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How Bob Chapman would fix things
« on: October 19, 2008, 04:47:46 pm »
 Sounds pretty good to me.

    Since we're in Chavez takeover mode right now, while we're at it, let's nationalize the Fed, the oil industry and the auto industry while we inventory our gold holdings to see if anything is left.  Let all the fraudsters fail, and purge the system of its excesses.  Let the free markets do their work, and outlaw the PPT and anything like it.     After thorough investigations, trials and recriminations, send all the major perpetrator's of fraud who have caused our current woes to jail.  Hang all traitors who have attempted to subvert our republic into a fascist dictatorship, who have tried to subvert or nullify our Constitution and destroy our sovereignty or who were master planners of 911 and/or any other false-flag attacks.  Let's immediately build some national oil refineries and end the 30-year draught in that category.  That way, we can put together a hybrid of what Nixon and Kissinger did when they took us completely off the gold standard in 1971, but instead of using foreign oil to back the dollar, we can use domestic oil instead, along with domestic gasoline, natural gas, cars, gold and silver.  We backstop oil at 50 bucks a barrel to protect wildcatters, who we invite to start drilling on all the land containing trillions upon trillions of barrels of oil that we have right here in our own country.  We'll start with Gull Island in Alaska, the Baaken fields in Montana and North Dakota, and also the oil sands and oil shale in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho, and then move on to the Alaskan Wildlife Preserves and off-shore sites in the Gulf of Mexico later.  We establish an even bigger strategic oil reserve with our new big oil companies who now work only for us, and wildcatters must sell a percentage of all the oil they extract, with profits from oil sold to government being tax free.
Everything is done in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible.  When treasury bonds come up for renewal, we pay them off by sending tankers full of oil, natural gas and gasoline, and ships full of cars in payment, in such a proportion as is requested by the owner of the treasuries to be retired, and the debt is canceled inflation free because the assets used to make payment are owned by our government.  No new treasuries are created, interest payments diminish as treasuries are retired, and every dollar is backed by tangible assets with intrinsic value.  We become a net exporter again, and have trade surpluses again.  All our debts are paid, and we have enough money to even take care of all our past promises, which now total 100 trillion dollars.  Talk about kick-starting our economy and saving the reserve status of the dollar! 
We take all patents by eminent domain that have not been put to use for a decade or more because the elitists have hidden them from our view to enslave us to their monopolies, and create cars that get 200 miles per gallon and tap our electricity and power from "the void" like Tesla did, while using our oil proceeds to develop other green forms of energy so we can eventually retire our oil concerns, or return them back to private ownership.  We then dismantle most of our foreign empire, because we have become self-sufficient, thereby saving even more money, and our children don't get slaughtered in perpetual wars for profit.  OPEC is history, and everyone loves America again as we light the way to liberty, financial freedom and energy independence while assisting our neighbors whenever they are in need because we have the wealth to do so.  We control our own money, and every business we have taken over gets privatized when it no longer serves our purpose to keep it.  Everyone has a big fat pension, which they have worked for and rightfully deserve, and which is not stolen from them through inflation or insider trading because all those reprobates are in jail, or worse.  Our financial industry is regulated sensibly.  Everyone is prosperous, and no one goes hungry or has to live under a bridge.  Everyone pulls their own weight, but those who are truly in need get all the help they need because we have the money to help those who deserve it.

That is the economic side.  Then on the religious, social and military side, as a first priority, we put God back at the center of our culture where He belongs and pass laws that honor Him.  We re-acknowledge our Christian heritage, teach our children the difference between right and wrong and let our parents be parents again.  Let's bring the majority of our military back home where we need them to protect us, and then make sure they have the best of everything, which we can do, because we are flush with cash.  We establish term limits, place limits on campaign contributions and put an end to all lobbying at all levels of government so as to ensure that our regulators and our other government officials are there to serve the people instead of lining their own pockets or those of their Illuminist masters.  The media cartels are broken by honest regulators, who restore our free press.  We finally get the truth for a change (wouldn't that be refreshing!).  We no longer need the income tax because of our vast wealth, and needless to say, we close up our borders, kick out the illegals, and establish trade tariffs to insure our standard of living.  Then we invite all qualified foreigners to become citizens, and we get them all in quickly and efficiently because we have enough money to pay for all the immigration staff to process their applications.  Only those who want to become dedicated US citizens and who learn to speak English are allowed in, and skilled labor and asylum are given priority in the granting of visas and applications for citizenship.  Needless to say, we have the best education system in the world because we have the money to make it work. 

You see how easy it is to work our way out of the current problem when our objective is to help the sheople instead of enslaving them to form one of many corporatist, fascist police states under the umbrella of a one-world government with a one-world currency, economy, religion and social order?!!!  Stop letting these scum-bags railroad you America!!!  Our leaders are all reprobates and sociopaths, save Ron Paul and a handful of others.  It's time to boot all the vermin out.  This November is your chance to send them a clear and firm message:  You and your traitorous plans are not welcome here anymore!  The Constitution reads "We the people," not "We the elitists!"  These changes will not come without great pain due to what these cretins have done to us, but as the saying goes:  No pain, no gain!!!