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(Before you start treading on the possibility that Glenn is siding with the patriots, tread carefully. I'm aware that there are many who are a hampster short of turning the wheel, but that's not what center focus of this debate.)

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BECK: I know we have an awful lot of problems going with our financial market, but that is just one piece of what I`ve been telling you about for the last couple of years called the Perfect Storm. And one other piece of that Perfect Storm that has come across our shores is "disenfranchisement." And according to a new ABC/"Washington Post" poll, Americans` satisfaction with the direction of our country is at a 35-year low.

A full 90 percent of us think our country is moving in the wrong direction. I don`t care if that`s left or right. I agree. But most of those people that agree with that statement seem downright giddy compared to the members of cranky domestic militias.

I have been monitoring these, I have people on my staff that monitor the websites and the activities of these groups. And other government officials also do it. And they say they`re dangerous groups. And the chatter on their blogs is on the rise. As fringe and isolated as these home-grown terrorists may seem, people like Timothy McVeigh have taught us that their potential threat can`t be ignored.

David Cid is deputy director of the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terror and Former FBI counterterrorism specialist, David, the disenfranchised, I mean, many of us feel like we are -- we`re moving in the wrong direction. That`s 90 percent. What would you say, five percent of that 90, three percent of that 90 is actually somebody that might be somebody to really keep your eye on?

DAVID CID, MEMORIAL INSTITUTE FOR THE PREVENTION OF TERROR: It`s difficult to put a percentage on it, Glenn. But it`s a fringe. It`s a very small element but a dangerous one nonetheless.

BECK: Ok, when you say it`s a small element, I do believe that it is a small element. But I believe that we`re headed towards times where just like people in Muslim countries will say, you know what, I don`t agree with the terrorists. I don`t agree. But I understand them. I think we`re coming to a time where people are so disenfranchised they see that their government is moving in a way that they are completely and radically against.

You add real hunger and unemployment to this mix, it`s a cocktail that is extraordinarily dangerous, isn`t it?

CID: It is and that kind of atmosphere encourages the radical elements of a group to take leadership positions, to capture the agenda. And what you see is more of a tendency toward violence. So it is quite dangerous.

BECK: Ok so now you have a tendency -- because it really only takes one person. This is the worst scene in my book at least.

You have a Timothy McVeigh. And then you have a government who says, holy cow, in these circumstances we`ve got to crack down. They tried to do this. Bill Clinton tried to shut down talk radio for the Timothy McVeigh thing. In this atmosphere, they could try to take away guns, et cetera, et cetera. Free speech, imposed martial law. And then what happens?

CID: Well, I think we`re a long way from that unfortunate eventuality. But the tendency and the trend would certainly move in that direction.

BECK: But do you think -- I mean you say that we`re a long way away from that. But you have -- remember, I think it only takes one person. Chavez has been calling for a revolution here in our own country.

CID: He has. But what they don`t have in Venezuela that we have is a strong tradition of democracy and free speech. And I think the resiliency of the American people and their adherence to the principles of our constitution, no matter how much we may disagree on the fringes, will be our defense against that.

BECK: What are you seeing on the actual blogs? What are people saying?

CID: Well, they`re talking about using violence to further their political agenda. They`re talking about who the true patriots are. And that`s, of course, them. They`re talking about expecting the government to take away their guns and their rights.

And this kind of atmosphere, as you point out, is conducive to encouraging that fringe to commit violent acts.

BECK: I tell you, America, please, I`m begging of you, we are in such dangerous, dangerous times. Please, everybody, keep your wits about you. But the problem here that I see, David, is, you know, we have the government monitoring, and they`re watching people.

But you know what? A lot of people, it`s like the bailout, a lot of people, they say, oh, well, we need to have oversight. Well, I don`t trust the people who are doing oversight when it comes to the finances. Who are the people here that are doing the oversight on, you know, fringe element groups?

CID: Well, the primary organization, of course, within our borders is the FBI. And they spend a great deal of time and energy and mine and your tax dollars --

BECK: Do you believe they could be influenced by political agendas? Do you believe the evil Republicans or the evil Democrats could ever influence them enough to be able to move in a certain direction because of a -- of a group`s stance?

CID: Glenn, I worked in the FBI for 21 years. And I never met anyone who didn`t have their first loyalty to the American people and to the Constitution. Could it happen? Of course, is it likely? No.

BECK: God bless you. David, thank you very much. We hope to see you again. And please bring us any news that you see developing.

CID: Thank you, Glenn.

BECK: We`ll be back in just a minute.

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Re: If You Missed Glenn Beck's Interview w/ Ex-FBI Agent Cid, Look At This
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Cid, too bad, he realy does not make a stand, and is definetly FBI through and through.
Thats my take, whats yours, hes  fooo**ken tird. he may have give an inch, but thats inevitable in these times, did he open up, no foo*&%šn way.
FO((*&k HIM.