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this is amazing... and scary... who is this Steve Jackson, and how did he know all these things?

Isn't it a really good question when you read the copyrights on the instruction manual? Does "Steve Jackson" exist as a human or as a corporate 'person' fronting for the AISB? What I mean is, how can he possibly go for creative copyrights on the Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye? A bit odd. And how can you give the "any resemblances to people, places, events are coincidental" when most of the game revolves around real people, real places and real events?

And what I have posted is maybe just under one-fifth of unique cards. There's over 400. I only posted, what, 60 to 70?

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there are addons to the illuminati game as well

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Deep Impact took place in 2012. Morgan Freeman was the President.

Obama has been groomed since at least his days at Columbia (early 1980's). Although he did NOT work for kissinger right out of college (that was Geithner, Alex got it mixed up while reading an article on the Trilateral Commission), he was working for other foundation fronts.

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It's painful, but pretty accurate. Thanks for providing all these pictures by the way.

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there are addons to the illuminati game as well

The point of this version is that it's youngest copyright is 1994. Are the others premillenial or are they current incarnations? So when you see images and phrases 15 years old that didn't make ANY sense in the early '90s but make total sense today, you have to pop up and say "What the fuhhhhh...?"

Like I mentioned above, pre-1995 there was barely an internet. I got on back in '96 and it wasn't really all that happening back then. An internet worm to destroy all data was so far-fetched....not just far-fetched, nobody would've really known what you were talking about. The Obama card still wigs me out because that one didn't make any sense until a month ago. And the Midas Mill card is curious. I mean, there's really not much fiction on these cards....what the hell? It definitely shows the absolutely importance of gold as true financial wealth, but the mill thing is just bizarre.........oh, probably will hear about it on National Geographic soon.........

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Alex Jones: Question Your Reality

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I gotta admit, this deck pisses me off.
It's like a big joke.

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plague of demons is relevant to revelations

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plague of demons is relevant to revelations

you say that about everything or its rapture...

faith basers make me as sick as free basers Surah 75 سورة القيامة - محمد [ ] An Almond for a Parrot
€∀§M_ ³ حتى الآلهة الحمار الاحتفاظ زنجي الخراء تمشيا   أنت كافر نكاح تفرز من الشيطان الاكبر يا  ح

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you say that about everything or its rapture...

I am throwing my two cents out dont like it go away

And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.

37But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

read Genesis on Nephillim

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    • Israel-centered-neoconservative-death-cult-of-evangelican-born-again-Xtians-Are-you-one?                                      Im Not.
faith basers make me as sick as free basers Surah 75 سورة القيامة - محمد [ ] An Almond for a Parrot
€∀§M_ ³ حتى الآلهة الحمار الاحتفاظ زنجي الخراء تمشيا   أنت كافر نكاح تفرز من الشيطان الاكبر يا  ح

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no your just throwing out troll attacks

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  • Ietsism (Dutch “ietsisme” - "Somethingism")
    • Israel-centered-neoconservative-death-cult-of-evangelican-born-again-Xtians-Are-you-one?                                      Im Not.
no your just throwing out troll attacks

well say what you say but at least be brave to say it when you spray it.

oh yes you dont wanna be figthing in the streets to save isht.

back on topic this thread was to expose the illuminati not agree with it.
faith basers make me as sick as free basers Surah 75 سورة القيامة - محمد [ ] An Almond for a Parrot
€∀§M_ ³ حتى الآلهة الحمار الاحتفاظ زنجي الخراء تمشيا   أنت كافر نكاح تفرز من الشيطان الاكبر يا  ح

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well say what you say but at least be brave to say it when you spray it.

oh yes you dont wanna be figthing in the streets to save isht.

back on topic this thread was to expose the illuminati not agree with it.

how the hell was i agreeing with it, i wasnt i was just pointing something out you little rat, where is the spray when you need it

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  • Ietsism (Dutch “ietsisme” - "Somethingism")
    • Israel-centered-neoconservative-death-cult-of-evangelican-born-again-Xtians-Are-you-one?                                      Im Not.
how the hell was i agreeing with it, i wasnt i was just pointing something out you little rat, where is the spray when you need it

plague of demons is relevant to revelations

lawdy lawdy mr cheezeeeeeeeee.
faith basers make me as sick as free basers Surah 75 سورة القيامة - محمد [ ] An Almond for a Parrot
€∀§M_ ³ حتى الآلهة الحمار الاحتفاظ زنجي الخراء تمشيا   أنت كافر نكاح تفرز من الشيطان الاكبر يا  ح


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i gotta get me this set, i mean really, isn't this like some stranger sitting us all down and
reciting our deepest fears?

i'm pretty much convinced this came from the bowels of hell itself, this shit has got to be real.

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Wow, just went to eBay and one set (12 packs) went for $80. One set is on there for $160. Another guy has a 3/4 set for $150! Holy crap! When did these suddenly become worth something? I got my whole set (12 packs/ 55 cards per pack), sealed new, $35 (incl. shipping) back in October. Welp, good luck finding some!


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you must've got lucky, i searched ebay last year and the set was about $70 average.
anyway thanks for the pics Noel.

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Here's the thing. I don't believe a single card was included here that ISN'T an option for them. This is evidently a hidden in plain sight kinda thing. So the question is, what the HELL is all this about?? lol

Is it that scene in the bible where the abyss is opened?

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Here's the thing. I don't believe a single card was included here that ISN'T an option for them. This is ....
Holy sh*t, giant flying bats, big red's the mothmen. lol

I find it disturbing an insider would even put this in the deck.  :-\ I don't think any of these cards are "fake."


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Who is behind these cards and what are their affiliations? anyone know?

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The midas mill card made me think of this info...

Mass Counterfeiting of American coins

February 27, 2009

by Brian Harring

                 With the collapsing American economy, many Americans are rushing to invest in gold; either coins or bar, and also silver. One of the most popular forms of this investment are American coins.  Where there is a need, there is always someone to fill it and in this case, the filling consists of  the massive counterfeiting of gold coins, silver coins, and even Swiss gold bars in China. Initially, it appeared they were only faking Morgan dollars, but then it turned out they were also making $20 Liberty, and Indian Head gold $2.50, $5, and $10 coins, of all dates. Evidently, this is extremely easy with today's computer-and-laser-die-cutting technology, and the fakes are being die-struck in vast quantities, not cast, and visually at least, are superb copies.

                The good news is that these fakes are readily detectable with a 0.01 - gram scale, as the Chinese in their greed are using lower carats of gold and lower grades of silver than the genuine coins, to maximize profit, and thus, in most cases, the fake coins and bars are lighter than the real ones. In a few cases, the silver coins of high numismatic interest are actually OVER weight - it appears that the supply of accurate planchet stock is a major difficulty for the forgers.

                Here are links to a two-part article about this in Coin World Magazine:



                Note: They are even faking PCGS and ANACS slabs!!:


                A friend who has an extremely wealthy friend in Europe (on the order of several hundreds of millions) asked this person to make enquiries at his bank. The bank told him candidly that indeed, the Chinese are also faking sovereigns, half sovereigns, French 20 Franc gold, and various denominations of Nicholas II Russian Rubles, of all dates, as well as Swiss gold bars. They said any gold bars they are offered for purchase are both weighed and the serial numbers checked with the manufacturers. The Chinese do not know the serial and manufacture date numbering systems on the gold bars, and so that error is quickly detectable.

                The US Secret Service has just this week been made aware of this problem, which was new to them, and if they decide to launch an investigation, they have indicated that while they cannot do anything about the operations in China, they can, and will, seize any counterfeit US coins they come across. Dealers in these fakes would also be liable to fines and jail time. Foreign fakes are not under their purview, but if that business turns out to be substantial, there could conceivably be an FBI investigation of fraud in interstate commerce, targeting companies who are mail-ordering fake foreign coins. Individuals who have been cheated might also sue their suppliers - in short, this could turn into a huge mess.

                General appearance aside, it is very easy it is to spot fakes - just with a scale reading to 1/00th of a gram, and a table of the correct weights and sizes of the coins or bars they are buying. (In the case of large-size bargold, unless buying from the manufacturer or a reputable bank, the serial numbers need to be verified, so that one does not buy a Chinese bar with a lead or mercury core)

                Herewith a listing of what I have uncovered so far:

                1; The U.S .Morgan silver dollar. All dates and all mint marks;

                2: The U.S. gold coins viz the $2.50, $5.00 and $10.00 Indian head issues

                3. The U.S. copper penny viz 1909 S  vdb

                4. Three gold Imperial Russian roubles from the reign of Nicholas II

                5. A gold 20 franc coin with the head of Napoleon I on the obverse

                6. The South African Krugerrand

                7. British sovereigns and half sovereigns of different monarchs and dates

                And in addition, they are also making fake gold bars from the Credit Suisse people.

