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Gene Tatum's revelations are EXPLOSIVE, naming many names and connections that go to the very top. He claims to have video and audio cassette evidence directly implicating the biggest of the big. He was recently hidden away deep in some federal pen. I am not sure of his present status, but his life may very well be in danger. He should not be silenced and he should be protected.

Tatum's information has the compelling quality of one who was on the scene. The supprssion of what he has to say adds to its veracity. But you can judge that for yourself. His recent relocations in prison strongly suggest that he is a danger to the guilty. Lets lend him a hand in his revelations!

Gene Tatum and his wife Nancy seem to have an e-mail address here:
Gene & Nancy Tatum

This document comes from the Conspiracy Nation Archives
Conspiracy Nation is a mixed bag, but is has lots of good stuff
You can find them here: Conspiracy Nation

This document consists of three Numbers of CN combined: Vol. 8 Num. 62 to Num 64


Abbreviated transcript of Gene Tatum's appearance on the Rob Lori radio show, "Radioactivity" on WMNF, out of Tampa, Florida.

ROBERT LORI: Good afternoon. This is "Radio Activity." I'm Robert Lori. In the Hillsboro(sp?) County jail right now is a man who says he's been involved in covert operations since the mid-1970s; that he has knowledge of drug smuggling by employees of the U.S. government; and that he was once assigned the task of assassinating political figures, *including*, he says, orders to assassinate Ross Perot in 1992.

We're joined now by Gene Tatum, who's speaking to us from the Morgan Street jail in Hillsboro County. Gene Tatum, welcome to WMNF.

GENE TATUM: Good afternoon.

ROBERT LORI: Good afternoon. Was I accurate in that introduction?

GENE TATUM: Yeah, I would say so. I would like to qualify the Ross Perot portion of it. The unit that I was working with is code named "Pegasus." By the time a mission comes to us, we're ordered to "neutralize." Now we can neutralize in any of three methods: through intimidation, blackmail, or "termination."

ROBERT LORI: Was it clear what method they were advocating?

GENE TATUM: They pretty well leave it up to us.

ROBERT LORI: Let's start with the first thing: you're in Hillsboro County jail. You're awaiting sentencing on federal charges. What were the charges?

GENE TATUM: In 1991, I was approached by a person, who I'd had previous dealings with, to manage a golf course for the federal government. I guess it had gone into receivership and the bank had gone under, and the FDIC had taken that property over, in Hutchin(?), Florida.

I managed the property. I guess I stayed at the property for about nine months. But through the management portion... I think early in the program (if anyone heard "Democracy Now"), I had to chuckle a little bit because the CEO of Bell Industries talked about government contracts and the difficulty in dealing with the government. One of the prime difficulties is getting the government to pay their bills on time. I was there four months and they hadn't paid a bill yet. So I began taking the monies out of the cash register -- paying the bills on behalf of the government, that the government had accrued to small contractors. I mean, these people are hand-to-mouth contractors, small equipment rental places and so forth, that can't afford to go unpaid for four months.

So what I did is, I began paying them. That was contrary to the contract, so by doing that I "defrauded the government of the use of those funds" -- is the way the statement was written.

ROBERT LORI: I see. So instead of sending the money back to Uncle Sam, you were paying the local suppliers, local businesses, that your golf course relied on.

GENE TATUM: Correct.

ROBERT LORI: And what about pocketing any money: were you convicted of taking any money for your personal use?

GENE TATUM: No. We [Tatum and his wife] weren't convicted of embezzling at all. We were convicted of what's called "conspiring to embezzle."

ROBERT LORI: How much money are we talking about?

GENE TATUM: Of "conspiring to embezzle?" Actually I ended up paying $20,000 of my own money.

ROBERT LORI: I mean, how much money did you divert from the cash register to local businesses? What was the amount that you were convicted on?

GENE TATUM: I think around $40,000.

ROBERT LORI: When does your sentencing come up?

GENE TATUM: August 28th [1996].

ROBERT LORI: And how much time *could* you spend in prison if your sentence is harsh?

GENE TATUM: My maximum sentence is 30 years.

ROBERT LORI: Do you feel like this [charge] was in retaliation for anything that you've done in the past?

GENE TATUM: Absolutely. In 1994 I received a phone call from Oliver North, Felix Rodriguez, and William Colby, telling me to turn over certain documents that I had recorded years ago -- "or else," is the way it was put. I refused to do that, knowing that turning those documents over would probably result in the "termination" of me.

ROBERT LORI: "Termination" in the most extreme way?

GENE TATUM: In the absolute way.

ROBERT LORI: What were these documents that they wanted?

GENE TATUM: We have (I say "we," because it's documents held by the flight crews who were involved in this) documents showing the movement of cocaine, the manufacturing of cocaine, by Oliver North and a company called "The Enterprise" that he headed up. We moved, probably, about 2 tons of cocaine out of Nicaragua and Honduras, to Panama, on board military aircraft -- being told the whole time that these were "fruits of war" that were confiscated from the Sandinistas.

(It's interesting that just recently Costa Rica has issued a "persona non grata" against Oliver North for the trafficking of cocaine. If he shows up in that country, he'll be arrested.)

ROBERT LORI: How do you know cocaine was on board? Did you actually *see* the cocaine?

GENE TATUM: I was tasked on February 26th, 1985, to fly... I was a Special Operations pilot out of the 160th Aviation Group, Fort Campbell, Kentucky. I was sent to Fort Stuart, Georgia, to infiltrate the MEDEVAC unit and work directly for my handlers, the CIA handlers, which were Amiram Nir and Felix Rodriguez and Oliver North. On February 26th I picked up two passengers, "Buzz" Sawyer and Bill Cooper, and I flew them to a Contra camp, under the MEDEVAC disguise. We had to use MEDEVAC because the Boland Amendment came out in the mid-'80s that didn't allow the United States to participate in any way, other than humanitarian, to support the Contras.

Under the MEDEVAC flag, we would fly many, many -- hundreds of hours of -- missions: intelligence gathering, delivering arms, and so forth. On this particular day I flew "Buzz" Sawyer and Bill Cooper. And these are the two gentlemen who crashed in 1986 -- in October of 1986 -- that started the Iran-Contra scandal. I flew them. They were arranging for air drops of arms into Nicaragua. When we *left* the camp, we picked up two coolers, two large, white coolers. (These coolers are the same kind of coolers that, by the way, I delivered to several sites in Arkansas in 1983. I delivered, on about 8 missions, coolers, to Little Rock and Mena, Arkansas. Large, white coolers, the same as these, weighing about 200 pounds.)

When we landed, after we picked up these particular coolers from a Contra camp and landed in La Mesa, Honduras, to drop off our passengers and to give these coolers to a C-130 bound for Panama, we picked the coolers up out of the aircraft and we dropped one and the seal came loose. The coolers were marked "vaccine." However inside there were over 100 keys of cocaine.

ROBERT LORI: What happened to the coolers once you dropped them on the ground? Where did they go?

GENE TATUM: They got re-sealed real quick after we saw what they were. We gave them to the C-130 pilot. I asked him what his destination was and who he intended on passing these off to. He told me that his manifest showed that the coolers went to a "Dr. Harari" in Panama.

Now "Dr. Harari" is Mike Harari. He's a Mossad agent who was assigned to General Manuel Noriega as one of his counselors.

ROBERT LORI: But the drugs were headed northward, weren't they? From Nicaragua to the U.S.?

GENE TATUM: No, they were headed initially to Panama. From Panama they were distributed throughout the United States and to other destinations.

ROBERT LORI: So you had documentation. Does that documentation still exist somewhere?

GENE TATUM: It does. We also have video tapes of Mr. North and others standing in the middle of a "cocaine kitchen" while the cocaine is being packaged.

ROBERT LORI: And why was Mr. North there?

GENE TATUM: During the Iran-Contra era there were many camps known as "the North camps." People think that that means they were in the northern part of Nicaragua and Honduras. That's not true. Those were the camps built by Oliver North. They were built primarily to manufacture drugs.


ROBERT LORI: Gene Tatum is back with us, live. You're listening to "Radio Activity," WMNF, in Tampa. So tell us more about these Oliver North "camps." It seems pretty hard to imagine that Oliver North, who was a White House aide, had the time to go down and do all this: to set up these camps and to be so involved in what you say is cocaine smuggling when, I think it was the Kerry Commission looked into this, and others, and nobody's found the hard proof. There's been some witnesses who have come forward to make these allegations in the past. But nobody has come up with a video tape or anything like that.

GENE TATUM: That's interesting. And let me qualify that Commission's task: those commissions were tasked with looking at the arms sale and the illegal cover up of information on that. They were not tasked to look into drug activity.

ROBERT LORI: So if these video tapes exist and if the flight records exist, why not just release them and make them public?

GENE TATUM: Because the video tapes exist showing other people, along with Mr. North. If I were to release those tapes -- the 1994 call to me threatened my children. (I have four children, who live with their mom.) I will not allow that to happen. I don't mind exposing Mr. North, Mr. Rodriguez. Mr. Nir can no longer be exposed because I was tasked with eliminating him in 1988.

ROBERT LORI: Okay, let's talk about that. Amiram Nir is an Israeli intelligence person. And I'm not sure whether he worked for the government or not. Tell me more about Amiram Nir.

GENE TATUM: He was the Prime Minister of Israel's primary consultant on terrorism. He was associated with Israeli intelligence. I'm not going to say it was Mossad. It was Israeli intelligence of some sort -- because of his knowledge.

And when you say "Mr. North's time to build these camps:" He designated that to General Alvarez of Honduras -- he was the army Chief of Staff -- and to Enrique Bermudez(sp?), the commander of those North camps. *They* actually built those camps.

I think I saw Mr. North one time in Honduras -- no, twice. I'm sorry.

ROBERT LORI: So in terms of "taking out" Amiram Nir, what was your role in that?

GENE TATUM: I was to fly a 4-man team to a southern Mexico town, outside of Morelia. Mr. Nir was involved in an avocado packaging plant which, I don't know if it did or didn't package avocados, or packaged something else. I was not involved in that. I *was* involved in eliminating him before he could appear before the commissions to testify in 1989.

I flew a 4-man team in. There was a radio beacon put in, with the frequency given to us, put on Mr. Nir. We triangulated the position. The 4-man team went to that position to eliminate Mr. Nir. However apparently there were two signals, and one was in an aircraft, a small aircraft. I think it was a Cessna T-210, a small, charter aircraft.

When I fly a mission as a combat helicopter pilot, into a foreign country, we normally fly in what's called "the Archer Mode," which is an armed mode. We would fly an aircraft with full Stingers on one side of the pod, and we would fly a, about a one-quarter to one-third charged missiles on the right side of the aircraft, so that we could scare away base aircraft based in the country that we were in, rather than shoot them down. We would rather scare them away than shoot them down.

Unfortunately, this missile, the proximity missile that I fired, took down the aircraft and killed two people on board.

ROBERT LORI: And one of them was Amiram Nir?

GENE TATUM: That's correct.

ROBERT LORI: The shoot-down took place at a time when the Iran-Contra scandal was on the front pages of American newspapers, right?

GENE TATUM: That's right.

ROBERT LORI: So what's your theory about why your superiors wanted him "taken out?"

GENE TATUM: I believe that he could have provided embarrassing information about the involvement of Mr. Harari, directly linking, probably, Israel, to the manufacturing and trafficking of cocaine. I believe that he could implicate the Vice-President of the United States, George Bush, in the trafficking of cocaine. And I believe he could implicate several others, including Mr. North. And I believe that he was prepared to implicate them.

ROBERT LORI: Who ordered you to "take out" Amiram Nir?

GENE TATUM: It came through Major Rodriguez, who actually ended up being Felix Rodriguez. Most of the orders that we would receive would come through that particular mode. Now this, you have to understand, was after Iran-Contra. So the order came from Rodriguez, but it was actually from George Bush.

ROBERT LORI: Now how do you know it was from George Bush?

GENE TATUM: Because I spoke to Mr. Bush concerning it.

ROBERT LORI: And how did you speak to him? Did you speak to him face-to-face?

GENE TATUM: Via land line.

ROBERT LORI: And what did he tell you?

GENE TATUM: He explained to me that Mr. Nir was a threat, that he was trying to expose the movement and the trafficking, and that he needed to be "taken out." And he told me to pick up my Archer Team, relocate to El Salvador, that tactical fuel [unclear] and tactical beacons would be set up. I was to move my aircraft to those beacons for re-fueling, and eliminate Mr. Nir.

ROBERT LORI: Now what was your frame of mind, as...

GENE TATUM: Let me qualify that: I was also told that this was an approved mission by the Mossad and that it was primarily for the Mossad that we were doing this.

ROBERT LORI: So the Mossad viewed Amiram Nir as a renegade agent, and they wanted him "taken out" as well.

GENE TATUM: That's the understanding that was given to me, yes.

ROBERT LORI: What was your frame of mind? Did you have any compunction about carrying out the killing of people?


Let me qualify how many people I've had to kill in my life: within 5 feet of me, probably about 30; within 200 feet, about 80; and beyond that, I don't know, because -- probably thousands, with missiles and so forth.

ROBERT LORI: So you were pretty gung-ho, U.S. Military.

GENE TATUM: Absolutely.

ROBERT LORI: I mean, you followed orders. And when somebody said, "Do this," you did it. Because you believe in your country and you believed in what your leaders were telling you.

GENE TATUM: That's correct.

ROBERT LORI: Let's back up for just a moment, and talk about the very first covert operation that you say you were involved in. You were involved in Southeast Asia, in a covert operation, during the Viet Nam War. Tell us about that covert operation.

GENE TATUM: [CN: Tatum told how he joined the Air Force in the late '60s/early 70's, was trained as an air traffic controller, and went on to advanced schooling: Army jump school; escape and evasion school, with jungle training; sea survival school; diving school. He said he was then sent on temporary duty into Thailand to help set up a communications center. Task Force Alpha, a large intelligence force, was also there. Tatum said he was then "volunteered" into an assignment which apparently is how he got involved with covert operations. From there, according to Tatum, he worked with successive White House administrations.]

Our mission in "Pegasus" was to align foreign leaders, foreign financiers, and foreign countries with the policies of the United States, using first of all diplomacy. If diplomacy did not work, then it was turned over to the Pegasus unit to work in one of the three arenas that we were professionals at working at. [CN: i.e., blackmail, intimidation, and murder.]

ROBERT LORI: Let's talk about this "Operation Pegasus." How old is Pegasus?

GENE TATUM: I'm told, by various intelligence sources around the world, that Pegasus is an operation that's been in place since probably the '50s. It was originally designed to spy on spies. In other words, to look at the CIA and the National Security Agency to see who is loyal, who is doing what. {1}. And that *was* a portion of Pegasus's duties; there was a section... *My* duties included simply flying -- "fancy taxi driver," I should put it, sometimes armed.

ROBERT LORI: Do you have any reason to believe that Pegasus still exists?

GENE TATUM: I think, due to the mission of Pegasus and due to the time line. And folks, I'm just being as sincere as I can be. There are folks out there who have heard of this "New World Order" regime: It's very real. And there's a real timetable to the New World Order. I was paid $50,000 a mission to ensure that this timetable was kept in place. And that timetable is the year 2000, for the New World Order to be in place.

Part of what the target date entails is trying to have the New World Order replace or control the United Nations. And we see how the United Nations is faltering right now.

So it's something for everyone to think about. I know a lot of people say, "Oh, another conspiracy." I'm with you. I don't believe most of the conspiracy items that are out in the media today. But I know that this is true. I know it because I've killed people to make sure it comes to pass.

ROBERT LORI: Let's talk about some of the other people that you say you've killed. You say that you were ordered to assassinate several people. We talked about Amiram Nir. You say you were ordered to assassinate the president of a Third World country. Who was that?

GENE TATUM: Neutralize.

ROBERT LORI: Okay, neutralize. I'm sorry.

GENE TATUM: We chose intimidation in that. In 1989, the United States was working in the Nicaraguan arena very heavily, to get free elections in place. Daniel Ortega would not allow the free elections. After the negotiations and the diplomacy failed, Ortega was given to us. We decided that we would try to align him. Because of his position, it would be a little too much to go in and assassinate him. The way we decided to align him is, we chose a second cousin of Mr. Ortega. Our diplomats went to Mr. Ortega. We told him that we intended on assassinating that cousin. We told him on what *day* we would assassinate that cousin and *how* we would assassinate that cousin, and told him to protect him as best he could -- 'cause he would be next. On that day, in that mode, we assassinated his cousin.

ROBERT LORI: What was the name of this person?

GENE TATUM: I have no idea. I only flew the 4-man team in.

ROBERT LORI: How was the assassination accomplished?

GENE TATUM: Rocket fire. On the home.

ROBERT LORI: In what city? Was that in Managua?

GENE TATUM: Outside of Managua.

ROBERT LORI: And how did you determine that this person... Did somebody tell you that this person would be the way to get to Daniel Ortega?

GENE TATUM: We carry information files. Another part of what Pegasus has done through the years is, they've also spied on political leaders and financiers around the world. And there's a huge database on everyone. If, during our active time, a member of Pegasus was intimidated or placed before a Senate committee or something like that, they could simply pull out this file and intimidate that politician into backing off. And that *was* done.

ROBERT LORI: I'm wondering, as you tell this: Could you prove to anybody that you were actually involved in this assassination of the cousin of Ortega? Do you have anything physical that you could bring to the world, to say, "Here's my proof that we did it?"

GENE TATUM: Other than a few photographs, no.

ROBERT LORI: I guess all this sounds pretty amazing. But also, I think that it's hard to document. If we were to say, "Gene Tatum: How could you prove to us that you actually were flying along and 'took out' Amiram Nir?" Is there any way you could prove that?

GENE TATUM: Yes. In 1985, after finding what I did on my aircraft on that February 26th mission, and 50 or so missions after that, I had decided to start planning for my retirement. And I understood what happened to most "assets" after they became a liability. So I started planning, and documenting. In addition to the planning and documenting, my flight crews would carry small video cameras. The medic would carry a video camera in his medic bag on many occasions. My crew chief would video any air attacks that we had accomplished. So yes, we have some proof.

ROBERT LORI: So you've got video tapes of that.

GENE TATUM: Absolutely.

ROBERT LORI: In 1992, you were still involved with Pegasus, you hadn't left that operation by then, and you were ordered to neutralize Ross Perot. Is that correct?

GENE TATUM: At a meeting in southeast Florida, at the home of a prominent political leader (and I choose not to use his name at this time), that political leader tasked me with eliminating the leader of a new party which, in his own words, "could tear apart the Constitution of the United States."

ROBERT LORI: Why won't you tell us the name of this political leader?

GENE TATUM: Because it's not worth what repercussions can come back down on my family, to involve him. He's bigger than the President, believe it or not.

ROBERT LORI: He's bigger than the President. Who could be bigger than the President?

GENE TATUM: There's several people in this country who are bigger than the President, Rob. {2}. And I would rather not delve into that section of it right now.


So what was your understanding that you should do about Ross Perot when you got this order? And why would you take orders from this person if this person was not part of the... Was this person part of the government in 1992?

