a riot, they are going to get f**ked in the ass, the men that is; the woman really have something to worry about.

     An officer that I know who was working in the Atlanta federal penitentiary in 1987 during the Cuban riot there, told me that every hostage taken in that riot had been raped.

     After you’ve been locked up for a while you are going to get horny. My advice to you is to masturbate. Alone.

     If you decide to get your rocks off and pay some queen to let you screw her, you will not have protection. Remember the AIDS factor. Is it worth it? Even if you decide to just get a blowjob from one of them, you risk the chance of making her “Daddy” jealous and that can open another can of worms.

     Soft-core porn magazines are available in most prisons. Check out the chicks, use your imagination, and jack off in your sock.

     You are trying to survive the joint. Not live in it.

     by Scott L. Anderson

Scott L. Anderson is a former prison guard.

"The horrors experienced by many young inmates, particularly those who are convicted of nonviolent offenses, border on the unimaginable. Prison rape not only threatens the lives of those who fall prey to their aggressors, but it is potentially devastating to the human spirit. Shame, depression, and a shattering loss of self-esteem accompany the perpetual terror the victim thereafter must endure."

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun, Farmer v. Brennan

No Escape:  Male Rape in US Prison

Rape used as control in U.S. prisons

Many prisoners are targeted for sexual exploitation the minute they enter a penal facility; their age, looks, sexual preference and other characteristics mark them as candidates for maltreatment. In a new groundbreaking report, Human Rights Watch documents the widespread prisoner-on-prisoner rape in U.S. men’s prisons. The rights group accuses state authorities of not taking measures to prevent and punish rape and, in many cases, for allowing this cruel form of abuse to persist.

One reads that in extreme incidents prisoners find themselves the “slaves” of their rapists. Forced to satisfy another man’s sexual appetites upon demand, they may also be responsible for washing his clothes, massaging his back, cooking his food and cleaning his cell. They are frequently “rented out” for sex services, sold or even auctioned off to other inmates.

One prisoner from Arkansas wrote to Human Rights Watch: “I had no choice but to submit to being Inmate B’s prison wife. Out of fear for my life, I submitted to [him]. In all reality, I was his slave, as the Officials of the Arkansas Department of Corrections … did absolutely nothing.”

“Rapes are unimaginably vicious and brutal,” writes Joanne Mariner, deputy director of the Americas division of Human Rights Watch, and author of “No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons.” Gang assaults are not uncommon, and victims may be left beaten, bloody and even dead; they almost always suffer from extreme psychological stress, including nightmares, deep depression, shame and self-hatred, which may lead to suicide. There are also known cases whereby the victim has contracted HIV.

No conclusive national data exists regarding the prevalence of this phenomenon, but the most recent statistical survey, published in the Prison Journal, revealed that 21 percent of inmates in seven Midwestern prisons had experienced at least one episode of pressured or forced sex since being incarcerated, and at least 7 percent had been raped in their facility.

Correctional authorities generally deny that rape is a serious problem. In Human Rights Watch’s survey of all 50 states, not one correctional authority reported abuse rates even approaching those found by the rights group. The authorities’ reluctance to acknowledge the scale of the violation is reflected not only in misleading official statistics, but also in a glaringly inadequate response to incidents of rape.

When an inmate informs an officer he has been threatened with rape or, worse, actually assaulted, his complaint is seldom investigated, and only in rare instances is an inmate protected from further abuse. “U.S. state prisons have failed to take even obvious, basic steps necessary to tackle prison rape,” Mariner writes. “This deliberate indifference has had tragic consequences.”

In the report, one reads of M.R., a Texas inmate who was violently raped and beaten several times over a period of several months by the same prisoner. Fearful for his life, he reported the abuse to the prison authorities, but received no protection. In fact one investigator dismissed the complaint as a “lovers’ quarrel.” Finally one day the rapist showed up in M.R.’s cell and attacked him. M.R. suffered a broken jaw, left collarbone and finger, a dislocated left shoulder, lacerations to his scalp and two major concussions that caused internal bleeding. The rapist was never criminally prosecuted.

Why, one might ask, do prison authorities turn a blind eye to this horrific phenomenon? While Human Rights Watch does not directly deal with this issue, it appears that the authorities’ lack of response is premeditated. Rape is an effective, albeit ruthless, mechanism of inmate control.

By allowing rape to go on, the “correctional” authorities ensure that prisoner violence is contained within the cells. Frustrated prisoners are permitted to release aggression on condition that they direct it against other inmates, not the authorities. That the victims, who comprise as much as 20 percent of 2 million inmates held in U.S. prisons and jail, live in perpetual fear is also conducive to control. Divide and conquer is the name of the game; the fact that it amounts to horrendous violations of human rights does not really interest the prison authorities.

Hello, my name is Kendell Spruce, and I’m here to tell you about what happened to me in an Arkansas state prison. I was raped by at least 27 different inmates over a nine month period. I don’t have to tell you that it was the worst nine months of my life.

I was sentenced to six years in prison in 1991 on a probation violation. I was originally convicted of forging a check to buy crack cocaine. When I went to prison, I was 28 years old, I weighed 123 pounds, and I was scared to death.

I was right to be afraid. I am bisexual, but that doesn’t mean I want to have sex with just anyone. As soon as I got there, inmates started acting like they were my friends so they could take advantage of me. I told them I wasn’t going to put up with that. I didn’t want to be robbed of my manhood. But they jumped on me. They beat me. Within two weeks, I was raped at knifepoint.

Being raped at knifepoint was the worst thing I could ever imagine. The physical pain was devastating. But the emotional pain was even worse.

I reported the rape, and was sent into protective custody. But I wasn’t safe there either. They put all kinds of people in protective custody, including sexual predators. I was put in a cell with a rapist who had full-blown AIDS. Within two days, he forced me to give him oral sex and anally raped me. I yelled for the guard, but it was so loud in there, no one came to help me. I finally had to flood the cell to get a guard to come.