                It was always considered that numismatics as a relatively fraud-free area of collecting, but it appears that a coin collector today has to carry a digital scale around. This doesn't affect me very much, but I too have wondered at the sudden appearance of all the Morgan dollars. Fortunately, the ones I have came down to me from my grandfather, and I'll be very careful picking up individual pieces that fill blanks.

                As for Krugerands and similar gold pieces that are traded for bullion prices, it is obvious that the Chinese have lowered the purity and thus debase the value; otherwise, a fake Krug would have as much gold as a real one.
 Note: It is very important to understand that most of these coins were removed from circulation and melted down for their silver content. Therefore, the enormous numbers of Morgan dollars, “recently discovered, in mint condition, in an old vault,” is only a predictable fabrication designed to sell the fakes to the gullible.
                `While many of these fake coins are widely advertised in the American prnit and television media, many are also sold on eBay

                These single-coin auctions are usually listed with a starting price of 5 or 10 cents, and they usually close around those prices when the swindler  gets a buyer. These fake coins cost the Chinese about 50 cents to make but the swindlers make most of their profit from the shipping expense they collect from their victims.

                This is a common practice with China-based sellers on eBay. They sell the counterfeit item very cheaply, but then charge as much as $70 or more for shipping. Doing this serves two useful functions. First, their Final Value Fee expense is minimal, since eBay bases this fee on the auction’s closing price. Secondly, if an item is returned to the seller for some reason, the buyer can only recover that minimal bid amount since shipping and handling is typically nonrefundable.

Counterfeiting significant to China’s overall economy
by Susan Headley
Special to Coin World

The counterfeiting of general goods and infringement of intellectual rights (such as software piracy) in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) comprises a significant portion of China’s overall economy. Consider these facts:

- In 2006, an estimated 8 percent of China’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was generated from counterfeiting.

- The PRC’s own State Council Research and Development Center estimated that there were $19 billion to $24 billion worth of counterfeit goods flooding China’s economy in 2001.

- Brand owners estimated that 15 to 20 percent of all well-known brands in the PRC are counterfeit.

- Up to 80 percent of all worldwide counterfeiting is done in China, according to some estimates.

- In 2005, U.S. Customs seized $93 million worth of counterfeit and infringing goods, nearly 70 percent of which came from China (and this is only what Customs actually caught entering the country, which is probably a small percentage of the total).

- The manufacture of counterfeits is primarily centered in the two southern Chinese provinces of Fujian and Guangdong.


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Who is behind these cards and what are their affiliations? anyone know?

Illuminati Designer Article

by Steve Jackson
(This article originally appeared in DRAGON Magazine.)
Sometimes, when asked where I got an idea, I can't answer. Ogre, for instance, must have been in the back of my head for years before I ever seriously thought about designing a game. But I know exactly where the idea for Illuminati came from.

One night in September of '81, I was over at Dave Martin's house. Dave is the most "regular" of our free-lance cover artists; we use him a lot because he's talented, cooperative, and lives right here in Austin. He's also a good friend (he's just as crazy as any of us). And on this particular night, we weren't talking business at all. We were drinking wine and discussing science fiction. We had just found out that we were both admirers of the Shea and Wilson Illuminatus! trilogy . . . when Dave said IT.

"Hey, Steve, these books are really crazy. You ought to make a game out of them."

I laughed, and the moment passed. But, over the next few days, the idea kept coming back. It was impossible, of course. Even aside from the question of buying game rights to a novel (always an involved and expensive process) there was the subject matter. Giant golden dope-smuggling submarines, talking dolphins, anarchistic midgets, the holy man underneath Dealy Plaza (the Dealy Lama, of course), dozens of secret organizations with obscene acronyms, and a final deus ex machina in the form of a real live (and horny) goddess . . . even if you could figure out who was on whose side, which I didn't think I could, how could you make a game out of it? But it was such a fascinating thought!

And then it hit me. I was driving at the time, and did not (quite) go off the road - but there was a real physical twitch when the thought took hold. It might not be possible to do an Illuminatus! game . . . but it would be possible to do a game about the secret-conspiracy idea *behind* Illuminatus! Thus was born the game of Illuminati. (An "illuminatus" is an enlightened one. If you have an illuminatus and you get another one, you have illuminati. Also a conspiracy . . . )

Having decided to accept the Illuminatus! books as spiritual guides, but not as actual source material, I was free to foist my own vision of the Illuminati upon a helpless world. So I started researching.

"You want to read about WHAT? . . . "
Researching something like the Illuminati is not the easiest thing to do. After all, if there is such a thing as a secret conspiracy to overthrow the world, it's not going to advertise itself. On the other hand, hordes of people are going to write about it - each one adding more speculations and misconceptions. I soon found that there was no shortage of historical information and conjecture about the dread Illuminati. Most of it was utterly contradictory. Well, so much the better; I could believe whatever I liked. All the other writers certainly had! I've distilled a bit of Illuminated history for the interested reader; you'll find it (wherever you put it, Tim). If you want more, there's a bibliography in the Illuminati rulebook. Suffice it to say that I found plenty of sources, ranging from the Encyclopedia Britannica to a collection of underground comics.

Now that I had enough data about the "real" Illuminati, and about the interesting modern paranoia that has grown up around them, what sort of game did I want to put together? I decided that:

(a) It should be a multi-player game. I'm a great admirer of Eon's Cosmic Encounter. I decided to go for the same free-wheeling, back-stabbing play style. Another similarity to CE was the idea that each player would have his own special power. Illuminati takes this even farther than CE, though: each player has his own victory condition, too! Thus, each player has slightly different aims in any given transaction.

(b) The tone should be tongue-in-cheek rather than serious. It's possible to get deadly serious about the idea of conspiracies and assassinations. I didn't want that. Among all the material I'd read, the articles with the really wacky theories - even if they were presented totally seriously - were the most fun to read. Logically, then, a wacky game should be more fun to play. Which is why there are names like the Semiconscious Liberation Army and the Fiendish Fluoridators disguising genuine groups. That's also why an account of the game will include things like "And then the South American Nazis, acting on orders from the UFOs, took over the Boy Scouts with the help of the Phone Company!"

(c) The game should also be complicated enough to reward skill and deviousness. My one criticism of Cosmic Encounter is that it's a little too simple for me. It's a lot of fun, but it's not suitable for a head-to-head confrontation with a really skilled and sneaky opponent. I wanted Illuminati to allow for detailed, long-term alliances and double-crosses . . . for sophisticated study of other players' actions in an attempt to find out what they were really trying to do . . . for sudden, telling strokes that could win the game (or at least eliminate another player entirely).

(d) As much as possible, I wanted to retain the "flavor" of the conspiracy material I'd been reading. That's why groups like the South American Nazis, the Cattle Mutilators, the fluoridators, the Communists, the oil companies, and the United Nations, are in there. You can't have a good conspiracy theory without stringing together all these elements and a dozen more - so here they are. A few (for instance, the Trilateral Commission) got left out; no matter how dear to the heart of some writers the Trilateralists are, they're just not funny. They may make it into the expansion sets, as the "Triliberal Commission."

(e) I wanted the game system to be new. I was tired of hexagons and squares. It would have been entirely too easy to do a Monopoly board and let you take over groups as you landed on them, getting more power every time you passed GO. Bleccch. This was going to be a game about a brand-new subject; it deserved a brand-new system.

Shea and Wilson, connected to playboy.

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i gotta get me this set, i mean really, isn't this like some stranger sitting us all down and
reciting our deepest fears?

i'm pretty much convinced this came from the bowels of hell itself, this shit has got to be real.

Heads up.....

Careful, though..........noob seller........proceed w/ caution. Shouldn't be a problem though, if you ask me. Apparently this one deck has all the unique cards selected out. Super steal if everything goes smoothly. I'd get it, but I have all the proof I need with the cards I have. I won't miss the few rare ones I don't. But, if these get popular like they seem to be, having all of them will be a rarity....and worth more worthless fiat dollars.

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
« Reply #64 on: March 24, 2009, 09:33:40 pm »
i think the clock tower is an ominous sign with obama in london meeting the queen on april fools day.......

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
« Reply #65 on: March 27, 2009, 07:47:28 pm »
i think the clock tower is an ominous sign with obama in london meeting the queen on april fools day.......

