Author Topic: Interesting post from blog Jossip on PBS 9-11 special-the word is spreading!  (Read 6795 times)

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The biggest sign so far that September 11th may have been an inside job will not be heard on PBS. Though two FBI counterterrorism agents have come forward with information about pre-9/11 rivalries between the CIA and FBI that may have lead to withholding information and lying to investigators after the incident, their bosses over at the Bureau have nixed the idea of the duo appearing on a PBS special to tell their story.

Because it's untrue? Nope:

The FBI denied Rossini and Miller permission to participate in the book or the PBS “NOVA” documentary, which is also being written and produced by Bamford, on grounds that the FBI “doesn’t want to stir up old conflicts with the CIA,” according to multiple reliable sources.

Yeah shit, don't want to get into any more kurfluffles between the FBI and CIA. God forbid these shadowy government agencies with dubious oversight from the government be held accountable for any of their actions. Didn't anyone see The Good Shepard? Matt Damon didn't have to answer to no one, and neither should whoever was involved in any pre-9/11 knowledge, unless they were terrorists, in which case let's waterboard the shit out of them.

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I totally agree with my particular disdain being for the CIA.

Clearly an integral member of the coup in 63, one has to ask who watches the watchers?

Involved in assassinations, gun running, drug dealing, drug laundry, murder and torture, this group is over funded and under supervised. The CIA is the enemy to freedom.

It's long overdue. This organization needs a "britz" with a herpes carrier blind satchquatch mohel, with bad breathe, a rusty knife, and with a tradition of sucking the gushing blood from the wound.

The CIA stinks and has been running foul for over forty years.