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Children Of The Empty Promise
« on: October 17, 2008, 03:46:12 am »
Children Of The Empty Promise

Jim Kirwan

Last night's debate ended another long and irrelevant campaign. 'The Children of the Empty Promise' was created in 1966, in response to Lyndon Baines Johnson who gave us The Great Society and left these children that are now in their mid-forties. That world changed, but not for the better! The relevance of this comparison is that what we do now about everything that has gone wrong for decades, will determine not just what happens to our children; but everything that will potentially come crashing down upon us all.
Every four years all the words and phrases are exactly the same: 'We're going to change the world, save the middle class and restore "American Values, along with that special favorite "The American Dream."' "Funding, tax-breaks, earmarks: Yet, during all of Cheney-Bush the only things we've ever spent real money on were bombs and bullets and secret no-bid contracts to enforce failed polices that are illegal, amoral and criminal.
Control over taxes must be returned to the people directly-maybe we could hold national elections for that one, since our representatives refuse to do it! Congress was supposed to do this, but their responsibilities went right out the window, along with 'our' severely damaged constitution and all the laws that they just could not wait to trash under their new Dictator-some very disturbing facts that both these contenders for top-criminal have already signed off on! Neither contender mentioned our tremendously successful new jobs program-that's the option of last resort- which is to join the military and kill people for multi-national corporations! 'You too could volunteer'Another tremendous career opportunity for our men and women, given the fact that there are no real jobs and the real direction that this country is already apparently committed to!
By the way, we should not be in the business of protecting those corporations and the bankers from the public, nor has it been proven that giving tax breaks to these people does anything but encourage more theft, fraud and criminal activity. The elites already have more money from illicit profits than any business conglomerate in the world could ever dream of-so why not cap executive salaries, and spread the pain around a little? We need to re-enact Glass-Stiegel and put real fire-walls between all the various kinds of financial games and outright criminality!
Government spending on the Bush Doctrine of 2002 is what is "Out- of-Control!" We do not have a mandate to bankrupt or to murder the rest of the planet, any more than we have to outspend the world fifteen times over on a military that is overused, worn out, and stretched too far to ever complete any of their ever-changing missions. Cut the purse strings and bring the National Guard units home immediately. We need them all here to defend the citizens, during this pending imposition of Martial Law!
If we were really serious about cutting-costs then we ought to break all those secret-contracts with the mercenaries, this would end our wars for profit in the Middle-East and elsewhere in a flash! But that's never going to happen! !

And since we're now way beyond insolvency we need to dump the Zionists that have taken over Israel. We've been subsidizing that unfinished state for over fifty years so let's let the Zionists fight their own fights for a change! We have real needs here that must take precedence over the failures of that spoiled, dependent and parasitic-state. But don't look for any help with this from either of these two amateurs ­ both have sworn undying allegiance to Israel over the real interests of the United States, which technically makes both Obama and McCain ­Traitors. But what then does this make us; for tolerating "leaders" that publicly swear allegiance to foreign nations, with tremendous pride, over the nation that pays them, and is the one and only nation that these traitors are supposed to represent!
Tonight made something else official, neither candidate has even mentioned that Mammoth in the living room that no one plans to deal with; which are the real costs of those Derivatives that are out there in the dark just waiting for us like a trillion vultures-and neither candidate has put forward any plan to deal seriously with any of this reality!
"The entire crisis is not a crisis of subprime mortgages, it is a crisis of the derivatives bubble which was launched by Wendy Gramm of the Commodities Futures Trading Commission and Greenspan of the Fed with the connivance of Robert Rubin of Goldman Sachs and Citibank, and others in the Clinton administration, some 15 years ago. These derivatives now amount to a total worldwide notional value that can be estimated between 1 quadrillion and two quadrillion US dollars. This sum is so large that it dwarfs the total value of the entire planet earth and all those who live here.
Compared to the cancerous, bloated, and fictitious mass of derivatives which is at the root of this crisis, the $700 billion demanded by politicians, large as this may seem, is nothing but a drop in the bucket. And a drop in the bailout bucket is what it will be. The mass of world derivatives between $1 and $2 quadrillion represents an insatiable black hole which is capable of putting an end, not just to civilization, but to human life itself." (1)
"The total potential cost of the financial bailout to the U.S. taxpayer is already rapidly approaching $5 trillion, over seven times as much as the meaningless $700 billion bailout bill figure.
Analysts have previously marked out the $5 trillion figure as the actual cost, now those predictions are becoming demonstratively accurate.
Meanwhile, Hank Paulson has defended government intervention, stating "There's no doubt that the way to get the maximum bang for the taxpayers here was to invest in banks."" (2)
The US keeps three sets of books. The first is what we let the politicians talk about; the second is the "serious truth" which we give to insider's for the talk-shows to threaten the little people with, whenever 'we' begin to get too testy. Then there are the real figures: The actuality we face is 56 Trillion in off the books debt that we have no plans at all to even remotely deal with! (3)
Where does all this leave us? Well if the past is prologue, then here's another gift from 1966 ­ this one from LBJ's War on Poverty ­it's called:

"A Home for Every One"

This was the Model Cities Program created by LBJ but that now has been taken over by FEMA. Just as The War on Poverty produced only deeper poverty, and the War on Drugs has only turned this place into a nation of addicts: every one of the Oval Office turncoats since LBJ has been doing his part to bring us to this point, and with the clarity of yesterday's numbers it is now obvious that the Central Banks are actively colluding to destabilize the world's economies! This is not even secret anymore because they think there's nothing that can be done to stop them! Let's give them a "Surprise" of our own for a "Change." And let's do something about them!
It looks like it's over, and if all that mattered were the technical truths and the very real projections, then that might be so. But given the last forty-four years that I've watched this cavalcade of Oval-Office-Occupants pass through what remains of a nation-each one worse than the last-I'd have to say that this nation has never faced anything like this total takeover of the planet. Maybe the sheer arrogance of this most recent set of moves this will finally force people to do what they know they must, to stop this nightmare. What I 'know' beyond words, is that if we do not move to stop these thugs now-then it will be too late for anything else-and these debates were designed to do nothing more than waste your time!
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