Because I was raped, I got labeled as a “faggot.” Everywhere I walked, everyone looked at me like I was a target. It opened the door for a lot of other predators. Even the administrators thought it was okay for a “faggot” to be raped. They said, ‘Oh, you must like it.’ I’m here to tell you that no one wants to be raped. No one likes being violently attacked.

I documented the abuse, I filed grievances, I followed all of the procedures to report what was happening to me, but no one cared. They just moved me from cell to cell. This went on for nine months. I went through nine months of torture – nine months of hell - that could have been avoided.

In August, I started bleeding really bad from the rectum. I didn’t want to go to the infirmary, because I was still so ashamed about what had happened to me, but I had to. They gave me a test, and that’s when I got the devastating news. I was HIV-positive.

I felt suicidal. I felt like my world had come to an end. I cried and cried. I felt ashamed, embarrassed, degraded, and humiliated. I haven’t forgotten those feelings. You never forget. You never heal emotionally. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about this.

Finally, I was placed in a cell by myself in administrative segregation. The only way I could stay safe was to deliberately disobey the rules so I could get away from my predators.

Eventually, I was interviewed by an investigator from the State Police, and I made a report of every assault I survived in prison. I had to list all the inmates who sexually assaulted me, and I came up with 27 names. Sometimes just one inmate assaulted me, and sometimes they attacked me in groups. It went on almost every day for the nine months I spent in that facility.

In 2002, I was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS. I can’t even count how many medications I have to take every day. I can’t do a lot of things I used to do. I moved from Arkansas to Michigan to be closer to my family. I wanted to get to know my family before I die.

I’m not able to work. I collect disability. Fighting for my life is my full-time job. They took my life, but they didn’t take my ability to live my life.

Everything that happened to me could have been avoided if the prison was accountable for inmates’ safety. Prisons and jails are too crowded. They mix all kinds of inmates together in dormitories and cells. They need to screen inmates so that people like me don’t get thrown in with mass murderers.

I know I had to pay the price for what I did, but I’ve paid double price. That check I wrote cost me my life. Every day I wake up and I’m just grateful that I’m still here. Sometimes I ask God, ‘why me?’ Why did this happen to me? I’ve already accepted that I’m going to die, but before I do, I want to see justice in the prison system. The only way to help me now is to put an end to rape in prison. Thank you.
Bryson (formerly Kendell) was raped by more than 25 other inmates over the course of nine months during his incarceration at an Arkansas state prison. He contracted HIV as a result of the attacks. Although he repeatedly reported the attacks, prison officials failed to provide Mr. Martel, who weighed only 123 pounds at the time, a safe housing

Imagine the following defense argument being put forth to a judge
who's about to sentence a defendant—an attractive long-haired young
man of small but athletic build and gentle demeanor—after he has been
convicted of molesting a teenage victim:

Your Honor, it is unfair and disproportionate to sentence my client to
jail, since it will almost certainly subject him to violent and
probably sexual assault while incarcerated. As the evidence we will
proffer shows, there is a 50 percent chance he will suffer an
aggravated assault and at least a 40 percent likelihood he will be
raped and sodomized on multiple occasions while imprisoned. We thus
urge you, Your Honor, to recognize that any sentence of incarceration
effectively includes these "secondary" sanctions.

This motion seems fanciful, but it would be perfectly plausible for a
defense lawyer to make. In fact, one wishes more defense lawyers would
do so, since all these contentions are essentially true. While hard
data on sexual assaults in prison is not easy to find, and observers
dispute the precise frequency, no one who knows American jails and
prisons doubts that rape and sexual assault—usually perpetrated by
other inmates but occasionally by prison staff—are facts of daily
life. What is surprising is how easily the citizenry and the judicial
system have come to accept the brutal reality of our prisons and
absorbed it into mainstream culture. A new bill adopted by Congress
purports to address this widespread apathy toward prison brutality.
But, whether or not its proponents were sincere, the bill is a
superficial gesture of little substance.

This past July Congress enacted the Prison Rape Elimination Act of
2003, providing $60 million for a two-year survey of state and federal
prisons to determine the pervasiveness of prison rape and creating
various panels to offer remedies. Congressional sponsors of the bill
included the most improbable political allies, and support for the
bill ranged from the ACLU and Human Rights Watch to conservative
evangelical organizations. (The clear interest of the latter in
promoting religion among inmates has helped create a
strange-bedfellowship with leftist prisoners' rights groups.) The bill
passed both houses unanimously, and President Bush, flanked by two
former inmates who had been raped in prison, signed it in early
September. The reason you've never heard of the Prison Rape
Elimination Act is probably that no one who knows our criminal justice
system believes it will do much of anything to eliminate prison rape.

Even the more modest earlier title for the bill—the Prison Rape
Reduction Act—was an ambitious predictor of its likely outcome.
Because despite its grand words and its sponsors' passionate
expressions of concern, the main thing the law aims to do is collect
data, and that may be, paradoxically, both quixotic and redundant.

It is quixotic because the obvious problems of unreliable observations
and underreporting inherent in prison assault make highly refined
objective data a fantasy. It is redundant because the relevant facts
are already clear: A recent report by Human Rights Watch synthesized
data and various perception surveys from around the United States and
conservatively concluded that approximately 20 percent of all inmates
are sexually assaulted in some way and at least 7 percent raped. A
cautious inference is that nearly 200,000 current inmates have been
raped and nearly 1 million have been sexually assaulted over the past
20 years. And, as HRW notes, prisoners with certain
characteristics—first offenders, those with high voices and passive or
intellectual personalities—face far higher probabilities. Moreover,
the reports reveal that sexual slavery following rape is also an
ordinary occurrence. Stories abound of prisoners who, once they are
"turned out" (prison jargon for the initial rape) become the rapists'
subordinates, forced to do menial jobs and sometimes "rented out" to
other inmates to satisfy their sexual needs.

