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« on: October 25, 2008, 10:38:02 pm »
The average person does not understand the term fly by wire. What fly by wire means simply is that pilots don't usually fly Airliners anymore, they instead feed commands into a computer and the computer fly's the aircraft. This sounds way too scary to be true but it is and the way they get around the scaryness is that the pilot is supposed to be able to override the computer so that he can fly the aircraft if he thinks it necessary. Get the picture now? When fly by wire made is first appeance in the world of aviation it's creators decided to show it off at an airshow in France. For some reason everyone seemed to be in somewhat of a hurry to implicate the use of fly by wire into commercial aviation and appearantly things got rushed through a bit without working all of the bugs out and the huge jet liner's computer system decided that it was going to land the aircraft in a forest instead of on the runway it was intended to. Pilot and crew were killed but the corporate well to do's went ahead with the program anyway and very quickly a major change was made in the way airliners would be flown from then on as it would be fly by wire. When the average person learned that jetliners had been flown into buildings and used as weapons it boggled the mind as every american would have to come to the realization as for what reason someone piloting an aircraft could purposely make such a fatal flight desicion, however one might also have to think, did they really? The commands for the destination of those aircraft in question could have came from anywhere and that means the most logical place for those commands to have come from could be from outside of the aircraft since there would inherently be too much incentive to avoid hitting a building from inside the cockpit of the aircraft. When two jetliners hit each tower it became obvious that there was a conspiacy plan to fly airliners into buildings as it was done very effectively so the remaining question that needs to be asked is who actually profited most from this plan, was it al Quieda? Obviously not. As with any computer anyone who uses one knows very well, as this goes for presidential elections as well as flight computers, "Garbage in garbage out".
Lee Waddell