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Re: Know the future/Illuminati card game
« Reply #80 on: June 06, 2009, 09:45:07 am »
PDF, rules for game.



The Bavarian Illuminati
Formally known as the “Ancient Illuminated Seers of
Bavaria,” these are the original Illuminati. Many consider
them to be the prototype of all subversive secret societies.
They were indicted three times by the Spanish Inquisition
but largely protected by their vows of secrecy each time. In
1776 the Bavarians were thought to have infiltrated the
Freemasons, planning to conquer that organization from
Power and Goals: The Bavarians’ goal is simply raw
power. They can win by controlling Groups with a total
Power of 35 (including their own Power of 10). They are
subtler than the other Illuminati; their special ability lets
them make a privileged attack each turn at the cost of 5
Playing the Bavarian Illuminati: You have the highest
Power, a good Income, and a special power that makes it
hard for players to defend against you. Remember your
special power and use it! Furthermore, your Goal is directly
related to the strength of your Power Structure. When you
build up your position in the game, you are also moving
directly toward your victory!
Your best strategy is to play firmly, but conservatively.
Don’t make waves or antagonize the other players. If they
combine against you, they can bring you down. If they leave
you alone, you have a good chance of moving steadily
toward victory – or toward a sudden coup, like taking over
a whole arm of someone else’s Power Structure, that will
give you the Power you need. The most desirable puppets
for the Bavarians are the high-powered Groups: the
Mafia, the International Communist Conspiracy, and so
Opposing the Bavarian Illuminati: Good luck! The
Bavarian Illuminati have no particular weak point. Your
best bet is to watch them carefully, playing on the other
Illuminati’s fear of the Bavarian power and abilities.
Together you may be able to bring him down, or at least
keep him too weak to win.

The Bermuda Triangle
Sinking ships is just a sideline with these people. Their
philosophy is to ensure control by taking over many different
types of Groups. They are so shrouded in mystery
and fear that others are always taking the blame for the
unexplained happenings around their headquarters off the
Florida coast.
Power and Goals: The Bermuda Triangle player has the
ability to reorganize his Power Structure freely at the end of
each turn. The Triangle wins by collecting at least one example
of each of the ten different alignments. If a Group has
several alignments, it counts for each of them.Playing The Triangle: Your enemies will be continually
looking over your shoulder, counting alignments. Once you
get six or seven, they’ll make it hard for you to add more.
Often your best bet is to deal with another player – an
exchange that gives you two or three Groups at once, sealing
your victory, while giving him what he needs for his own
The Triangle is the most likely of all the Illuminati to
benefit from making a deal. Keep your lines of communication
open, and always have a little spare cash and a Special
card or two, to improve your bargaining position.
Alternatively, if your enemies are obsessed with counting
alignments and keeping you away from your special victory,
you can make a quick stab at a regular victory. This
often works, and your rivals will hate themselves for letting
you get away with it.
The most desirable target for the Triangle are those combining
many different alignments: the Semiconscious
Liberation Army is the biggest prize of all! And the Orbital
Mind Control Lasers can give you the victory by changing
an alignment at the right time.
Opposing The Triangle: First, make absolutely sure that
he doesn’t get the SLA. If you can, keep him away from the
IRS and KGB, too; though they have only two alignments
each, they are comparatively rare ones (and, unlike the SLA,
the Groups themselves are useful).
Pick one relatively rare alignment, like Communist or
Weird, and make sure that none are available for the Triangle
to pick up. The Discordians will happily help you keep the
Weird Groups out of circulation, but don’t let them get too
far with it!
The Triangle will want the Orbital Mind Control Lasers.
You must keep them out of his hands.
In general, watch the Bermuda Triangle closely, but
don’t just concentrate on how many alignments he has picked
up. Look at which ones he still needs. If he is still trying for
a Communist, he can be stopped. But if all he needs, for
instance, is a Violent Group, look out! There are Violent card
everywhere, and many of them are fairly easy to capture.