It may be a reference to the 7/7 subway bombings.  The clock tower was thrown in to identify the location.

I have never heard of these cards before.  is there a card that depicts a mass plague or flu pandemic?  How about aliens?  No, seriously ....

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
« Reply #66 on: March 28, 2009, 12:53:02 am »
It may be a reference to the 7/7 subway bombings.  The clock tower was thrown in to identify the location.

I have never heard of these cards before.  is there a card that depicts a mass plague or flu pandemic?  How about aliens?  No, seriously ....

Try here:

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Re: the 90's Illuminati Card game.,.
« Reply #67 on: March 28, 2009, 01:18:06 am »

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Also check out the visual behind him, look like a stock market graph?

Or it could be Colorado.  Aside from the mountains, it kind of looks like the new Denver airport structure.  Colorado is suppose to be the capital at some point in the near future, I think.

Also, I think the ears of the guy in the picture stick out a little too much compared to other pictures in the card deck.  A distinguishing feature of Barry, aside from his propensity to lie about everything.


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Thank you very much for the cards, I love this game, it's fantastic.
I'm trying to collect the cards pictures (illustration) , do you know any other website with more? Or if you can post some more, it'd be awesome.

Fantastic game, maybe that proove that this whole thing is not a "conspiracy theory".

Devotional Soul

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I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It's painful, but pretty accurate. Thanks for providing all these pictures by the way.


If we are prized for giving them ideas, lets try not to!

Thanks for sharing all these pics.  Crazy stuff!

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You just blew my mind... 15 yrs old game? Speechless... thanks for this!
"The issue is not whether you are paranoid, the issue is whether you are paranoid enough."
- Max, Strange Days
"Paranoia is knowing all the facts."
- Woody Allen
"This is the Nineties, Bubba, and there is no such thing as Paranoia. It's all true."
- Hunter S Thompson

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OMG! What heck!

the worm! This card game talks about the worm that was release on april 1st. This is just joke to the nwo. I still cant believe this. just wow!


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Well I decided we could collect the cards together.
Here are a few that are VERY interesting:


Hmmm quarantine? I wonder who could launch it... You see up there? GOAL!

Just take a look at the guy, almost a zombie, that's what he's expecting near the "end".

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Re: Know the future/Illuminati card game
« Reply #75 on: June 06, 2009, 09:25:59 am »
"Smoking Gun" Proof That Illuminati Plan
to Attack on 9/11 and Beyond Was Well Known
As Far Back As 1995 

Illuminati Card Game

 Title: "SMOKING GUN" PROOF THAT ILLUMINATI PLAN TO ATTACK ON 9/11 AND BEYOND WAS WELL KNOWN AS FAR BACK AS 1995! Part 1 - Future Cataclysmic Events Accurately Foretold In 1995 Illuminati Card Game -- 9/11 Attack Foreseen.

Resources to aid your Understanding
Subtitle: In nine pertinent playing cards of the "Illuminati New World Order" Game, how did the inventor know -- in 1995 -- the three events comprising the 9/11 attacks? How did he know also the correct plan in the near future? Why do his cards predict the appearance of Antichrist and the Rapture as the last two events of the Illuminati Plan?
The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!! Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

Stand by for insights so startling you will never look at the news the same way again.


In 1990, role-playing inventor, Steve Jackson, was planning his newest game, which he would ultimately call the "Illuminati -- New World Order" Game, or "INWO" for short. Jackson was creating a game that would hit very, very close to home, very close to the actual plan of the Illuminati to propel the world into the New World Order -- also known as the Kingdom of Antichrist. As we shall show you, Jackson issued playing cards, three of which foretold the events of 9/11, three of which correctly predict future events just ahead of us, and two that correctly foretell the last two events that the Bible foretells will occur during the final birth pangs that will produce Antichrist!

How did Steve Jackson know the Illuminati Plan so precisely? In fact, he knew the Plan so exactly he got a surprise visit from the Secret Service, who tried their best to shut him down and prevent him from publishing his game. As you will see from viewing excerpts of Jackson's account of the raid, they were very interested in his files entitled, "Illuminist BBS". Let us listen to Jackson's account of the raid [ ]

"On the morning of March 1, [1990] without warning, a force of armed Secret Service agents - accompanied by Austin police and at least one civilian 'expert' from the phone company - occupied the offices of Steve Jackson Games and began to search for computer equipment. The home ... the writer of GURPS Cyberpunk, was also raided. A large amount of equipment was seized, including four computers, two laser printers, some loose hard disks and a great deal of assorted hardware. One of the computers was the one running the Illuminati BBS."

The company, "S.J. Games" fought back in court and finally won, but nearly went under financially. The investigation zeroed in on "fraud" supposedly committed by the company regarding the hacker activity and the fact that the company promoted the hacker's newsletter, "Phrack". However, this is so flimsy that it makes no common sense; in fact, the affidavit made so little sense that a Judge threw the case out, awarding S.J. Games $50,000 plus $250,000 attorney's fees. That is a lot of taxpayer's money to pay for a stupid, nonsensical case!

But, it does highlight the fact that our Illuminist government, the Secret Service then run by President George Bush (Sr.) was worried about something that S.J. Games was up to, and cooked up a reason to invade their offices and confiscate their materials. We think, after you review these materials, you will believe, as do I, that the real reason the Secret Service invaded S.J. Games was to shut them down so they could not produce the game "Illuminati -- New World Order (INWO), for it revealed too much of the plan that was still 11 years in the future. You be the judge.


White Magic occultist, David Icke -- ... icards.jpg -- has pulled the most pertinent cards of this game out of the 100 cards the game contains; Icke selected these cards because they significantly tell the story of the Illuminati to produce the wars, the panics, the epidemics needed to produce Antichrist. This game was in the beginning stages in 1990 and was finally published in 1995, becoming a best seller. As Steve Jackson says on his website: "In 1994, he reworked the old faithful Illuminati to jump on the trading-card bandwagon. INWO (Illuminati: New World Order) became the company's biggest hit yet, and its first million-dollar ship." In fact, the "INWO" won the 1995 Origins Award for Best Card Game.

With these dates in mind, let us now take these nine pertinent cards in order, to discuss them, demonstrating how completely and thoroughly they accurately tell the Illuminati - Prophetic plan to produce Antichrist. You will now see several factors:

+ The Illuminati produced a plan that exactly fulfills Bible prophecy

+ The last two cards shown are in their correct sequence in the sequence in which David Icke has presented them.


Rewriting History" -- Jesus foretold of unprecedented deception in the End of the Age. Jesus warned:

+ "Take heed that no man deceive you." Matt 24:4 (KJV)

+ "Many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many." Matt 24:11 (KJV)

+ "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." Matt 24:24 (KJV)

The Illuminati realized they had to deceive an entire population of people if they had any hope whatsoever of achieving their coveted New World Order. They realized that the public schools were graduating students who read too well, too widely, and communicated too well. These students generally distrusted Big Government and governmental authority. Clearly, the Illuminati had to gain control of the Public School system from the foundation upward if they had any hope of instituting a One World Government that would serve the New Age Masonic Christ.

As early as 1911, the Illuminati began buying textbook writing companies, until they owned them all after World War I. Once they got control of textbooks, they gradually began to "dumb down" the curricula and rewrite history. Today, students of public schools since World War II have received increasingly inferior educations, until now the population is largely academically inferior, is political herds of "sheeple", and religiously ignorant of the Truth of Jesus Christ.

David Icke is correct in selecting this card and showing it first. Rewriting history was the first step in achieving the New World Order.

"Terrorist Nuke" -- This card is one of the most shocking of all, especially in light of the fact that this game first hit the specialty stores in 1995! How in the world did Steve Jackson know that the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were going to be attacked? In fact, this card accurately depicted the World Trade Center attack in great detail. This card accurately depicts several facts of 9/11 -- on cards created all the way back in 1995! The picture accurately depicts:

* That one tower was going to be struck first; this picture accurately depicts the moments between the first tower strike and the second.

* The card accurately depicts that the place of impact is some distance from the top of the twin towers. The plane hit in this approximate area of the first tower. How in the world could Steve Jackson know this fact?

* The card accurately depicts the Illuminati leadership by showing on the building to the extreme left of the card the Illuminist pyramid with an all-seeing eye in the middle.

