Author Topic: How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!  (Read 14966 times)

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All politics is local. Let's use letters to the editor in local papers that have websites... Get a letter in your local paper then post a link to your letter here in this thread, the forum will do the rest. Lets use our collective knowledge, and numbers spread the word...



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Re: How we use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2008, 01:05:21 pm »
Good idea,
Earlier today I was commenting on the blog of WAMC (a "liberal" radio station in Albany New York) my comment appears here:
The text reads as follows:

I am against bailing out anything for the obvious reason that it rewards bad business practices and blocks new startups. However, I understand that letting these conglomerates collapse would be unfair to the many workers who had nothing to do with company’s direction.

I propose that given the increase in internet shopping, the government order a new fleet of mail carrying cars. The price can be inflated to ensure the survival of the car companies and paid up front so they have the money they need. Because the merger of the big three seems to be in the cards, it makes sense to have them work together to fill the order.

The government should not only order mail carrying cars, but it should specify that the cars be made entirely by computer aided manufacturing using machines and tools which are commercially available at a reasonable price. Then they must license the computer numeric control or CNC machine codes as well as their CAD blueprints under the GNU general public license.
What does this mean?
1.Any competent machinist can buy a computer controlled lathe and milling machine, and make parts for their car. This shouldn’t hurt the car companies very much because the they will no doubt have faster machines and a streamlined production method.
2.I want heaters in my fuel injectors so my car starts easily in the winter and gets better fuel economy. With freely licensed codes and prints, I can make the change, and run the changed code at a local machine shop which rents machine time. I can then publicize the codes for my “better” injectors and everyone can make and use them if they want to.
3.When the car company decides to change their design (maybe they like my injectors so much that they want to make them standard) they will not have to spend billions to retool, they will simply change the code in their machines and they will be making cars with the new variation.
Some may worry that the cars will be copied overseas. I say “so be it” the off shore factories will give well designed cars to people who couldn’t afford them before and American car companies will see a boom in replacement part sales abroad as the parts which were copied poorly begin to break.
By setting this standard, we are able to protect the jobs of the people who were not in charge of company policy and we change the stagnant business practices which lead to the car companies being vulnerable to this financial crunch. No longer will we have to prey for our favorite car modification or a better design for a part which often breaks, we can change the design for ourselves. As the GNU/Linux computer opperating system has shown, people do their best work when they are doing it for themselves because they want their computer (or their car) to run better.

I hope you read this on the air, we need to press forward with new ideas for improvement, if we allow the discussion to revolve around resurrecting the auto industry of the old days, we will certainly fail because the the old days no longer exist.
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Re: How we use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2008, 02:05:39 pm »
I put up this response at the link you posted above

"The Big Three are global corporations. This would be just be another bailing out of more of the globalist infrastructure. It is at almost $8 trillion now, what the bankers have literally heisted after threatening Congress with martial law. No good can come from this bailout. Congress needs to grow a backbone, and repeal these acts. As Congressman Brad Sherman said, Congress needs to take the time to frame a good bailout bill that will help the American people through this coming recession/depression, and not be coerced by the executive, and corporate pressure."


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Re: How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #3 on: December 11, 2008, 04:12:31 pm »
I wonder what effect if this forum address had been sprayed on those Georgia stones?

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Re: How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2009, 12:03:05 pm »
I think we should all be using the power of printers. I dont have one, but if I did, I would be printing all these articles and scanning/copying magazine articles that people need to read, and posting them up at universities, on road poles at major pedestrian areas, on vacant walls etc.. or just left with advertising postcard stands etc or on train or bus seats

also speak to everyone you can, without sounding crazy, be as rational as possible and start with something easy to debate like fluoride in the water

I want to start approaching my representatives to at least prove to myself they dont care or are part of the plot. Still a little afraid - working on my approaches. But I am getting close to writing some letters very soon.. making some calls after that. / /

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Re: How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #5 on: May 15, 2009, 09:10:16 pm »
I have been listening to Alex since 2003...and has certainly opened my eyes to a lot of things. Besides printing off articles and passing them out, I finally took his advice and started my own website.

I`m hoping to get like minded folks to comment and post on the forums and share information. Please do not think that this is just a spam post...just looking to gwt the forum going with some traffic, and get to know some good people to help moderate the board.