The Discordian Society
Worshippers of Eris, the Roman Goddess of Strife and
Chaos, they delight in confusion. The Discordians seek to
bring all the strange and peculiar elements of society under
their banner, and especially delight in confusing the
“straights” around them.
Power and Goals: The Discordians can win by controlling
five Weird Groups, and they get an extra +4 on all
attempts to control such Groups. Because of their chaotic
nature, they are immune to attacks from Straight or
Government Groups. No Straight or Government Group
may attack the Discordian power structure in any way, or aid
such an attack.

Playing Discordia: Your special powers are of no use
offensively, and your Power and Income aren’t especially
good. But hang in there! The other Illuminati aren’t likely to
see you as a threat. Enlarge your Power Structure gradually,
picking up Weird card when you can. Be sure to get a couple
of Groups with two or three control arrows, because few
of your Weirds will have any control arrows at all.
To reinforce your “harmless” impression, you may even
want to pass occasionally. By the time your foes see you as
a threat, you should be able to deal with them . . . and when
they attack, they will have to do it without some of their
most powerful Groups, because Straight and Government
Groups cannot affect you in any way.
The Secret Masters of Fandom (S.M.O.F.) and the
Science Fiction Fans are useful puppets for you.
Opposing Discordia: Since very few Weird Groups have
Power, they cannot be destroyed (except with the
Whispering Campaign card). The few Weird Groups that do
have power are very valuable to Discordia. Destroy them or
take them over yourself. The International Communist
Conspiracy, the Mafia, and the CFL-AIO, which are neither
Straight or Government, are good tools to use against the
When Discordia gets three Weird Groups, be careful.
When he gets four, act!

The Gnomes of Zurich
This is the old nickname for the Swiss bankers who are
reputed to be the money-masters of the world. Not only do
they have huge amounts of money, but they can transfer it
quickly and easily, and they have a finger in every financial
Power and Goals: The Gnomes may move money freely
among all their Groups at the end of a turn. They win by
amassing 150 megabucks – not just on their Illuminati, but
in the treasuries of their whole power structure.
Playing the Gnomes: Try to take control of high Income
cards like the IRS, the Multinational Oil Companies, the
Republicans, the Democrats, and the International Cocaine
Smugglers. However, if you openly move in on the superhigh
Income Groups, your foes are likely to target you for
Trying for a larger number of moderately lucrative
Groups is often more productive. Your overall income will
be the same, and your Power Structure will be dispersed and
harder to hurt.
If you get the Market Manipulation card, hold it until
you can win at one stroke by cashing it in. Meanwhile, don’t
be reluctant to spend money when you need to. Don’t attack
indiscriminately, but defend your income-producing
Groups. If you lose them, you might as well give up.
Opposing The Gnomes: Keep track of their overall
income – the amount of money they make each turn. Whenthe Gnomes’ income gets to the 25-MB range, Zurich is
probably close to a victory. Attack! A coalition is probably
your only chance; attack either to control or to neutralize,
even if the attacks are hopeless, to bleed the Gnomes’ treasury.
Attack puppets that don’t have much money in their
own treasuries, to make it more expensive to defend them.
Whenever they try to make a deal, demand that they give
you more money “because they are so rich.”
The longer the game runs, the richer the Gnomes get. To
stop them, play aggressively.

The Network
Some say the Network is a conspiracy of the world’s
computer programmers; others believe that the programmers
are merely the pawns, and the computers themselves have
taken over. Either way, they are rich and powerful, and they
are probably watching you right now. The Network knows
everything, and it knows it first.
Power and Goals: The Network player draws two cards
every turn. The Network can win by collecting 25 points
worth of transferable power, including its own 7 points.
Playing The Network: Your special ability is a very good
one. It increases your chance of getting good cards of all
kinds. Try to keep at least one Special card in your hand;
these cards can provide excellent bargaining leverage.
However, your Special Goal is tough, since few Groups
have a high Transferable Power, and such Groups are valuable
to everyone. Often your best bet is a regular victory,
unless the right Groups come up, but this is easier for you
than for some of your foes.
Opposing The Network: Don’t destroy Groups with
Transferable Power (unless you’re Cthulhu); take them over,
protect them, and use them. Maybe you can sell one to theNetwork for more than it’s worth. If he gets several Special
cards in his hand, you can make the other players paranoid
about them and put together a coalition. Otherwise, try to
play him off against Bavaria, who will be after many of the
same targets.
The Network has an extra advantage in a game with
inexperienced players, who are less likely to go after the
Groups with transferable power.