Of course, prisoners face not only sexual assault from other inmates,
but violence of all forms, often leading to horrific injuries and
death. All too typical is the story, repeated by HRW, of a raped Texas
prisoner with obvious injuries who reported the rapes (eight alleged
rapes by the same rapist) to prison authorities. The authorities
interviewed the rapist and the victim together, concluded it was
nothing but a "lovers' quarrel," and sent them both back to their
cells, where the victim was again repeatedly raped and beaten even
more brutally. Also surprisingly typical is the very recent, notorious
killing of Father John Geoghan, the Massachusetts priest imprisoned
for sexual assault, whom the state correctional system effectively, if
unintentionally, sentenced to death in a non-capital punishment

Even if allocating the time and funds to collecting this additional
data were somehow useful, how does the federal government propose to
find it? Does the Department of Justice, charged with overseeing the
study, have some secret methodology at its disposal that it's not
sharing with us? And even if all this further data collection somehow
dramatizes the problem, what then? Despite promises (or threats) in
the new law to take prison officials or state governments to task for
failure to stop rape and assault, the real cause probably lies in a
more mundane and intractable reality: Inmates will attack inmates if
enough of them live in sufficient proximity, with insufficient
internal security, for long enough periods of time. That means that
while Congress funds lots of studies, we already know that the key
variables are really the sheer rates of incarceration in the United
States, the density of prison housing, the number and quality of
staff, and the abandonment of any meaningful attempts at
rehabilitation. If it is honest, the new DOJ commission created by the
law will suggest what we already know is necessary: that we lower
incarceration rates, reduce the prisoner-to-space ratio, train huge
numbers of new guards to protect prisoners, and abandon the purely
retributive and incapacitative function of prisons. But there is no
political will for such changes, which is perhaps why we fund studies
of the obvious in the first place.

The truth is that the United States has essentially accepted
violence—and particularly brutal sexual violence—as an inevitable
consequence of incarcerating criminals. Indeed, prison assault has
become a cliché within mainstream culture. The news and entertainment
media refer to it nonchalantly. Prime-time TV shows, such as Oz,
depict the most awful scenes of rape and carnage. Popular TV dramas
routinely depict police taunting potential defendants with threats of
the violence and sexual abuse they will face in prison. Indeed, last
year 7UP ran a TV advertisement in which a teasing threat of sexual
assault in prison was part of a lighthearted pitch for selling soda.
The advertisement ran for two months without objection and was only
pulled after criticisms from prisoners' rights groups.

So accepted is assault as part of prison life that an outsider might
conclude that on some basic, if unarticulated level, we think it an
appropriate element of the punishment regimen. Perhaps we believe that
allowing prisons to be places of horrific acts will serve as part of
the utilitarian deterrent effect of criminal sentences. Or perhaps we
recognize that prison rape and assault are an unavoidable byproduct of
the rape and assault in society generally, so that our goal here is
not utilitarian but retributive: that is, even though we cannot
eliminate rape and assault, we can at least reallocate them. Thus,
when we purport to incapacitate convicted criminals, what we are
really doing is shifting to them, the most "deserving" among us, the
burden of victimization.

The Prison Rape Elimination Act is better than nothing—unless, of
course, it represents the last gesture politicians intend to make in
the direction of addressing this problem. Assuming the study does not
blinker reality by denying the prevalence of the problem, it will
presumably mandate or exhort state and federal officials to monitor,
train, and discipline prison staff and enhance inmate security—all
under a threat of withdrawal of federal funds or the firing of
negligent officials. Of course, the government would thereby be
implicitly forcing prison officials to spend vast amounts of money
they do not have and that Congress is unlikely to give state
legislatures in the first place.

Perhaps while this federal study is under way, there are other, more
honest ways of acknowledging what the American prison system has
created. Perhaps every sentencing judge should require that a
defendant headed for prison be given extensive "pre-rape counseling"
in the hope that he or she can take some small personal steps to
reduce the risk of attack. Or perhaps we could require judges to
demand data about the differential risks of rape and assault for
different types of prisoners in different prisons and begin to factor
such data into any sentence. "You committed murder, so let's send you
somewhere where you're really likely to be raped." In that way we will
be at least as brutally honest with ourselves as we are literally
brutal with our prisoners.
Tom Cahill is the president of the Board of Directors of SPR.

Rape In Prison
A hard hitting, no holds barred account of what a future inmate fears the most upon entering prison for the first time. -Download for free

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"Hooking Up: Protective Pairing for Punks

by Stephen Donaldson

Note: this advice article was written for incarcerated heterosexual
male survivors of prisoner rape, but provides a good description of a
unique form of sexual relationship which is an important part of the
culture of confinement.

As long ago as 1826, shortly after the building of the first
penitentiaries, Louis Dwight described the practice prisoners now call
"hooking up" and we call protective pairing, an informal arrangement
which has remained ever since the collective response of prisoners to
the problem of ongoing sexual assault in confinement. There is
historical evidence for similar relationships among the ancient
Romans, medieval Vikings, and the Caribbean pirates of the 17th C. In
most joints the overwhelming majority of rape survivors who remain in
or go back to general population do become hooked up as members of
such pairs, however distasteful they may find the idea, because they
believe it to be the least damaging way to survive in custody.

One reason why this custom has survived for so long is that the
alternatives for the known rape victim are usually even more
unacceptable. These are a series of very serious and bloody fights,
and maybe a lot more time; suicide (a permanent "solution" to a
temporary problem); repeated exposure to gang-rapes; paying someone
for protection; and permanent consignment to "protective custody" in
Seg. This last option, p.c., may not even be safe, staff may not allow
you to stay there indefinitely, and solitary can drive you crazy if
endured for too long. If you're short or only in jail for a short time
or a real hermit, you might as well do the rest of your time in p.c.
and you don't need to read this. Otherwise, as the authors of Men
Behind Bars: Sexual Exploitation in Prison, who studied the problem at
length, concluded: "For the majority of these `targets' the best and
safest coping strategy is to `hook up' with a jocker." Still, it is
your choice as to which path, none of them good, you want to take.

This brochure is written for those rape survivors who are in and want
to stay in population, or who are in p.c. and considering going back
into population; who are considering getting hooked up or are already
hooked up; and who are punks (we do not use the term "punk" as a
put-down, just as the most common and widely understood term for
prisoners, usually straight or bisexual youths, who have been forced
or pressured into an unwanted passive sexual role), rather than gays.
Much of this information also applies to queens, but since gays
usually have more experience and fewer problems relating sexually to
males, this is written specifically for punks.