Feel free to drop by and check it out!
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Re: How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #6 on: August 15, 2009, 12:30:55 am »

We need more members in California.
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Re: How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #7 on: March 22, 2010, 07:58:51 pm »
Keep in mind you can also digg/reddit topics, articles, etc. Then I suggest posting them here so we can all upvote them. Reddit can generate thousands of hits, and so can Digg.
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Re: How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #8 on: March 22, 2010, 08:19:36 pm »
I have a lot of workshops, classes, and gatherings at my house in addition to seeing regular clients. I began the habit of typing up a list of easy to find, easy to watch, understandable topics such as zietgiest, constitutional matters, links to here etc etc etc -things for people to think about and inform themselves with. . I keep a running file on my computer to add to it and update it periodically and just have them take it with them when they visit. If there is a gathering of people, for reasons unrelated to politics etc, inevitably someone brings up such matters as found on the literature and a dialog is discussed. It's worked out very well....

MoveOn. org suggested inviting people over to watch Capitalism: A love story. Alas I cannot show any movie to more than one person because my tv is so small (I don't watch) that it would be more aggravating than enlightening, but for socially inclined persons you could have political-social doc once a month and invite friends over. Assuming you have  a better tv set up than I. For the tech savvy you could stream on line right into your tv set.

I'm an herbalist natural medicine person and all my clients are very well informed about the *ssholery concerning medicine and are better informed than doctors about pharma products. You  find out what someone's area of interest and strengths are and they really will bite onto things and pursue them espeically if they have been personally affected by it. .  With so much corruption springing out of nearly every facet of life, it would be impossible for one single person to be completely informed on any given topic of corruption it's so wide spread now  Mine's always been the threat of pharma products, and the scams associated with the medical industry in general. I'm sure other people's strengths lie in other directions, pretty important that people put their heads together as this way too big for any one person to mangle out alone.

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Re: How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #9 on: September 07, 2010, 02:00:40 am »
All I get is "Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available."

Is this available as a peer to peer?

I will leave my computer on with a peer to peer file to aid in uploading/sharing if anyone out there has one.  What's the skinny?

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Re: How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #10 on: November 23, 2010, 04:42:11 pm »
When reading your forum topic "How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!" it struck me that the calender on this forum could be used to organize activist gatherings.  I think we should remove the thousands of birthdays to clear up room for gatherings.  If something is going on in D.C. or Atlanta I could still make it from the NYC area.  So it could be for the major cities of the U.S. and the calender could be expanded for more nations.

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Re: How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #11 on: September 28, 2014, 10:48:20 pm »
Ummm...Im not sure who is really 'aware'...
When is the last time you called the SDAT or TREASURY, Land Records, MVA or Fannie Mae or questioned the Business Banks??

When is the last time anyone made contact directly with the agencies that has control over everyone's finances and responsible for the fees and taxes being charged?Anyone made contact other than me?

If not, then what exactly are you aware of?

What have I found out?
The State Dept of Assessment and Taxation (SDAT) office is responsible for submitting everyone's personal information to the other agencies for billing purposes.

I have learned the SDAT has a computer program that is recording everyone's name in upper case letters, turning everyone's 'natural' name into  a --> trade name.
A Trade name is defined as 'Brand" and is also a Business name (confirmed by SDAT).

Business name = Business title.

When other agencies receive our personal information from SDAT, they are receiving our name after it has been turned into a Business title.
Since our name appears as a Business title, guess how everyone is being charged taxes and fees?---> as a Business.

Even if you labor for a living, on paper, your name appears as a Business title and your paycheck will appear as 'income".
Income is profit.
The income tax is a Profit tax.
Burton's legal thesaurus: Profits--> Income.

The "corporate government" agencies are billing everyone as an individual Business, not a natural individual.
All they had to do is 'capitalize' our name.

The agencies such as the TREASURY etc... are billing Business titles to Businesses that--> DO NOT EXIST!

These agencies are billing employees that labor for a living the same fees and taxes as if the employees were individual Businesses with profits (income) coming in.

Who is really "awake"?

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Re: How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #12 on: October 21, 2014, 01:32:28 am »
We have to do something what ever we can do.

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Re: How to use the power of the PP forum to effect local AWARENESS!
« Reply #13 on: October 23, 2014, 06:45:11 pm »
I want to form a infowars group to attack other forums to wake up sheeple. I  have been online over the past few months going on forums when I can to warn people, especially places where mothers and mothers to be go, to bring up the issue of vaccines and hope people would start looking for themselves. Unfortunately, I feel like im the only one on there, as most people who are trolls or not keep on calling me names to discredit me. The more I say, the more I look like Im trying to justify myself.

No matter what reasonable comment I put up or what I write back, I get attacked back by name calling. Its almotr like being bullied at school. Then no one looks at what I wrote. I see that done to a few people who put up post on forums who voice their concerns on vaccines.This is the reason why I gave up for a bit. Now I want to start again, is there anyone with me? If so please go to my post. Link below