GENE TATUM: Yes, he was.

ROBERT LORI: What was your understanding that you ought to do, in regard to Ross Perot?

GENE TATUM: We were told to neutralize him. But I believe that, there again, having the ability to choose how we would do that. {3}. One way that we worked in the past was by blackmail. And had I gone forward with it (however I didn't), I probably would have used that method. We used a drug, made in Columbia (let me see if I can remember the name of it), "Escopalamina"(sp?). They call it "the voodoo drug," which puts a person completely under your control. I mean *completely* under your control. You can have them do anything that you would want them to do. You could video tape the actions of that person, and then you could hold that video tape as blackmail against them. And they would never remember what they did or who had them under their control. It's a very powerful drug and we used it on several occasions.

ROBERT LORI: And tell me about one of those occasions. How was it used?

GENE TATUM: One of the people we used that drug on was... Gee. He was one of the Contra leaders... I think his name was Adolfo Calero(sp?). We used it on him to keep him in line, because he too wanted... Enrique Bermudez, along with Adolfo Calero, wanted political positions in Nicaragua when the Chamorro government took its place, replacing Ortega. Bermudez we couldn't align. So we eliminated him.

ROBERT LORI: You mean *you* were responsible for his killing.

GENE TATUM: That is correct. I didn't directly. A 4-man team was flown in, outside Managua, and killed him.

However Calero we were able to blackmail, using this drug. We took Calero. We put him in a hotel room with another man. We put them into [sex] acts together, and filmed it. Now they have a high-ranking official in the Chamorro Nicaraguan government under their control.

ROBERT LORI: You have been handed lots of assignments over the years and you always took part in them -- including the killing of people. But this assignment, to neutralize Ross Perot, you backed away from and you quit Pegasus. Why?

GENE TATUM: In 1989 I backed away from my first assignment to "take someone out."

ROBERT LORI: What was that assignment?

GENE TATUM: That was an assignment to "take out" a man who helped fund some of the Nicaraguan aircraft, a man by the name of William Kennedy, who's now in Lompaw(?) Prison.

I will not participate in assassinations of any sort, character assassination or anything, of American citizens. That, to me, is not furthering the cause of America.

[CN: Tatum then discussed a video tape.]

It shows other political leaders involved, and financial leaders from the world. It's a video tape of particular meetings, where assignments were given, including assignments against that [sic] financial leaders. And I won't give you the names of those, but it's enough to keep anyone alive that *I* want to keep alive.

ROBERT LORI: So can you tell us whether or not George Bush or anybody of that stature is in these video tapes?

GENE TATUM: Yes, he is.

ROBERT LORI: When you told these folks that you weren't going to carry out this mission against Ross Perot, what was their response?

GENE TATUM: Director Colby told me that you can't just walk away from black operations. That's when I pulled the tapes out of my briefcase and I said, "I understand that, Mr. Colby. However, I'm walking away." And I gave him a copy of the tapes and told him what the repercussions would be.

ROBERT LORI: Did you contact Ross Perot, subsequent to your quitting Pegasus?

GENE TATUM: Yes, Mr. Perot was advised. As a matter of fact, two weeks ago, I interviewed with Texas News (I think that's CBS, out of Dallas) concerning a copy of the letter, that they had been able to get from the Perot people.

ROBERT LORI: And what did Mr. Perot have to say about what you told him? About this effort to neutralize him?

GENE TATUM: I believe that he went public with that, in 1992. He made the allegation, to the public, that this was happening. I think a lot of people pooh-poohed it. But *he* was serious.

ROBERT LORI: I think a lot of people *were* skeptical. Did you contact Ross Perot in 1992?


ROBERT LORI: And you told him that there was going to be this effort to neutralize him.


ROBERT LORI: Do you have any proof that people told you to neutralize Ross Perot? Do you have any video or were there any written orders?

GENE TATUM: We have a tape. A cassette tape.

ROBERT LORI: An audio tape.


But that *has* been placed onto the video.

Those tapes involve people a lot larger than George Bush. When I talk about the New World Order, I'm talking about an organization that is bigger than anyone can ever know. It's not *called* that. I'm not sure what they're calling it, but we *do* have and are getting ready to release in one of my books a copy of the mission of the New World Order, that was given out in a handout to the members of Pegasus so that we understood what our mission was and who we were working for.

However, because it involves people a lot bigger, people who I... I'm not saying I'm a bad-ass. But I know what I'm doing, in the arena that I work in. And I would *never* cross these people.

ROBERT LORI: But I think a lot of people are skeptical when people toss around terms like "New World Order" and all that. These are words that frequently "right wingers" use as code words for what *they* see as the conspiracy to run the world. I mean, who could be bigger than the President of the United States?

GENE TATUM: [Laughs] Many people *groom* men who are to become President of the United States. Those people are bigger.

ROBERT LORI: So are you talking about heads of multi-national corporations?

GENE TATUM: World financiers and world leaders.

ROBERT LORI: How can folks get in touch with you?

GENE TATUM: They can get in touch with us with this phone number: (352) 787-9846. Or they can write to us at PO Box 895082, Leesburg, Florida 34789. (NOTE: These contact points are no longer valid as Mr. Tatum has been moved to an undisclosed maximum lockdown Federal Penitentiary.)

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
{1} Tatum's info on Pegasus is corroborated by Trenton Parker. See CN 6.54 and CN 6.89 for more on Parker, who appeared on Tom Valentine's *Radio Free America* show in 1993. Parker has talked about this "Pegasus" unit, saying that it was secretly set up by Harry Truman to keep an eye on the CIA.

{2} "There's several people in this country who are bigger than the President..." Recall CN 1.42, the interview of Larry Nichols circa July 1994, where Nichols states see, it's starting to affect the *Power*. You see, Clinton's not the power. He's a cheap, tin man. As a matter of fact, now that the Paula Jones' story is out, you understand that he's really a sexual pervert. He's "white trash." But he's probably 5th to 7th level player. And Stephens, for example, the people that own him, are probably maybe 3 or 4 level. I don't even *know* who's the 1st and 2nd level! But you see, he's starting to affect their money...

{3} "We were told to neutralize [Ross Perot]. But I believe that, there again, having the ability to choose how we would do that." Ross Perot, speaking at a "Not This NAFTA" rally, Tampa, Florida, November 7, 1993. Broadcast on C-Span, November 7, 1993:

---------<<End Notes Section>>------

... Early this morning, I was out riding horseback by myself. And suddenly a police officer came up to me. He gave me a note about this problem I discussed with you today.

And to make a long story short, it's from the FBI. It relates to a person who said that he was coming out of Mexico, and that a group has contacted 6 Cubans to kill me. The caller indicated it would take place in Tampa, Florida *or* at the debate in Washington.

Or was the method used to "neutralize" Perot the threat to disrupt his daughter's then-upcoming wedding? Recall that Perot pulled out of the Presidential race in 1992 for awhile, claiming there was a plot to seriously embarrass his daughter on or around her wedding day.

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Conspiracy Nation -- Vol. 9 Num. 36 ====================================== ("Quid coniuratio est?")


The following was handed to me by a mysterious stranger who did not say her name.

News Release 10/1/96

The following information was secreted out of Lake County (Florida) jail by a sympathetic official who is appalled at the situation.

Dois "Chip" Tatum, who months ago came forward and exposed extensive involvement of the United States government and officials including Clinton, Bush and North in Central American drugs schemes, now finds himself mysteriously in incommunicado lockdown at this out-of-the-way facility [apparently Atlanta] for a federal inmate. Tatum and wife were federally charged, and guessed guilty at a trial in which classified defense evidence was suppressed by a federal judge, of a nebulous and discrediting white collar wrongdoing only after he blew the whistle.

Moreover, this latest muffling of Tatum's voice, not coincidentally until after election time, comes following his doing radio broadcasts and newspaper releases (including Tampa Tribune) from a Tampa jail, and Internet releases, and immediately following the recent corroborating exposes by the San Jose Mercury News and a research professor from the University of Maryland.

Watergate and all subsequent "gates" pale alongside this breaking revelation!

Update, 10/3/96: They had Chip moving. He was taken by the Marshals on Tuesday, 10/1, and I found him in Atlanta. They won't tell me where he's going or an ETA [Estimated Time of Arrival].

(signed) Nancy Tatum
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The Chip Tatum Chronicles
Testimony of Government Drug Running
by David G. Guyatt

Former CIA/DIA deep-cover agent "Chip" Tatum reveals more disturbing details about high-level control of global drug-running and money-laundering operations.

Vietnam Special Forces Air Combat Controller; 25-year CIA deep-cover agent; US Army pilot flying classified missions during the US invasion of Grenada; Iran-Contra pilot flying cocaine shipments labelled as medical supplies; and member of the ultra-secret, international G7-run Pegasus "hit team"...this is the extraordinary story of Gene "Chip" Tatum.

From sensitive, highly secretive (and hitherto largely unknown) Special Forces covert operations in Cambodia, to wandering CIA asset; through to "black ops" activities in Grenada and Oliver North's Iran-Contra "Enterprise", as well as membership in an international "hit team", Gene "Chip" Tatum has seen it all, done it all and is now telling it all.

Tatum claims to know where the skeletons are buried. Above all, he is aware that his testimony implicates serving and former US Presidents plus a whole list of high-level government officials and others in a welter of nefarious activities - including assassination, blackmail, coercion, gun-running, money-laundering and cocaine-trafficking.

Tatum, a lanky Floridian, turned whistleblower following his arrest on a treason charge in early 1995. The charge was both astonishing and patently ludicrous, and was later dropped and replaced by a fraud charge - a drastic step-down. Found guilty, he was sentenced to serve a 15-month sentence. In March 1996, an additional charge - conspiring to embezzle - was brought against him. Found guilty, he was incarcerated in Jesup Federal Correctional Facility, Georgia, where he is serving a 27-month concurrent sentence. Ensuing press interest resulted in one article appearing in the Tampa Tribune on 4 May 1996.

Many questions continue to hang over the conduct of the trial. His defence lawyer refused to call any of the 80 witnesses whom Tatum nominated for the defence. Later, his lawyer freely confessed to having come under pressure from the US Department of Defense. Tatum says the first charge was a set-up to discredit him following his "resignation" from "Operation Pegasus". The second charge he views with greater scepticism and concern.>

Tatum's resignation from Pegasus followed his refusal to "neutralise" a leading US political figure in the 1992 US presidential elections. Tatum declares he will not "participate in assassinations of any sort, character assassinations or anything, of American citizens". He goes on to explain that back in 1994, in a telephone conference call involving Oliver North, Felix Rodríguez and the late William Colby of the CIA, he was warned to turn over incriminating documents and tapes he had accumulated for his "retirement". He wryly observes that had he done so, he would probably have been quickly "terminated" in an "extreme" way - a speciality of the Pegasus team of which he was once a member.

Countering this demand, Tatum volunteered to plead guilty on a fabricated felony count and serve a 12-month sentence - so that his credibility would be damaged in the event he ever decided to speak out. His incarceration for the second charge - and especially the six- month sentence of his wife, Nancy - led him to speak out about his life, almost 30 years of which he served as a "black" operative, and to reveal and destroy the command structure of Pegasus. It is an extraordinary story.


Tatum has written of his early career in the military, and his involvement in a highly sensitive and classified operation, in an unpublished manuscript entitled "Operation Red Rock". Joining the Air Force in February 1970, he went through Army jump school, escape and evasion training, jungle training, sea survival school and diving school and was assigned along with six others as "Combat Controllers" (the USAF equivalent of Special Forces), receiving his distinctive Special Forces burgundy-coloured beret. From there he was assigned to Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma, and then on to Fort Bragg, North Carolina - home of the "Green Berets" - for training in C4 plastic explosives, mines, nuclear, biological and chemical warfare, plus indoctrination in electronic and psychological operations.

Posted to South-East Asia as Airman First Class (A1C) in December 1970, he was assigned as a radio operator on a Forward Air Control (FAC) aircraft attached to Task Force Alpha at Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. In short order he was recruited (an involuntary "volunteer") to "Team Red Rock". The team was composed of eight US Army Green Berets, three US Navy SEALs and two "cowboys" - a euphemism for CIA paramilitary specialists. With Tatum attached, Team Red Rock totalled 14 in all, and was about to be tasked with an operation that came directly from the White House.

In January 1971 the team received a final briefing from General Alexander Haig, who had flown in specially, along with CIA Saigon Chief William Colby - nicknamed by the team as "Mr Peepers" because of his resemblance to a well-known character in a TV sitcom. Haig and Colby outlined the plan, stressing its importance and extreme classification. President Nixon, desperate to quell domestic riots over an increasingly unpopular war, sought to withdraw all US personnel from South-East Asia. Withdrawal would - and, in the end, ultimately did - cause a military vacuum, quickly leading to the defeat of South Vietnamese forces.

During those years, Nixon was also running a "secret war" in Cambodia and Laos. In Laos, a dwindling number of Meo tribesmen, together with covert US personnel employed by the CIA proprietary company, Air America, were battling against superior North Vietnamese ground forces. A much similar pattern was occurring in Cambodia, amid grave fears that the "domino theory" would result if either of these two nations were to fall to the Communist North Vietnamese. Nixon hoped that the vacuum caused by the withdrawal of US covert forces could be filled by native Cambodian forces. Lon Nol, the Cambodian leader, stubbornly continued to resist Nixon's diplomatic overtures to take up the slack, being anxious to hedge his bets and realistic about his chances of survival as Khmer Rouge and Vietnamese forces prepared to swarm in, unhindered by US air power.

A plan had been drawn up at the highest levels of Nixon's administration. Team Red Rock were to enter Cambodia's capital, Phnom Penh, in secret and attack the airport and military and civil installations, wreaking as much havoc as possible. The plan called for the team to parachute into the outskirts of Phnom Penh, carrying captured NVA "Sappers" with them. Taken in unarmed and alive, the Sappers would be "sacrificed" and their bodies left to be discovered by Cambodian forces. A furious Lon Nol would assume North Vietnam was to blame. It was hoped that such an act would stiffen Lon Nol's backbone. With nowhere else to turn, the US puppet would urgently seek US hardware to strengthen his forces and continue the battle.

The team members were not told that they, too, were to be sacrificed by their President to ensure that word of the operation never reached the light of day. A detachment of Montagnard tribesmen ("the Yards"), in the pay of the CIA, was assigned to liquidate each member of the team and dispose of the bodies. The attack went successfully, but the team's suspicion of "the Yards" foiled the betrayal. Using their knowledge of "escape and evasion" tactics, the team decided to trek to the Vietnamese border and back to safety with US forces.1

Casualties thinned out their numbers until only eight of them remained. Soon these, too, were captured by NVA regulars and underwent hideous torture at the hands of Chinese and Russian interrogators. Ultimately, only Tatum and one other team member survived the ordeal.

Convalescing, Tatum was debriefed by CIA station chief, William Colby, and told he would, in future, be kept close to "the Agency". Recruited into the CIA, the yawning door of future "black" operations creaked open. Life would never be the same again for Chip Tatum.


For the next 10 years or so, Tatum's covert activities were varied. For a while, he worked out of Homestead Air Force Base where he was NCIOC of the tower receiver sight and MARS station. This was the base which then-President Nixon used for his frequent visits to the Key Biscayne, Florida, "White House". Much of this period remains obscured behind a thick blanket of classification.

From there, he was stationed in northern Italy, tasked with visiting the border towns of Yugoslavia and Italy. Colby felt that as a young Air Force man, Tatum might be "approached" in these towns for "information". The idea was to make contact with foreign agents and covertly gather information about them and their operations. Later, he was tasked with infiltrating Yugoslavia in order to gather intelligence on potential successors to the then Yugoslavian President Tito.

Tatum was also sent to search for missing US POWs from Vietnam and elsewhere in South-East Asia.

By 1976, Tatum was operating out of Lamar, Colorado, in a communications facility called OLAB. His contact there was Don Holmes, president of Valley - a Savings & Loan bank.2 Tatum acted as his courier, shuttling between Lamar and Springfield, Colorado, with transaction files. From there he was transferred to MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida.

Shortly before his MacDill posting, Tatum received a call from Colby telling him he was resigning his position as Director, Central Intelligence, and recommending Tatum should deactivate his clandestine CIA activities. Colby continued, saying that remaining active without Colby there to protect him might place him in personal "jeopardy", as he had powerful enemies in Washington. This warning referred to Nixon, Kissinger and Haig, and Tatum's role in and survival from "Operation Red Rock".

Tatum took good notice of the warning and became deactive. Later, in 1979, he requested and was granted entry into a USAF Reserve program. Leaving active military service he moved to Gunnison, Colorado, and took up a position with Bo Calloway, owner of the Crested Bute ski area. The appointment was arranged by Colby.

During 1980 he received a visit from two men who informed him he was being reactivated, but into the US Army instead of the Air Force. He was sent to the US Army Flight School for rotary- wing training at Fort Rucker. From there he was assigned to the 160th Aviation Battalion/Special Forces at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Shortly afterwards, the 160th combined with others to form Task Force 160.

It was in this unit that Tatum played a "spooky" role in the US invasion of Grenada. A photograph of him standing in front of his MD-500 Defender gunship on the beach-head in Grenada, appeared along with a feature story in the Louisville Courier-Journal. Tatum will only say of this episode that he "wasn't there", in the same sense that he "wasn't in Cambodia".

At that time he was attached to the US Army's 160th air wing at Fort Campbell. Not only was the Hughes helicopter then not in the Army's inventory, but the 160th didn't officially exist. Jim Malone, of the Louisville Courier-Journal, finds this extraordinary. He has documents showing the 160th was stationed at Fort Campbell, even though officials in the Pentagon continue to deny it - as they deny the wing's role in Grenada. Malone, in a telephone conversation with this writer, advised that the 160th is now stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina - home of the famous Special Forces, the Green Berets. Their mission is to fly "Delta teams" on covert assignments, Malone added.


During 1983, Colby established contact again, advising Tatum he would shortly be contacted by "a man called North". This, as Tatum was to discover later, was none other than Lt Col. Oliver North - the central architect of America's Nicaraguan Contra campaign. Besides fighting a covert war, North was also the link-man in much, much dirtier work.

The "Contragate" years teem with well-documented accounts of illicit wholesale gun-running and dope-smuggling. The exposé series published in Autumn 1996 by the San Jose Mercury-Post, entitled "The Dark Alliance", openly finger-points at the CIA and the Reagan administration for turning a blind eye to massive cocaine smuggling. Moreover, the series of articles claims that the explosion of "crack cocaine" in Los Angeles resulted entirely from the Contra leaders-cum-dope peddlers who made vast personal fortunes from their activities. Today, the official argument remains that the Contras were "freelancing" without the knowledge or consent of their CIA "handlers" or North's so-called "Enterprise". Despite these assertions, mountains of hard evidence point in a different direction. Included in this evidence is an entry from North's own diary which shows his knowledge of cocaine shipments.