General description of protective pairing

Prisoners take hooking up very seriously, for it involves a commitment
on the part of both partners, which neither can break (as long as they
remain hooked up) without major consequences. The quality of these
relationships ranges enormously, from virtual slavery and complete
exploitation at one end to a mutually supportive, tender and human
exchange of affection at the other.
The senior partner, or "man" in prisoner slang (also called "daddy,"
"old man," "jocker," "pitcher," and other terms), in a protective pair
is most often not a rapist himself, though he may take advantage of
the consequences of a rape by offering protection to a new punk.
Sometimes a rapist will try to hook up with his victim. In any case he
obligates himself to provide complete protection for his punk or
junior partner (also called "kid", "boy," "sweet boy," "f**kboy,"
"catcher," and other terms) from further sexual assaults from anyone
else, from violence, from theft, and from other forms of disrespect.
Usually as soon as it becomes known that you are hooked up (and the
news will spread like wildfire), everyone else will back off and stop
hassling you, and deal with you only through your "man." Any "daddy"
who fails to protect you will be seen as weak and may thereby make
himself a target for sexual assault. Sometimes two or more buddies
will share the "daddy" role, and in many joints a whole gang will take
control of a punk.

These "pitchers" are usually straight, sometimes bisexual; they
consider their punks to be substitutes for women, and they usually do
not consider their own penetrative sexual acts or their relationships
with punks to be "homosexual," just masculine, though they may think
that what you have to do for them is "homosexual." In a broad sense,
they habitually treat their punks the way they are used to treating
their women on the Street.

The punk has to give up his independence and his control over his own
body to his "man" as the price for this protection. He has to put out
sexually in a passive role, giving up head or ass or both. This deal
is never totally voluntary for the punk: it is often coercive, the
alternatives are frightful, and it is motivated above all by the need
to survive in a place where the punk has been marked as a perpetual
target for gang-rape and other forms of abuse. But it is still very
different from a series of violent gang- rapes, and, in the age of
AIDS, far safer. We call these relationships "survival-driven" from
the punk's perspective.

A punk often is able to choose his protector from among various
candidates, especially if he is willing to put up a fight (even
knowing he'll lose) or is not in a particularly rough joint, and he
may be able to establish a relationship of mutual concern, which is a
far cry from the pure exploitation of the sexual assaulter. It must be
understood, however, that the "pitcher" makes the rules and the
"catcher" follows them. In a particularly tough joint, a punk may be
no more than a slave, but usually the relationship allows you some
leverage or room to maneuver and have your wishes considered, as long
as you respect the basic rules of the relationship.

While a jocker will never tolerate open rebellion, he usually seeks to
get along with his punk and avoid an atmosphere of constant tension.
He would rather relax around his punk, and over time he can and often
does develop genuine affection for him and allow a considerable degree
of give-and-take in the non-sexual aspects of the partnership. But the
sexual part is pretty fixed and you can't really hope to get out of

It may be very hard for you to deal with belonging to somebody else
and having to substitute for a girl and satisfy a guy sexually, but at
least you only have to do it with one guy or a small number, rather
than anybody who can catch you. Your risk of infection with the AIDS
virus is greatly reduced, often to zero (see SPR's AIDS and the Rape
Survivor). You don't have to fight at all and can avoid physical
injury, and it is some comfort knowing that a dead punk is of no value
to anybody. Often hooking up will improve your financial situation as
well, since a jocker is expected to see that his punk gets the canteen
necessities of life.

Hooking up means you have definitely become a punk and will be
considered a punk for as long as you stay in the joint, so if you
decide to hook up, you might as well get used to that status. Your
"old man" will control all sexual access to you, and will expect you
to do what he tells you. Some daddies share their punks with their
buddies. Others will make you turn tricks for canteen goods, drugs, or
other favors.

You may well be given duties other than sex: for example, doing
laundry, cleaning his cell, making up his bunk, fixing coffee for him,
or giving him backrubs.

The advantage of protective pairing with one guy is that the two of
you can get to know each other very well, especially if you cell
together (which is to your advantage), and that makes for a more human
relationship. You are less likely to be seen as an object to be used
and exploited, and more like a junior partner. Much depends on the
jocker, because guys vary enormously in the way they treat punks: some
beat their punks and mistreat them, others get very affectionate and
take good care of you, and there is everything in between.

A small partnership among 2 to 5 jocks who are friends and cooperate
harmoniously with each other is pretty secure for you, and means you
aren't as dependent on the whims of one person, but such arrangements
are not as common and may not be stable.

The advantage of hooking up with a gang or tip is that their
protection from people outside the gang is a pretty sure thing, and
they can keep you in canteen goods. The disadvantage is that you have
to sexually service the entire gang, which may seem like just a
gentler form of gang-rape, and it is harder to develop a personal
relationship because your time and attention are so divided. In some
joints, gangs may be so strong that you have no choice but to accept a
gang's claim on you. Many gangs will force punks into prostitution.

If one of the other prisoners does try to put pressure on you after
you've hooked up, tell your daddy about it right away; he'll handle
the matter.

The whole compound will know as soon as you get hooked up that you are
someone's kid. It's an essential part of the system, so don't fight
it. All the booty bandits and other jockers have to be warned off. It
isn't always verbal, and a lot or all of the staff may never find out.
For instance, you may eat all your meals together with your "old man";
people will notice and draw the right conclusion. Once you are hooked
up, you will be respected to the same degree that your jocker is
respected. Nobody will be allowed to hassle you or dis you, for that
would be seen as the equivalent of dissing your jock. Once you are
hooked up and seen as belonging to someone, a rape by anyone else is
cause for a very serious fight, so it is rare.