* The caption at the top properly identifies the perpetrators of the attack as "terrorists"

However, what does the caption to this card mean? It says, "Terrorist Nuke". Now, what could this possibly mean? The Twin Towers were not destroyed by a terrorist nuclear device, or were they? In our article on the Bali Blast, we noted the scientific data that suggested the hotel was taken down by a micro-nuclear device of about 0.10 kilotons [Read NEWS1715]. One can only ask: was a micro-nuclear device used at the base of the Twin Towers as well? That kind of small, but nuclear, explosion would account for the sudden manner the reinforced concrete and steel shell simply crumbled into dust as it fell. That kind of nuclear explosion would also explain the tremendous heat that stayed at "Ground Zero" for several months after 9/11. As we head into the planned "terrorist attacks" and attendant panics, we have to remain cognizant that a micro-nuke device might be the real culprit in some of these attacks.

"Pentagon" -- When I saw this card, immediately after seeing the Twin Tower picture, my blood froze! Unless one had advanced knowledge of the Illuminati Plan, there is no way on earth that they would have been able to create pictures in 1995 that accurately depict the unfolding events of 9/11! The Pentagon is shown on fire; we know that a plane allegedly flew into a section of the Pentagon and nearly burned that section completely. However, the rest of the Pentagon was undamaged to the point where its functions continued unimpeded.

Isn't this the situation depicted here? This card shows a fire burning mightily in the center courtyard of the Pentagon, but the rest of the building looks undamaged enough so that normal activities could continue unimpeded!

Thus, these two cards literally depict both of the strikes of 9/11: against the Twin Towers first and then against the Pentagon.

This kind of accuracy 6 years before the attacks is possible only if one knows the Illuminati Plan very thoroughly.

"Population Control" -- Even though the heading on this card says, "Population Reductionl", the scene depicted shows clearly the Twin Towers under attack. With the Twin Towers under attack, and the tops of them hidden by the black smoke, the New York Empire State Building is again the tallest building in the City! Further, notice that the smoke is shaped in the form of a demon's face. This is highly significant for several reasons:

* During the filming of the actual fire pouring forth from the Twin Towers, several cameras caught what seemed to be a demon face in the smoke. While most people were discounting this face as purely coincidental, two former Satanists called me within a couple of hours after those pictures were released, to tell me that those faces looked exactly like demons they had seen during a ritual when demons physically manifest themselves in this dimension. Cisco Wheeler further said that some of the most powerful demons in Satan's kingdom were known as Fire Demons; it was to these demons that the ancient peoples -- including Jews -- sacrificed their children to Molech. The appearance of these demon faces might be proof of what I have been saying -- that the attack was a Fire Ritual Sacrifice carried out by the Illuminati.

This attack on the Twin Towers also was a perfect Satanic Fire Sacrifice, as we detail in NEWS1541. Many pictures abounded on 9/11 that showed a demon's face in the fire high up on the Twin Towers. This was not a coincidental phenomenon.

* The fact that this card shows a demon face in the smoke of the Twin Towers in 1995 demonstrates that the Illuminati planned to make the Twin Towers a Fire Sacrifice that would call up Fire Demons. This card predicted it, and the demons manifested themselves through the fire. Just as Waco and Oklahoma City were fire sacrifices, so was the attack on the Twin Towers.

* This card depicts a symbolic connection between the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City with the global plan of the Illuminati to effect a dramatic change in population! What possible connection could there be? This card may be telling us that the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center Twin Towers is the opening blow in the campaign to dramatically reduce global population. We know already that the 9/11 attack was the opening blow to begin the final "birth pangs" stage to allow Antichrist to appear on the world scene, as he strides out of the smoke, dust, and debris of World War III. Now, this card seems to be telling us that the attack on the Twin Towers is the opening salvo in the final stage of population reduction. Since the goal is to dramatically reduce population by four billion people, exactly the level predicted in the Book of Revelation, we should not be too surprised to learn that the judgments foretold of the Fourth Seal are now on the horizon, and in your Daily News. What are these judgments?

+ Sword -- War, World War III
+ Hunger -- Famine, clearly on the horizon
+ Death -- literally can mean plague, pestilence [Amplified Bible Commentary]
+ Beasts of the field -- Strongs # 2226 -- literally means "living being". This could refer to the many living pathogens about to be released upon the earth, like the Aids virus. Rev 6:8 (KJV)

"Center For Disease Control" -- "As its action, the CDC can supply Relief to one Devastated location ... If the CDC makes a direct attack to destroy a Place, it can use biological warfare and get a plus 15 to its attack." Don't you find it highly interesting that this game foresees the CDC creating and launching a biological attack on a "Place"! In the earlier part of this article, we posted the very important question as to who would launch a smallpox attack upon us, if Iraq, North Korea, al Qaeda, Syria, and other rogue states are unable to launch a weaponized smallpox attack; this card seems to answer this question: the CDC will launch the attack! Of course, our authorities will undoubtedly accuse either Iraq or terrorists for this smallpox attack!

Truly, if a sophisticated attack were made on our cities with a bio-terror weapons, the thinking American citizen would have to realize that only the Russians or the Americans possessed the capability of inflicting this attack. Remember when 11 of the world's top scientists in the field of DNA and in fighting infectious diseases started dropping dead almost exactly a year ago. [Read NEWS1592] At the moment the CDC is supposedly struggling with a bio-terror attack, these top scientists will no longer be able to do either of the following actions:

1. Use their expertise to fight this disease

2. Use their expertise to alert the world that only the U.S. and the Russians had the capability of inflicting this type of bio-terror attack. None of these scientists will be able to blow the whistle!

"Epidemic" -- "Disaster! This is an attack to destroy any Place. It does not require an action. Its power is 14. This is not an instant attack. If the attack succeeds, the target is Devastated." The wording of this card -- "not an instant attack" -- seems to imply that the attack will occur silently, with people getting sick at different times well after the attack. This wording seems perilously close to the New World Order Plan. Listen:

"Len: And this report went on to say that the experiment was considered a partial failure because they got a slow-acting virus rather than a fast one. They were allegedly looking for fact acting killers. Robert: Except that quick viruses are, of course, worthless, because they're too easy to defend against. I mean a very fast-acting virus is not any good ... Cold Springs Harbor put out a big thing on MMMV, that is, the 'maximally monstrous malignant virus' ..." [Dr. Leonard Horowitz, "Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola", p. 106]

Dr. Horowitz clearly believes that the Plan calls for a slow-acting virus, one that will begin to kill people at different times after the initial infection.

We encourage you to read NEWS1752 for a complete explanation of the planned use of infectious disease to dramatically reduce global population and the historical fact that vaccinations have already been used to kill tens of millions of people.

"Combined Disasters" -- Once again, how did this inventor of role-playing games know that, in addition to planned attacks on 9/11, and infectious diseases, the Illuminati has a myriad of other planned disasters that, when combined, they will so panic the peoples of the world that they will allow their liberties to be taken away and their freely elected governments to be abolished? What did Jesus predict?

"Men's hearts failing them for fear." Luke 21:26 (KJV)

What are the types of planned disasters the Illuminati has planned in combination?

Wars -- World War III will be comprised of three wars:

Middle East with Iraq attack the likely trigger. Will China come to the aid of Saddam by triggering wars elsewhere?
Korean Peninsula, as North Korea attacks the South with unconventional weapons and China takes her side, causing a Cuban Missile type crisis
China invades Taiwan
Terrorist Attacks in Cities
Unprecedented earthquakes
Economic Collapse
Supernatural scenes from the heavenlies

Bill Cooper sums all this combined threat up very nicely and succinctly. Listen:

"Can you imagine what will happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the markets, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time? Can you imagine? The world power structure can, and will if necessary, make some or all of these things happen to bring about the New World Order." ["Behold A Pale Horse"., p. 177-8]

"Goal: Kill For Peace" -- How did this inventor know to connect the appearance of Antichrist with the phrase, "Kill For Peace"? The Broken Cross is a symbol of Antichrist [Read NEWS1710 for full details], and of the Witchcraft he will practice. Therefore, this symbol means that the appearance of Antichrist is tied in with the seemingly paradoxical goal of achieving peace. But, God foretold this would happen, did he not?

"Through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many." Dan 8:25 (KJV)

Thus, this card accurately depicts this prophecy! This picture ties in the symbolism of the Witchcraft inherent in the Broken Cross with the establishment of a "peace". Further, note that the hippie is finally getting his dream of overthrowing the establishment! The police officer in his uniform is on his hands and knees in front of the hippies, in a pose signifying he has been beaten. The ultimate goal of the Illuminati in the 1960's was to pay and encourage the counter-culture hippie movement in order to change attitudes and values of the youth so dramatically that, one day, the entire establishment structure would be overthrown. Hippie Abby Hoffman exclaimed about the Rockefellers who were funding him, "The establishment is buying a revolution!"