In stark contrast to these denials, Tatum says that North's "Enterprise" not only set up the cocaine factories and "ran" the Colombian cartels, but was also responsible for masterminding the massive shipments of narcotics into the US. Significantly, he is not alone in making these accusations. A number of those involved in Col. North's operations have subsequently come forward and spilled the beans. Almost all of these "whistleblowers" have been hounded and imprisoned. Some have died, whilst others have fled. The whole Contra thing, Tatum states, was also being used by an extremely covert group called Pegasus.

During February 1985, Tatum was piloting "Dustoff" (Medevac) flights for the US Army's 3/498th Medical Company, stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia. Two flight crews, including Tatum's, were transferred to Palmerola Air Base, Honduras. Each flight consisted of a pilot, copilot, medic and crew chief. Once familiarised, they assumed the Medevac mission for Joint Task Force Bravo. Previously, in 1984, Tatum infiltrated the 3/498th on the instructions of Lt Col. Oliver North who had established contact under the code-name "Jake" (North had "control" of the 160th air wing and was also deeply involved with the tactical planning of "black ops" missions in the Grenada invasion).

On 15 February 1985, during a flight to La Ceiba, Honduras, he was instructed to contact his local "handler", Major Felix Rodríguez - later to prove a major figure in the Iran-Contra investigation. Rodríguez informed Tatum that in addition to his Army "Medevac" duties he was to support covert "Pegasus" missions. These, he was told, would take priority over his other duties. He was also given his "chain of command": three individuals, any of whom could authorise Pegasus missions.

In addition to Oliver North and Felix Rodríguez, Tatum would henceforward take orders from Amiram Nir, a former Mossad agent and advisor to Vice President Bush. Aviation support for Pegasus missions operated out of Ilopango Air Base, Honduras (home of the CIA proprietary airline Corporate Air Services) plus numerous Contra camps located in the jungles and mountains along the Honduras-Nicaragua border.3 A common feature of all future Pegasus missions was the transport "of large white coolers in and out of the Contra camps".

On 26 February 1985, Tatum and his crew were instructed to fly two individuals to one of the larger Contra camps on the Honduran border. His flight log lists the names of the two individuals as Bill Cooper and Buzz Sawyer, both of whom worked for Corporate Air Services. Following a meeting between the CIA agents and Contra leaders, Tatum was given a sealed cooler, marked "Vaccine", weighing approximately 200 pounds, and instructed to deliver it to a USAF C-130 transport plane at La Mesa Airport, Honduras. Two crew members offloading the cooler accidentally dropped it, breaking the seal. Inside were over 100 bags of cocaine. Tatum resealed the cooler and later watched as it was transferred aboard the C-130, outward bound for Panama.

On his return to Palmerola Air Base, Honduras, Tatum phoned Col. North to advise him of his discovery. North replied that it was "a trophy of war" and that the "Sandinistas are manufacturing cocaine and selling it to fund the military". North closed the conversation by saying that "the cocaine was bound for the world courts as evidence" against the Sandinistas.

The whole incident struck Tatum as odd and reminded him strongly of earlier missions dating back to 1983-84 when he was stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, as a Special Operations pilot. Regularly he would trans-ship white coolers, marked as "Medical Supplies", to Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas. On two occasions he carried similar coolers to Mena Airport, Arkansas. Deliveries of medical coolers to Little Rock AFB were picked up by Dr Dan Lasater - a close confidant of the then Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton.

By now, almost two years later, Tatum had decided to document his discovery to safeguard his "retirement". Thereafter, he documented all Pegasus flights on the reverse of his flight logs.

This was a difficult time for Tatum, since he had three balls to juggle at the same time. On the one hand he was flying classified active-duty missions for the US Army; on the other, he was flying CIA missions arranged through Mil. Group A (CIA), located at the embassy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras; and thirdly, he was flying Pegasus missions under the control of William Colby, Oliver North and George Bush following his recruitment into Pegasus by Colby in 1986.

Tatum completed numerous missions during his rotation out of Honduras. Picking up and trans-shipping coolers containing cocaine was a regular event. Extraordinarily, this included infiltrating Nicaraguan airspace (Tatum says it was not difficult to infiltrate any country and that "foreign powers" would kill to know how it is done), and landing at Bluefields Air Base with deliveries for placement aboard civilian C-123s and C-130s.4 This mission was followed by a brief stint in Colombia, where he was assigned to assist the Drug Enforcement Administration's "War on Drugs", only to discover the DEA was heavily engaged in narcotics trafficking.


One of the most flamboyant individuals involved in the cocaine trail from Columbia through Honduras to Panama and on into the United States, was Barry Seal. Seal flew an assortment of aircraft, offloading shipments of weapons in South America and picking up deliveries of cocaine for his return flight to the US on behalf of Col. North's Enterprise. His primary base of operations was Mena Airport, Arkansas.

A CIA "asset", Seal was later arrested and became a DEA informer. Prior to his killing in 1986 - allegedly by a Medellín cartel assassination squad in revenge for informing on them - Seal openly boasted he had information that implicated high-level government officials, including then-Vice President Bush, in the Enterprise's narcotics-trafficking business.

Tatum would soon get to meet Barry Seal and become close friends. Tatum recalls being present during a meeting between Oliver North, Felix Rodríguez, Amiram Nir and General Alvarez from Honduras, when North stated that Vice President Bush was going to have his son Jeb arrange "something out of Columbia". This conversation focused on Barry Seal's increasingly notorious activities. When Tatum later heard Seal had died, he immediately understood who was behind the killing. The discussion also made it clear that VP Bush, Governor Clinton and his three respective "handlers" were knee-deep in the cocaine venture and making fistloads of money.

Unknown to all those present, Seal had earlier provided Tatum with a list of names of those high-level government officials deeply involved with or responsible for controlling the narcotics business. Seal called them the "Boss Hogs". Tatum has kept this list a tightly-held secret until recent weeks. The list cites the surnames only, and is reproduced above, as I received it, complete with misspellings as written. I have appended their full names and titles in brackets.


Casey (William Casey, Director Central Intelligence)

Clair-George (Clair Elroy George, Head of CIA's Central American Task Force)

Bush (Vice President George Bush)

Kissinger (Dr Henry Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Associates; former US Secretary of State; former National Security Adviser)

Haig (General Alexander Haig, former Secretary of State)

Greg (Donald Gregg, former National Security Adviser to VP Bush, Ambassador to Korea and alleged joint "Controller" of Panama's Manuel Noriega, along with William Casey)

Clairage (Duane "Dewey" Clarradge, CIA)

Fernandez (Joseph Fernandez, CIA Costa Rica Station Chief)

North (Lt Col. Oliver North, National Security Council aide)

Singlaub (John Singlaub, CIA covert operator)

Colby (William Colby, Director Central Intelligence, 1973-76)

Secord (Richard V. Secord, regarded as a "brilliant" CIA black operative)

Weld (William Weld, head of Criminal Division, US Department of Justice; instrumental in "blocking" Senate investigations into narcotics, according to testimony of former Senate special investigator, Jack Blum)

Rodriguez (Felix Rodríguez, CIA officer with close connection to VP Bush)

Peroot (General Peroot, Defense Intelligence Agency)

Most, if not all of these names are readily familiar to Contragate investigators and journalists covering this story. Allegations regarding the involvement of former President George Bush in the cocaine business are by no means new - they abound in plentiful supply. The fact that Bush pardoned a number of his closest advisors, who were facing criminal prosecution and possible imprisonment, late on Christmas Eve 1992, just weeks before Bill Clinton's inauguration, left a sour taste in the mouths of many. If prosecuted, they clearly would have fingered the President himself.


But Tatum's story takes us even further along the dark road of power, greed and corruption. During l986, he had left Honduras and set up a money-laundering business in Watertown, New York State, close to the home base of the Army's 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum. The location was chosen with care. With access to Fort Drum's telephone lines for secure communications, he was assigned a Cherokee-140 fixed-wing aircraft,5 used to ship personnel and supplies across the Canadian border under radar cover. His tenure with these companies lasted from 1986 through to 1990. This was a pure Pegasus operation.

It was at Watertown that Tatum was provided with a civilian cover in the form of three construction companies: American National Home Builders, American Constructors and American Homes. Funding was provided by Henry Hyde, an Illinois Republican politician and well known as the CIA's "black money" man. Hyde provided a US$250,000 line of credit with Key Bank, Watertown. Although Tatum was listed as the president in all three companies, in reality all were under the control of Ben Whittaker, a lawyer from Rochester, New York. Whittaker, Tatum says, is closely associated with Tony Wilson of the Wilson family who owned Xerox Corporation. They are extremely wealthy and "friends of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers". In addition, he was also closely associated with South Eastern US Investment Group (SEUS) - an investment bank in Savannah, Georgia - from 1985 through to 1989. Another proprietary he was involved with was Irving Place Development, a service organisation of Irving Bank and Trust Company. Cocaine proceeds were laundered through these companies by an ingenious use of construction loans.

In response to a question asking why the "drug-related money" was placed in "Arkansas, Colorado and Ohio", Tatum simply explains that he doesn't know why, adding that "It was being done before I got there. I assume banking laws and whether or not Bush had people in his pocket in these areas." He does explain that the primary figure involved in the laundry exercise in Arkansas was "Jack Stephens". Jackson Stephens, owner of Worthen Bank & Trust Company, is closely aligned with President Bill Clinton. Tatum states that "...Clinton received the cash and divided it up between Stephens and [Dan] Lasater to clean it up. Stephens' company [Worthen Bank] was used as the guarantor, providing 'warehouse' lines of credit."

Developing this theme in more detail, Tatum explains that the Enterprise was receiving drugs in exchange for the guns they supplied to the Contras. The raw product in the form of coca leaves was supplied by the Colombians and pressed into large cube-shaped bales and then shipped to Nicaragua and Honduras.6 All the "product" was pre-sold and the delivery into the US "guaranteed".

This eventually resulted in the sale proceeds being pre-paid to Panama, under Noriega's control. Some of this money was washed through banks and other companies operating in Panama and elsewhere. The rest was sent to Arkansas, Ohio and Colorado. Thereafter, the dirty money was filtered via construction loans with permanent "takeouts" "arranged by banks and mortgage- lenders". These, in turn, were later sold to Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's - negotiable US Federal Mortgage Securities that are traded globally on a daily basis. Each laundry "cycle" lasted from six months to a year. The result was dirty money transformed into good, clean, US currency.

This system wasn't arbitrary or accidental. One initial "test-bed" was a small residential mortgage lender named Carl I. Brown (CIB) in Kansas. Others were larger, and still others became national. All were ultimately destined to be purchased by a bank (proprietary) from Japan within a specific time-frame, 1996, as part of ongoing Pegasus plans. Eric Brown, the son of the founder of CIB, was heavily involved in these activities. Three additional companies were involved, to Tatum's knowledge: US Homes, Pulte Homes and Richmond Homes. All became very successful, providing "the American dream - as VP Bush put it in a meeting in 1987".


Tatum has gone into considerable additional detail regarding the role of Pegasus as he knew it. He believes Pegasus was established during the Eisenhower years as a secret group inside the CIA to spy on that agency on behalf of the President. At some point - believed to be after the assassination of President Kennedy - Pegasus went AWOL from direct US Government control and came under the direction of an international Board of Directors which Tatum alleges now includes George Bush and Henry Kissinger.

The directors of Pegasus meet once a year in secret conclave following G7 meetings. The group has "representation" from a number of intelligence agencies throughout the world. Included are the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) as well as agents from British, Israeli, Turkish and Danish Intelligence plus "others who performed various functions for Pegasus".7 The mission of Pegasus, Tatum explains, is "to 'align' world leaders and financiers to our [US] policies and standards".

One of Tatum's Pegasus duties included flying "Archer Teams" (four-man hit teams) in his helicopter to their insertion point.8 He states that Enrique Bermudez was assassinated in 1991 by a Pegasus team, adding he "was shot in the back of the head while walking down the street...from about 150 yards". Bermudez, known as "Commander Three Eight Zero" was the senior Contra leader. Tatum received two broken ribs when he came under small-arms fire during the assassination.9

Following the Nicaraguan war, Bermudez sought a prominent position in the new government. Spurned by President Chamorro, "Commander 380" tried to pressure George Bush to intercede on his behalf, threatening to expose Bush's role in the cocaine trafficking enterprise. According to Tatum, Bush ordered his disposal.

Another Pegasus assassination was that of General Gustavo (Dr Gus) Alvarez Martinez, the "cooperating" Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief, Honduras. Alvarez was assassinated in 1989, following his demand for a bigger split of the cocaine profits.

Tatum also describes his involvement in the assassination of Amiram Nir, the former Israeli Mossad agent who went under the assumed name of Pat Weber. Nir was scheduled to testify to the Senate subcommittee and it was feared he would reveal the truth. He perished, following the shooting-down of his aircraft with missiles from Tatum's helicopter.

Other "neutralisations" verge on the bizarre. An individual who must remain nameless for a variety of reasons - but whose name is known to this writer - underwent an experience that is both horrific and chilling. Readers are warned that what follows is not at all pleasant. For the sake of ease, I shall call this individual "Mr X" or, simply, "X".10

Mr X was a leader of one of the largest CIA-backed Contra groups. He recently testified before the US Senate Intelligence Committee. Formerly, X was a senior executive in a South American subsidiary of a leading US soft drinks corporation. During his Senate testimony, he denied any knowledge of CIA involvement in the narcotics trade, adding that condoning such activity would have been foreign to his way of life. Not so, says Tatum. Mr X had been recruited into the CIA by then-Director William Casey, with the assistance of Oliver North.

In 1990, when Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega announced there would be "free elections", X was ecstatic. He began jostling for position and asked President Bush to ensure he be given a prominent position in the new government - in return for his years of toil at the behest of the CIA and the Enterprise. The pressure came in a form that Bush could not ignore. Failure to help his friend would result in X's intimate knowledge of Bush's involvement in the dope trade being made public. His threat left Bush with a sour taste. A Pegasus team was assigned to "neutralise" him in early 1990.

Mr X, Tatum states, "fancied himself a lover of women. Tall, large-breasted blondes were his favourite. It was determined that, if effectively neutralised, [X] could be an asset. Therefore, it was decided that intimidation would be used to control [X]."

They chose to use the drug Scopolamine, which also went by the nickname "Burundanga" or "the Voodoo drug". The drug is extracted from the pods of a flowering shrub that grows in remote regions of South America. In its processed, powdered form, Scopolamine is "void of smell, void of taste". When properly administered "it causes absolute obedience" without this being "observable by others". Importantly, the target will not recall any of the events that occurred during the period they were under the spell of the drug.

In outlining these details, Tatum adds that it is important to administer the drug in the correct dosage, for he has known targets to die from too high a dose. Others have "remained under the influence of Burundanga for up to three weeks". Precise dosage can be achieved by liquid ingestion, the powder being readily soluble. Ingestion via cigarettes is also an optimum method of ingestion. It is fast-acting and takes no more than 20 minutes to work.

Tatum states that X was invited to spend a relaxing weekend at a luxury hotel as a guest of his friend George Bush. His host for the weekend was a trusted 18-year veteran field-intelligence officer. The evening started with cocktails and was followed by a fine meal. "'Nothing but the best' were the orders."

Following the meal, he was ushered into the suite of a "blonde bombshell" supplied by the CIA. Mr X had already ingested a dose of Burundanga during pre-dinner cocktails. X was gallant with the blonde as they both moved into the bedroom where video cameras were already set up in one corner. In short order, the blonde had X standing naked in front of her and began to indulge his desires. All the while, the video cameras whirred. Slowly stripping off, the "blonde" revealed his manhood in all its glory. Mr X was instructed to reciprocate the favour and perform fellatio. He obliged, his intimate activities recorded at 24 frames a second on videotape.

Tatum says the male prostitute was hired from a bar in New York and killed that same evening.

Two weeks later, X - wholly unaware of the events of that evening - was visited in Nicaragua. He was presented with a copy of the video footage, along with instructions. Tatum says that X can never allow that video to be seen: "Not only does it reveal his homosexuality, but it also reveals his bestiality and satanic worship rituals." As frame after frame flicked by, X reportedly wept, forced to watch himself kill his homosexual "lover" and then engage in the most grisly cannabalistic ritual imaginable.

Neutralised, Mr X became a leading member of the Nicaraguan government a few short weeks later.11


Since 1985, when he first became aware of the Enterprise drug- smuggling, Tatum began collecting documents, audiotapes and videotapes for his "retirement". He was acutely aware that most deep-cover agents do not survive long in what is a very dirty game at a high-stakes poker table.

Tatum says that, in 1992, President Bush instructed him to "neutralise" presidential runner Ross Perot, but he refused to do so. Tatum turned over a copy of an incriminating tape to President Bush, explaining that it would not be released - providing that he, his family and Perot were kept safe. He also told the President that copies of the tape had been placed in six different locations worldwide, saying, "if I didn't contact these capsule-holders by a certain time each year, they are to be sent to the addresses on the packaging". He closed the conversation by stating that when he originally "placed the packages, I gave explicit instructions that if I asked for them to be sent back to me, they were to send them to the addresses on the packages." This, Tatum reasoned, would avoid intimidation or torture.

Note: Part 2 of David Guyatt's article will cover George Bush's "scope and mission" paper for the New World Order; Chip Tatum's run-down on the counterfeit "Super Bills" CIA scam in Iran; the truth behind the killing of cocaine king Pablo Escobar; the reasons for the US invasion of Panama; the truth behind ex-DCI William Colby's death; more revelations about Clinton's cocaine confidants; and more "Boss Hogs"..

All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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1. Tatum has provided me with a variety of documents covering his military and CIA career from 1971 through 1986 when he was discharged from the US Army. His discharge papers outline a series of military decorations and campaign medals including "The Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal with Device" and the "Vietnam Service Medal" (there are many others). Appended to these papers is a medical report, signed by Major Charlie Talbert, which outlines Tatum's various injuries gained during his military career&emdash;and includes notations describing his capture and torture in South-East Asia. Major Talbert reports that these injuries were treated in June 1972, and adds that Tatum's medical records are incomplete "as details on this are classified". I queried Tatum on the date, which should have been recorded as 1971. He responded, saying it was definitely 1971 and that the Army doctor only had "Secret" security clearance whereas Tatum had "Top Secret" clearance (confirmed in other military records, dated 1972, in my possession). Tatum avers that this discrepancy was the result of a typographical mistake on the part of the Army doctor.

Moreover, Tatum's covert role in the CIA is additionally confirmed by other military papers provided to me. In one dated 1974, Tatum's assignment orders were "cut" by a Lt General USAF (name redacted) who was Chief Military Intelligence Adviser to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Other corroborative documents in my possession include a US Army payslip dated 1985; a copy of an "Inmate Request Form" on the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, showing Tatum was being detained on a "treason" charge; assignment papers to the 3/498th Medac at Fort Campbell, dated 12 April 1984; copies of media news articles describing the attack on Phnom Penh; a news report and photograph of Tatum in Grenada; a Special Forces USA MEDDAC Mission Request Form dated 6 April 1985, detailing Barry Seal's "Boss Hogs" listing; plus hard copies of Tatum's flight logs during his Honduras "rotation", additionally supported by photographs of the original flight logs.