The Servants of Cthulhu
These are the students of those things man was not
meant to know. They seek to master arcane powers and inhuman
forces, though they risk their own lives and souls.
Power and Goals: The Servants of Cthulhu seek to
destroy, and they are good at it; this player gets an extra +2
on any attempt to destroy any Group! Their objective in the
game is to destroy eight other Groups. If they knock another
Illuminati out of the game by taking away its last Group,
the destroyed Illuminati counts toward their total, too.
Playing Cthulhu: Start destroying Groups early, or
you’ll never get your goal of eight – but don’t overdo it.
Whenever the other players want a Group destroyed (especially
early in the game, when your Goal is far away and you
don’t look dangerous), offer to do their dirty work for them.
If they will help pay for the destruction, so much the better!
And, if you have a chance to eliminate another player entirely,
the rest of the Illuminati will probably help you, even
though the destruction counts toward your own Goal. After
all, knocking someone out of the game helps everyone else.
After you destroy six or seven Groups, the other players
may get so paranoid about your Special Goal that they will
lose track of the number of Groups you control – letting you
win an easy regular victory.Take over a couple of low-power Groups instead of
destroying them; you can use their income during the game,
and later, when you need more victims, there they are!
To make your job of destruction easier, you need Groups
with money and power. Also useful are those Groups that
give their possessor a bonus to destroy (like the Cycle Gangs
and the Semiconscious Liberation Army). But don’t go out
of your way to take one – they’re not that much better than
a Transferable Power Group, and they make you look dangerous.
Remember that if you knock a foe out of the game,
by capturing, neutralizing or destroying his last Group, the
destroyed Illuminati counts as a kill!
Opposing Cthulhu: Start while he’s small; when he gets
powerful, it will be too late for anything but luck to help you.
There are two strategies you can use.
The first is to take away his prey . . . a Group cannot be
destroyed if it’s already gone! When a low-power Group
comes up, grab it and protect it if it is useful; if the Group is
not useful, destroy it yourself before Cthulhu can get to it.
Alternatively, you can conspire with the other players to
deliberately leave low-power Groups vulnerable. If Cthulhu
spends his first few turns gleefully killing small fry, he won’t
be controlling very much . . . and he can be eliminated completely
by a concerted attack on the fourth or fifth turn, just
when he thinks victory is within his tentacles.

The Society of Assassins
Arising in the Middle East, the Assassins were a secret
order of the Ismailite sect of Muslims. They attained the
height of their power during the Middle Ages but continue
even today. Often they do not need to act . .
. the mere hint of their displeasure is enough
to intimidate a foe. The ancient warning of
the Assassins, the dagger left on a rival’s
pillow, has made kings tremble.
Power and Goals: They win if they control
six Violent Groups. Their special ability
is an extra +4 on any attempt to neutralize
enemy-controlled Groups.
Playing The Assassins: Your special
ability is purely an offensive weapon. Use it
sparingly; it is a powerful threat. Others are
likely to support you in an attempt to neutralize,
since you don’t benefit directly. (Of
course, you can neutralize a Group, and then
attempt to control it!) Your foes may even
be willing to bribe you to leave them alone.
To win, you need Violent cards. Build
up a reserve of cash to increase your
chances of getting good Violent Groups
when they come along, and of keeping them after you get
them. Your very best cards are those that, like Texas and the
Mafia, are both powerful and Violent.
Opposing The Assassins: Whatever you do, don’t let the
Assassins single you out as a foe! With their ability to neutralize,
they are a very dangerous enemy. Offer to help them
in an attempt to neutralize someone else’s Groups; that way,
the Assassins don’t benefit directly, injure someone else, and
make enemies elsewhere.
A subtle and powerful Group, the Assassins are best
opposed with guile and indirection. You may be tempted to
destroy Violent cards – but be careful; this a very obvious
ploy. Watch their Power Structure. Once they get five
Violent Groups, it is time to abandon subtlety and attack.