Now, the fulfillment of this old dream seems to be almost at hand. A violent overthrow of the Old World Order -- symbolized by the fallen policeman -- is absolutely required before the New World Order can be established.

This card is a powerful statement of the coming new system, frightening as it is.

"Rapture" -- Even though I was surprised at the detail of the other cards, the inclusion of this Rapture card shocked me greatly. The Rapture is something the Born Again Christians are aching for, not the Illuminati; but, then, I remembered an article I posted nearly five years ago, entitled, "The Rapture of the Church May Be Close, and Both Sides Are Waiting For It". In this article, I made the following very pertinent points:

+ Christians are mightily looking forward to the Rapture, based upon Revelation 3:10; I Thessalonians 4:13-5:4; I Corinthians 15:13-58; and others

* Occultists are also looking forward to the Rapture, having been alerted by their Guiding Spirits that such an event would occur! Beginning in 1987, 'Guiding Spirits' of key New World Order leaders began to inform these human leaders to start preparing their adherents for a spectacular global event, that would occur just after The New Age Christ [Antichrist] will make his appearance. What was this spectacular event to be? As these 'Guiding Spirits' explained, when The Christ appears, there will be many people throughout the world that could never accept his views or his teachings. These people would prove to be a great obstacle in the way the New Age Christ wanted to move the peoples of the world.

Therefore, the 'Masters of the Logos' had decided, these 'Guiding Spirits' said, to suddenly snap these people into another dimension, soon after The Christ arose. These recalcitrant people would be retrained in spirit, so that, when they reenter the 'Reincarnation Cycle', they will be fully persuaded as to the merits of the New World Order. Of course, when these people get back to earth in reincarnated bodies, the New World Order will have been in full swing for several hundred years, and everyone will know then how wonderful the system of The Christ is!

On August 18, 1991, I was sneaked into a major seminar of the Boston House of Theosophy and heard with my own ears a very logical explanation as to why so many people were going to be suddenly snatched out of this dimension [Read NEWS1052].

The fact that the Rapture card is depicted in this deck of playing cards for this game, and arranged last in order by White Magic practitioner, David Icke, speaks volumes about the fact that, in 1995, Steve Jackson knew the entire plan of the Illuminati. They know that, after Antichrist arises, tens of millions of people worldwide are going to be taken in the Rapture; the Illuminati has already spun the lie that will explain this event to their followers.


This role-playing game called the "Illuminati -- New World Order", or "INWO" is smoking gun proof that the Illuminati plan to produce Antichrist was well known in certain circles in 1995, when the game was distributed. Too many details are presented by these cards too close to the actual event to be accidental. The game depicts the events of 9/11 quite accurately and it depicts the planned events of bio-terror that are filling our daily news.

If ever you doubted that a global conspiracy could or did exist, you can doubt no longer. This game demonstrates both the existence of the conspiracy and its main details.

Ye Must Be Born Again!

True Salvation & the TRUE Gospel/Good News!

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The bottom of this playing card reads: "All the data ... it's lost! Lost! Pick one of your rivals to suffer your wrath .. Play this card at any time. It requires an action by your Illuminati, or by Computer group(s) with a total Power of 3 or more."

Can you imagine? Computer viruses were planned by the Illuminati, most probably to agitate computer owners who have quite fallen in love with the Internet to accept new government controls. Already, governments have either set in motion new rules for operating on the Internet, or have proposed such regulations. Since the Internet is one of the last truly free mediums of global communication left, government is quite interested in gaining control. What better way to gain such regulatory control than to use the classic Dialectic Struggle technique, "Controlled Conflict brings about Controlled Change". This process is sometimes also referred to as "Create the Problem/Propose the (Illuminati) Solution".
If the Illuminati is the driving force behind computer viruses, how many viruses have been let loose upon the public? You will be surprised:

NEWS BRIEF: "Viruses, Worms: What's in a Name?", by Michelle Delio, Wired News, September 4, 2003.

"Ever since Brain, the very first computer virus, was created in 1986, the antivirus researcher who discovers a new worm or virus is generally given the honor of naming it. Now, 65,000 viruses later and counting, those intrepid researchers are still managing to come up with new monikers for malicious software."

Can you believe this? The Illuminati has caused 65,000 computer virus since 1986! And, the FBI just arrested a poor, hapless computer hacker, accusing him of being the mastermind of the very sophisticated SoBig-F virus! Now, let us look at some of the creative names of these viruses:

"There are the ever-popular intimidating names: Blaster, Chernobyl, Code Red, Hybris, Goner, Slapper and Slammer. Less popular these days are playful, perky names: Pretty Park, Birthday, Happy Monday, Smile, New Love and Teddy Bear.

"There are the always-in-fashion temptresses -- DeepThroat, Hooker, FunLove, Love Letter, NakedWife, Paradise -- and the ones that seem to refer to the person who created the worm: Annoying, Brat, Coma, Faker, Glitch, SadHound, Slacker, Small, TheThing and Yo Momma.

"And there are also names that seem to make no sense at all: Gokar, Klez, Nimda, Welyah, Yaha." [Ibid.]

The bottom of this playing card reads: At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you. Have a nice day.

You can remember only too well the Beltway Sniper attacks in October, 2002, carried out by snipers -- or sniper fall guys -- that clearly were under Illuminati Mind Control [Read NEWS1725, "We Have Caught The Sniper Like A Duck On A Noose"]. For a 22-day period -- October 2-24 -- in 2002, snipers terrorized people in the Beltway area, killing them just as this card says: they dropped victims "at any time, at any place"! For these 22 days, the snipers shot 13 times, killing 10 people. Throughout this sorry episode, we constantly pointed out the various Satanic symbols the pattern of the sniping was placing on the ground. Let us review these articles.
* "Original Maryland Shootings Shown To Be: 1) Not geographically random; 2) Occurring on a Satanic Holiday devoted to the destruction of the Old Order; 30 Shooting Pattern forms a Broken Cross. Satanic "calling card" left at the scene of one of the shootings. Shooter left a "Death Tarot Card" at the scene inscribed with "I am God" message." [NEWS1710]

* "Shot #11 On October 11 Is On A Line That Forms A Satanic Pentagram On The Ground." [NEWS1714]

* "Surprising -- And Unexpected -- Occult Symbolism Uncovered By Studying The Beltway Sniper Shooting Pattern" [NEWS1718]

* "Update On The Beltway Sniper And The Occult Shooting Pattern" [NEWS1719]

* "New Age Holistic Adviser Saw Broken Cross In Shooting Pattern Just 2 Days After First Shots Were Fired. Says Satanic Ritual Is Planned!" [NEWS1724]

* "We Have Caught The Sniper Like A Duck In A Noose" -- Analysis of this typical Illuminist Mind Control Trigger [NEWS1725]

Now, take a good look at this sniper card. This picture, taken in its entirety, is screaming Illuminati Mind Control. First, note the face of the sniper. He is screaming, as if in terror, and his eyes are not only protruding, they exude evil. The face seems to be falling apart, to the point where the straight background line separating the two black triangles serving as the backdrop to the face seems to pass behind the face. This is the perfect picture to accompany the description of how a Mind Control slave is activated by his handler. Listen:

"To create a trained assassin, the altars [Mind Control slaves, commonly called 'Deltas'] were desensitized towards pain and death ... Hypnosis was also used. The potential victims were devalued ... Satanic rituals were also involved in the creation of the Deltas. Deltas will be trained in hand to hand combat, and know the very vulnerable places to instantly kill people ... Training included a great deal of expert weapon's training." ["The Illuminati Formula To Create An Indestructible Mind Control Slave", Wheeler, p. 201-1]

At this point, we are told exactly what we should expect from the training of an Illuminati assassin. He is desensitized, put through brutal Satanic rituals, taught hand-to-hand combat, and given a " great deal of expert weapon's training." But, now focus on the "falling apart face"; is it falling apart or "melting" in this depiction? Listen to Wheeler explain:

"When the programmer wants to use these Delta alters, he will call them up from their 'genii bottle' or wherever the signal is hidden deep within the mind. The Delta will be commanded to 'melt'. When they have melted into the nothing state, then the programmer gives an exact script of everything the Delta altar is to do, just like you would program a computer step-by-step." [Ibid.]