I also have a copy of a TWIX message from the Commander US Forces, Honduras (Task Force Bravo), stating to his superiors that "It has become increasingly evident during the past six weeks that Medevac A/C, in direct support of JTFs, in some cases are being utilised for other than Medevac requirements and are being controlled by other than Medevac Officials." Tatum says he obtained a copy of this message from his Pegasus controller.

I also have a copy of Tatum's full book manuscript, "Operation Red Rock", together with a letter he sent to William Colby, dated 6 March 1996, which threaten: "I will not only write about the missions but about the NWO timetable and planned events, including a chronology. And I will name names."

I have other documents that I am not permitted to reveal but which corroborate missions in South America.

2. The word "contact" is not meant to imply that Don Holmes was a CIA type.

3. Tatum says that, through 1985, "aviation support" for Pegasus was primarily out of Palmerola Air Base, Honduras. Ilopango Air Base is in El Salvador and it had "operational" support.

4. Tatum adds that he had limited flights to Bluefields Air Base, Nicaragua, but "primarily the military aircraft used were USAF C-141s and C-130s at Palmerola, La Mesa and San Lorenzo, Honduras. At San Lorenzo there were also civilian aircraft, including civilian C-123s."

5. In addition to flying rotary-wing aircraft, Tatum was also competent flying smaller fixed-wing craft. He had access to both at Fort Drum.

6. Tatum adds in this connection that they were "supplied with leaves and paste called 'bazooko'...the reason for that was because they were not supplying the paste fast enough, so they needed the leaves to make up for the time. The leaves were brought from Peru."

7. I wrote this sentence based on information provided to me and also extracted from a long list of Q&As prepared by author Rodney Stich for Tatum's attention (and now in my possession). In reviewing this article for errors and omissions, Tatum stated that "there were no US DEA or ATF agents in Pegasus". This appeared to conflict with an earlier reply to one of Stich's questions which stated, in part, that "DEA was represented. We had DEA agents, ATF agents." Naturally, I wanted this clarified and asked Tatum to explain this quite significant amendment. He replied, advising that "there were joint missions where DEA and ATF agents were used...they were not officially part of Pegasus". Nancy Tatum advises that since Chip Tatum was in prison at the time he answered questions submitted by Stich, the "misunderstanding" was hers.

8. Tatum adds that he also "flew fixed-wing, multi-engine props and jets...for the various missions" and he was not limited to rotary-wing aircraft.

9. These injuries occurred during the departure of the "Team", six hours after the assassination itself, when they came under anti-aircraft fire as they flew low-level across the border. Tatum was wearing two Kevlar (lightweight body armour) vests which absorbed the impact of incoming rounds.

10. Tatum has provided me with the name of this individual, a well-known politician. He also asked that I consider excising this account from the article, for a variety of understandable reasons. I have elected to keep it, as I believe it is both an important and highly significant account.

11. I phoned and spoke with Ron Lard, an official at the DEA HQ, Virginia, to ask about the properties of Burundanga. He was unable to provide any information. However, through other sources I can confirm that this drug is well known to cause both amnesia and a zombie-like trance in which the target follows all orders. Dr Camilo Uribe, head of Bogotá's toxicology clinic, says "it's like chemical hypnotism". See Wall Street Journal, 3 July 1995.

Part 2

During his 22 years as a deep-cover CIA and DIA operative, Gene "Chip" Tatum saw or participated in a remarkable series of covert operations. Foremost in his mind are the years 1986-92, when he operated for a group he called "Pegasus". This group operated on behalf of the US and other governments, undertaking tasks that ranged from narcotics smuggling to assassinations.

The name "Pegasus" was, in fact, a 'cover' designation used by Tatum to protect himself against possible prosecution. Earlier this year Tatum revealed the true structure of the group and explained why he felt the need to conceal it. Timing was all important. In a message to this writer, Tatum stated, "It has now been well past the five-year statute of limitations which could have come back and haunted me. That date was January 22, 1997. On January 21, 1992 I walked out of the Jupiter Island meeting to which I referred earlier."

Few individuals, even now, are aware of the significance of Jupiter Island. Located on the Atlantic coast of Florida, just a few miles north of Palm Beach, the island measures a mere half a mile wide and nine miles long. According to authors Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, island residents read like a "Who's Who" of the Anglo-American establishment. Many have close connections to the intelligence apparatus and not a few are, or have been, members of the notorious Skull and Bones Society, a secretive and influential Masonic lodge formed at Yale law school.1 Interestingly, many of the early residents, including Averell Harriman and Prescott Bush-George Bush's father-were strong supporters of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Party prior to World War II. Even in recent years, George Bush continued to have unfinished work with Nazis domiciled in South America, Tatum says-especially while the world's eyes were turned towards Saddam Hussein and Iraq during Desert Storm. That, however, is another story.

Jupiter Island boasts hyper-security. All vehicles are tracked by sensors placed in the roads and every housekeeper, gardener or other non-resident is required by ordinance to be fingerprinted and registered. Residents themselves are carefully screened prior to being permitted to purchase real estate (many purchase by invitation, it is thought) and one of their primary duties as good residents is to perform active 'surveillance' to ensure the island remains secure.2 It was here that Tatum met with and discussed sensitive projects with then Vice President and later President Bush, at the residence of his mother, Rose Bush.


The so-called Pegasus group's organisational structure, as provided by Tatum, demands recounting in detail. The various presidential orders, which led to the formation and operation of the covert activities in which Tatum and others participated, are significant for they constitute a secret government within a government. This is the power that hides behind the open face of democratic government. Some have called this power base "the Octopus". Activities include high-level narcotics trafficking, illegal transfers of ultra-high-tech weaponry, money laundering on a massive scale and an odd "hit" or "alignment" to keep wobbly-kneed individuals on the straight and narrow.

It was in 1981, according to Tatum, that "President Reagan signed National Security Decision Directive number 3 (NSDD-3) which authorised the Vice President to chair the Special Situation Group (SSG). The Special Situation Group was a division under the National Security Council (NSC). One entity formed to support the SSG was the Terrorist Incident Working Group (TIWG), established in April 1982 by authority of President Reagan in NSDD-30. This group consisted of representatives of the following: Director of Central Intelligence, Department of Defense (DoD), FBI, NSC staff and others as required.3

Tatum explained that, "The purpose of TIWG is to provide SSG with direct operational support. TIWG then recommended to the President that a Terrorism Task Force be formed and chaired by the head of SSG (the Vice President). Reagan approved NSDD-138 in April 1984, which extended TIWG's arm and ability to form sub-groups. As a result of NSDD-138 was the formation of the Operations Sub-Group (OSG). The Sub-Group was a select NSC-DoD-CIA-FBI-foreign intelligence agency which operated so as to bypass the regular operations of intelligence/military/law-enforcement agencies. OSG was formed in February 1986."

Having revealed the framework of the authorising presidential directives necessary for the conduct of these covert operations, Tatum then detailed the nitty-gritty of the OSG: "I was an operative for OSG from April 1986 through January 1992. When I was operating under the authority of the OSG I would report directly to the OSG, not to the CIA or DIA. This 'secret government' apparatus, built by Bush from 1981 to 1986, was able to draw upon assets from the CIA, the DoD Special Operations units and the private sector. Using the private sector clause, Don Gregg, VP Bush's National Security Advisor, included a representative from British Intelligence and Israeli Intelligence. To date I have called this group 'Pegasus' in an attempt not to divulge its true identity until I was on safe ground. Although most of the missions performed by OSG-2 are classified, the existence of the organisation is now declassified."

Until Tatum forwarded these details, the existence of more than one OSG was unknown. In fact, Tatum has now revealed the existence of three OSGs. OSG-1 was headed by Ted Shackley and was "our anti-narcotics group".4 OSG-2 was the anti-terrorism group and OSG-3 was "our 'alignment' group". Tatum was originally posted to OSG-2 which was commanded by Col. Oliver North. The third group, OSG-3, was commanded by Richard Secord. Following the exposure of Oliver North's role in Contragate in 1987, North resigned as head of OSG-2 and his spot was taken over by Secord. Tatum moved up to command OSG-3 at the same time.

All three OSGs answered to those individuals who sat on the TIWG. General Colin Powell represented the Department of Defense; William Casey, the CIA; and Donald Gregg, the National Security Council. "FBI guys rotated in and out," Tatum says. "It was like they couldn't get anyone," he concludes. Representing British Intelligence was Sir Colin Figure. Formerly head of MI6, Sir Colin transferred in 1986 to become "Security Coordinator", one of the top slots at the Cabinet office under the premiership of Margaret Thatcher. He retired in 1989. Amiram Nir represented Israeli interests until his assassination by an "Archer" team led by Tatum-at the request of high-level Israeli individuals-in 1988. Any of these six could "call a mission". In addition, George Bush could do likewise. Of significance, too, was the occasional representation on the TIWG of Lord Chalfont. The British lord was an adviser on "Mid-East affairs" between 1986 and 1990.

From the moment Chip Tatum was recruited to the OSG, he was posted to upstate New York where he established a number of cover businesses. One of these was Cedar Shores Estates, Inc.5 This was his base of operations throughout the next six years.6

It may be no more than sheer coincidence that the name of the company is similar to Cedar Holdings, a British company that had a relationship to former British Conservative Party Treasurer, Lord (Alistair) McAlpine. Author Peter Jones, in an unpublished book, looked in some detail at the business activities of this Conservative Party "Grey Eminence" and leading Freemason.7 Of no little interest was the author's detailed connections of numerous companies that he believed were involved in all manner of dark activities. Interestingly, these included a company called Leisure Circle that has a sinuous connection to Sir John Cuckney, one of the central figures of the Scott Inquiry into arms sales to Iraq.

Whilst these connections are admittedly tenuous, to say the least, it should be noted that Tatum's upstate New York operation was also involved in shipping the most sophisticated weapons across the border to Canada. Not least are the known connections between Oliver North's related gun-running operations that saw dirty money being laundered through the British Channel Islands and the London-based BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International). Money laundering was one of the principal activities of Col. Oliver North.


One operation of which Tatum has knowledge concerns the so-called "Superbills" or "Supernotes" sting. Years earlier, in the late '60s or early '70s, the CIA had secretly provided to the Shah of Iran a perfect set of printing plates that could reproduce US$100 bills without blemish. Also provided was an intaglio printing press. This special printing press ensures that the etched plate meets paper with tremendous force, creating the distinctive embossed feel of a genuine banknote. In addition, the Shah was also given the ink and banknote-quality paper, enabling him to produce perfect counterfeit US dollar banknotes. The Shah later fled Iran and left the plates and press behind in his confusion. The whole caboodle sat in the mint at Tehran, according to some experts.8

According to Tatum, a deal was arranged in the early to mid-'80s between VP George Bush, Panama's Manuel Noriega and the Iranian leadership. A sum of US$8 billion deposited in the Banco Nacional de Panama on behalf of Colombian cocaine king Pablo Escobar was "lent" to George Bush. Of this, US$4 billion was shipped by plane to Iran where it was exchanged at a ratio of one good bill for two counterfeit bills. On the return trip, the 707 aircraft's cargo container carried two shrink-wrapped pallets containing $4 billion each. The 707 arrived at Howard/Albrook Air Force Base in Panama where the pallets were offloaded under armed guard of the Panamanian military. The counterfeit notes were re-deposited into Escobar's account at the Panama central bank. Under no circumstances could the counterfeit bills be permitted to leave the bank vault-for fear of devaluing the US currency with forged notes-and active steps would later be taken to ensure this.

The other half of Escobar's "good" money was placed into the hands of Nana DeBusia, the grandson of Guyana's first democratic leader. DeBusia was chosen by the CIA's William Casey to launder the massive sum into numerous bank accounts under the joint signatures of VP George Bush and Director Casey.

The next leg of the operation was to retrieve the $4 billion exchanged with the Iranians for the Superbills. This was facilitated by the supply of military equipment, arms, ammunition and replacement parts for weapons systems. This part of the deal was arranged by Col. Oliver North on behalf of the CIA's William Casey.

The results of these complex manoeuvres were twofold. On the one hand the CIA acquired $4 billion via the arms sales, for use in future black operations, without the need to rely on congressional oversight or authority. If later caught, Tatum says "...the CIA can report the source of funds as being from an arms transaction with Iran". Some of these funds were then used to support the Contras, whilst the rest disappeared down the ultra-black hole of the Company's covert finances.

Meanwhile, Nana DeBusia had begun laundering the remaining $4 billion through various banks, including the Vatican Bank.9 For his trouble, DeBusia was entitled to take a commission amounting to $200 million. The remaining $3.8 billion was then secreted in private, numbered accounts around the globe and controlled by George Bush and William Casey.

The operation was complete apart from some necessary mopping-up which occurred over the following years:

1) In 1989, Pablo Escobar was targeted by an intensive US-Colombian "War on Drugs" campaign. He fled into hiding, in fear of his life. Eventually, in 1993, he was tracked down and killed in a police shoot-out. A British TV documentary revealed that the "Cocaine King" was gunned down while attempting to escape and was probably unarmed. The campaign waged against Escobar ensured he could not withdraw the $8 billion in Superbills. Following his death, the quantity and quality of cocaine shipments from Colombia immediately increased manifoldly, giving lie to the "War on Drugs".

2) Also during 1989, Panama's General Noriega was captured in the US invasion of Panama. Noriega was later convicted and placed in US federal prison under constant guard to ensure his silence.10

3) Penultimately, Nana DeBusia was indicted on 32 counts including bank fraud and thereby effectively silenced.11

4) Earlier, in 1987, DCI William Casey died of a brain tumour-just days before he would have been required to attend the Senate hearings into the Contragate affair.

According to Tatum, only one figure emerged unscathed: George Bush, who alone retained control of $3.8 billion in laundered funds. Obviously, the CIA still retained control over the balance of their $4 billion share of the 'sting' operation.

It is of considerable significance that this operation has been corroborated by another source whose credibility is not in question.12 This individual was present in Tehran during many of these events, and was later posted to another sensitive location in this connection. Moreover, it has additionally been revealed that Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) was heavily involved in the Superbills sting. That BNL was an intrinsic part of Oliver North's so-called "Enterprise"-in reality, the OSGs of the Terrorist Incident Working Group-is beyond doubt.13

However, the question remains: What did George Bush intend to do with his 'black' $3.8 billion? What was the ultimate purpose of the operation? Perhaps some of the money was to be used to grease palms and otherwise finance Bush's bid for the presidency following the completion of President Reagan's second term. Maybe it was used to finance other lucrative projects. Perhaps it was to be used to inject financial muscle into another, grander scheme, of which Tatum has recently spoken, involving George Bush's "scope and mission" paper for a New World Order.

A copy of the "scoping" paper supplied to Tatum by George Bush outlines the formation of a Corporation whose purpose is to "...provide a central network of information, analysts and strategists on an international basis in pursuit of world order and economic stability". The "scope" of the Corporation involves four features:

1) Centralisation of informational services;

2) Analysis of data by region-specific analysts;

3) Provide recommendations based upon analysts' reports by international experts;

4) Provide international master plan for world growth and economic stability.

The Corporation is to be privately owned with a board of directors "consisting of twelve members, elected annually by the shareholders". In addition there are to be five departments: "Data Resources; Political Management; Economic Manage-ment; Military Management; Environmental Management".14 THE COMPLETE "BOSS HOGS" LIST

But it is in the realm of narcotics trafficking that Tatum is most vociferous. Part 1 of this article recounted the names of high-level US individuals, given to Tatum by Barry Adler Seal before he was killed in 1986. Seal called this the "Boss Hogs" List and it included senior individuals in 11 different countries who, Seal claimed, controlled the global narcotics network. The complete list is reprinted verbatim (including spelling mistakes), and in the manner in which it was written by Tatum on the reverse of a flight log:15

Duarte Balestaros Maty


Salinas brothers

Santa Cruz


Nora (a woman)

(P. Ben or Guatamalian [sic.] arms dealer for Israel)


Prince B [Tatum believes this to be Prince Bandar]


Noriega & his brother

Clair George


Edwards (Barry's buddy)
Marcellas family

Gov. in pocket


In a very real sense, Chip Tatum's story has now gone full circle. In March 1996, Tatum wrote to former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby. Readers will recall that it was Colby who originally recruited Tatum into the CIA in 1971 and set him on his career as a covert intelligence operator. Since that time, Tatum developed a fondness for the super-spook, and Colby, in turn, played the role of mentor. In his letter, Tatum asked Colby to write a foreword for his book, Operation Red Rock, which he had completed just two months earlier. But there was another purpose in writing to the former DCI.

Four years earlier, when Tatum resigned his OSG command, he had volunteered to plead guilty on a felony charge in order to discredit himself. This was part of Tatum's strategy of survival, as he was aware that one didn't resign this particular team and remain alive for long. The fact that he had collected a body of evidence (including video and audio tapes and other related documentation) as 'life insurance', gave muscle to his negotiation. At that time he had not planned to reveal any of the details that he has now provided. In the event, his offer was taken up and he served a prison sentence of just over one year. That is where matters should have ended.

However, having served his sentence-thus complying with his part of the agreement-both Tatum and his wife, Nancy, were subsequently arrested and charged with another misdemeanour. Tatum got angry. His letter to Colby stated: "I have always kept my word with you. I told you that I would discredit myself. I don't need your help to accomplish this. But to charge Nancy with a crime, and expect me to allow this, is beyond my comprehension." He angrily continued: "I know that North and Rodríguez are the fuel for this, but haven't you warned them that I wouldn't sit still for this?" He then added: "I do not blame you for this; I am disappointed that you have allowed the 'Pond Scum' to control you!"

There then followed a warning: "The second book that I have already started will contain my movements from 1980 through today. I will not only write about the missions but about the NWO [New World Order] timetable and planned events including a chronology." Ominously he added: "And I will name names. You must detach yourself from these people!"

Tatum then continued by outlining how he would enter evidence for his forthcoming trial and warning that if disallowed for reasons of classification, then "a Special Prosecutor will be required to investigate the information, and the videotape tells no lies." He added: "I also had stills and an audio clip of a meeting added to the video. Out of respect for you I have kept your name out to this point, but if you don't separate yourself from these terrorists I will have no choice but to reveal your involvement also. Either way, the group will be exposed-by the media or by the investigating committee. Either way, they're out of gas!" Tatum closed the letter by saying: "Mr Colby-you've done too much for your country to be disgraced in the manner that these men will be."

Less than two months later, the former DCI was reported missing. By Monday 6 May 1996, Colby's body was found. It was later reported that Colby died following a "canoeing" accident on the Wicomico River, Maryland. Tatum and many others (including this writer) doubt this. Throughout his life, Colby had an all-abiding fear of water. It would have been entirely out of character for him to step voluntarily into a boat, let alone a canoe.

Despite this, Colby's death officially remains an accident. This has come as no special surprise to Tatum, who recently stated to this writer: "I knew the OSG were bulletproof when one of our targets, a 25-year-old, was reported to have died of a heart attack. His name was Al-Jarrah." That, however, is another story.


