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The Coup
« on: September 22, 2007, 03:35:23 pm »

Party MUsic Cover Exposed

What are your thoughts on The Coup's Party Music album cover, which depicted 'Boots' Riley setting off explosions in the WTC at the same areas as the 'planes' hit, the album was scheduled to be released around the time of 9/11, the word COUP is above the explosions, the detonator had 'Covert Labs' written on it (And in really small writing, so you can only see it if you really look. That's evidence that this was on purpose, because it isn't a detail the ordinary joe would notice. You need to analyze it to see that.), and 'Boots' Riley and 'The Coup' have some really interesting connections. Credit to Break For News for digging this stuff up.

Riley is a politically active Communist who was involved with the Progressive Labor Party. The real point of interest is his father, Walter Riley, who was a Black Panther lawyer. The Black Panthers were heavily infiltrated with Counter Intelligence agents.

Further, 'The Coup' is owned by 75 Ark, which is a subsidary of NicheMusic Inc., which is owned by David S. Schulhof, who gave many speeches to the Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies. The Smiths were photographed presenting a crystal eagle to Milton Friedman:

Friedman was an advisor for the United States Department of the Treasury.
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