It works best if you are housed together with your jock because then
he can protect you better. If you're in different blocks, it's hard
for him to look out for you. If you share a double cell with each
other, then nobody can enter that cell without permission from him or
you, and you'll have more privacy and plenty of time to talk with each
other and keep misunderstandings from arising. On the other hand, if
you share a double with someone else, strange guys may not refrain
from entering it, and it can lead to tensions between your partner and
your cellie.

Staff attitudes

The attitudes of the keepers towards pairs vary a great deal. Most
veteran guards and administrators are realistic enough to recognize
that protective pairing minimizes the violence in the joint, and that
you don't really have much in the way of alternatives, so they won't
press the protective pair very hard, often not at all. But officially
they still consider your sexual activity a violation of disciplinary
codes, so you have to be discrete and careful to keep sex out of sight
of the cops. See our handout on dealing with staff. Rookies often try
to enforce every rule in the book, and cops may be prejudiced and
homophobic and go out of their way to catch you. And sometimes you'll
run into higher ranking officers or staffers with a homophobic bee up
their ass about sex between prisoners and you'll have to really watch
out. You don't want to get caught having sex, so you should always pay
attention to security and don't be foolish. Fortunately, security is
mainly your "man's" job and you can generally leave it up to him to
make sure you don't get busted. It doesn't hurt to remind him of that
duty from time to time, since horny guys sometimes do get carried away
and start thinking with their dicks instead of their heads.

Understanding jockers

The basic fact of the matter is that most males, when separated from
females, and especially when they're young and full of sex hormones
which make them horny all the time, can become sexually aroused at the
thought of penetrating anyone, regardless of their real sex. The
nerves which produce pleasure in the dick don't ask if it's a girl's
mouth, a boy's mouth; an ass or a pussy. For these guys to be turned
on and horny doesn't really require any kind of feminine qualities in
you, though the jockers usually prefer to imagine such qualities so
they won't have to think of their attraction as homosexual. That's why
they'll try to tell you you have feminine qualities even if it's not
When locked up, men get bored with beating off and lonesome and start
looking for someone else to provide sexual relief. Also there's an
unexpressed human need for touch and intimacy and prisoners don't
recognize any other way to meet that need. It is also a question of
men feeling a need to confirm their own sense of their masculinity,
which they feel is somewhat compromised by the fact that they're
locked up, by functioning in their accustomed male sexual roles as
penetrators and dominant controllers. Prisoners all have to constantly
take orders from the authorities, which makes them feel like slaves of
the state. As a compensation they like to find a way to be the boss
with someone else and give orders themselves. Sex is a vehicle for a
jocker to express all these non-sexual needs.

At the same time only a very small fraction of prisoners the queens
enjoy being sexually passive, taking care of another guy's dick. This
tremendous imbalance between the demand for catchers by most of the
fellows and the very small or nonexistent supply of available willing
partners is extremely important to understanding the way prisoners
relate to each other. There's no way to increase the supply of queens,
so all the effort goes into trying to "turn out" new punks.
Unfortunately, the main means by which they turn out punks is rape and
the threat of it.

Jockers frequently loan out their punks to their friends, usually as a
way of ensuring their loyalty to him or to reinforce his position as a
leader. In a way, this is good for you, since the more backup he has,
the safer you'll be. And when he's not around, you can turn to his
friends in an emergency. Sometimes it is just a way to repay a favor.
Jockers know you won't get pregnant by someone else. They may,
however, be afraid that you could get infected with AIDS and for that
reason keep you, or at least your ass, to themselves. You should
encourage them to do so.

Since many jockers have very little money, those who are poor are very
tempted to use you as an asset with which to make money or get canteen
goods. In fact, some jocks (especially professional pimps from the
Street) will hook up with a punk for no other reason. In effect they
continue their pimp trade on the inside. Avoid them if you can. When
you're put "on the block," your old man lets other guys know that you
are available for a price and the other guys negotiate with your
"owner" and then he tells you what to do and with whom and when. If
you have a chance to negotiate with a jocker over this, try to get a
veto over particular customers, and especially try to limit it to head
jobs, in order to keep the risk of AIDS low. Some jockers will keep
everything they get this way to themselves, more will share it with
you 50-50, and there is every possibility in between. If you can
possibly do so, find a jocker who will not rent you out at all.

Jockers will almost never switch roles with you or let you penetrate
them, and they may get very upset if you even suggest it. Some of them
may be willing to jerk you off, but most don't want to be reminded
that you even have a dick. It is very important to them that they stay
within what they consider the "man" role. They may, however, be
willing to consider other human needs of yours, such as the need for
affection, for touch, for comforting, and they will often try to see
to it that you are as comfortable as possible while having sex. Within
the rules of the game, most jockers try to get along with their kids
as well as possible, so as long as you live up to your part of the
deal they won't get mean or hurt you. If you make them happy, you are
even likely to find that over time, they'll become grateful, and try
to keep you relatively happy, too. But don't expect that gratitude
will ever go to the extent of relieving you of your sexual

Jocks can treat you like a slave and sell you to some other jock
whenever they get tired of you or run out of money. They can also fall
in love with you and get very jealous of anyone else. It takes all
kinds. Some of the jocks who play the gorilla game and act extremely
tough, callous, and cold-hearted will relax once they get hooked up
and learn to trust you and show a whole different and unexpected side
of themselves.

You have to understand that for jockers the world of confinement is
one of constant competition, with everyone looking for a weakness. So
guys put up a false front which never admits any vulnerability. But
this makes them less human. When they get hooked up, they have someone
to relate to, who is no longer an actual or potential competitor.
Especially when you've accepted their claim, they can feel you're on
the same team. Thus they can relax, and become very gentle if they
want, and as they learn to trust you and you show you can keep
confidences to yourself they may tell you things about themselves that
they would never tell other jockers. They may share their own
anxieties and fears and their deepest feelings, and they will listen
to you as you learn to trust them and can talk about your own
feelings. Thus you have a good chance at developing a human
relationship where each of you really cares about the other and you
work together to keep the relationship smooth. Generally the older the
jocker is, the more likely he is to want to develop a real partnership
with you rather than just get his rocks off.