At 3 pm on Friday 4 April 1997-shortly after publication of Part 1 of this article-Chip Tatum was roused from a mid-afternoon snooze and told to report to the warden of his prison. He was informed that he was being released-less than midway through his 27-month sentence-with immediate effect, following an appellate court decision that found his conviction by Judge Adams to be illegal.

The Tatums are now freely enjoying together the sunshine and cajun cooking of Florida, as Chip turns his attention to beginning a new career-his first real job-hunting in 26 years. "Spy stuff" will not form part of his job-search efforts. Meanwhile, he has written and published his Chronicles that detail many of his allegations.15


1. Tarpley, Webster Griffin and Chaitkin, Anton, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography, Executive Intelligence Review, Washington, DC, USA, 1992.

2. ibid.

3. Additional standing members were the Department of State and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). NSDD-30 was classified "Secret". Now partly declassified, the redacted sections nominated NSC staffer Col. Oliver North responsibility for "antiterrorist operations". This included so-called "active measures" to "deter or pre-empt terrorist attack", and established the administrative framework for "CIA projects aimed at killing leaders of radical Islamic organizations". As such, it was an illegal presidential directive. My thanks to Steve Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists, Washington, DC, for providing research extracts of these and other NSDDs drawn from Christopher Simpson's book, National Security Directives of the Reagan and Bush Administrations (Westview Press, San Francisco).

4. Shackley's involvement in the narcotics industry is legion. Not least, Col Bo Gritz-the most highly decorated Special Forces officer in history-has spoken of his encounter with the Burmese warlord Khun Sa. Housed in the centre of the "Golden Triangle", Khun Sa is one of the world's leading exporters of raw opium. In an interview captured on camera, the warlord stated that his primary contact in the heroin business was the CIA's very own Ted Shackley. Shackley worked closely with Mafia chief Santos Trafficante, according to Khun Sa. 5. Tatum has stated that it was routine for all the OSG operatives to establish their own businesses as "covers". Funding was provided as a line of credit with the Key Bank of Central New York, Watertown, New York state, by Republican Harry Hyde. The company was formed by attorney Ben Whittaker. Legal representation was through O'Hara and Crough in Syracuse, NY. Tatum also operated through a number of other similar "fronts". These included Progressive Structures, Inc., Irving Place Capital & Development, and American National Home Builders.

6. Tatum has provided me with a number of documents of this proprietary company, including details of incorporation, board minutes, bank statements, legal billings and copies of cashed cheques. In addition he has also provided documents relating to other front companies he was involved with.

7. Jones, Peter, The Obedience of Australia, privately published, 1995. This book covers in considerable detail Masonic business connections that are shadowy to say the least.

8. For additional details see the article by Fredric Dannen and Ira Silverman, published in the New Yorker, 23 October 1995.

9. Tatum says DeBusia laundered this sum through banks in London. Coincidences abound in this story and they may be no more than coincidences. However, I think it is worth citing Gerald James, former Chairman of Astra Plc and one of the principal figures in the Scott affair and arms sales to Iraq. In his book, In the Public Interest (Warner Books, 1996), Gerald James has reproduced an internal company memorandum referring to the massive British-Saudi Al Yamamah arms deal in which a sum of US$4 billion is mentioned in connection with a bribe to Saudi Prince Bandar, a nephew of King Fahd. The memorandum stated: "This 4 bil US was mentioned in connection with M. Thatcher's son." Interestingly, the sum of $3.8 billion is mentioned in the Kerry Report that looked into the Iran-Contra affair.

10. One of the principal prosecution witnesses against General Noriega was Gabriel Tabóada. Arguably, without Tabóada's testimony (he was regarded as the "star witness") the prosecution case against Noriega may well have failed. Tatum has provided this writer with a number of private letters and other documents written by Tobóada. These clearly show that Tobóada was "coached" by the prosecution in what to say and, more significantly, what not to say. Tobóada's correspondence makes it clear he was aware that the prosecution case against Noriega was severely flawed by perjury-a fact known to the prosecution team. Today, Tobóada lives in fear of his life-a state of affairs that the US Department of Justice dismisses out of hand.

11. Following the intervention of the CIA, DeBusia was acquitted on all counts. Effectively discredited, he will continue to maintain silence.

12. Private communication with this writer.

13. See Alan Friedman's The Spider's Web (Faber & Faber, 1993) for a more detailed role of BNL in the Contragate affair. I have been reliably informed that significant portions of Friedman's original manuscript were excised by a wary publisher.

14. It is impossible to judge the veracity of this document for a number of reasons. Principally, the name of the Corporation is not stated and the document itself is typed on blank A4 paper running to three pages. Readers must make of it what they will.

15. A copy of the original flight log is in this writer's possession.

16. The Tatum Chronicles, an A4-sized, softbound manuscript, can be ordered by credit card by telephoning (352) 330 1650 (in USA) or +1 (352) 330 1652 (outside USA). It is priced at USD$19.95 plus postage and handling. The Chronicles contain reproductions of Chip's flight logs with notes (front and back), along with an eye-opening commentary.

About the Author:

Born in England, David Guyatt is a freelance investigative journalist whose former career in stock broking and banking gave him the background that inspired his research into the shady world of international weapons financing, drug-running and money laundering. His current research interests are focused on military/intelligence mind-control programs and non-lethal weapons systems, as well as the hidden influence of elitist groups around the globe
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All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Just google video search:

Chip Tatum

Watch for yourself...

Something is so rotten in Denmark, it makes the holocaust look like convenience store theft.

will do update this again and ill get it in the am b4 work.
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The Tatum Chronicle_
D.G. "Chip" Tatum

PEGASUS An American Spy Story Book Two

The Chronicles_

By D.G. "Chip" Tatum

The Tatum Chronicles Published by D.G. "Chip" Tatum P.O. Box 895082, Leesburg, Florida 34789 (352) 787-0867

Copyright _ 1996 By D.G. "Chip" Tatum and Nancy J. Tatum

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by an information storage or retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher, except where permitted by law. For information address: D.G. Tatum, P.O. Box 895082, Leesburg, Florida 34789; e-mail: [email protected].

The Tatum Chronicles INTRODUCTION

I started government service in 1970 as a volunteer for military service during the Vietnam war. Having graduated Air Force Technical School, I became one of the Air Force's first elite combat controllers (CCT). I was subsequently sent to NKP, Thailand. While in Thailand, during a covert mission into Cambodia, our unit, code named Team Red Rock, was captured by North Vietnamese and held as prisoners for 92 days. During interrogations by both Soviet and Chinese officers, Team Red Rock remained silent through the beatings and torture that more often than not ended in death. Had it not been for a patrol of US Marines finding the encampment where we were held prisoner, all of the team would have died. But, fortunately for myself and my platoon sergeant, we were liberated by the recon patrol before we had been tortured to death. During the fire fight between US forces and our captors, I was wounded. Already weak from the torture and beatings inflicted during interrogations, I slipped into a coma. Three weeks later I awoke in an Air Force hospital at Clark Air Force Base, Philippines. Within a few days a man from Saigon arranged to "debrief " the mission. During the debriefing it was explained that the events which Team Red Rock were involved in had been classified by President Nixon for a period of twenty-five years. Due to the sensitive nature of the mission, the president required that I be "held close" for reasons of national security. It had been decided that the CIA would assume that responsibility. On June 6, 1971, William J. Colby, the man from Saigon assigned to debrief me, advised me that I was now under operational control of the CIA. My code name was Pegasus.

During the next eight years, I traveled five continents under the operational control of the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence). As I collected data concerning movement of POWS from Southeast Asia to Asia and on to Europe, and forwarded the data to my handler, William J. Colby, and his predecessor George Bush, I began to realize that our government was not going to act upon that data. At the end of my contract, I found myself compelled by a French resistance song to step aside for a greatly needed rest.
            When you fall, my friend    
            Another friend will emerge    
            From the shadows
            To take your place.

I resigned in 1978 and left the service of my country to live in a quiet town tucked in the mountains of Colorado. Only time could heal the wounds I had suffered through the years as Pegasus.

In 1980, following the failed rescue attempt in the Great Salt Desert of Iran, I was involuntarily reactivated and placed in the U.S. Army. I soon found myself and my family at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, the new home of a U.S. Army Special Operations unit, Task Force 160.

Having participated in numerous covert missions with the 160th, I was given an assignment to Ft. Stewart, Georgia. I was tasked with the mission of infiltrating a medical evacuation unit which was preparing to go to Honduras in support of military exercises.

In February of 1985, two flight crews from the 3/498th Medical Company, Fort Stewart, Georgia, arrived at Palmerola Air Base, Honduras. Each flight crew consisted of a pilot, copilot, medic, and the crew chief.

Upon arrival, our crew was ordered to report to the Hospital Commander for further assignment and billeting. The Hospital Commander, Colonel Zichek introduced our crews to the outgoing medevac crews from Fort Riley, Kansas, home of the "Big Red One".

Following orientation and check-rides with an instructor pilot familiar with the operating rules of the country, we assumed the medevac mission for Joint Task Force Bravo. Having flown extensively in Central America as a Special Operations pilot, I was well aware of the flight environment and the local operational restrictions. However, when I accepted the mission to infiltrate the 3/498th Medical Company and pose as a medevac pilot, as briefed by my handler, Oliver North, I was instructed to make no mention of previous involvement in the area.

On February 15, 1985, during a flight to La Cieba, Honduras I was instructed to contact the man assigned by Oliver North as my local handler, Major Felix Rodriguez. Upon arrival in La Cieba, I contacted Major Rodriguez. He picked the crew up and gave us lodging for the night at a CIA safe house. The house was surrounded by a ten foot perimeter wall of concrete and at the only entrance was an uzi wielding guard. Following dinner, the crew was sent to their quarters while Major Rodriguez and I planned our four month support calendar. I was scheduled to leave Honduras in June of 1985.

I was instructed that in addition to our normal MEDEVAC missions, my duties included a covert group of missions. The control word for these missions was Pegasus. All Pegasus missions took priority over normal medical evacuation missions. Major Rodriguez also instructed me as to my "chain of command." Missions could be ordered by any of the following:
Oliver North - Assistant National Security Advisor to the White House
Amiram Nir - Former Israeli Intelligence Officer (Mossad) and Advisor to Vice President Bush
Felix Rodriguez - CIA

Normal aviation support provided by Pegasus missions included flights to the following areas:

Ilapongo, El Salvador : This was where Corporate Air Services, a CIA owned aviation company, was based.

Contra Camps, Honduras and Nicaragua : Various Nicaraguan rebel camps were located in the jungles and mountains along the Nicaraguan/Honduran border.

The following morning our air crew departed La Cieba for Palmerola Air Base. During the next week, our missions were equally mixed between Pegasus flights into Contra villages and medevac support of U.S. military and Contra casualties. One common denominator on all Pegasus missions was the movement of large white coolers in and out of the Contra camps. They were always sealed and marked as medical supplies.

On October 23rd, 1986, a C-123 cargo plane loaded with arms and ammunition was shot down over Nicaragua. The sole survivor of the crash was captured by the Nicaraguan military and taken to Managua for interrogation. During interrogation, Eugene Hasenfus would reveal to the Ortega led Nicaraguan government that the aircraft which was shot down was owned by the U.S. government and that he was on the payroll of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Although the United States vehemently denied ownership of the aircraft and any knowledge of employing Mr. Hasenfus, subsequent investigations proved out Mr. Hasenfus' allegations to be true.

Dubbed the "Iran-Contra" affair by Attorney General Edwin Meese, President Reagan, denying any knowledge of U.S. involvement, called for a special investigation to "look" into these absurd allegations.

At a cost of over $40 million the investigation yielded only a few prosecutions for minor infractions. It is curious that neither the Select Committee on Secret Military Assistance To Iran and the Nicaraguan Opposition subcommittee tasked with the congressional investigation of the Iran-Contra, nor the office of the Special Prosecutor assigned to investigate criminal wrong-doings which occurred during the Iran-Contra Affair, subpoenaed any active duty military personnel assigned to the border area of Nicaragua/Honduras. Had the service members been called to testify concerning the daily training/resupply, and support of the Contras, it would have been determined that the Boland Act, which prohibited any efforts of the United States or its military to support the Contra effort, was being violated. Testimony by military personnel would have also revealed that military aircraft and supplies were used to support the shipment of cocaine from manufacturing facilities co-located with CIA supported Contra camps. Why weren't we called to testify?

The following documents were filed with base operations at Palmerola Air Base, Honduras between February and May of 1985. This was a full two years prior to the world ever hearing the names Oliver North or Iran/Contra. The documents were filed and stored through the years by the Honduran Military. Recent attempts to locate the documents proved successful. I have compiled the military documents in chronological order which follows a week-by-week sequence of events involving political, military, and intelligence officials from various countries.

As you read the Chronicles, you will find:
A. Flight Plans These are international flight plans filed in conjunction with the 1985 flights. Information includes the name of the crew members, destinations of the flight, and passenger names. Many flight plans will have remarks which were made by the pilots. These remarks were written on the reverse side of the flight plan.
B. Mission Briefs Prior to each flight and at the completion of the flight, any irregularities or information affecting the mission would be briefed and included in the comments section of the mission brief.

26 February, 1985

Wally World, our intelligence compound at Palmerola Air Base, tasked us with a mission requiring us to fly two civilian pilots to one of the largest Contra villages on the Honduran side of the Nicaragua/Honduras border. The names of our passengers as noted in Section 19 of the Department of Defense flight plan filed with Base Operation prior to departure from Palmerola (MHCG) were Bill Cooper and Buzz Sawyer. We departed at 1630Z (Greenwich Means Time). During the flight, Mr. Cooper told us that they worked for Corporate Air Services, a CIA proprietary, based out of Ilapongo Air Base, El Salvador. They were meeting with Contra leaders to coordinate air drops of arms and ammunition to various Contra camps. We arrived at El Paraiso, Honduras without incident. The meeting between the pilots and Contra leaders lasted just over an hour. At the termination of the meeting we were given a white cooler marked "vaccine" and instructed to deliver the cooler to a US Air Force C-130 at La Mesa Airport. Upon arrival at La Mesa Airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the cooler was dropped by two of our crew members. It weighed in excess of 200 pounds. The seal broke on the cooler. I picked up some aviation tape commonly called "hundred mile an hour" tape to reseal the vaccine cooler. I gave the crew leave to get lunch ordered. I stayed to refuel the helicopter and reseal the cooler. Messrs. Cooper and Sawyer went to eat and wait for their flight to El Salvador. When I removed the torn tape from the cooler, I saw that the contents consisted of a number of bags of a white powdery substance. There was over one hundred bags of what appeared to be cocaine. I resealed the cooler and continued refueling the aircraft. About two hours following our arrival, the U.S. Air Force C-130 bound for Panama finally arrived to pick up the vaccine.

We returned to Palmerola Air Base. Upon our return, I called Washington switch via land line (telephone) and advised Mr. North regarding my discovery of the cocaine. He told me that it was one of the trophies of war. "The Sandinistas are manufacturing cocaine and selling it to fund the military." He further stated that "the cocaine was bound for the world courts as evidence." I was reminded of the white coolers I had been asked to deliver to Arkansas on several occasions the year prior.

I was a Special Operations pilot at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. In 1983 and 1984 we would routinely receive requests from a medevac unit at Ft. Campbell to deliver white coolers marked medical supplies to Little Rock Air Force Base, and, on two occasions, to an airport west of Little Rock, in Mena, Arkansas. Further investigation on my part clarified some outstanding questions I had. The medevac unit at Ft. Campbell, the 324th Medical Battalion was a supporting unit for Task Force 160, a Special Operations Unit under the control of the CIA. Flight crews of the 324th Medical Battalion rotated in and out of Honduras on four month tours.

During my flights to Arkansas I was met by a man introducing himself as Dr. Dan Lasater. Dr. Lasater was never alone. He was usually accompanied by a plain-clothes policeman who produced a badge and ID. His name was Raymond Young. I was introduced to him and found that his nickname was 'Buddy'. Mr. Young would later show up in Honduras, posing as a member of the Arkansas National Guard (see flight plan dated 16 March, 1985).

On one occasion in the fall of 1983, I was tasked with delivering two such coolers to Little Rock Airport. The coolers, marked "medical supplies," were to be delivered to Dr. Dan Lasater only. My instructions were to wait for Dr. Lasater, if he was not at the airport when we arrived.

Prior to take off, I helped our crew chief secure the cargo in the rear of the aircraft. I noticed that, although both coolers were identical in size, one cooler was significantly heavier than the other. I shook the lighter cooler, trying to guess its contents. But it was so tightly packed that nothing rattled. I recall thinking that it must have been organs or something, packed tightly in dry ice. So I opened the cooler to check its contents. After thoroughly examining the contents, my curiosity was satisfied and I closed and re-sealed the cooler with military green hundred-mile-an-hour tape. (They had originally been sealed with gray air conditioning duct tape.) I re-secured the cargo and we departed for Little Rock.

We arrived late in the night, about 10:30 pm. Dr. Lasater was not waiting for us, so we began our post-flight of the aircraft and flight planning for our next leg to Houston's Hobby Airport. About 12:15am a limousine, followed by a van, and unmarked law enforcement vehicle, arrived at the FBO. Dr. Lasater was the first out of the limo. I recognized him from a previous flight. He was followed by two others. Dr. Lasater introduced himself to me, apparently not realizing we had met before, and asked if we were the aircraft with the donor organs. I told him that we had the coolers and pointed at them in the rear of the aircraft. Doug, our crew chief, helped Lasater's limo driver with the coolers. The heavy cooler went into the limo and the light cooler was loaded into the van. Dr. Lasater introduced me to the two gentlemen with him. First, we were introduced to the Governor of Arkansas, Governor William J. Clinton, and then his security chief, Raymond "Buddy" Young. At this point, Mr. Young recognized me and stated so. I was then introduced to a third man standing at the limo. We were invited to stay the night and accepted. (After all, I thought, they may want to talk to me when they find the note I left in the lighter cooler.)

After returning to Ft. Campbell on Friday, I called Director Colby and told him of the delivery and my discovery. I told him that when I opened the cooler, which was ultimately taken by Governor Clinton, it contained several kilos of an off-white powdery substance and lots of money.

The coolers which were delivered to Arkansas were identical to the one I just discovered at La Mesa Airport in Honduras containing cocaine. I decided that I had best begin documenting our cargo for the flight crew's safety. I went to operations and noted the cocaine on the back of the flight plan.

26 FEBRUARY, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

26 FEBRUARY, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

1 March, 1985

Two white coolers marked "medical supplies" were delivered to Dustoff (MEDEVAC) Operations. Major Rodriguez advised us to deliver the coolers to him in Tela, Honduras (LYA). I opened the coolers and checked the contents. They were both filled with about one hundred kilos of cocaine. We delivered the coolers as ordered to Major Rodriguez. He was waiting in front of an old DC-3. We then returned to base at Palmerola.

