Author Topic: National Intelligence to spend $800,000 to spy on World of Warcraft players  (Read 1332 times)

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HAHA they know your knight elf is a terrorist!

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They most have been trying to infiltrate Ron Paul World of Warcraft meetup groups and dissrupt the online marches and rallys.

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Not to be too blunt about it, but I'm not surprised. WOW is one of the main outlets I've used for educating others. I've awakened MANY people through WOW socialization.

We can't have that, you know!
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Do not under-estimate your own mind. That is the NWO's job.

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I also woke up people who I knew through playing WoW and other online games. They then woke up some of their friends and family.

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"OK, guys, now that we have downed Brutalis, it is time for me to tell you about the international financial elites who run RL..."

"Luckily we have Master Loot on or I would get all David Rockefeller on these purples." (actually said that before)

WoW was great for its time but the repetitiveness became, well, repetitive. And now some NI tool is going to get paid a real salary to hang out in Stormwind shouting "Death to the NWO, we need to rise up and smash the state! Rise up and kill the police!" And never get banned because you know Blizzard will get co-opted and make the NI tool a GM with Legendary's.
We work jobs we hate to pay for stuff we don't need to impress people we don't like. Am I the crazy one here?

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My huntress will kill the NWO!!! YAHHH WASAABIE!
Make it so!

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Not just WoW either. I've noticed a massive awakening in Guild Wars too. That game is full of occult symbolism, such as pentagrams, serpents and even an all seeing eye called the 'Eye of Janthir' which is even shaped as a pyramid and follows you around during a certain mission, while you search for the 'chosen'.

The chat is often filled with people talking about the corrupt government, often pitted with the usual moron saying "just play the game" or "Leave this out of the game".
I just tell them to add me to their ignore list if they don't want to hear, but i usually get their attention from the interesting one liners i type. Infact i've made a few friends in the process.

One guy had alot of knowledge on the NWO, corrupt financial system, documents of proof etc, but had never heard of Infowars or Alex Jones. I told him to check it out and he immediately logged off to do so.

I had my fair share of chat in WoW with people too, but i've not played that for a fair number of months now. There was many people there who would agree with me, but not in the numbers that i'm currently witnessing. I expect a greater number of alert citizens in WoW now, and i wouldn't be surprised.
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