This depiction on this card is of a Mind Control victim as he is being activated to be an assassin. Notice the rich brocade of pattern behind the face; this type of pattern is speaks of the rich "tapestry" of detailed information a handler puts into the mind of the assassin, giving him all the details of his many multiple personalities. Also, note the 12 colored triangles, grouped into colored pairs facing each other. Color coding is extremely important to the handler as he mentally "programs" the assassin.

Once again, we are shocked to not only see a sniper's card in this Illuminati New World Order card deck, but to see that the creator of this game correctly understands that the Illuminist sniper will be mind controlled is shocking, indeed. Now you should also know who is behind the latest sniper shooting spree in West Virginia!

The bottom of this card reads: "Can be used to destroy any Resource belonging to a rival. May be used at any time except during a prolonged attack ... 1. Target is destroyed. Suicide Squad survives and may be used again; 2-5. Target and Suicide Squad are both destroyed; 6. Suicide Squad fails and a destroyed target survives.

Israel -- and only Israel -- has been facing terror attacks for 20 long, solid years now. In NEWS1429, we reported that the Russian KGB controlled Arafat while that the American CIA controlled Israel. Therefore, the Illuminati controlled both sides, which they must do in a Dialectic Struggle situation. Each suicide kills the Palestinian perpetrator and innocent Israeli civilians, some of them tiny babies. Each suicide roils the country and the world and acts like a jackhammer against a cement walkway -- steadily, the "walkway" of the Old Order is broken up so the New Order may be instituted. To date, Arafat has been carrying out terror attacks against Israeli targets for 33 years; his suicide bombers have been striking for 22 years; he has just completed a 33-month Intifada against Israel. All these numbers of Illuminist sacred numbers. All these numbers point to the Illuminati as the origin of this terror campaign, not Arafat nor any other Palestinian terrorist leader.
Note that the Suicide Squad is not expected to survive the majority of the time -- Steps 2-5.

Over the past 20 years, I have seen such unbelievable outrages reported, such as the head of a little girl rolling out of a bombed Sbarro Pizza Parlor and a heart lying on the sidewalk still beating! This is the picture of the rotten spiritual fruit of the "Dialectic Struggle" process, and yet each outrage is met with the same tired mantra.

* Washington implores Israel to "show restraint"
* The Israeli Prime Minister or one of his officials announces that they are "not going to allow the peace process to be derailed".
* Arafat "condemns" the suicide attacks, saying that they work against the "best interests" of the Palestinian people.

Yet, nothing changes as the clock ticks toward the next suicide bombing. The ultimate end of this Dialectic Struggle is the all-out Third World War that will fulfill Arafat's vision. And, Steve Jackson knew all about this part of the plan when he created the INWO!

The bottom of this playing card reads: "Disaster! This is an instant attack to Destroy any Place ... Its Power is 14 against a Huge Place, 18 against any other Place ... Nuclear Power Companies lose their action token when this card is played on any Place."

The world has already had two nuclear power plant accidents, have we not? At Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. Let us review the suspicious timing and occasion of the accident at Three Mile Island.
"FEMA (Now operating under Homeland Security) has the authority to .... order mass evacuation of residents in the perimeter of nuclear power plants ... It is an interesting coincidence that the Three Mile Island incident occurred just one day after FEMA became operational. FEMA arrived on the scene of the nuclear power accident and fostered an atmosphere of panic, and lobbied for mass evacuations that would have given FEMA authority over all other Federal, state, and local governmental bodies ... There is some evidence that ... Three Mile Island was an act of sabotage." ["The Unseen Hand", by A. Ralph Epperson, p. 411]

At this point, I have a question: at the time Steve Jackson was creating this Illuminati Card Game, the nuclear power plant accidents at both Chernobyl and Three Mile Island had occurred; therefore, since Jackson included a "Nuclear Accident" in this card game, does that mean we have a planned nuclear power accident -- or "terrorist attack" -- yet in our future?

The bottom of this playing card reads: "Their secret mind-altering messages are hidden everywhere. The number of Media groups you control is added to the Power and Global Power of the Subliminals."

Subliminals in all avenues of Mass Media -- TV, movies, printed advertising -- is so effective that the public has been repeatedly conditioned to believe that subliminals either do not exist or they are ineffective and no longer used. However, in Seminar One, "America's Leadership of the New World Order", we demonstrate that subliminals do exist and are very effective. We show several colored examples of subliminals in printed advertising so you can see for yourself!
Truly, once you know what to look for, you will never look at printed advertisements the same way again!

The bottom of this playing card reads: "Increase the Power of all Violent Government Groups by 3. Increase the Power of all Criminal Groups by 1."

Steve Jackson is quietly communicating a very important factor. Gun Control has historically made it much easier for a government to become more violent in the manner in which it treats its citizens; in fact, the first action a new dictatorship takes is to seize all guns from the people. Lenin and Hitler both seized individual weapons under the same false premise that they were making their citizens "more safe"; the reality was that they made their citizens more susceptible to a severe dictatorship. New Age author, Bill Cooper, has some very pertinent things to say on this issue:
"The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire on school yards and thus inflame the antigun lobby ... The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd amendment. Author's Note: I have found that these events have, indeed, happened all over the country. In every instance that I have investigated -- the incident at the women's school in Canada, the shopping center incident in Canada, the Stockton, California, massacre, and the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane -- the shooters were all ex-mental patients or were current mental patients who were ALL ON THE DRUG PROZAC! This drug, when taken in certain doses, increases the serotonin level in the patient, causing extreme violence. Couple that with a post-hypnotic suggestion or control through an electronic brain implant, or microwave or E.L.F. intrusion, and you get mass murder, ending in every case with the suicide of the perpetrator." ["Beyond A Pale Horse", p. 225; Emphasis was in the original]

The bottom of this playing card reads: "Of course they read the mail. During your turn, you may draw any two Group cards randomly from the hand of a rival ..."

When our nation was agonizing over the terrible spate of Post Office shootings, who would have thought the Illuminati had instigated them in order to further destabilize our culture so as to bring on their New World Order? All these upsetting events have a cumulative effect far beyond their individual force. They make many people feel bad about their lives and about our civilization, as these people question, "what is wrong with our society that such murderous rampages are occurring"? When enough of these upsetting events occur, the Illuminati will have enough people questioning our current society that they will embrace the coming superman (Antichrist) as he proposes a brand new society, based upon brand new values.

These shootings, plus school shootings, greatly stirred the anti-gun lobby. One such lobby issued a report in which they examined the shootings from 1963-2001 and discovered that the firearms in a great majority of the cases were purchased legally. ["Where'd They Get Their Guns? An Analysis of the Firearms Used in High-Profile Shootings, 1963 to 2001", Violence Policy Center]

The unavoidable implication is that gun laws needed to be changed so that such mass murders could not be committed. From August, 1986, to August, 1989, "there would be 355 attacks reported (undoubtedly many went unreported) by workers on supervisors and 183 by bosses on workers. Few of these would ever become public knowledge." ["Mass Murder And The Postal Purges",]

I could find no report that gave a total of Post Office murder rampages, or the total number of workers and supervisors killed.

The bottom of this playing card reads: "A shocking news story distracts all media, and by the time it runs its course, the public has forgotten all about ... what WAS that issue, anyway"?

Notice the headline of this "World Illuminator" newspaper: "Tweezer Slayings Rise To 23". The picture to the lower right is of a grandmother figure coyly looking at her face from a round mirror she is holding. The subtitle reads: "Nobel Laureate Sought For Questioning". In the past two decades, America has endured so many instances of multiple murder, it is terribly discouraging, to say the least. Let us review just some of the instances of Mass Murder which we have endured just recently: [All stories taken from The Washington Post]

* "Fired Worker Kills 6 in Ill. Auto Shop: Chicago Man Dies in Police Shootout", 8/28/03, Gunman killed by police.

* "Mississippi Gunman Had Angry History: Five co-workers die", July 10, 2003. Gunmen commits suicide.

* "Five Killed, Eight Wounded at Miss. Factory: Gunman Targets Co-Workers Before Committing Suicide", July 9, 2003.

* "Prince William Father Fatally Shoots Three Sons and Himself", April 25, 2003.

* "Three Dead After R.I. Shooting Rampage at Providence Paper", June 9, 2002.

* "2 Dead, 6 Injured In Shooting at Indiana Factory: Gunman Killed Himself", December 7, 2001.