1 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

1 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

2 March, 1985

I was advised by Major Rodriguez that "The Company" had arranged for an unusually high concentration of chlorine in the water supply of a tactical communications site called Skywatch. The CIA was unable to obtain the satellite operations frequencies from the military controlled site. (This was not unusual. The Department of Defense and the CIA have never developed a level of trust adequate to share secret information between agencies. I was one of several U.S. military officers recruited by "The Company" to "spy" on our military for the CIA. This small group of military officers report directly to the Director of the CIA. I reported to William Colby.) My mission was to obtain these frequencies while the doctor was tending to the ill soldiers. We flew a PA and our medic to the TAC site. While the PA and medic tended to the stomach cramped and diarrhea ridden American servicemen, I went into the communications van and copied the frequencies. When we returned to Palmerola, we experienced engine failure and were forced to auto-rotate from 8500 feet. The tailboom of the helicopter cracked when we crash landed.

Later in the afternoon, I gained access to a secure line. I called Washington Switch and passed the frequencies to Don Gregg as I was instructed. Mr. Gregg, Vice President George Bushs' National Security Advisor, asked me to pass them to Clair George. Before having my call transferred to Mr. George, I told Mr. Gregg of my discovery concerning the cocaine in the large, white coolers. I also told him about Major Rodriguez' explanation. Mr. Gregg confirmed that the coolers were bound for the world courts as evidence against the Sandinistas. I was then transferred to Langley and passed the frequencies to Mr. George. He thanked me and advised me that he would pass them to Dewey, who was Dewey Clairage of the CIA (see letter dated October 1993 from the Security Section of the Israeli Embassy). I terminated the call and went to Base Operations. I noted the info on the back of the flight plan. I put additional notes on the mission brief.

The supporting maintenance officer for the US Army Aviation Element at Palmerola Air Base advised me, during our post-crash investigation, that the aircraft had experienced serious mechanical problems in flight. During maintenance the turbine was fitted with the wrong main seals causing the combustion chamber to crack on the jet ending in engine failure. Additionally, the main rotor blades had been adjusted so that when entering auto-rotation, the main rotor pitch would be in a negative position. This meant that instead of being driven by the relative wind, and providing sufficient RPMs to land safely, the main rotor blades were set to slow to the point of stalling, thus causing no lift and a fatal crash. I discovered the negative pitch in time to compensate and land with minimal damage to the aircraft and crew. Someone didn't want us alive. 2

2 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

2 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

2 MARCH, 1985 MISSION AFTER-ACTION REPORT Click for full size picture.


Click for full size picture.

5 March, 1985

Major Rodriguez called and advised me that he and three others needed to spend two days visiting several local villages and some of the north Contracamps. I called Col. Zichek, the Hospital Commander, and received authorization to fly two days of recon missions mapping villages which were not on our maps. The following passengers arrived with Major Rodriguez.

General Gustavo Alverez -Honduran Army Chief of Staff (General Alverez usually flew under the name of Dr. Gus)

Honduran Colonel -the General's aide

Amiram Nir -CIA (Mossad)

We flew into all six villages listed, and picked up soldiers and took them to El Paraiso. We flew about seven sorties. Then we returned to base. Maintenance and weather hampered our efforts to fly the following day. Those missions would be flown on 7 March, 1985.

5 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

7 March, 1985

Missions continued from several villages to Contra camps. Major Rodriguez was utilized as an interpreter to provide instructions. Two of the camps in Nicaragua were under fire by Sandinistas. Our intelligence indicated that there was no problem. We flew four sorties into the camps under heavy fire. At El Paraiso, we picked up four large white coolers. I asked Rodriguez, "Evidence?" He responded patting the cooler with his hands, "You catch on fast."

We dropped Rodriguez and the coolers off at San Lorenzo (SNL) and returned to base. I went to Operations and noted the cargo on the reverse side of the flight plan.

7 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

7 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

7 MARCH, 1985 BRIEFING SHEET Click for full size picture.

7 MARCH, 1985 BRIEFING SHEET Click for full size picture.

13 March, 1985

At 3 A.M. I was called by J2 (which is Joint Task Force Bravo intelligence arm) and the Mil Group (CIA) from the embassy in Tegucigalpa. There was an immediate need for medevac into Nicaragua. Soviet built Hind helicopters had attacked several Contra camps along the border. I was tasked to fly into Nicaragua and find the home base for the Hinds so that the Contras could counter-attack. We arrived at Ojo De Agua at 1720Z. Major Rodriguez advised us that Ocotal is the most probable base area for the Hinds. Flying low level with only the main rotors above the trees, we approached Ocotal. Before departing the area of the airfield, we were able to count eight Hind-D Soviet gunships. The aircraft alerted to our presence and launched.

We were able to evade them and complete our mission moving medical personnel and supplies from the damaged camps.

13 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

13 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

13 MARCH, 1985 MISSION BRIEFING Click for full size picture.

13 MARCH, 1985 MISSION BRIEFING Click for full size picture.

13 MARCH, 1985 NOTES Click for full size picture.

13 MARCH, 1985 NOTES Click for full size picture.


Tried to reach J-2 or installation for 3 furs. upon arrival at Oio De Agua - officials (one civilian clothed, Engligh speaking) asked us to divert from original flight RQ to an urgent recon of shelled area - no response frm J-2 need e cisted - we diverted - to area suspected as Ocotol, Nic. entered @ Danli thru valley to El Paraiso Landed north of good size town in soccer field - stayed about +5 min &c departed to north - up river valley Noc Rcd radar from C~ & NIC inbound lost on APR39 throughout terrain flight no further contact until climbed appx 750' agl. Suspect violation of boarder - debriefed by Col at Ojo de Agua - no one big enough in your chain - repeated no one should know where we had been. Col was not Honduran mil (different uniform) black e greying hair strong face. very intelligent & knowledgeable of contra activities, name uns - our aircraft did not have red chgs - gun shot by crowd - offender aprehended by flt crew. Adv North via Rodriguez

Note: El Porvinir & Ocotel are in Nicanam

15 March, 1985

I was called to a meeting at the U.S. Embassy in Tegucigalpa. Due to a patient with a head injury, I was unable to meet on time. Night flight was prohibited in country. It required a life-death situation. Mr. Hibbard, the pilot-in-charge (PIC) of the other medevac aircraft arrived late in the evening with the patient. The hospital at JTF-Bravo was unable to provide neuro-care. They arranged for a neuro-surgeon to fly into Tegucigalpa (TNT) that night. I replaced Mr. Hibbard's co-pilot and flew the night mission to the capital city. As we approached Tegucigalpa the lights to the city were turned off. This was an indicator to us that word of our night flight was not passed on to the Honduran military as expected. When we saw the blackout of Tegucigalpa, we dropped to night low-level flight and turned off all of our position lights. We continued toward the city at about 60 knots. Our low-level recon revealed that we were just south east of the airport. Having flown into the airport on many occasions, I was aware of the anti-aircraft artillery locations around the airport. One clear area was the main terminal. We repositioned over the city to the north of the air terminal, entered over the main terminal, then dropped to ground level, and flew about one foot above the runway to the U.S. military area. We shut down the aircraft as Honduran military jeeps arrived with 50 calibre machine guns pointing at us. The ambulance and a car from the U.S. Embassy were held back until General Alverez arrived to take the prisoners (us). When he arrived, he asked another officer how a helicopter could breech the perimeter of the airport and main military base. We were still sitting in the helicopter with our flight helmets on. When we were ordered out, I took off my helmet and saluted the general. I pointed to the child who had been hit by a U.S. military truck earlier in the day. An ambulance arrived and we transferred the patient.

The general released us and accompanied us to the embassy. When I arrived at the embassy, I was introduced to William Barr, Mike Harari, and Buddy Young. I had met Mr. Young one year prior in Little Rock, Arkansas. Mr. Barr represented himself as an emissary of Vice President Bush, who would be arriving in the future. This was an advance party designed to set up meetings for Vice President Bush. We joined the cocktail party and then accommodations were arranged at a local hotel. I was then asked to join Mr. Barr, Mr. Young, and Mr. Harari at a local German restaurant. I was picked up by the embassy car. Major Felix Rodriguez was in the car when I entered. We met the others for dinner and continued the meeting at the hotel. I was told that Mr. Young and Mr. Harari would fly back to Palmerola with me in the morning.

We departed the following morning with the passengers listed in Item 19 Remarks section of the Department of Defense Flight Plan dated 16 March, 1985.

The following conversation took place between Messrs. Harari and Young during the flight to Palmerola Air Base. The passengers were wearing headsets and speaking over the aircraft intercom system due to the high noise level in the helicopter. As the command pilot, I routinely monitor all conversations on our intercom. I did not advise our passengers that I was listening, or that I was recording the conversation.

Buddy: "Arkansas has the capability to manufacture anything in the area of weapons - and if we don't have it - we'll get it!"

Mike: "How about government controls?"

Buddy: "The Governor's on top of it, and if the feds get nosey - we hear about it and make a call. Then they're called off." He was looking around the countryside and continued, "Why the hell would anyone want to fight for a shit-hole like this?"

Mike: Shaking his head in awe, answered,"What we do has nothing to do with preserving a country's integrity - it's just business, and third world countries see their destiny as defeating borders and expanding. The more of this mentality we can produce - the greater our wealth. We train and we arm - that's our job. And, in return, we get a product far more valuable than the money for a gun. We're paid with product. And we credit top dollar for product."

Buddy: Still looked confused.

Mike: "Look - one gun and 3,000 rounds of ammo is $1,200. A kilo of product is about $1,000. We credit the Contras $1,500 for every kilo. That's top dollar for a kilo of cocaine. It's equivalent to the American K-Mart special - buy four, get one free. On our side - we spend $1,200 for a kilo and sell it for $12,000 to $15,000. Now, that's a profit center. And the market is much greater for the product than for weapons. It's just good business sense - understand?

Buddy: "Damn! So you guys promote wars and revolutions to provide weapons for drugs - we provide the non-numbered parts to change out and we all win. Damn that's good!"

Mike: "It's good when it works - but someone is, how do you say, has his hand in the coffer."

Buddy: Responding on the defensive,"Well, we get our ten percent right off the top and that's plenty. GOFUS can make it go a long way." Mike:"Who is GOFUS?"

Buddy: "Governor Clinton! That's our pet word for him. You know they call the President 'POTUS' for 'President of the United States'. Well, we call Clinton 'GOFUS' for 'Governor of the United States'. He thinks he is anyhow.

Mike: "That's your problem in America. You have no respect for your elected officials. They are more powerful than you think and have ears everywhere. You should heed my words and be loyal to your leaders. Especially when speaking to persons like me. Your remarks indicate a weakness - something our intelligence analysts look for."

Buddy: "Aw hell, Mike. Everybody knows the Clinton's want the White House and will do anything to get it. That's why I'm here instead of someone else. We know about the cocaine - hell! I've picked it up before with Lasater when he was worried about going on Little Rock Air Base to get it."

A new line of conversation ensued. Harari questioned Young about his knowledge of who the 'players' were. He went down a list. He started with 'The Boss - Clinton'. Here's a synopsis of the players according to Young.

Buddy: "Clinton - thinks he's in charge, but he'll only go as far as Casey allows. Me and my staff - we keep the lid on things you know - complaints about night flying - Arkansas people are private folks - they don't like a lot of commotion and Mena just isn't the right place for the operation. It keeps us busy at the shredder - if you know what I mean. Dan the Man (Lasater) - He does magic with the money - between him and Jack Stevens we don't have to worry a bit. Then we got Parks - if there's a problem - he's the man. We call him the Archer - that's the codename that Casey and Colby told us to assign to that position. Finnis oversee's our drop zone. Nash - he's just the boss' 'yes' man. Personally I think he's a mistake! Seal and his guys - I like his attitude "and leave the driving to us!" he said, quoting one of Seal's good ole boy sayings.

Mike: "You like Seal?"

Buddy: "Hell! He's the only one I trust - respect is the word."

Mike: "Do you see much of him?"

Buddy: "Hell, yea. We test drive Clinton's rides before we send 'em on, ya know? (He laughed, grinding his hips.) Say - how much coke do you recon you can make in a week?"

Mike: "One camp can produce 400 keys a week. The others are about half that. But that's just our operation here. We have other sources in various parts of the world. Why do you ask?"

Buddy: "What? Oh, the Governor wanted to know our capacity."

Mike: "Who else is on the team?"

Buddy: "Well, hell, I forgot who I told you about."

Mike ran down the list from memory.

Buddy: "Ok, there's the manufacturers - hell, these two.."

The tape stopped.

I didn't recognize the names. I ran out of paper on my kneeboard shortly after the tape stopped. Something like Johnson and Johnson. The flight continued and so did their discussions...about people mostly. We landed and I went to Operations and made a note on the back of the flight plan that I filed by phone.

16 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

16 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.
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18 March, 1985

I was called at 0500 hours and told that there were three wounded soldiers at a Contra camp outside of Choloteca. We launched and picked up two observers in Choloteca as ordered. Mr. North and a Lt. Col. Ramon Navarro. I had met Lt. Col. Navarro on previous flights into contra camps, however, his uniform was not that of the U.S. or Honduran Military. We then proceeded to the Contra camp where our medic administered to the casualties. We loaded two of the casualties and were waiting for Specialist McDonald, our medic, to finish with the last patient. The last patient had a piece of what seemed to be wood sticking out of a bad wound to the upper left portion of his body. When we attempted to clean the area, we found a hole the size of a softball adjacent to the impaled object. McDonald began cleaning the area, causing a clear view of muscle hanging and the inside of the chest cavity. Mr. North fainted. I caught him and popped an ammonia capsule to bring him around. We then departed and delivered the casualties to San Lorenzo.

I would see Ramon Navarro on several occasions. The last time I saw Ramon was February 27th, 1991.

In 1990 the United States arrested General Manuel Noriega. General Noriega had been indicted by a federal grand jury under the drug conspiracy laws. Two of General Noriega's co-defendants were severed from the General and scheduled for trial in early 1991.

One of the government's key witnesses against the two co-defendants was Ramon Navarro. Navarro knew, from past experience, how valuable his testimony would be. After being subpoenaed, Navarro contacted Felix Rodriguez, one of his handlers from the Contra cocaine manufacturing facilities. Navarro told Rodriguez that he wanted $1 million - cash or he would not only testify about Noriega's involvement with drug manufacturing and trafficking, but he would also implicate Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Oliver North, President George Bush and others.

Having been recruited into a covert operations intelligence unit in 1986, directed by William Colby and George Bush, I was tasked with the mission of delivering the money with its terms to Mr. Navarro. On February 26th, 1991, an Archer Team, consisting of three assassins and one tracker began surveillance of Mr. Navarro. A Saberliner was flown into Miami Airport with a satchel of money containing $1 million. My orders were to deliver the money to Mr. Navarro and advise him that he was to leave with me.

It had been arranged through Adolfo Colero, an ex-Contra leader now in the Chamarro government of Nicaragua for Mr. Navarro to relocate and live in Nicaragua. Mr. Bush felt that it would be too dangerous for Navarro to testify. I was ordered by Colby to give Navarro the money and take him to the Saberliner. I was further instructed that, if Navarro refused to relocate, he was to be terminated on the spot.

Two Archers were placed at Navarro's home the night of February 27th, 1991. I was stationed outside of Navarro's girlfriend's house with the Major (code name for an Archer team leader) and another Archer. Mr. Navarro exited his girlfriend's house at about 11:30 pm. I exited my vehicle and approached Ramon. When Navarro saw me approaching, he jumped in his car and sped off down the road. The red BMW was speeding through the streets of Miami at about 80 miles per hour with our two vehicles in pursuit. We notified the team at his home and they were prepared to apprehend him. Suddenly, Navarro lost control and crossed the median, crashing into a fence. Navarro was dead. We stopped and insured that he was dead, and then departed. I returned the satchel of money to the aircraft.

See flight plan and After Action Report on the following page.

18 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

18 MARCH, 1985 AFTER ACTION REPORT Click for full size picture.

18 MARCH, 1985 AFTER ACTION REPORT Click for full size picture.

22 March, 1985

I was asked to provide transportation for the following passengers back to Tegucigalpa.

General Gustavo Alverez -Honduras

Felix Rodriguez -CIA

Mike Harari - Panama (Retired Mossad - see letter from Israeli Embassy dated October 20th, 1993.)

Major Rodriguez advised me that I would need to modify aircraft #228 for a flight through Nicaragua to Costa Rica on the 24th. I 'roger-ed' and returned to Palmerola. Upon arriving I arranged for the modifications. The modification included four stinger missiles which were to be attached outside of the aircraft only if detection and acquisition were inevitable.

22 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

22 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

24 March, 1985


To deliver passengers to El Ocotal, Costa Rica and to gather vital intel from moles at Ojo de Agua/El Tamborcita, Nicaragua. It was necessary for pax to meet with contacts at Ojo and brief prior to meeting in Costa Rica.


It was determined by intelligence provided by Wally World, that both radar threat and airborne patrols of Soviet built Hind-D were in place. It was, therefore, determined that we would use a modified medevac UH-1. If detected in a low-level flight across Nicaragua, it was most likely that the Sandinistas would not shoot down a humanitarian aircraft. The modification to the UH-1 were gun mounts ready to be swung out of the aircraft with two stinger missiles mounted on each side. The mission was flown at a top altitude of twelve (12) feet above ground level (AGL).

Flown as Briefed.


The first leg of the flight was eventful. Utilizing the terrain elevation of the Cordillera Range northeast of Managua as a shield against Nicaraguan radar, the mission was flown with minimal hits of the APR-39 (Radar Indicator). The following passengers and crew participated in the meeting at Ojo de Agua: Mr. Rodriguez, General Alverez, and Joe Fernandez. Mr. Harari showed minimal interest in the intel. Familiarization with the usage of the photo equipment followed the briefing. I refueled from a tactical ball dropped a day earlier. We carried two aux-fuel bladders in the hell holes of the chopper. The flight resumed to El Ocotal, Costa Rica with minimal hits on the APR-39. The meeting was held at a remote seaside retreat. A communications center was set up at the chopper utilizing a phone provided by Mr. Fernandez.

Attending the meeting were the following:

General Noriega - Panama

Mike Harari - Panama (retired Mossad)

Felix Rodriguez - U.S.

Joe Fernandez - U.S. (CIA)

General Gustavo Alverez - Honduras

William Barr - U.S.