Choosing a daddy

This usually has to be done pretty quickly or events will overwhelm
you and you may get gang-raped or forced to hook up before you can
make a choice. But if you want to have a choice, as soon as you decide
to hook up you should tell the other prisoners; the word will get
around fast and guys will then start to talk with you about it. It can
get pretty hectic.
The relationship begins when a jocker puts a claim on you, and you
accept or recognize the claim, either voluntarily or under duress. If
more than one guy wants to claim you, you'll usually get to choose,
but sometimes the jockers will settle the matter among themselves and
you'll just be stuck with the winner. If you have some time before you
have to make a commitment and you can keep your head straight about
it, you can often get more than one guy to become interested in you;
this allows you more choice and greatly improves your bargaining
position. Often there is such a strong demand for punks that jockers
start competing for you right away in any case. Since the character of
your partner will be the most important factor in shaping your further
experience behind bars, and jockers range from assholes who only abuse
and exploit their punks to lonely fellows looking for someone to
really care about, it is important for you to try to get a choice.

If you have any negotiating room at all before committing yourself to
someone, discuss what he expects from you in detail and try to work
out the most favorable arrangement. Even put it in writing! Probably
the single most important thing has to do with avoiding AIDS: get him
to agree not to f**k your ass without a condom or let anyone else do
so. If he insists on f**king your ass, try to get him to not let
anyone else do it, to "keep your pussy for himself alone." A lot of
jockers like the idea of keeping "pussy" to themselves even if they'll
make you give head to their friends or for pay.

Spend as much time as you can with the jockers who want to hook up
with you; ask them lots of questions and judge for yourself how
sincere they are. Ask other prisoners (especially punks and queens)
about their reps. The more information you can get, the better your
choice will be. Once you make it, you are pretty much stuck with it.

You'll want to know if the jocker wants to "put you on the block"
(which unfortunately is pretty common), whether he has ever shot up
drugs (and therefore might carry the AIDS virus), whether he'll settle
for head or insists you give up your ass as well, whether he'll allow
anyone else to f**k your ass or keep it for himself, whether he'll
loan you out to his buddies, whether he wants to cell with you, and
what the relationship means to him.

Check out how serious the guy is. Protective pairing is a very serious
matter for him as well, since it obligates him to put his life on the
line if necessary to keep you from harm, and if you are foolish or
stupid and f**k up, he may have to suffer for your mistake. Ask him
about any previous catchers he's had and how they managed together and
why they split. If any of them are still around, talk with them. Ask
him what he feels his responsibilities would be and what yours would
be. Also ask about canteen arrangements.

Jockers may well insist on having sex with you before putting a claim
on you. It's not an unreasonable demand, since sex is such an
important part of the deal, and if he's willing to limit himself to
head it makes sense for him to find out if you can satisfy him that
way. But make sure you're both serious first, or anybody could use it
as an excuse to go up in you. You can tell a lot about a jock by how
he behaves with you sexually. If he breaks contact with you right
after he comes, it may be a sign of discomfort and guilt on his part
or that he sees you as just a piece of meat. On the other hand, if a
jock stays with you for a while after he comes, even stays inside you,
it may be a sign that he likes your company and is attracted to you as
a person and not just a sex object. Also, if a jock shows affection
with you, such as stroking your body or hair, it is a good indication
that he wants to treat you as a human being.

Ask jockers how they treat their women, because most jockers treat
their punks the same way. If they form real partnerships with their
women, they are more likely to do the same with you.

Nitty-gritty details

As a new punk you won't know diddly-squat about your sexual duties, so
here are a few practical tips: to avoid AIDS, learn to suck dick. In
fact, learn it so well you can do deep throat and he'll forget all
about your ass. The trick is relaxation, not easy at first, to be
sure, when you feel the whole thing is absolutely disgusting, but for
your own good, you need to learn to relax using any technique that
works for you. In order to avoid gagging, wait til your stomach is
empty (1½ hrs after meals), so there's nothing to barf. If you do
throw up, do it on the floor and not him! Train yourself gradually.
Meditate, say mantras, anything that gets you to relax. Stop thinking
of the dick as an invading foreign object; if you can get over that
perception, you'll be OK. Try to take deep breaths whenever you can
and breathe through your nose. Practice holding your breath like a
swimmer. If he f**ks your skull so hard you think you're about to pass
out from asphyxiation, you should grab his legs and signal your
distress. Most likely he'll be about to come and won't let up, but
it'll be over real soon.

The first few times you get f**ked in the ass, it hurts bigtime. If
you have to get f**ked in the ass, again try to relax as much as
possible and get him to slow down. It will hurt less, and if it keeps
happening you will get used to it and it won't hurt at all. Be sure to
use some kind of greasy stuff (vaseline, hair cream, etc.) as a
lubricant, and a condom if at all possible. If you are hooked up, your
jocker will usually try to minimize any pain that might be involved.
After all, he wants to keep your resentment and complaints to a

A dick up your ass may well physically stimulate your prostate gland,
and you may experience that as pleasurable. You may even get a hard-on
while being f**ked, just as a physical reaction. And some punks will
find the sexual experience arousing. Many guys have some homosexual
feelings even though they are basically straight. You don't have to
put a label on yourself just because you have a variety of feelings.

Punks sometimes agree to switch out with each other or "take turns"
sexually, since this is about the only way you can take a penetrative
role instead of a passive one. As a punk you come under a lot of
pressure to act less masculine, and you will naturally resent this
pressure inside and feel a strong need to act in masculine ways
whenever you can get away with it. This need can make the urge to
experience what a lot of people call "the male role" in sex very
powerful. It is an understandable compensation, a way of proving to
yourself that you're still a man, so if you do it, don't feel guilty
about it. If you want to take turns with another punk, it is best to
clear it with your jockers first. The jocks usually don't object since
they know the other punk is not a rival for them.

