Author Topic: Offshore Drilling: Govt's own report predicts a "two tenths of one cent" savings  (Read 8256 times)

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This is just ridiculous. These idiots hype up their stupid offshore oil drilling. The solution here is to get off of oil altogether.

Oh, but offshore oil drilling sounds so GREAT to everyone! Oh, oh, what could be wrong with that? You're anti-American for suggesting not to drill offshore!! LOL!

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Is this really a surprise tho?

I mean, when you control the supply so that it only keeps up with demand, you can tweak things for any price that you want....

Do you know the attitudes on the oil fields?? "Get the oil out regardless of the cost." (From a guy that had a tow truck meant to tow rigs that get stuck in the mud.  BTW, the tires for such a truck are 6 ft tall and cost about 250 000 $ per tire.)

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There have been more oli hits in the past 3-5 years than in the history of oil drilling.

Hit a well and , cap it, cement it in. How many wells are tapped, how many billions of dollars in reserve just sitiing there?

The bottom line, there are inexpensive solutions that do not include oil, where are the patents, in the hands of the oil barons.

i hope no one beleives that the oil companys are drilling away to make the people happy.

 Or that  their teams of scientists and bosses are not aware of the solutions, this has been going on 50 years.