Author Topic: Enemies of Freedom Take Note, You'll Be In the Same Leaky Boat With Us All  (Read 882 times)

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Ask yourself this: If you could convince the footsoldiers of the NWO not to fight for their "masters", would you do it?   

If you are in the employ of Leviathan to destroy American infrastructure, standard of living, and way of life, you and your loved ones will fend for yourselves as the rest of us do.

First off just to let you know, I hope I'm wrong concerning the worst case scenario in this land. I really do. I hope to never be as wrong about anything in my life as the possible imminent destruction of all the things in America I have grown to love and appreciate.

I pray that our fragile infrastructure will remain intact, our fellow countrymen never becoming suddenly destitute, powerless, herded by direct force into far off locales, abused, and at the mercy of the hordes of armed militaristic savages unleashed upon us all will never come to pass.

Just in case I am right about what is happening and where it will lead to, then those who dance to the tune of the Big Brother Chorus, (yeah, I know you guys read this site too) for their own sake, may wish to pay heed to the following:

What do you think you will get for your efforts? What will you inherit other than an "Empire of Dirt". I'm reminded of the Johnny Cash (or Trent Reznor if you like) song lyrics:

"You can have it all, my empire of dirt".

Money? They're offering you "money"? Just where do you plan to spend it after the the system breaks down? No triple decaf latte' for you as your favorite coffee shop has been destroyed in the awful melee you and your buddies assisted in creating. You've locked up, relocated, and otherwise chased away all the other customers and business owners from where you used to shop. There's no place for you to spend that so-called money.

Car? A nice fast one. Oh goody, now you're in business! Maybe in blue or perhaps that giant SUV you had your eye on. No, wait. America ran out of gas to give you to drive it along the pock-marked roads your comrades bombed. Forget it, as it would just be a bumpy ride anyhow. It would feel like traveling on a highway of nothing but speedbumps. Besides, you know all the remaining juice is reserved for the big muckity-mucks.

Sorry, no fuel for you either. You might "find" a car with some gas in it, but just how far do you think you'll get in it? Put gas stations out of your mind to save you the stress you'll undoubtedly feel. And if you do pull it off then of course, some equally armed guy (and his pals) are likely to shoot you and take it away from you. That can give you a bad hair day all by itself.

You helped to destroy their homes, their lives, their businesses, and emptied the banks of their holdings. Think they might be somewhat bugged about that?

A house, sure why not? Be confidently satisfied living "off the grid" because The Grid is now off. Bring a good book to not read? Electricity is being saved for those thought to be more important than you. You are a just a mere grunt to them, live with it. The same contempt for the soldiers that fought in Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, or elsewhere they still hold for you. Nothing has changed and you are not held in high esteem, you are instead expendable. Your "leaders" aren't going to pick up a gun and fight beside you, that's what you are there for.

Did I forget to mention those hungry beggars, tapping at the door seeking to fight you for your stuff, if you have any stuff. What happens when you run out of ammo? You haven't looked that far forward have you?

Thirsty, Mr. Agent? You can be assured that you will not be given enough water to keep you alive for more than a very short time, if at all. Turn on the faucet and see what doesn't come out. It will get mighty smelly in that house once you realize that you can't flush your toilet because the water "grid" has also packed up and left you (pardon the pun) high and dry.

Welcome to the living hell you gave us. Care to wash those filthy clothes you've been wearing for months? Aching to enjoy the luxury of a simple bath? No water to drink equals no water to bathe or wash clothes. Keep that also in mind the next time you look down your nose at an unkempt homeless person. His situation will be your situation. How gross do you feel when you just go a day or two without a bath? How disgusting do you think you'll feel when you go months at a time or longer between showers & fighting alongside soldiers that smell just as bad or worse than you do? Gave that absolutely no consideration at all, did you?

They promised you stuff. Of course they did. How will you do their dirty work if they bargained with misery as their primary offer? Believe them if you dare but also get it through your head that they promise us stuff all the time. They promise not to abuse any new powers we lazily tend to grant them by simply not getting in the way of bad legislation. Look where it got the rest of us.

Food will become a very scarce commodity. Don't complain that you were given only three days supply of MRE's as you'd be wise to stretch them out to last a week or so. Griping burns needed calories. After they're gone, and they soon will be, you are free to live off dandelion greens and roadkill (if it doesn't poison you) like the rest of us "useless eaters". You can assure yourself that you'll be part of an army that marches on it's empty stomach.

Got medications to protect you from the disease caused by dead people and animals left to moulder in the streets? Now don't tell me that they gave you your shots and then said that you and your families are now "on your own". You simply won't be able to carry enough of the antibiotics and other drugs you might possibly need to stave off any of the nastier bugs you might catch. I've worked for more than nine years in the over regulated health care system you government lackeys have sabotaged, so I can assure you I know my stuff.

How about the wife and kids since families got brought up in this article? I'm going to assume that many of you are not bachelors. "They" didn't build facilities for them where they could be free from harm and eat regularly, did they? Do you care to explain how they will fend in the "New World Disorder"? One dreadful scenario is that you will hold your dying loved ones in your arms and apologize to them for the ruin you brought upon their world.

Admit it, you really hadn't thought this out when you signed up for the class in Enslavement 101 back at the Thug Academy. Think it'll maybe also bother your conscience forever when you have to shoot anybody that you like or care about?

Let me guess, they promised you lots of goodies & a safe place to hide them all, right? Sorry Mr. Agent Of Destruction, you really don't count to them in the grand scheme of things and should you even find where your so-called "leaders" who sent you on your original fool's errand of mayhem are holed up, I sincerely doubt it'll go like you'd wish it to.

You go up and ring the bell, and a dude on the safe side of the nuclear blast proof door, will push a button which activates the blinking neon sign that will leave no doubt in your mind as to exactly what a chump you've been played for, as it says in bright letters, "No Vacancy".

Still feel like playing Leviathan's cruel game?