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Today's Brownshirt News Report
« on: September 12, 2007, 07:45:08 am »
Don't have cable, so seeing FoxNews is not a part of my life...last night was such a special treat...LSD was never this out there......

Considering that it was 9/11, I guess the propaganda wasn't THAT bad, but of course, count on Fox News for all of your daily Brownshirt News.
Sheppard Smith made remarks on 2 distinct subjects, both having to do with the New World Order agenda.The first was obviously a 9/11 reference.Smith SPECIFICALLY stated that the 9/11 fires were 3000 DEGREES in places.It was quite sly how he put the phrase in.
Secondly, Smith spoke about the Missouri videotape story involving the threatening officer towards the kid with a camera in the car...huge story on your page.Anyways, Smith was absolutely siding with the officer, although in a very(again)sly and unobtrusive way.
O'Reily did his part(of course) with statements of hatred towards the 9/11 truth movement, and shrugs of disgust while listening to a Mos Def song...typical.He also made refences that if Brian Depalma made a movie like he just did during WW2 the film would be censored and or Depalma thrown in jail