Author Topic: Stanley Meyer, Fraud or Visionary Genius Killed to Protect the Big Oil Giants.  (Read 4098 times)

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I downloaded his book, and set out to build the Electrolyzer.
I could not get all the exact parts to build the square-wave generator that is the heart of the whole thing.
The electrodes need to be made out of stainless-steel tubes or plates- and neither anything laying around here.

I work in a Nigerian University and occasionally engage in Guerrilla Bulletin-Board posting.
I offered various Free Green, and Off-the-Grid Energy Projects on a disk- at a moderate rate, naturally.
Would you believe it- within hours of a posting where I explained the fundamentals, I got a threatening Text Message,
saying that I was dealing in Pseudosciences. (That word must have been ripped off of the Wikipedia article on Atomic Hydrogen.)
That I was dealing in "Sensational Conspiracy Theories."

I felt very discouraged because almost no one came  to commend me.
Four days later, I was walking into the campus, going to work as usual, when two Policemen stationed at the Gate,
pointed rifles and demanded that they see inside my bag. I was told that Boko Haram (the CIA-made Phantom-Menace Terrorist Group
they invented for our country,) had threatened to bomb our Universities. So they were looking for bombs in my laptop backpack.

Standing right next to me, and in front of me.

(They looked in my bag, and admired the nice little laptop shell I had assembled around the five kilos of Semtex I was smuggling into the campus,
and let me pass- completely overlooking the folded SIG, couple of Glock Pistols, and the three Grenades I'd stashed under my laptop Power pack-
- wasn't important. If it wasn't labeled "B.O.M.B." it must not be explosive.)

A couple of months later, news reached us that the Government, that is, the President, was going to order the removal of the Gasoline Subsidy.
So that it is going to cost a preposterous amount. I drew up another bulletin, and said: Do you see NOW that you NEED this Water-for-Gasoline system? Again, there was zero interest. Zero! Nobody wanted to know.

I interviewed several Science students- University Undergraduates- and found that many of them do not know that Water can be electrolyzed to release Hydrogen and Oxygen, which can be used as fuel! I would never have believed that possible, had this not come up. But when I thought about it, I remembered that when I was in Secondary School (around 1975,) I only saw Electrolysis done because I did the experiment myself.

I got a couple of Coke bottles, and discarded torch batteries, and electrolyzed one bottle full of Hydrogen gas in front of my bunkmates.
Then I proved that it was an inflammable gas by igniting it- it gave a foot-long golden plume of flame. (School bully later sent my friends to me, to implore me please not to build a bomb to blow him up- because he thought I would do that to him.) Most of the experiments in the Science textbooks are never demonstrated to the students in our government schools, because, instead of buying the necessary equipment, our officials found it much more expedient to pocket them money themselves. You would not believe the selfishness and stupidity that goes on here, unless you saw it with your own eyes. I have lived here for forty or my fifty years, and I still see and hear things I would never have imagined possible.

Such as my co-worker's daughter, who quit Chemistry Major to do Building Administration- and then, upon graduation, became unemployable- I was trying to explain this tech to her, and found that she didn't know what "Ozone" was. She could otherwise have started a business selling Ozonized Water- which our University has just begun doing. But she didn't even know what that was. (Narrowest escape of my life- I almost started courting that air-head! She is really very beautiful. IQ of a bra.)

Such as a Law Student who told me that LOGIC was NOT a compulsory subject! It was an Elective- so most of them didn't bother taking it, since it did not add to their Grade Point Average! (Oh yeah- do you know that we are being advised and helped in our University educational system by the Carnegie Endowment and the World Bank?)

I have bought a gasoline engine I intend to convert to running on Hydrogen/Oxygen, as soon as I can get around the technical details, which involve more soldering than I have done in thirty years, and improvising a reaction chamber. If I pull this off, I will be a National Legend. But I will not be going to build a factory to mass-produce these things, because I am allergic to Depleted Uranium. I have never seen it before in my life- but I just know that stuff won't agree with my delicate constitution.