The UFOs
Are they creatures from outer space, or human superscientists?
No one knows. These are the most elusive of all
the Illuminati. Their aims are shrouded in secrecy and
change constantly.
Power and Goals: The UFOs’ advantage is speed; this
Illuminati Group may attack (or aid an attack) twice per turn.
No other Group may do this. Their Special Goal is chosen by
the UFO player himself, at the beginning of the game. He
picks any of the other seven Goals and writes it on a piece
of paper, secretly. He may reveal it at any time, but will usually
not do so until he has achieved it!
Playing The UFOs: Your biggest advantage is that your
opponents don’t know what you’re trying to do. Keep them
guessing! Destroy a Group or two to make them wonder if
you’re really Cthulhu (and to keep the real Cthulhu from
getting them). Money is always useful, and a big pile of it
will make them wonder if you’re Zurich. Take over a couple
of Weird Groups, and you’ve made
Discordia’s life miserable. And so on.
If you need an extra negotiating
tool, you can offer to tell what your
Special Goal really is. You might
even tell the truth!
Your special ability to act twice
can be very powerful if used properly.
Rather than acting directly, you
may want to let the UFOs aid twice a
turn, adding their power to that of
other powerful Groups in your control,
for devastating attacks that don’t
cost much money.
Opposing The UFOs: First, you
have to figure out what they are
doing. Watch carefully! Then proceed
as indicated for that particular
Goal. If you see that the UFOs are
very close to any Goal, start worrying.
In the meantime, try to keep them away from Groups
with especially high Power or Income, just on general

Conspiracy is an ancient pastime; so is the study of
conspiracy. Secrecy in itself is harmless, but it
always attracts attention. And many “known”
secret groups are powerful indeed! Try to envision
the criminal world without the Mafia, the American civil
rights movement without the Ku Klux Klan, or an American
college campus without Greek-letter societies. An estimated
15 million Americans are involved in secret (or at
least secretive) groups of one kind or another.
A number of excellent sources are available
for those wishing more information
about (a) the Illuminati; (b) people who
believe in them; and (c) people who
enjoy leaving false trails to confuse people
who believe in the Illuminati.
Any good encyclopedia will include
articles on the historical Society of
Assassins, Bavarian Illuminati, and
Freemasonry, and the connections, known
and speculative, between them.
The Illuminatus! trilogy, by Robert Shea and
Robert Anton Wilson, is required reading for any conspiracy
buff. Wilson is this century’s foremost public authority
on the Illuminati, though his books conceal their information
within great masses of humor, lies, and philosophical
speculation. His Schrodinger’s Cat trilogy is entertaining but
relatively uninformative. Cosmic Trigger (Final Secret of the
Illuminati) is scientific/philosophical commentary, laced
with discussion of conspiracy and Strange Coincidence.
Masks of the Illuminati is fictionalized history (or historicized
More recently, Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum
illustrates the folly of looking too deeply into any conspiracy
. . . or into your own mind.
A History of Secret Societies, by “Arkon Daraul,” is an
interesting primer, discussing many Illuminated, pseudo-
Illuminated, and totally unconnected Groups. It should not
be taken as gospel, but makes a good research guide.
The Crying of Lot 49, by Thomas Pynchon, is a classic
study of alienation (and a lot of fun!). If one accepts the
Illuminati, can the sinister minions of Tristero be far behind?
What Pynchon does not say here is far more important than
what he does.
Principia Discordia, by “Malaclypse the Younger,” is
the bible of Discordianism. More entertaining than most
holy books, it also contains a number of interesting truths,
not all of which were intended by the authors. SJ Games
publishes an edition of the Principia, and will gleefully sell
you a copy!
The Illuminoids, by Neal Wilgus, is an examination, not
of the Illuminati themselves, but of the men and women who
study and believe in the various conspiracy theories.
Holy Blood, Holy Grail, by Michael Baigent, Richard
Leigh, and Henry Lincoln, argues that an unrevealed conspiracy
has, in fact, been working among us for 2,000 years.
That’s all I’m allowed to say.
Alan Moore’s brilliant graphic novel Watchmen
mingles superheroics with conspiracy. Power can indeed
corrupt, no matter what its nature.
World Revolution, by Nesta H. Webster, is a
turgid text written by a woman who was chasing
Illuminati long before most of us were born.
She takes the Bavarian Illuminati very seriously,
citing them as the guiding force
behind Communism, the French
Revolution, and so on. A bigoted and
alarmist book, which strongly warns of
“the danger now threatening civilization.”
Rare, but available in some large
Also from the 1920s, Charles Fort’s
The Book of the Damned and Lo! cite numerous
cases of the strange and inexplicable: showers
of frogs, vanishing men, impossible coincidences.
His favorite theme: factual reports suppressed by “authority”
because they cannot be explained. A typical conjecture:
“I think we’re property.”
Another early piece of conspiracy literature is the
Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This is an anti-Semitic hoax
first propounded early in this century; it purports to be the
minutes of the meetings of a Zionist conspiracy to (what
else?) take over the world. Oddly, many “conspiracy buffs”
still take the Protocols at face value.
Martin Gardner’s Fads and Fallacies in the Name of
Science contains detailed, if unsympathetic, treatments of a
number of “fringe” cults, pseudosciences, and peculiar phenomena.
It could well inspire a reader to invent groups
stranger than anything in the game.
Finally, the writings of the survivalist/financial author
Howard Ruff contain many references to (or debunkings of)
modern theories of economic conspiracy. What really happened
to silver prices in 1981-82? Why did the stock market
crash in 1987, and why doesn’t it crash now? Why does
inflation keep on inflating, and who benefits most?
Those who remain interested in the mystery of the
Illuminati will no doubt go on to more serious research
involving the works of Aleister Crowley, Abd al-Azrad,
Tirion Palantir, “Bob” Dobbs, O.K. Ravenhurst, Kilgore
Trout, and so on. Please don’t write to tell me what you
learn. I don’t want to know. And don’t blame me if you vanish
on some foggy night, never to be seen again. After all,
it’s just a game . . . isn’t it? Fnord.
– Steve Jackson