Breaking away

When your "man" treats you bad and you want to get out of the
situation, it's a tricky situation, but it's not hopeless. Maybe he's
dissatisfied too and is willing to let you go, in which case you are
back to square two. If he wants to keep you, he may get violent to do
so. You can check in to p.c. and get transferred as one way out.
Another way is to let other jockers know that you want to switch and
encourage one of them to make a deal with your current jock to take
you over. He may buy out your contract, so to speak. Sometimes if he
wants you badly enough he'll fight your current daddy in order to get
A punk who successfully breaks away from his jocker and becomes
independent is called a "renegade." There are also some independent
punks who never hook up. Unless such punks have learned to fight well,
they usually end up with another jocker.


Human beings are remarkably adaptable creatures. It is true that if
you become a punk and are locked up for a long time, you will get
somewhat used to the punk role. This varies a lot from one punk to
another. Some still hate every sex act after a decade of doing it
every day. Others focus on other aspects of it and find some value in
those aspects. Some treasure the security it brings. Many punks who
have good relationships actually become fond of their jockers. It is
not even so uncommon, in the unusual conditions of confinement, for
two straight guys to fall in love with each other over time.
Psychologists generally consider adaptation to be a healthy reaction
to a situation which you cannot change, so don't worry about it if you
find yourself adapting to the role. Once you are out you can reverse
the process and work on reclaiming the full expression of your
masculine identity.
Unfortunately, many (if not most) jockers will try to get their punks
to be as feminine in appearance and behavior as possible. That is
because they are more comfortable pretending they are relating
sexually to some kind of female than to another male. But they also
know that you are a punk, not a queen, and that such things don't come
naturally to you. You should ask about such things before accepting a
claim, and make it clear that retaining your masculine identity is
important to you. Some jockers don't care; I was hooked up once with a
guy who let me grow a moustache! Most will still call you "him" and
use your male name. Others may insist that you shave your legs and
grow long hair and get a feminine nickname. No matter what you have to
do, remember that it is all an act and you can go back to your normal
behavior as soon as you get out.

Sex is a very complex experience. It has many aspects which have
nothing to do with lust. Being penetrated is an intense experience; it
can give you an adrenaline rush. Being touched can be a pleasant
experience, regardless of the sex of the person touching you. Being
held has been a comforting experience for most people since they were
babies, and it can seem very protective in an environment where
gang-rape is a grim reality. Being desired can seem like a tempting
alternative to being ignored, especially if you've been ignored all
your life. Intimacy itself can be very powerfully attractive if you
feel isolated and lonely. It is quite possible that you may delve
further into these feelings, which are general human feelings. That
doesn't mean you are sexually turned on to the guy, it doesn't mean
there's lust or sexual arousal or homosexual inclinations. Besides, if
experiences alone determined a person's sexuality, we'd all be in love
with our hands.

That's a lot of advice, but if it's a whole new world for you, you'll
need it. Good luck finding a decent man, and remember you will leave
it all behind (except for a much better understanding of men and of
women!) when you walk out the front gate."

If one of the other prisoners does try to put pressure on you after
you've hooked up, tell your daddy about it right away; he'll handle
the matter.

That's the most hilarious thing I've heard all day.

'The serpent smiles as he coils the world.' - Sol Invictus

"To think is to say no."

Improved version: i'm basically no threat to "the system", that is
nothing form what i do justifies inprisonment. If by some strange
coincidence i'll ever get thrown out to prison it WON'T be my fault.
If it's gonna be for a short while and i won't get raped or something,
i'll cope with it and nothing will happen. If i'd be imprisoned for a
long period of time, then i won't be imprisoned - nobody's gonna take
me there alive. If i'd only be imprisoned for a litte while and i wuz
raped in the meanwhile, i'd cope with the situation till i get out.
Then i'd cut the throats of those who imprisoned me, those who raped
me and maybe even YOUR throats for not carying.

THIS is the type of approach the anti-drug advertisors should take

If I were to go to prison for a long time, I'd try to stay in solitary
confinement for as long as I could as much as I could. I'm a loner
anyways, and I'd rather have to meditate in the dark for months
instead of getting raped daily.

But if it were only for a little while, and I couldn't get solitary,
I'd pay someone to protect me.

Truth is that if you go to a prison people will indeed pick on you and
rape you if they wish. You do have the option of fighting back, if you
are weak though you will not only be raped but also beaten severely.

I was in general population for around 9 mos. and had no gang
affiliations. I did however have a reputation as a person associated
with organized criminals. I was in my early 20's at the time and was
large of stature(over 6' and 280lbs). Basically if you want to avoid
being enslaved you must be aggressive. For example we were eating in
the cafeteria once and a nigger grabbed one of the french fries off my
tray, I immediately rose and attacked him viciously. Even the most
petty incident must be regarded as a severe transgression. You must be
confident and look inmates in the eye. I decided not to get involved,
to attempt to just serve the time peacefully. I have no interest in
f**king men and less in being f**ked. All in all I succeeded and was
released in perfect physical and mental health. It's a bit odd when
you are re-integrated into society and expected to behave civilly.

If I were sent to prison for a long time (15+ years), I would more
than likely kill myself fairly shortly into my term. I saw a program
on the television about a young man who was sentenced to life
imprisonment without the possibility of parole when he was 18. I would
definitely have committed suicide at the first real opportunity if I
were that guy.

