Author Topic: Propaganda Alert: Bin Laden Tape Altered By Media To 'Downplay Threat'  (Read 3787 times)

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This report completely defies logic.  As if the kings of fear-mongering - the Bush administration (or the sensationalist media) - would actually alter a Bin Laden tape in order to 'downplay' the threats.  Unless of course their patsy, under the control of the CIA, really is planning something and they want to play the strategic incompetence card again.  “We didn’t know, he never mentioned it in the video”.
The American media missed the most important part of Osama bin Laden's videotape message, according to Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir.[]

Mr. Mir, the only reporter to interview bin Laden in the wake of 9/11, said that the text of bin Laden's address may have been redacted by government sources since a significant portion of it was not aired by major American news outlets.

In the unaltered message, according to Mr. Mir, bin Laden says: "We must sacrifice our lives to attack the enemy." This statement, Mr. Mir points out, is a call for suicide attacks to take place throughout the United States - - a call that was erased from official transcripts of the videotape.

These suicide attacks, Mr. Mir believes, may involve the use of radiological devices and/or tactical nuclear weapons.

Mr. Mir said that he had been informed by leaders of the Taliban in Afghanistan that al Qaeda's long-planned American Hiroshima - - a nuclear attack on seven to ten U.S. cities - - will occur in 2008 but could come sooner.