Ye Must Be Born Again!

True Salvation & the TRUE Gospel/Good News!

how to avoid censorship ;)

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Re: Know the future/Illuminati card game
« Reply #81 on: June 11, 2009, 02:17:57 am »
Has anyone bought this game... Steve Jackson is a pretty f-up man. 
I wonder if he just thougt up everything and the guys at the bilderberg and all those  secret meetings just sit around playing the NWOI game. 
I really wanna see all the cards. Arent there supposed to be like a hundred or so?
("Llife" is a better game lol)

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I'm thinking, maybe I should phone into the infowarrior, do a little expose or even submit an article to editors@infowars ???

Wow... this is just making so many connections for me. We have the famous 'illuminati card game' that predicted false-flag terror attacks...

And the cool thing is all this in right in Austin, Texas and would be a perfect guest that Alex or Jason could have on the show.

And the guy who made them; Steve Jackson
In fact this guy's website is literally a babylon-mystery worship temple, take a look around in all the sections

And it was Steve Jackson who started the Illuminati BBS back in April 1, 1986, and his BBS system raided by the secret service in 1993 - which brought them up on charges of alleged piracy but the secret service were overturned in court "groundless fishing expedition, based on ignorance."
Eventually he started getting more popular, which meant the need for more bandwidth, etc until he started up his own ISP in 1998 which was aptly named Illuminati Online. "lluminati Online has spun off as a separate company with its own offices on south IH-35 in Austin. We are adding more equipment constantly, and support over 7000 paying users."

This is their earlier logo designs:

Fast foward to 2009, and re-directs to
On the about page, we have a little history

"Jody Badum, President
Jody has vast experience in the communications and technology industries and started PrismNet in the early 1990's with 2 other partners. He continues to be a pivotal asset to the business's growth and is the driving force behind the company's customer service mission. "

Illuminati Online was owned by Steve Jackson of Steve Jackson Games at the time that it was the server host of George Bush, Jr.'s official Presidential campain website. Steve Jackson only recently sold Illuminati Online (soon after called Iocom) to PrismNet in September 2004.

They toned down the illuminati in-your-face a little bit, but call it now 'prismnet' (oh a prism !! ) and their corporate logo has the what-they-call it galaxy type symbolism.