Via Sat/Com link:

Oliver North - U.S. (National Security Council)

William Clinton - Governor of Arkansas

George Bush - U.S. Vice President

General Noriega and Mr. Barr greeted the aircraft when we arrived. The passengers adjourned to their meeting while I secured the aircraft. I was invited to join when I finished. Two Latin American soldiers set up the Sat/Com device and stood guard on the aircraft. I joined the meeting approximately thirty minutes later. When I arrived, the discussion was concerning the loss of over $100 million dollars worth of drugs and cash. The "Enterprise" was being drained. There were three Compaq Computers set up with operators, obviously working for Mr. Barr. There were approximately eight (8) administrative personnel correlating data provided by computer discs brought by the principles of the meeting. The discussions continued. It was obvious that the purpose of the meeting was to identify the source of the loss. The money flow was traced from Panama to several destinations in the U.S. Their Ohio source was ruled out early. Their Colorado source was also ruled out. That left Arkansas. It was discussed by the members that either Seal or Clinton were siphoning from the "Enterprise". At this point, my food was brought, so I moved to a separate table and ate. By the time I finished, Mr. Fernandez signaled me to join him. We went back to the aircraft and used the phone. He called Mr. North and told him that the loss was definitely occurring on the Arkansas drop. He said, "That means either Seal, Clinton or Noriega." (I thought it noteworthy that Mr. Fernandez added General Noriega to the suspect list.) He hung up. I started back, but Fernandez stopped me and told me to get Barr and Rodriguez. I summoned Barr and Rodriguez to the aircraft. About 15 minutes later, the phone activated and Barr answered. He listened, not speaking but nodding his head in agreement. When he spoke, he told the caller that it had been determined that the problem existed on the Arkansas connection. "I would propose that no one source would be bold enough to siphon out that much money, but it is more plausible that each are sihoning a portion causing a drastic loss." He then acknowledged something with a "Yes, sir," and told the caller he would see him and give an up-dated report in two days. At that point the phone was handed to me. I answered, "Tatum." Vice President Bush asked me to ensure that General Noriega and Mr. Harari boarded Seal's plane and departed prior to my departure. He also wanted the tail number of Seal's plane. I was told to tell no one that we spoke. He then instructed me to pass the tail number to North via land lines when I returned to base. I acknowledged and handed the phone back to Barr. Barr stated that he and Fernandez were staying in Costa Rica until the following day. They needed to visit the "ranch." He then terminated the call. Mr. Barr then made another call. He asked for Governor Clinton. He must have had a direct number because he didn't have to wait. He began immediately. He explained that a substantial amount of "Enterprise" monies had disappeared. He further explained to Governor Clinton that it was suspected to be in excess of $100 million dollars and that it was definitely disappearing along the Panama to Arkansas connection. He suggested that Governor Clinton investigate on that end, and that he and Mr. North would continue investigating on the Panama side and that it must be resolved or it could lead to problems. "Big problems," he reiterated. He then asked Clinton to put his best man on it and stated that this was priority one. Then he terminated the call.

We broke down the equipment. I dropped Noriega and Harari at the airport and waited for Seal to leave in a Lear jet tail number N13SN. Then I returned the other passengers to Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.

This is the content of the meeting and the mission. The following is the mission flight plan and passenger list.

24 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

24 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

30 March, 1985

We arranged to remain over night (RON) in Tela, Honduras. We settled into the hotel and I excused myself for the night. I walked to the airfield (it was approximately 1 mile away) and flew the helicopter to La Cieba. I picked up the following passengers:



Mr. North

CIA & Vice President Bush

Felix Rodriguez

CIA - acted as co-pilot

General Alverez


Ami Nir

CIA (Mossad)

We flew into several villages on the Nicaragua/Honduras border to recon for a later mission. I recorded actual village locations for cargo drops by CH-47's scheduled later in April. Three of the villages were Rus Rus, Waspam and Santa Anna.

Mr. North was pleased with the operations. He stated that Vice President Bush appreciated the extra effort I was giving. General Alverez told Mr. North of my ability to sneak into his airfield under their radar. He asked North if I could instruct some of his security team and pilots for future use. North declined stating that I was a national secret, laughing. We landed at Santa Anna and met with Enrique Bermudez and other Contra leaders. We were then taken to a processing area of some sort. As we approached, there was a strong smell of jet fuel and acetone. There were several tactical bladders, used for carrying fuels, sitting around the area. Six large fuel pods were on the ground but had the tops torched off. Inside there was fuel and ground-up coca leaves.

Mr. North stated the following to the other passengers, "One more year of this and we'll all retire." He then made a remark concerning Barry Seal and Governor Clinton. "If we can keep those Arkansas hicks in line, that is," referring to the loss of monies as determined the week prior during their meeting in Costa Rica. I stood silently by the vat of leaves, listening to the conversation. General Alverez had gone with the Contra leader to discuss logistics. The other three - North, Rodriguez, and Ami Nir - continued through the wooden building, inspecting the cocaine. North continued, "...but he (Vice President Bush) is very concerned about those missing monies. I think he's going to have Jeb (Bush) arrange something out of Columbia," he told his comrades, not thinking twice of my presence. What Mr. North was referring to ended up being the assassination of Barry Seal by members of the Medellin Cartel in early 1986.

"How about 'Pineapple'?" Rodriguez asked. (Speaking of General Noriega.)

"Naw," North answered, "something's up there." Bush later insured Noriega was indicted and imprisoned for drug trafficking.

I recalled the mysterious army officers remarks in Ojo de Agua, "Tell no one. There's no one big enough in your chain of command." I just heard North tell Rodriguez that the Vice President, the Governor of Arkansas and the three of them are manufacturing cocaine. I flew them back to La Cieba and I continued back to Tela in time for drinks downtown with my crew and friends. We returned the following day to Palmerola. I went to Ops an put a few notes on the back of the flight plan.

30 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

30 MARCH, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

30 MARCH, 1985 NOTES


6 April, 1985

Six coolers marked medical supplies were delivered to Dustoff Operations. We were tasked with dropping them off in Trijillo at the airstrip. We met a U.S. Air Force C-130 bound for Panama and passed the coolers of cocaine to them. I asked the pilot, "Who gets these?" He looked at his manifest and told me that a Dr. Harari would be called on arrival.

6 APRIL, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

6 APRIL, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.





9 April, 1985

We flew into a small village forty kilometers east north east of Ocotal in Nicaragua. Rodriguez was there with the Contra leader Enrique Bermudez when we arrived. We walked through the camp which was still being cleared and organized. Four fuel pods with their tops cut off were sitting outside a large military tent. Several tactical fuel balls were located next to the pods. Rodriguez told the air crew that this was a Sandinista base that was captured. I noted that all of the equipment, the GP large tent, the fuel pods, and the tactical fuel balls were U.S. made. And inside the tent were several women packaging the cocaine. When we left, we carried four 110 quart, white coolers marked medical supplies to San Lorenzo, dropped them off to a civilian C-123 and returned to base.

9 APRIL, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

9 APRIL, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

10 April, 1985

We were tasked with flying six coolers marked "medical supplies" to San Lorenzo, Honduras. While we were flying on 9 April, Dr. Gus (General Gustavo Alverez), delivered six coolers to Dustoff operations. I opened all six coolers to check their contents. I only counted the packages of cocaine in one of the coolers. There were 110 packages. Major Hethcox, the Aviation Support Commander, sent his Administrative Officer, Lt. Willett, to Dustoff Operations to fly one leg of our flight as my co-pilot. I suspected Hethcox was curious why we were flying so much. We loaded the coolers marked "medical supplies" and headed for San Lorenzo (SLN). Upon arrival we hovered to a C-123 cargo aircraft that we had met the previous day. The C-123 was based out of El Salvador and was tasked with carrying the cargos from San Lorenzo back to El Salvador. I noticed something familiar as the C-123 pilot approached. It was Barry Seal, an old friend.

Barry was holding a jar of olives in his hand as he walked up to the chopper and greeted me. Barry had promised me weeks before in Panama, during a meeting with Harari, Noriega, and North, to see that I got some olives. I had visited the base liquor store (Class 6) at Howard Air Force Base, but it was out of olives, as was the commissary. I told him that I didn't expect "curb-service." He gave his cherub laugh and invited us to a caf‚ for a coka-cola. The crew joined us as he commandeered an Air Force truck for the short drive from the airstrip to the village.

Barry and I walked outside of the cafe so that we could talk privately. I asked Barry to level with me concerning the drugs and who was involved. I felt that Barry Seal was the only person I had met to date that I could get a straight answer out of. The following is what Barry Seal told me concerning the drugs in general and, more specifically, the destination of the drugs which we delivered to San Lorenzo on 9 and 10 April, 1985.

"The Contras needed weapons for their rebellion against the Sandinistas. When the CIA approached the Contras in the early 80's they promised total support in weapons, training, and money required to sustain the operations. This is what prompted the Nicaraguans to begin open recruiting against the Ortega-led Sandinista government. But, as time went on, the U.S. renigged on their promise to the rebels. Not only did the U.S. cut money needed for medical and food supplies for the Contra camps, but they also refused to provide the weaponry needed to stay alive. This left the Contras in a hell of a spot. William Casey met with Adolfo Colero and it was decided that the Contras would get the much needed money and weapons in exchange for cocaine. Casey put Ollie North over the project. North, at the CIAs promptings, recruited Seal to oversee delivery of the products, and a man named Ramon Navarro (Medellin Cartel) to train the Contras in the manufacturing process. Colero was the "point man" for the Contras. He dealt with Washington and others as needed. Contra leader Enrique Bermudez was tasked with getting the cocaine kitchens built and protected. Bermudez had solicited three other Contra commanders to assist in this project. Their names are Commander Fernando, Commander Franklin, and Commander Marlan. Ramon Navarro supplied the cocaine paste and raw coca leaves to the Contras. The U.S. provided the equipment. It was delivered to the camps by Chinook helicopters (CH-47) out of Ft. Campbell, Kentucky (159th Aviation Battalion). It was Barry's job to deliver the finished product and monies to destinations as dictated by Mr. North.

Barry gave me the names of his various drop points and told me to be very wary of North. "He'll give up his mamma if he has to!" was his comment concerning North's lack of honor. He also gave me the names of U.S. officials, politicians, and drug enforcement officials involved in the cocaine enterprise.

I asked him to be exact about the shipments so that I could better understand. He used the six coolers that we just delivered as his example. He said that these coolers and the coolers delivered the previous day would be taken to El Salvador. From El Salvador they would be taken to a site in Southern California. There it would be distributed in rock form called "crack." I made note of his comments and his "Boss Hog" list, as Barry called it, on the back of the flight plan concerning this specific flight. The notes were made on the evening of 10 April, 1985.

10 APRIL 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture. Click for full size picture.


Delivered 6 coolers of cocaine to SLN. Met Bany Seal in C-123. Ramon Navarro was with Seal. Asked Seal what was up with the cocaine being made in contra camps. - Said it was a CIA OPN. This shipment was going to Calif to make a drug called crack. Seal said that the CIA planned to get all the riggers in the U S. hooked on it & then throw 'em in prison. Said the the S's for the crack goes to buy weapons for the contrast Asked him who is involved - he said it goes all the way to the white house. Said I could talk to the boss - he'd be here (in Honduras) in a couple days. Took notes on back of AA. Msn request for RMTC. Will include with this flight plan. Msn RQ dtd 6 April.

Thats all I had to take notes on. Missions getting out of hand. Major Hethcox is getting suspicious of the flights. Sent Willet to make sure we really went to SLN. Fat Boy gave me some Olives - man they were good! Told me to stay with it as long as I could. Said that he would let North know about the heat from Hethcox.

11 April, 1985

We delivered personnel and supplies to several Contra camps. Among the Contra soldiers that we carried was the Contra leader in charge of the North camps, Enrique Bermudez. We flew several sorties making for a very long flight day. I would only see Commander Bermudez on two more occasions. The last time I would see Enrique Bermudez alive would be in 1991 outside of a hotel in Managua.

Enrique served as a faithful Commander during the Nicaraguan Revolution on behalf of the Counter Revolutionaries against the Sandinista government led by Daniel Ortega. But, beyond his fighting ability, was his loyalty to Vice President Bush and CIA Director Bill Casey. It was Commander Three Eight Zero (Bermudez) who would insure the safety of the cocaine manufacturing facilities co-located in the Contra camps.

When the revolution ended, and there was a democratically elected president, Enrique Bermudez rightly expected a prominent position. However, President Chamarro, Nicaragua's new president, was not comfortable with Commander Three Eight Zero. She felt that he did not possess the political qualities she desired in her cabinet. In 1991 Bermudez pressured President Bush to convince Chamarro of his political value. Chamarro resisted Bush. Bermudez, desperate to position himself, decided to use his "ace in the hole." Bermudez told Bush that if he did not receive a prominent governmental position he would expose Bush, North and company of their cocaine trafficking enterprise in Honduras.

As Enrique Bermudez walked down the street in front of the Intercontinental Hotel in 1991, a shot rang out and a bullet entered the back of Commander Three Eight Zero's head. I departed the area of operation before he stopped twitching, knowing that the mission was complete. The message passed to the White House was quite simple, "The playing field is clear."

11 APRIL, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

11 APRIL, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

11 APRIL, 1985 ACTION REPORT Click for full size picture.

11 APRIL, 1985 ACTION REPORT Click for full size picture.

13 April, 1985

I scheduled an instrument training flight to La Mesa and then to Tela. Major Rodriguez needed another night flight into Waspam and Rus Rus. I carried eight passengers - all medical staff from the Joint Task Force hospital to Tela, a beautiful beach town on the Caribbean. While the others slept, I walked to the airfield and met Major Rodriguez. We flew to the two Contra camps and returned with eight coolers. We stored the coolers marked medical supplies in a broken down hangar on the airfield at Tela. The Major told me that a C-123 should be there in the morning to pick up the evidence. He also told me that 350 kilos of cocaine had been stolen from international drug dealers based out of Colombia. He further told me that it had been secured by the Contras in Costa Rica. He pointed to four of the coolers, proud of the theft and the fact that he had possession of the cocaine. An armed guard was posted outside the hangar. I felt numb. He must have thought me a complete idiot to believe the trophies of war story he kept trying to pass to me. But who could I tell? It even involved the Vice President! I just kept telling myself to keep good notes.

Upon returning, I was called to the JTFB Command Center. There I was met by the Commander of the Army Aviation Assets in Honduras. He told me he knew I was being directed by someone other than military officials and he demanded to know who directed my flights. I told him that his security clearance simply wasn't substantial enough for me to answer his question. He handed me a message that confirmed his suspicions. I have attached a copy of the message to the flight plan dated 13 April, 1985.

When I returned to Dustoff Operations, I called North and told him that the military authority was getting wise to the Pegasus flights. He said that he had a copy of the "twixt" and would handle it.

13 APRIL, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.

13 APRIL, 1985 FLIGHT PLAN Click for full size picture.



19 April, 1985

I was called by Major Rodriguez and told to deliver the map I had made of the Waspam/Rus Rus area two weeks prior, to a CH-47 (Chinook) out of the 159th Aviation Battalion, Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. The Chinook was scheduled to arrive in La Mesa at daybreak on the 20th, so I gathered my crew, gave excuses of a dental problem and no fuel available to top off at Palmarola. I was able to get the authority to fly by the J-3 Operations for Joint Task Force Bravo. We flew to La Mesa. Unfortunately, there was no fuel there either. When we arrived, the refueling point had shut down for the night. We went to the hotel. The following morning I met the aircraft to give them an orientation. I was on board as it was taxiing to a new parking and the refueling point. Suddenly the main rotors meshed. The top of the helicopter was torn from the aircraft, throwing all of us violently around the interior of the aircraft. I was drenched in hydraulic fluid. My back had been injured. I was able to get to a hangar and get washed. I returned to my hotel room for two days. I then reported to the hospital at JTF Bravo to find that I had sustained a compression fracture of the spine. I was flown back to Ft. Stewart, Georgia.

19 APRIL, 1985 FLIGHT BRIEF Click for full size picture.

19 APRIL, 1985 MISSION BRIEFING Click for full size picture.

19 APRIL, 1985 MISSION BRIEFING Click for full size picture.


Six months later Bill Cooper and Buzz Sawyer were shot down in Nicaragua and killed. Their kicker - Eugene Hasenfus was captured by the Sandinistas. Three months after Cooper and Sawyer died, Barry Seal was killed outside a half-way house in Louisiana as predicted by Mr. North during our flight on 30 March, 1985.

In March of 1986, I was contacted by Lt. Col. Oliver North and involuntarily recruited into a Special Operations group codenamed Pegasus. I was told that I would be working directly for the President of the United States. I was paid $43,394.40 in April of 1986 and given a medical discharge. I reported to my new assignment in May of 1986.

During the next few years, I would be tasked by Mr. Bush with the neutralization of a Mossad agent in 1988, an army Chief of Staff in 1989, the President of a third world country in 1989, and the leader of a revolutionary force in Central America in 1991.

Ami Nir was killed in 1988.

General Gustavo Alverez was killed in 1989.

Enrique Bermudez, Contra leader and overseer of the cocaine kitchens, was killed in 1991.

In 1992 I was tasked to neutralize an American citizen. I refused. I decided that day to leave the Black Operations unit. When I told Mr. Colby of my decision, he told me that one can't just walk away. I explained to him that I understood the fate of those who walk away. For that reason, I began documenting my activities on film, on audio tapes, and with copies of documents, all of which I compiled through the years. I explained that the film and tapes were placed in strategic locations around the world to insure my safety.

I was true to my word. Over the year I remained silent concerning my knowledge of the illegal activities of my superiors. But two years after I "retired" from the Black Operations group, I was contacted by Messrs Colby, North and Rodriguez. I was warned to give up my documents "or else."

I now know that to turn over my documents would be terminal. My years of loyalty had been betrayed. With no alternative, I chose to publish a portion of the documents accumulated through the years. So in 1994 I began searching for the original flight plans which were in the possession of a ranking Honduran official.

All flight plans and briefing sheets contained in the Chronicles were supplied by the Honduran government official. In 1985, the official, aware of the implications of the documents, secured the flight plans and the briefing sheets for safe keeping. I began searching for the original documents in 1994. I was contacted in early 1995 by the Honduran official who claimed that he had possession of the documents. For reasons of security and fearing for his life, the official asked that I arrange a rendezvous with him in Honduras. April 25, 1995, we met secretly in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, where he supplied certified copies of the originals. It was agreed that he would maintain possession of original documents until they were needed by authorities to seek prosecution of Messrs. Bush, Clinton, North, Rodriguez and others directly involved in the manufacturing and trafficking of cocaine.

While in Honduras, we were followed by a known US operative. Fortunately, I detected him early and we were able to out maneuver him so as not to compromise our meeting or the identity of the Honduran official. Upon our return to Miami, with documents in our possession, our car was broken into and my briefcase which, among other things, contained the keys to our car parked in Colorado Springs, was stolen. The documents, however, were not in the briefcase. They were held on my person, taped to my body. We were fortunate that my wife had her set of keys on her. Two weeks after returning to the United States, my wife and I were detained by the FBI. Our household goods were confiscated and rifled through by federal agents. They did not find the documents they were searching for. Subsequently, I was arrested and held without bail. The reason given by the FBI for no bail was that I had recently traveled outside of the country. I was, therefore, a flight risk. My wife, Nancy, was given the clothes on her back and the keys to her car by the FBI. She was told to leave and not return. It was interesting that the set of keys given to Nancy was the very set that had been stolen with my briefcase in Miami two weeks prior.

In February, 1996 two Secret Service agents visited me while I was being held in Tampa, Florida and warned me that I would be charged with treason and either be executed or spend the rest of my life in prison if I did not turn over the documents which I had prepared with others for our protection through the years. A week later, under very mysterious circumstances, treason became the primary crime for which I was being held by the US Marshals.

