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Everyone please read the rules of this forum before any posts 'cross the CoIntelPro anti-constitutional' line...

In addition, the following is the standard post regarding attempting to move this forum away from its mission as a strict doctrine of non-violent, peaceful, non-fallacious, open and honest debate and discourse.


This is a forum for INFORMATION!

This is not a forum for planning a CoIntelPro inspired violent revolt.

If you wish to plan any CoIntelPro inspired violent revolts, do it somewhere else.

We have nothing against the rights given by god, but we do offer some advice.  CoIntelPro wants the planning of an armed uprising to justify their iron fist methods.  300 million American citizens need to wake up BEFORE a scattered revolt is planned using a fricking web forum that is crawling with gov operatives.  For more info on how they help incite violence from peaceful movements (such as ours), please read, watch, and learn:

This is a very deep analysis of what has been occuring in Australia for years and includes all the fake sympathizers that are supposed to be our friends:

Bohemian Owl Provocateurs at Melbourne's G-20 Hyatt Police Riot: The Real Story


"If you demonstrate against somebody that we like...
I'll slip on my wig and see if I can start a riot...

[Remember the wigged/hatted provacateurs at all the rallies]
transform you into an angry mob...
and all your leaders go to jail for my job...
 'I Am The Owl'"

- The Dead Kennedys.

"The Dead Kennedies" Warned us decades ago about rallying people to "Storm the office!"



If the following could end in this country without a violent uprising by such non violent activists like MLK, Malcolm X, Black Panthers, Abbie Hoffman, etc, then we can end the 9/11 lie with non-violent and peaceful education and confrontation:

And by the way, all of them were infiltrated by COINTELPRO and summarily executed by LBJ/Rockefeller/CIA/FBI/Kissinger:

COINTELPRO: A War on Radical America

By the time the Panthers came along the FBI had been conducting Counter-Intelligence Programmes (COINTELPRO) to disrupt left and Puerto Rican groups for years. Thanks to thousands of FBI documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, we know that agents were asked by their superiors to formulate "imaginative and hard-hitting counter-intelligence measures aimed at crippling the BPP". Massive surveillance via wiretaps, burglaries, live tails and mail tampering was only the beginning.

The Feds shared information and collaborated with local police units. At least 38 Panthers were murdered by various police agencies between 1968 and 1972, and at least 12 others died in 'shooting wars' fostered by the FBI. Hundreds more party members and their supporters were beaten or suffered gunshot wounds.

COINTELPRO methods that appear in released FBI memos:

Forged Mail. The FBI regularly sent forged correspondence to groups or members of groups to exacerbate differences among activists and to create snitch-jackets (see below).

Fake 'Propaganda'. The FBI fabricated and distributed publications, leaflets, broadsheets, cartoons etc. in the name of targeted organizations designed to misrepresent their positions, goals and objectives in a way to publicly discredit them and increase tensions within and between groups.

Disinformation. The FBI released false info to their media contacts. They hoped this process would condition public sentiment to accept brutal Bureau/police repression. Potential killer cops on the beat also watched the TV and thereby had their worst Panther nightmares reinforced. This had the effect of increasing trigger-finger itch during street confrontations.

Harassment Arrests. Repeated arrests of targeted individuals on spurious charges were carried out, not to obtain convictions, but to demoralize, harass and increase paranoia. Arrestees and their supporters found themselves and movement money tied up in case after case.

Informers and Agent Provocateurs. Thousands of informers were used against radical groups in this period. In the BPP and in other groups, many also functioned as agent provocateurs. They encouraged or engaged in illegal activities that could then be attributed to Party members. They disrupted internal functioning and assisted in the spread of disinformation. To exploit rifts between rival black groups, agent provocateurs were escalating the fighting, sometimes starting gun battles.

Snitch-Jacketing. Suspicion would be created, through the spreading of rumours, manufacture of evidence etc. that loyal group members, usually in key positions, were FBI informers. In the case of the BPP, agents knew the likely outcome of this tactic would be extreme violence directed at the jacketed individuals.

Political Assassinations. The FBI physically eliminated selected activists, often after other attempts at destroying their effectiveness had failed. They mostly used surrogates, but provided the intelligence and logistics.

For those feeling smug about not living in the US it might be worth pointing out that ALL the above tactics have been used domestically by the British state during its war with the Irish Republican movement.



3 Minute COINTELPRO Lesson

U.S. Government's Secret Echelon and COINTELPRO Spying Ops


Many people say that COINTELPRO is some silly little program and did not have that much of an impact.