Just watch their corporate video

that's how prismnet got it's name, because a prism is an equilateral triangle (awkward)

With more help from this post.

I'm not too great at putting all these ideas together, I think it'd make a great submission to editors@infowars if someone can write a good article.

How To Reach Steve Jackson Games

        Phone Number:
        Fax Number:   512-447-7866
        General E-mail Address:
        Postal Mailing Address:*    PO Box 18957
        Austin TX 78760
        Shipping Address:*
        (UPS/FedEx/DHL)    3735 Promontory Point Drive
        Austin, TX 78744

PrismNet Ltd.
11500 Metric Blvd - Suite 280
Austin, Texas 78758
Tel: (512) 821-2991
Fax: (512) 821-2995
Toll free: (877)-803-5634


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Hey guys, take a look!

It appears to be the complete collection of the cards!

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Thanks for the find!

I've be looking for pics of the full deck.    :)

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  • hmm
thanks :)


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A few fav's that I hadn't seen before:



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Re: Know the future/Illuminati card game
« Reply #87 on: July 28, 2009, 12:28:55 pm »
This thread is worth another look by all
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
« Reply #88 on: July 28, 2009, 02:54:50 pm »
Ok, where can I buy the complete set with dice and whatever else I need to play. I've got a mish mash collection, but I want the
whole organized caboodle


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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
« Reply #89 on: July 28, 2009, 03:10:41 pm »
The Spaceman Toronto 640:

TOPIC: the Illuminati card game (repeat of March 21 & 14, 2009)

TIME: 3:15:14

SIZE: 33.5 MB

Listen Now

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
« Reply #90 on: July 28, 2009, 03:32:01 pm »
Wow, weird I remember playing this game when I was young not thinking a thing about it at the time....
"You gotta remember, establishment, it’s just a name for evil. The monster doesn’t care whether it kills all the students or whether there’s a revolution. It’s not thinking logically, it’s out of control."
— John Lennon (1969)


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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
« Reply #91 on: July 28, 2009, 03:33:30 pm »
Nice Wallpapers,

This is his company logo,

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
« Reply #92 on: July 28, 2009, 03:44:04 pm »
Illuminati new world order:the future on a card game on youtube
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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
« Reply #93 on: July 28, 2009, 08:56:07 pm »
Did you see the liste of Frequently asked questions about the deluxe illuminati game:

Frequently Asked Questions About The REAL Illuminati
We get mail every day - well, okay, every week - from people inquiring about the "real Illuminati." Here are some of the most frequently asked questions . . .

Are you part of the real Illuminati?
What are some truthful histories and literature about the Illuminati?

What does the eye in the pyramid mean? And why is there one on the dollar bill?

This is all really a joke, isn't it?

Did you read about those cattle mutilations?

What is the Principia Discordia?

How can you get away with writing about the Illuminati?

How can I join the Illuminati?

How can I make the Illuminati leave me alone?

Is this connected to those stories by Lovecraft?

What do they do with all that money?

Why are you making a game out of this evil world conspiracy?

What does fnord mean?

These questions come in all the time. And we don't answer them. Have a nice day."

Isnt this like a big middle finger to the face.   >:(

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Hey guys, take a look!

It appears to be the complete collection of the cards!

THANK YOU! Ive been looking for them for ages, I was about to give in and order it.
 I wouldnt feel right with giving them my support, by buying

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
« Reply #95 on: July 28, 2009, 09:11:02 pm »

Does anyone know how widespread the cards were?

How many people may have bought it?

Certainly not on the level of say, pokemon, or something like that ...
were they just an illuminati inside joke?
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Let it loose; it will defend itself.-

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
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Here's where you can buy them.

My cousin was into the "magic, the gathering" card game and they had these at the comics shop we took her to. I dont think they were very popular as I cant recall anyone ever mentioning this game. Interesting though...
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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
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wow everything on these cards have either happened or is happening.

