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When Mind Control Technology Becomes Reality
« on: September 15, 2007, 02:15:35 am »
When Mind Control Technology Becomes Reality

I wanted to pick up the mantle from Jeremy’s post on Sony’s patent which allows them to electronically beam sensory input to the brain. The patent involves a “technique for aiming ultrasonic pulses at specific areas of the brain to induce “sensory experiences” such as smells, sounds and images.”

The craziest part of this is that it’s from Reuters. This isn’t some conspiracy theory mytho-news wet-dream. This is absolutely definitively happening. Of course, the technology is being used for video games, but you can be damned sure it won’t stop there - and most certainly didn’t start there. Jeremy brings up the excellent point that inventions like this don’t just spontaneously descend from the sky; they involve years of research, much of which is likely done covertly by the government for its potential battlefield applications. The thought of which immediately seems to lend credence to the claims for years of conspiracy theorists who have been subjected to remote mind control technologies.

Jeremy makes an excellent point about the advertising uses for such a technology:

Picture a soft drink machine that sends out a beam that stimulates the specific part of the brain responsible for creating “thirst.”

And that’s just one of millions of applications. Under the guise of “entertainment” through video game systems, it’s only a short hop until these are hooked up to television shows, which broadcast out to you appropriate psycho-physical responses to whatever your watching. Just imagine, anytime you see a picture of the President, you inexplicably are washed over with a feeling of mystical reverence. Any time you hear the word “terrorist” you suddenly break into a confused panic. It would be an opportunity for Pavlovian conditioning in the worst most extreme manner possible.

This opens up a whole new can of worms for conspiracy theorists and other culture hackers. By this point in history, many of us have finally become skilled at dismantling and freeing ourselves from social control mechanisms which operate through ideology and religious story-systems. But what the hell happens when you can’t even trust your own bio-neural impulses anymore? What happens when the archons say, “f**k controlling these people with religious programming - now we can just change their hardware.” Admittedly, they’ve already done this in other various ways - such as pumping chemicals into food and water, forcing us from young ages to become conditioned to sitting still for long hours in class and work. But this has the potential to transcend all that fumbling around in the dark - by hooking us directly in in such a way that we can’t even prevent.

Theories which point to individual identity as a social construct are certain to see an enormous boost. And a resurgence in extreme asceticism and advanced yogic control of the nervous system is likely to occur as a result of such technology entering into widespread use. These systems were originally (partly) designed to transcend limitations of the impure “animal” body, and it’s resulting instincts and desires. I wonder if we will see a new generation of monkish saints who seclude themselves from society to meditate alone in the desert to overcome the “demons” intruding in them from the modern age.

Jeremy also brings up the “tin-foil hat argument” that basically states we could create machinery which would counteract such technology. I tend to abide in the principle of: Whatever can be made can be un-made - or re-made. Theoretically, intrepid individuals could hack a Sony Mind Control Game system, much like people today are hacking Xboxes for all kinds of uses. Perhaps we could have it beam out pulses which trigger the happiness, hope and love centers in our mind. Or we could meet god face to face through a computer game. Armed with ghetto blasters and thumping car stereos, we could send out IGU members to our communities to act as roving islands of resistance, giving people shelter (temporary autonomous zones) from the infringement in our minds of advertisers and archons.

There is always hope, but we just have to actively create it.
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