"The opposite of compassion is not hatred, it's indifference." These words were written by a prisoner who was severely beaten after refusing demands for sex from another inmate.
     While often the subject of jokes on late-night TV, prison rape is no laughing matter. It has terrible consequences, not just for the inmates who are brutalized, but for our communities as well. The rate of HIV in prisons today is 10 times higher than in the general population. Every rape in prison can turn a sentence for a nonviolent crime into a death sentence.
      Prison rape leads to other types of death, also. Rodney Hulin set a dumpster on fire in his neighborhood. Despite being only 16 years old, he was sentenced to eight years in an adult prison, where he was repeatedly beaten and raped. Despite his pleas for help, no one in authority intervened to help him. He was told to fend for himself. Depressed and unwilling to face the remainder of his sentence at the mercy of sexual predators, Rodney Hulin committed suicide. Similar suicides have occurred in jails and prisons across the United States.
      Experts estimate that at least one in 10 inmates is raped in prison. Because 95 percent of prisoners will eventually be released back into our communities, the horrors that occur inside prison have consequences for the rest of us, too.
      Some who suffer through brutal rapes become predators themselves, both in prison and after their release, subjecting other innocent victims to the same degradation that they experienced. Or they vent their rage in other acts of violence, often racially motivated. One example is the tragic story of James Byrd, the black man who was picked up by three white supremacists, beaten, chained to the back of their pickup truck and dragged for three miles to his death. One of his assailants was John William King, a burglar who had recently been released after serving a three-year sentence in one of Texas' toughest prisons.
      When King arrived at the prison, a group of white supremacists reportedly conspired with the guards to place King in the "black" section of the prison. At just 140 pounds, King was unable to defend himself against a group of black prisoners who repeatedly gang-raped him. This was exactly what the white power gang wanted. Filled with hatred, King was easily recruited into their group for protection. Over the remainder of his sentence, they filled King's head full of hatred for blacks. When he was released, John King unleashed that pent-up hatred on James Byrd. The gang-rapes he endured in prison are no excuse for his murder of James Byrd, but they certainly help us understand what could lead him to hate so much.
      As troubling as the incidence of rape is, equally disturbing is the attitude of many government officials who are indifferent to it. When asked about prison rape, Massachusetts Department of Correction spokesman Anthony Carnevales said, "Well, that's prison . . . I don't know what to tell you." In that offhand remark, he was expressing what many feel in their hearts but are loathe to admit — "they deserve it."
      But they don't deserve it. Regardless of the crimes they have committed, no offender's sentence includes being raped while in the custody of the government. By its very nature, imprisonment means a loss of control over the circumstances in which inmates live. They cannot choose their neighbors ( i.e., their cellmates), nor arm themselves, nor take other steps to protect themselves. Because the government has total control over where and how inmates live, it is the government's responsibility to make sure they aren't harmed while in custody.
      Sens. Kennedy and Sessions and Reps. Wolf and Scott have teamed up to sponsor the "Prison Rape Reduction Act of 2002," S. 2619 and H.R. 4943, which would establish standards for investigating and eliminating rape, and hold the states accountable if they fail to do so.
      Winston Churchill said that the manner in which a society treats criminals "is one of the most unfailing tests of the civilization of any country." As Congress rushes to complete its work before the election recess, it is important that they take the time to deal with the scandal of prison rape, and, in doing so, meet Churchill's test of a civilized society.
- Pat Nolan is president of the Justice Fellowship, a non-profit group based in Reston, Va.
Prison rape — it's no joke

The toll of prison rape

Some folks no doubt could not care less that prison inmates are raped by other inmates. But they should, not just because of the obvious crime, but because of the implications upon the release of these individuals, including the increased possibility of infecting sexual partners outside prison with HIV.

Few outside our jails care that the incidence of homosexual rape in penal institutions is so high. Nor are many people bothered that these rape victims are severely abused, that prison guards shrug off complaints, that the victims get little medical attention, or that the rapists are seldom prosecuted.

The Human Rights Watch has published a 378-page report detailing sexual abuse in prison. The organization tries to ensure that the human rights of people worldwide are protected and it informs the public when those rights are abused. The sad stories told by prisoners who are victims of rape are unsettling and frightening.

It's easy to dismiss the issue if one assumes that bad people deserve their fate. Often, however, the victims are not hardened criminals but individuals who are serving time for lesser crimes.

Yet many Americans are either unaware of the dangers of inmate life or callously indifferent to the abuse that occurs there. One must be especially insensitive to be unmoved by a 16-year-old inmate reporting that he broke his arm while fighting off two other inmates who tried to rape him.

Male inmates victimized by rape by HIV-infected prisoners could become infected themselves, and then infect other sexual partners once they are on the outside. The Human Rights Watch report states, "In 1997, an estimated 8,900 prisoners were infected with HIV and another 8,900 had AIDS. AIDS is currently the second-leading cause of death among prison inmates." Moreover, prison rape victims have a tendency to become suicidal and depressed, and their tendency toward violence increases.

This continuing threat of HIV and AIDS in America's jails is a time bomb that will not be defused by public indifference.

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There, that's some real stuff about prison rape. I don't know what the author from High whatever is trying to do, but prison rape is real and it's not just prison rape-county jail/lockup and city jail. Read the reports by the victims and prison guards, and then decide if you want to believe some writer from High whatever or what.

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LOL!  I thought I recognised that name!  High Society...LOL!!!! Yeah, just consider the source there before you go believing an unnamed writer in High Society.  LOL! LOL!

High Society Magazine is provocative and entertaining, with the most exciting escapades photographed anywhere! (Note: High Society contains extremely explicit adult material.

High Society is a U.S. pornographic magazine. In addition to hardcore pictorials of nude models, it also has feature articles and occasional celebrity pictorials.


High Society was first published in May 1976.

In November of 1981 a spin-off magazine, High Society Live!, was first published, featuring "real people, real stories, real photos". There is a section called "Rich Bitch of the month" which features amateur photos. It also has occasional celebrity photos along with girl solo, girl-girl, boy-girl and group photosets.

One of the first "editors" was Gloria Leonard, an adult film star, who joined the magazine as a figurehead editor in 1976. It was during her editorial reign that 976 pay phone numbers were first used to advertise upcoming magazine issues. It eventually evolved into the very first "phone sex" line.

Although Mr. Ruderman is generally given credit for inventing phone sex lines, former High Society editor Jeff Goodman claims to be the true inventor behind the 976 pay lines. Goodman was fired by Ruderman, supposedly after asking for a share of the early phone sex profits.

High Society has a Pay Per View channel.

Yeah, I think I'll believe this guy instead:

He got HIV and AIDS from prison rapists.


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 I would rather Die fighting bubba. Than get raped over and over, get aids and die anyways.

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I worked as a guard for over ten years.  No mater which side of the bars your on you will not look at society the same way - ever again.
"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."

—Albert Einstein

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do explain what you mean

The article posted by Sub-X has a lot of truth in it.
"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."

—Albert Einstein