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
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Illuminati Card Game(330 cards) 17min


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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
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Illuminati Card Game(330 cards) 17min
Awesome, i'll watch this soon. :)

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
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 The Board Game

I am pretty sure this whole thing is 'playing both sides'. They are making the "illuminati" into just another game ... Pokemon, Bakugan, Yu-Gi-Oh, Illuminati ... if you study a little of the NWO 'kid's world' output I think you may agree.

Confusing reality ... hiding in plain sight ... muddying the waters ...

It's not REAL dude, it's just an animated game!

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
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I put some unopened boxes of these cards on eBay this week.  12 hours remain on the auction.

I got these here in Austin, home of both Alex Jones and Steve Jackson Games.

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
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Very interesting one indeed - Scott Johnson has done several sermon audios on Maitreya, UFO phenomenons, fallen angels, et al, and one thing he's said is how the church is INDEED asleep over this - wow, Steve Jackson pretty much hit it on the nail with this prediction.

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
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Illuminati Cards traced in real news:

1995 Illuminati card game heralds future events [Part 1]
15 December 2009
, (Great Deceptions)

1995 Illuminati card game [Part 2]

The new Illuminati Card Games of 2010

This youtube video has a few of them, including the “oil spill”
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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
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i freaked out when I saw that holy crap. WOW link to this

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
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I'll admit, I've not read the whole thread, but I doubt this has been touched upon before (I kind of feel like a dying breed nowadays, having lived through it).

Back in the 80's and 90's, there was this thing called a Bulletin Board System (BBS)... they were the "precursors" to the modern internet. For a good number of years, it was wholly underground. One popular theme found in BBSes were dystopian themes as seen in Blade Runner. Steve Jackson was a SysOp (System Operator... a "webmaster", back in the day) of a BBS called The Illuminati BBS (if I remember correctly, it's been too many years). His BBS revolved around the publicity of his games- namely a very flexible RPG system called GURPS (many of us geekier BBSers used GURPS as opposed to the mainstream AD&D), and one particular module of GURPS, Cyberpunk, revolved around themes of conspiracy, a dystopian future, hacking, and other dark sci-fi themes, and really affected much of the BBS scene in spirit, if not in fact.

Around the same time as Steve Jackson began to develop Cyberpunk and Illuminati, many BBSes were becoming more mainstream, while other BBSes were becoming more dedicated to hacking and piracy (Mind you, hacking had been around since day 1 of BBSes, but back then, it was never a genuine threat to anyone other than Ma Bell... when it went mainstream, the trolls of the hacking scene, "script kiddies", became rampant and made a bad name for real hackers [that is, the security-analyst [good] 'white hat', the hacktivist [neutral] 'gray hat', and destructive [evil] 'black hat' hackers]). The government launched a program... Operation Sundevil... that was dedicated to putting a stop to the problem of *all* hackers. Anyone who was a SysOp of an underground BBS was put on 'high alert' for infiltrators to their systems (even I was wary of every new user to my BBS, a few times justifiably so). Even mainstream BBSes were cautious because the same people who would frequent underground BBSes in an area would also frequent the mainstream BBSes.

The Secret Service caught wind of Steve Jackson's games, and learned he was associated with Loyd Blankenship, AKA Mentor (a known hacker who had done some time in prison and was a consultant on the production of Cyberpunk, and I'll be honest here and now, probably *the* most influential person in my life, and one whom I'm honored to call "friend"). They raided both Steve Jackson's and Mentor's houses, and took everything associated with S.J.'s games, and all of their hardware. There was a legal trial or somesuch, I honestly don't know all of the details, but the Secret Service believed that S.J. and Mentor were promoting hacking and illegal activity, stole government secrets or somesuch, from what I remember they threw everything at them except the kitchen sink, but in the end, S.J. and Mentor were cleared of all charges. I don't believe they got their equipment back, though. To stop this from happening again, the group Electronic Frontier Foundation was founded from some of the 'pioneers' of the Internet community to protect the rights of those online.

Steve Jackson himself is not part of the Illuminati or any such group... but his knowledge came from those of us who were part of the Infowar before everyone else online... those of us who read, couriered, and wrote to articles like Phrack or 2800 Magazine, we were the "Infowarriors" of our time and place. His ideas were nothing more than what was happening to us, and what we knew, back then. In this case, art imitated life- not the other way around.
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