Author Topic: Bullion-Spot Price LOW-Supply Scarce,,people paying allmost 2X the spot price  (Read 2529 times)

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I recall Ted Anderson & AJ discussing the topic-

no matter how much paper fed notes or euro you have,,they wont be able to
purchase bullion,,
several times i heard this...

Well,,it dose  seem the big doggs got it right again,,

On ebay you can find 10oz blocks of silver engalhard for well above nows at 180USD.
and bids as high as 24.30 USD for 1oz bars..

local jewlers,dealers are getting down to bare bones,i got my last 1oz-ers out of a dealers office safe..wanted 12-got 3.
he had none for bulk sale..

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People, even here, are still acting like AJ is full of shit when it comes to gold. Morons.

People do not understand what is happening. These big banks sell certificates of deposit for gold and silver you never see and they are required, BY LAW, to really have the exact amount they sell actually in their vaults (even before they sell it). BUT THE DO NOT!!!! One of the big banks was sued about this 3 or 4 years ago, and sure enough, they did not have the metals they were selling. Basically, the market price for gold and silver is being kept down because they have created FIAT METAL!!!!!

Flooding the market with certificates and not real metal.
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I recently bought several 90% and .999 silver old coins on eBay at as low as possible, but still somewhat above spot price... Lots of people are paying over 200% over spot price for just silver rounds and bars, it's impossible to find at spot. Kitco and several other sites will sell a few things for just a bit over spot price, but have waiting periods of weeks... You can see people paying above $20 an ounce + shipping at almost everywhere...