COINTELPRO killed Martin Luther King Jr.

COINTELPRO killed Malcolm X

COINTELPRO killed Fred Hampton

COINTELPRO killed John F. Kennedy and everyone connected to the murder

COINTELPRO killed Robert Kennedy then manipulated witnesses

COINTELPRO killed John Lennon

COINTELPRO was ruled un-American and un-constitutional and not one person went to jail.

COINTELPRO was at every single anti-war rally in the 1960-1970s

COINTELPRO was instrumental in extending the Vietnam War for an extra 4 years

CointelPro FBI's War on Black America


Monarch: Chapter 8: Cointelpro

COINTELPRO smashes Earth First to kill Judi Bari then take over the environmental movement
Judi Bari R.I.P. 1997-Won lawsuit 5 years after she died against the government-no one went to jail

Targeting Individuals-Machiavellian programs to create paranoia within dissident organizations


Is everyone who says some provacational crap COINTELPRO?  Of course not, that is the cancerous effects of the program that is very much alive today.  We all are "agents in waiting" and pushed and pulled in all directions to continually get disrupted/divided/evenually pulled into an extreme fringe group that can never get a foundation of support from all races/colors/industries/economic backgrounds.

More here:

Rockefeller uses agent provocatuers to squash the Anti-War movement
A Rockefeller funded anti-globalization march filled with agent provocateurs with masks and gloves in Washington turned violent, with shop windows smashed as crowds protested on the eve of Saturday's International Monetary Fund and World Bank meetings.  These sensationalized protests are the result of the CFR/Heinz infiltration of various protest groups to ensure that increased surveillance goes on with more control over United States Sovereignty.
The same agent provocateurs are now influencing US protests.

This is how they do it to stop future peaceful protests!

Stop SPP Protest - Union Leader stops provocateurs

5 min - Aug 21, 2007 -    (1544 ratings)

Also please watch Greenwald's movie about COINTELPRO and Abbie Hoffman, steal this movie:

It is only going to get worse and it needs to get exposed at a quicker pace with a more viral distribution network.  And more people need to be organizing peaceful protests that expose this to the 300 million slowly waking American people. Jenna 6 got like 100,000 to come out and was all staged to push anti free speech laws. You think 100,000 cannot peacefully protest this shit with no special interest but truth, justice, liberty, and the rights of man?

My primary purpose is to ensure the integrity of this forum as it is a 1,000 ft target for globalists and others.  Every other pp forum attempted prior had been brought down by these scumbags.  But since this one, ronpaulwarroom,, and others are on the way.  Hopefully this is a testament to the rising tide of awareness to what is really going on in this country rather than any humble work by our crew.

Rmemeber that evil begets evil.  There may be a violent uprising, but it will not be by us. These provacations heve been, are, and will always be created by them.  They want the escalation, yet if they are the only ones provacating and the information is flowing. They are becoming demoralized now that 90% of civilized people are awake.

They know their time is over and they are attempting to drag us into more of their divide and conquer tactics.  Please do not fall for it.

All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Re: CoIntelPro would love to provoke violence throughout peaceful forums
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should sticky

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Re: CoIntelPro would love to provoke violence throughout peaceful forums
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One of the methods to protect PEACEFUL and LAW ABIDING GROUPS IS CONTRACT LAW.

Have ALL MEMBERS OF YOUR GROUP SIGN LEGAL CONTRACTS - That states that they agree to forfeit all personal assets up to $1,000,000 for willing monitoring and providing surveillance against a PEACEFUL AND LAW ABIDING GROUP, on behalf of a government intelligence agency.

I totally agree with you - violence is just what these a**clowns want - DON'T GIVE IT TO THEM.

But speak freely and truthfully, fear not what man can do to your body, fear the Good Lord for what he can do with your SOUL.


The desciples of Jesus causes so much crap against the corrupt rulers of the day that they would spend the next 70 years attempting to stamp them out. 


He didn't build churches (as in bricks and mortar) - He sent people BACK INTO THE COMMUNITY. Now how do you monitor and surveillance that?  A church that lives in the hearts of men.  Ideas were bulletproof.

That is why random acts of spreading the truth is unstoppable.  Everyone should realize this edict.


I have stated repeatedly over and over again I am for LAW and ORDER, and against all forms of violence, and conspiracy.  The greater the spotlight I can shine on them the more they realize what fools they are.  But these means obeying GOD NOT MAN - laws that says you cannot speak the truth to me a null and void.