Author Topic: hidden mickey - subliminal mind control  (Read 2404 times)

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hidden mickey - subliminal mind control
« on: November 23, 2008, 08:31:10 pm »

does this image mean anything to anybody out there?

i've been exposing a massive but obscure mind control operation since 1999. it involves a device like that shown above, placed over the eyes of the victim. only one eye is affected, and can be severely damaged. my understanding is that a laser is bounced off a spinning mirror to interact with the optic nerve and memory in some way, for what purpose i don't yet know, however, it may be a memory disolution procedure, as "grey alien" encounters occured at the same time, at least in my case.

i say the operation is massive, because i see "reminders to forget" about the experience buried, like disney hide mickey mouse's ears, in corporate graphics, ALL OVER the media. in news, adverts, corporate logos, tv show links, food packaging, you name it. the images depict a symbolic pair of eyes or the headset itself, where one eye is emphasised, glowing, red or somehow affected.

here are a few examples:

and just the "red Os":

the operation may be entirely dream-time, placing it outside of contemporary understanding, and people are unable to respond appropriately. public understanding of dreams is basic. "it's a personal sketchpad ... you act out concerns of the day ... phantasies ... ambitions ... symbolic". well throw out your dreamers dictionaries, because every experience is symbolic, awake or not. the dream-space is a shared collective subconsciouss environment. metaphysical and physical agencies operate there, abusing and control freaking people just like they do here. there is a psychic war raging across the back of everyones mind.

i know theres so much going on now, the mind-control movement was superceded by the 911 truth movement, but since 1999 i've been hacking away with this, and still nothing, so if this rings any bells with anyone, do post here.

to get the whole story, and see the rest of the images, go to ...
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