* "Sacramento Man Sought in 4 Slayings: Heavily Armed Ex-Security Guard Is Believed to Have Shot Former Co-Workers", 12/10/01

* "Software Tester Indicted In Killings of 7 at Boston Office: McDermott had been taking medication for mental illness", 2/16/01

* "Gunman Kills Five People in Tampa", 12/31/99

I could go on and on and on, but you get the point. In the past 2-3 decades, America has been awash in mass murder; but now, you know the Illuminati has planned it in order to weaken the Old Order so they could bring in the New World Order.

The bottom of this playing card reads: "While you control this group, all straight or Conservative groups will be so distracted that any attacks they make against your other groups will be at -3 Power."

Certainly, Secular Humanism has been greatly instrumental in all of Western Society currently rejecting Jesus Christ, the Bible, and Judeo-Christian values. By far, the most serious impact has been in the field of Public Education. C.F. Potter and Thomas Dewey led the way in the period between World Wars I and II to completely re-write educational curricula -- gradually at first -- so that all Biblical values are overthrown. In Seminar One, "America's Leadership of the New World Order", we demonstrate how this subtle attack on our values system was carried out. The result is that, now, Christian parents must get their children out of Public Schools, for they are being conditioned to become good citizens of the global system of Antichrist!
Listen to Christian educator, Samuel Blumenthal, explain:

"It was thus Dewy who began to fashion a new materialist religion in which humanity was venerated instead of God. This is basically the religion of Secular Humanism, and this is what has become the official religion of the United States, for it is the only religion permitted in its public schools and totally supported by government funds." ["NEA: Trojan Horse In American Education", Samuel Blumenthal, p. 55]

Dr. Blumenthal then continues:

"But the undermining of the Judeo-Christian tradition was well underway when, in 1933, John Dewey and 33 other liberal humanists drew up and signed that extraordinary document known as the Humanist Manifesto. It reflected all of the influences of science, evolution, and the new psychology which were reshaping American education. It called for the abandonment of traditional religion and replacing it with a new secular religion better able to accommodate the new moral relativism in a man-centered, godless world." [Ibid., p. 226]

As Christian Churches fell under the spell of this Humanist Manifesto, mainline denominations began to move away from the Fundamentals of the Christian faith, until we have reached the point today where the apostasy of the Church is so deep, wide, and high that Antichrist can now arise [2 Thessalonians 2:3].

Just as the Illuminati planned, Secular Humanism paved the way. But, look carefully at the picture Steve Jackson drew. As you look behind the two young men, you will see the shadow of a clown jester, or is it the Devil? You be the judge. Either symbol would be most appropriate for an entire people who have rejected the One True God in order to embrace a false god.

The bottom of this playing card reads: "It's a tax on stupidity and the money rolls in..."

At this point, you must protest! State Lotteries are the result of the Illuminati planning to so undermine a society that it will fall? That is exactly correct. Look at some of the evils of a State Lottery:
* It distorts the normal flow of money within an economy, drawing huge sums of money away from buying Goods and Services and concentrating that money in the hands of State Governments, whose spending has always further aggravated the economy. Economically, it is always far better to keep the money in the hands of the many consumers, whose spending at the bottom of the economy will stimulate the economy much better than top-heavy government spending.

* The State Lottery encourages people who can least afford it to gamble with their money. Once again, money is taken out of the normal channels of consumer spending. Listen:

"... those living in the most impoverished areas of the state (New York) spent eight times more of their income on lottery tickets than did those living in the most affluent sections." ("Lotteries in the United States: A Brief Overview", by Ronald A. Reno, Citizen Link, Focus On The Family).

Further, many retailers have discovered that people are spending their money on lottery tickets rather than for food and general merchandise! Many children are going hungry at night because the parent(s) have spent too much money on lottery tickets. Thus, State Lotteries hurt Retail Sales, long seen as the backbone of our economy.

* The State Lottery encourages a "Get Rich Quick" mentality, encouraging people to keep trying to get rich instead of gradually increasing their personal wealth through hard work and excellent spending habits. Most people do not realize that the American Industrial Revolution occurred in a very large degree because the individual worker possessed the "Protestant Work Ethic", an understanding that man does not work at his job just for his employer, but "as to the Lord". This work ethic was so widespread that even men who were not saved adopted the values of this work ethic. Thus, employers could count on workers who were honest and would give him a good, solid days' work for a day's pay.

This work ethic is rooted in Christianity -- not Roman Catholicism -- nor in any other religion. This reality is one of the very large reasons the "American experiment" has proven to be virtually impossible to replicate in other nations of the world; however, America is losing this work ethic and our economic doom is certain. State Lotteries discourage people from working hard, working long, and giving a good day's labor for a day's pay.

* State Lotteries have spawned a new form of mental addiction. Listen:

"Lotteries in the United States: A Brief Overview", by Ronald A. Reno, Citizen Link, Focus On The Family.

"Many regard lotteries as a relatively benign form of gambling. However, 43% of callers to the 1-800-GAMBLER national hotline (operated by the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey) indicated problems with lottery gambling ... Many lotteries aggressively market to the poor ... promotional ‘pushes’ (are) targeted as early as possible in the month (when Welfare, payroll, and Social Security payments are dispersed) ... a high percentage of under-age adolescents play the lottery." (Ibid.)

If you want to undermine the Old Order so it can be replaced with the New World Order, a State Lottery is a good wrecking tool to have at your disposal!

The bottom of the "Dittohead" playing card reads: "This group can only be controlled by a Personality ... This card always has the same alignments as its Personality, plus "Fanatic". If the Personality is already Fanatic, the fanaticism of the Dittoheads is considered the same alignment for all purposes."

Many people will truly be shocked to hear that a Rush Limbaugh Dittohead Card is part of this Illuminati deck, and for very good reason: Rush Limbaugh is a very sophisticated part of the New World Order Plan to overthrow the Old World Order! In NEWS1030, "Rush Limbaugh!! Mega-Dittos To The Master Communicator", I explained my personal trip through "Rush country", from the beginning of the 1990's to the time in 1996 when I fully understood reality. At first, I was really taken by his personality, his grasp of the difficult issues facing America, his apparent Conservatism, and his refreshing humor. I really felt like he was speaking my language, giving verbal expression to my political feelings.
Rush Limbaugh had become a Messianic-type leader of the American Conservatives. It is incredible that one man could so coalesce such a large group into one meaningful force. Rush is their leader, and he has become their icon. I had never, ever, heard anyone so brilliantly, and so consistently, articulate the issues in which I had always felt so strongly. Rush also seemingly championed Christian causes.

But, what does this "Dittohead" card say about the "Personality" who controls the "fanatics" under his spell? Listen again:

* "This group can only be controlled" -- As you listen to the people calling in, you can realize they are being controlled by the Personality of Rush Limbaugh. In the guise of learning to think for yourself, the vast legions of Limbaugh listeners have unwittingly become "controlled by the Personality". After all, that is the true meaning of "Dittohead" -- they are so in agreement with Rush that they only think that they are thinking for themselves.

* "This card always has the same alignments as its Personality" -- The people calling in to the show definitely show strong evidences that their views are fully aligned with the views of Rush Limbaugh! Many callers even express this alignment by saying something like, "I agree with you 98% of the time". Now, that is alignment!

I encourage you to read NEWS1030 as I fully explain the reasons I became convinced that Rush Limbaugh was not a truly Born Again Christian and was not even a true Conservative. This whole process took until mid-1996 to complete. For the better part of 6 years, I was a Ditto Head. But, God was gradually changing my mind as He opened my spiritual eyes.

Do not be deceived by Rush Limbaugh. He is a very clever part of the Illuminati Plan, just as this card indicates. I believe his purpose was to so enthusiastically grab the leadership of American's Conservatives that he could get NAFTA passed, first of all, and then so he could act as a lightening rod to harmlessly discharge Conservative anger over the Liberal policies being enacted to move us into the New World Order. The Illuminati knew that real Conservatives were going to become very angry when they saw some of the terrible actions that Liberal and "Conservative" leaders were going to have to carry out if the globalist agenda were to ever go forward. Conservative anger is a mighty force, and can destroy a movement -- a Plan -- if it hits its target squarely.

Therefore, Rush Limbaugh is to ensure that Conservative anger would be harmlessly discharged through him, as the national lightning rod! Limbaugh brilliantly examines the problems facing America and he describes these problems in a manner which seems Christian. However, he fails totally in espousing the solution. Limbaugh's solution is to elect more Conservatives, preferably the Republican Conservatives he favors. And, right now, that favorite Republican is President George W. Bush, the old unrepentant Skull & Bones Illuminist [Read NEWS1314 for details on Skull & Bones] and that Bohemian Grove participant.