Tampa Tribune Newspaper Ray Locker (813-259-7915) is taking over from David Sommer Tampa Tnbune phone number 813-259-7600

May 4, 1996


By David Sommer Tribune Staff Writer TAMPA - Dois Gene Tatum sits in the Hillsborough County Jail on a treason charge, but nobody seems to know why.

Tatum, 45, says he has a theory. While awaiting trial on fraud charges, he has been working on a book about being a prisoner of war in Vietnam, where he said he was sent on a secret, "one way mission" into Cambodia.

But the book makes no mention of later work as an agent in CIA Black operations," Tatum said in a telephone interview from Morgan Street jail. Maybe someone is trying to make sure things stay that way, he says.

Jail offlcials say Taturn is being held on the treason charge at the request of the U. S. Marshals' Service. Such a charge is highly unusual. They said Tatum is not being held on the federal fraud charges, although jury selection in that trial is scheduled to begin Monday before U. S. District Judge Henry Lee Adams, Jr.

Tatum and codefendant Nancy Jane Tatum identified in court records as his girlfriend with an alias of Nancy Fullilove, are accused of taking more than $82,000 in federal money while Dois Tatum operated a government-seized Hudson golf course.

Deputy U.S. Marshal David Jacobs, in charge of federal prisoners in Tampa, said his records show Tatum is in custody solely on the fraud case.

"There is nothing in his file whatsoever related to treason," Jacobs said.

Federal prosecutors know nothing of the charge, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Gary Montilla.

"CIA guys are generally charged with other kinds of espionage," the prosecutor said. "My thought is it's a screw-up or some sort of macabre joke."


Gustavo Alverez (Codename Dr. Gus)

Former Chief of Staff of the Honduran Military. General Alverez met with Vice President George Bush during the Vice President's visit to Honduras in 1985. General Alverez was killed outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1989 on orders from President Bush via William J. Colby.

William Barr

Held himself out as an advisor to Vice President George Bush and later under the presidency of George Bush, became the U.S. Attorney General.

Enrique Bermudez

Leader of the CIA formed Nicaraguan Contra Revolutionaries, commonly called the "Contras." Bermudez was killed outside Managua, Nicaragua in 1991 on orders from Vice President Bush via William J. Colby.

George Bush

Director Central Intelligence Agency, Vice President of the United States and President of the United States.

Dewey Clairage

CIA based out of Langley, Va. Target in 1991 indictment.

Gov. William Clinton

Governor of Arkansas - While attending college in England, William Clinton was recruited by the CIA to gather information while visiting the Soviet Union. Later elected governor of the state of Arkansas and President of the United States.

Bill Cooper

Former Air America pilot recruited to fly for Corporate Air Services. Died in Contra re-supply missions for Corporate Air Services. Was shot down over Nicaragua in October 1986.

Joe Fernandez

CIA Station Chief of Costa Rica. Joe Fernandez is presently persona non grata in Costa Rica for suspected smuggling of cocaine. Currently business partner in Guardian Industries with Oliver North.

Clair George

Employee of CIA and oversaw the Central American Desk Retired in 1988 and subsequently indicted in 1991 on federal criminal charges.

Don Gregg

National Security Advisor to Vice President George Bush.

Mike Harari (Codename Cobra)

Ex- Head of the Mossad's Metsada and one of Noriega's most influential advisors.

Eugene Hasenfus

CIA contract agent and survivor of the C-123 crash in Nicaragua which killed Bill Cooper.

Dan Lasater

Little Rock based restaurant entrepreneur and principle of Premier Arkansas Bond Underwriting Company, Lasater and Company. One of few with directed access to the gubernatorial mansion of the Clinton's. Dan Lasater was convicted of trafficking cocaine in 1986 and subsequently sentenced to federal prison.

Lt. Col. R. Navarro

Real name, Ramon Navarro, posed as a Lt. Col. of a foreign military. He accompanied Lt. Col. North on one occasion and was present at several contra camps involved in the manufacturing of cocaine. Navarro was a nefarious drug trafficker with ties to the Medellin Drug Cartel. Navarro died in a mysterious auto accident in Miami, Florida in February of 1991, the evening prior to his scheduled testimony for the government against the co- defedants of Manuel Noriega. Had he not died, he would have been taken to Nicaragua prior to his scheduled testimony and subsequently terminated. This was on orders from President Bush and William Barr via William J. Colby.

Amiram Nir (Codename Pat Weber)

Former Israeli Intelligence Officer (Mossad) and Chief Advisor on Terrorism to Prime Minister Shimon Perez Killed in an airplane crash in Southern Mexico in 1988.

Manuel Noriega

Former Panamanian military leader and CIA operative. Indicted in the United States for conspiracy to traffic cocaine and subsequently kidnapped, tried and convicted. He is currently imprisoned at a federal prison in Miami in Florida.

Oliver North

Orchestrator of the Contra-affair which came to be known as the "Enterprise", working directly for Vice President George Bush. Mr. North is 'persona non grata' in Costa Rica for the suspected trafficking of cocaine.

Jerry Parks

Former police officer and security contractor to William J. Clinton. Accompanied Dan Lasater on several occasions assisting in the pick up of large white coolers marked "medical supplies" delivered by U.S. army helicopters. Jerry Parks was killed execution style in 1994.

Felix Rodriguez

CIA Operative reporting directly to Oliver North and Vice President George Bush. Barry Seal Central figure in CIA drug operations. Seal was killed execution style outside of a half-way house in 1986 on orders from Vice President Bush.

Jackson Stevens

CEO of Stevens and Company, one of the largest financial underwriting companies west of the Mississippi River.

Raymond "Buddy" Young

Former Arkansas State Police Captain and Chief of Security for Governor William J. Clinton. Buddy Young is currently the director of Region 6, of the Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) based in Denton, Texas.

Click for full size picture.


Chip Tatum started his military career in 1969 when he volunteered for service during the Vietnam war. Graduating at the top ten percent of his class, he became one of the Air Force's first elite Combat Controller's (CCT). He survived his tours in Vietnam and a stint as a POW in Cambodia with a Purple Heart, a Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, an Air Force Distinguished Service Medal, an Air Medal, and a Vietnam Service Medal, to name a few. As his career advanced, he accepted an appointment as a Warrant Officer. Following his service in Vietnam, Chip was attached to the White House for "special" duty assignments. White House special duty assignments continued through 1986, at which time, Chip's talents filled a specific need of the White House which existed outside a militanly-restricted environment, so he was "recruited'' into an elite black ops unit codenarned "Pegasus." Chip continued to serve the White House through 1991, leaving only when tasked to target his talents toward U.S. officials. Serving five administrations, through a quarter of a century, Chip commanded, planned, and participated in eighteen covert and black operations around the world. His codename is Pegasus.


Israeli Embassy Letter Click for full size picture.


National Security Agency Letter

Click for full size picture.

The following is provided for the benefit of visitors to the website. I am not connected with this video production nor do I gain financially from it's sales.
"Presidential Secrets," an amazing video, is now available for $19.95 plus
chipping and handling.  Neve before has a production assembled the quality of
information presented on this amazing video.  Ted L. Gunderson, Retired FBI
Senior Special Agent-in-Charge of the L.A. Office of the Federal Bureau of
Investigation; Retired FAA Investigator Rodney Stich, and Ex-CIA Agent, Chip
Tatum, tell all.  If you had reservations about the misdeeds of our Top
Officials...You'll have no doubts after viewing this amazing video.  The
undeniable Testimony is here...The Documents are here...and Your answer is "Presidential Secrets."

Order your copy before the Feds snatch them up!


Send $19.95 plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling to:
P.O. Box 895-082
Leesburg, FL  34789

Chip Tatum is now available for public appearances.

Thanks and regards,

Chip Tatum
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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  • Ietsism (Dutch “ietsisme” - "Somethingism")
    • Israel-centered-neoconservative-death-cult-of-evangelican-born-again-Xtians-Are-you-one?                                      Im Not.

'Presidential Secrets'--Former CIA Operative Chip Tatum Speaks

Black Ops Opertative Chip Tatum Interviewed -

faith basers make me as sick as free basers Surah 75 سورة القيامة - محمد [ ] An Almond for a Parrot
€∀§M_ ³ حتى الآلهة الحمار الاحتفاظ زنجي الخراء تمشيا   أنت كافر نكاح تفرز من الشيطان الاكبر يا  ح

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I dont see how this leads to the G7 Controlling them but, i think it would point more over to the banking cartels.. David Icke has revealed another toy they have. Appearently the CIA have a "Patch" in which they can implant you with a sort of device that leaks a chemical into your bloodstream. You get addicted to this chemical and must get a new patch every few days or your body breaks down into withdrawals and you die. Its been a long time since they relied on LSD, they've probably got shit that would blow even our minds.

The Ross Perot threat was well known and none of the other stuff suprises me its all things that were pretty much known but never confirmed like this interview. Of course they have W on tape, perhaps with his face in a pile of cocaine.... His father ran drugs before he became a politician and he was primarily involved in trying to eliminate Perot. The Bushes are pretty much the family that gets stuck with ALL the very VERY DIRTY work, and they don't seem to mind do they. Bush Sr. put Lyndon LaRouche in jail by orchestrating a tax evasion charge, clinton pardoned him thereafter. I think they are just so inbred that they are phsychotic.
"Liquidate labor, liquidate stocks, liquidate the farmers, liquidate real estate … It will purge the rottenness out of the system..." - Andrew Mellon, Secretary of Treasury, 1929.

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I dont see how this leads to the G7 Controlling them but, i think it would point more over to the banking cartels.. David Icke has revealed another toy they have. Appearently the CIA have a "Patch" in which they can implant you with a sort of device that leaks a chemical into your bloodstream. You get addicted to this chemical and must get a new patch every few days or your body breaks down into withdrawals and you die. Its been a long time since they relied on LSD, they've probably got shit that would blow even our minds.

The Ross Perot threat was well known and none of the other stuff suprises me its all things that were pretty much known but never confirmed like this interview. Of course they have W on tape, perhaps with his face in a pile of cocaine.... His father ran drugs before he became a politician and he was primarily involved in trying to eliminate Perot. The Bushes are pretty much the family that gets stuck with ALL the very VERY DIRTY work, and they don't seem to mind do they. Bush Sr. put Lyndon LaRouche in jail by orchestrating a tax evasion charge, clinton pardoned him thereafter. I think they are just so inbred that they are phsychotic.

The G7 is the International Banking Cartel.

The Source of this info regarding the threat to Ross Perot is from the actual person ordered to "neutralize" him.

The David Icke patch issue regards getting workers to continue working, the voodoo drug is something different.  It places a high level target in a compromising position for extortion.  It is even being used by South American mobsters to have wealthy people withdraw/transfer all of their money and then not remember anything about it.

Please watch the videos posted, they are quite informative and this person also corroberates the reports from Cathy O'Brien and Bryce (both MK-Ultra sex slaves to the New World Order).

The testimony and the video is extremely important as this is from the highest level operative who served his country since Vietnam.  He exposes very plainly that the sovereignty of the US is actually in the hands of the G7 international banking and drug ccartel.  He names names (many of them). Explains methods, reveals plans, techniques, solutions, etc.

All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Give this man a cigar.  Of all the whistlblowers to appear, he is without a doubt the most informed.

My thoughts, get out of the states. Reveal the videos and , photos and documents by the number. He is definelty marked, his only hope at this point is full disclosure. Wheras he has 4 children each must be sent to diffrent areas if not other countrys temporarily, the family must be divided for the sake of the children, and the threat to the life of this man.

He can not play tic tac with this group, it is all or nothing, his life is worthless and a threat. His information, must be copied inumerable times and sent to worthy holders.

He trusted the integrity of these masters over mankind, un wittingly in the beggining became the gold star man. He has admitted his desire to remain alive, and his concern for his family, brother he had best go underground and use his training to survive, and the weight of his documents will eventualy save his life.

I met Colby once, he as definetly a brain, I could but hear his mind clicking simlar to a computer, cold searching eyes would profile a man much better than our trained personell in this area.

Oly North was allways a sociopath, cruel and sadistic, he was involved in ranger training before his calling to the NSA. He on many occasions, threw men with full packs from helicopters long before a safety distance to bodily  land was apropriate. Just For Example.

This man, needs all the help he can get. He will not find this assistance in Boca Raton, Jensen Beach or any Florida elite community. Again, your children, divide them, for now, or your going to find them missing one at a time. You will then have no option but to destroy the evidence, will you.

If I have not misread this article he is now  free of our judicial system, this was a federal unit and you are alive, Amazing.

It has been said that the power can find you in a cave in MT.Everest.
This man knows that is not true. I beleive his hope is total disclosure, family division, and underground railways.

WOW, this guy has them by the kanooks if he so chooses.  in my oppinion he must devulge this info, or he is history, the group of power have their ways , as we all know to discredit and destroy info after a mans death. Not while he remains alive.

Live testimony is essential, tapes, documents, can be doctored, burned, and propaganda can be front page for Murdochs comic book news.

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Is their some relation?  Anyone know about Chip?

The Tatum Chronicles
News of OC businessman's high-profile assassination in a Moscow subway remains top-secret
Published on April 02, 1998

The U.S. government's top espionage agency ruled this month that it would jeopardize national security if it complied with an OC Weekly request to declassify records on Paul Tatum, the colorful Laguna Beach businessman and Republican fund-raiser who was mysteriously gunned down by a professional hit man outside a Moscow subway in 1996. Tatum's gruesome murder--which intensified tensions between the U.S. and Russia--remains officially unsolved. Now it appears likely to stay that way. As first reported in the Weekly in October 1997, Russians have publicly accused CIA assassins of killing Tatum to keep him quiet about clandestine U.S. operations in the former Soviet Union. On the other hand, U.S. officials--including those at the FBI and State Department--strongly suggest that the hit was ordered by powerful Moscow politicians and carried out by the Russian Mafia.

Tatum was arguably Moscow's most important resident American. Through his Irvine-based Americom Business Centers, the 33-year-old Tatum built the hugely successful Radisson Slavyanskaya, Moscow's first swank Western-style hotel, retail and office complex. Located a short distance from the Kremlin, the hotel housed Moscow's most sophisticated private satellite-communications systems.

In a March 9 letter to the Weekly, Joann H. Grube, deputy director of the National Security Agency (NSA), acknowledged that the sought-after records exist, but she claimed their release "could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security." Specifically, Grube said Tatum's records--which have been classified "Top Secret"--contained "certain information" detailing NSA "activities." The NSA is the largest and most secretive U.S. spy agency. It is charged with, among other clandestine duties, intercepting foreign-government communications through worldwide eavesdropping operations.

"The plot thickens," said Rick Furmanek, Tatum's brother-in-law, who lives in Arizona. "I can't understand all the secrecy. We want Paul's murder solved. There's been nothing but silence about the case for so long. It is like [the killing] never happened. This is all just bizarre."

According to Grube, President Bill Clinton's 1995 Executive Order on safeguarding secrets authorizes the agency to block the Weekly's 14-month-old federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Because the NSA invoked the Executive Order, Tatum's records must contain at least one of the following categories of information: secret military plans; U.S. weapons systems; sensitive foreign-government information; scientific, technological or economic matters relating to national security; or intelligence activities, including special operations, cryptology and the identity of American spies.

For its part, the CIA has refused to confirm or deny they knew anyone named Paul Tatum. But confidential U.S. government cables declassified last year at the request of the Weekly show that American officials--including those in such top-secret posts as the Defense Intelligence Agency--were greatly interested in Tatum before and after his death. A Dec. 31, 1996, cable from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow to the secretary of state shows diplomats fretted over the foreign media publishing reports of an alleged CIA connection to Tatum's murder. They dismissed the reports as "plants" by "those elements of the Russian intelligence world that consider Cold War-style conflict to serve their interests." Interviews and records obtained under the FOIA showed that the U.S. government awarded Tatum--who was on a first-name basis with presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush--$1.6 million, starting in 1993, to advance U.S. business interests in Russia. The award was administered by the Commerce Department, which has reportedly been used to front overseas activities for U.S. intelligence operations. (Tatum named his company Americom Business Centers. A few years later, the government launched its American Business Centers programs--officially labeled a coincidence--for the expansion of overseas business interests.) Stubborn Commerce Department officials reluctantly released some records detailing their relationship with Tatum but held others back. On the other side of the world, questions are handled less gently. A Moscow-based reporter for USA Today was physically attacked and threatened for investigating the murder; he was escorted out of Russia under guard. Even an FBI spokesman in Washington, D.C., conceded that the Tatum case is unusual. "There were some things we just couldn't say about this," he said.

Furmanek believes government bureaucrats continue to stonewall on information that might solve the hit. "We may not ever know what really happened because the powers that be seem to want this [case] swept under the rug," he said. "This has taken a tremendous toll on our family."

Although U.S. and Russian government investigators appear to have lost interest in Tatum's murder, Hollywood has not. Several eager film producers have contacted the Weekly for copies of the Oct. 24, 1997, article, "Who Killed Paul Tatum?"

Tatum's relatives, including his elderly parents, who live in Oklahoma, said they are finalizing plans to sell the rights for a movie to a producer and an undisclosed Emmy Award-winning director. Sources said Los Angeles Times Moscow reporter Carol Williams is co-writing the screenplay. Juicy material is plentiful. Tatum--who was politically connected and counted among his close associates former Nixon administration Chief of Staff H.R. Haldeman--hired a crew of 19 bodyguards to protect him during his last months alive. At one point, the Oklahoma native was making $300,000 per month from the Radisson business, socializing with Russian and American powerbrokers, living in a $40,000-per-month art-filled apartment on Moscow's most exclusive street, and cruising in a lady-filled fleet of limousines from one nightclub to the next. Stories of his excesses--including routinely tipping strippers $100--earned him a spot on a Moscow publication's list of "most eligible bachelors." He served as Sharon Stone's travel companion when the actress visited Moscow.

During daylight, Tatum's life was equally vigorous. An unapologetic advocate of hypercapitalism, he had a bitter public feud with Moscow's autocratic bowling ball-shaped Mayor Yuri Luzhkov (an expected presidential candidate in 2000). Tatum hosted several high-profile dignitaries at his hotel, including Clinton. When Russian President Boris Yeltsin's communication lines were severed during an attempted 1991 coup, it was Tatum who slipped through a barricade of hostile rebel tanks and soldiers to give the trapped Russian Federation president a satellite link to the White House. Ironically, the day Tatum was gunned down, he had been enjoying Frederick Forsyth's latest international-espionage thriller, Icon, a tale of an American secret agent in Moscow.
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Desiree F. Carone's 1998 sworn deposition - Tyree vs George Bush & CIA in Federal District Court

bill bush cia clinton cocaine contra george iran mafia manuel noriega north oliver
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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I watched a couple of his vids yesterday. I happen to live right by Jupiter Island, and am working on findng out a little more about it. Supposedly Chip disappeared in 98 and his body was found washed up tortured with a bullet in his head... any more info?

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When you think about it, the only way to make sure a world leader doesn't say something you don't want them to, is to put them under mind control, so they repeat with precision, like a robot. I do tend to buy into this MKUltra stuff. Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor's books are explosive. Everyone should take the time to read them. They will keep your attention. This is not your typical boring book.