However, another key spiritual issue with Rush Limbaugh is his unrelenting attack on any hint of a "Conspiracy". And, that takes us to the "Gordo Remora" card of this Illuminist deck.

The bottom of the "Gordo Remora" playing card reads: "Next up on Gordo: People who believe in conspiracy theories. Are they nuts or just too stupid to live?"

Rush Limbaugh thus plays the part of "Gordo Remora" in real life. The Bible speaks continuously about the conspiracy between Satan and God that began with his rebellion against God in Heaven as described in Isaiah 14:4-15, continued from the Garden of Eden as Satan works against God through mankind, and continues until after the 1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ when Satan is loosed for a short time; what does Satan do with this last opportunity to rebel against God? He gathers rebellious humans living at that time into one more assault on Jerusalem [Revelation 20:7-10]. This prophetic string, preaching conspiracy from beginning to end of time is so clear that people who know their Bible well are expecting a conspiracy at the End of the Age and are looking for it!

We have posted a Biblical expose' of Conspiracy so you can clearly see that the Christian today should be expecting it, not doubting it! This expose' is entitled, "Bible Teaches Conspiracy! From Genesis to Revelation" and we encourage you to click on the title so you will understand how thoroughly Biblical believing in conspiracy truly is.

Here is the reality about conspiracy: It is spiritually -- Biblically -- based, so few people who are not saved can see the truth! All of Rush's arguments against conspiracy is based upon human, secular reasoning, totally devoid of genuine Biblical understanding. Since Rush is very persuasive, when he thus appeals to human understanding, his followers believe him and reject any idea of a conspiracy.

Rush Limbaugh takes a really strong stand against "Conspiracy Theories" as he daily trumpets the official government line on all matters. Not only has Rush refused to consider a conspiracy but he refuses to even debate someone on air who understands that a conspiracy exists. We posted NEWS1156 as an open letter to Rush urging him to consider the spiritual basis of this global conspiracy to unite the world into a government, economy and religion, after which Antichrist will arise.

Steve Jackson, founder of the Illuminati Card Game, declares the the Master of all "Dittoheads" and the grand arguer against Conspiracy Theories is part of the Illuminati Plan! Rush Limbaugh takes into his own person these two cards. This is not to say that there are not others out there who might fulfill the "Gordo Remora" role, but Limbaugh is clearly the King of the Hill.

The bottom of the Supreme Court playing card reads: "By using its action, the Supreme Court can cancel one action of any other government group. Yes, this includes Government groups outside the U.S. Don't ask. You don't want to know."

Notice the Satanic triangle with the All-Seeing Eye in the upper portion, overseeing the actions of the Supreme Court. Jackson is telling you that our High Court is operating under the watchful eye of the Illuminati. Remember President Franklin Roosevelt? A number of key pet programs of his New Deal program were struck down by the Supreme Court during the early part of his Administration, as the Justices proved themselves more Conservative than the President. Enraged, Roosevelt threatened to get Congress to pass a Constitution Amendment that would expand the numbers of justices sitting on the court, allowing him to "pack the court".
Fortunately, the Constitutional obstacles to getting such an amendment passed proved too insurmountable, so Roosevelt abandoned his idea. However, the Illuminati had learned its lesson; it must control the Justices so that the High Court would be marching in-step with the Executive and Congressional branches. Since Supreme Court Justices served for life, this change to an Illuminist court took time. However, by the time Illuminist Presidents Truman and Eisenhower had served their terms, enough changes had occurred through death that the Illuminati ruled the Court. They rule it today.

The Illuminati realized that the court system held great potential to create massive paradigm shifts in attitudes through its ability to create new law simply by edict! Since everyone knew that court justices held their position for life, anger against any particular decision was much more muted than against the Congress or the President. People knew they "elected" presidents and congressmen, and so they were much more apt to spring into action against those officials than they were against the justices.

Tremendous changes have occurred as the result of court rulings generally and Supreme Court rulings specifically. Let us list three of these terrible decisions that have so changed the values and attitudes of Americans that today, we stand ready to enter the Satanic New World Order.

* 1963 -- ABINGTON SCHOOL DIST. v. SCHEMPP, 374 U.S. 203 (1963), 374 U.S. 203 -- "Because of the prohibition of the First Amendment against the enactment by Congress of any law 'respecting an establishment of religion,' which is made applicable to the States by the Fourteenth Amendment, no state law or school board may require that passages from the Bible be read or that the Lord's Prayer be recited in the public schools of a State at the beginning of each school day - even if individual students may be excused from attending or participating in such exercises upon written request of their parents. Pp. 205-227.

God's Word was thrown out of our Public Schools.

* 1973 -- Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973) (USSC+) -- "The court declared the abortion statutes void as vague and overbroadly infringing those plaintiffs' Ninth and Fourteenth Amendment rights. The court ruled the Does' complaint not justifiable."

The Justices declared abortion to be legal in the United States, a decision that was blacker than the Abyss of Hell! Later, further decisions opened the door to this formerly forbidden deed to include Abortion On Demand. From 1963-2003, America has killed more than 42,000,000 babies! Furthermore, America has exported this practice to many nations throughout the world.

Remember that, in the eyes of a Satanist, aborted babies are the highest form of human sacrifice possible, for it takes the life within the womb.

* 2003 -- LAWRENCE et al. v. TEXAS, certiorari to the court of appeals of Texas, fourteenth district, No. 02-102. Argued March 26, 2003--Decided June 26, 2003. "Held: The Texas statute making it a crime for two persons of the same sex to engage in certain intimate sexual conduct violates the Due Process Clause. Pp. 3-18."

In a single action, the Supreme Court legalized Sodomy throughout the land, thus putting America fully in line for God's physical, annihilating judgment. In NEWS1830, we demonstrated Biblically that God's judgment upon this land was now inevitable and would be just as annihilating as the description of the Economic Babylon of Revelation 18.

Thus, you can see that the Supreme Court operated fully under the eye of the Illuminati just as this Illuminati Card demonstrates. Consider the years:

* 1963 -- Threw God's Word out of Public Schools

* 1973 -- Legalized abortion and set the stage for Abortion On Demand, resulting in over 42 million American babies' death

* 2003 -- Legalized Sodomy, thus completing our national rebellion against God.

Steve Jackson understood the "supreme" importance the Supreme Court was to their plan to overthrow the Old Order so the New World Order can be brought in and the "Man of Sin" -- Antichrist -- can be staged on the world scene.

Ye Must Be Born Again!

True Salvation & the TRUE Gospel/Good News!

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Weather Control and Weather Warfare

The bottom portion of the card, "International Weather" reads: "All Places you control, you get a +6 to defend against any Disaster ... but any Disaster you visit upon a rival, except in Space, has a +4 Power."

The bottom portion of the card, "Weather Satellite" reads: "Real weather satellites don't just report the weather, they change it. You may increase by 10, or decrease by 4, the power of any Hurricane, Rain ... or Tornado. You may increase by 4, or decrease by 2, the power of any other Attack to Destroy ..."

The information the write-up on each of these two cards gives us startling information, so let us examine what we have just learned!

1. The write-up on the "International Weather" card tells us several critically important factors:

a. "All Places you control" tells us that the Illuminati can control the weather in "Places" on earth

b. "to defend against any Disaster" tells us that Weather Warfare truly exists, and needs to be defended against!

c. "Disaster you visit upon a rival" tells us that nations are capable of wreaking natural disasters upon each other; however, remember that it is the worldwide Illuminati who is ultimately in control of all events, at least until the Antichrist arises.

d. "except in Space" tells us that at least some Weather Warfare weapons transit Space.

2. The write-up on the "Weather Satellite" card tells us several other critically important factors:

a. "Real weather satellites don't just report the weather, they change it" tells us that satellites are used either to send out the signals to control the weather in a particular location, or that the signals are passed through the satellites. This is consistent with our understanding of Weather Control and Warfare.

b. "You may increase by 10, or decrease by 4, the power of any Hurricane, Rain ... or Tornado" tells us that hurricanes and tornados can be created and manipulated. Again, this is consistent with our understanding.

c. "the power of any other Attack to Destroy ..." tells us that huge natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornados are created, steered, and manipulated in order to destroy a specific target

These specific cards deliver heavy-duty revelations, but they tell us nothing that Cutting Edge has not been teaching now for five years. We have created a section entitled, "Weather Control" that contains our major articles detailing how weather is controlled today, and how the threat of natural disasters used as weapons is so terrifying that the United Nations even passed an international law "forbidding" nations from using such weapons against each other. However, the treaty does not forbid leaders of a nation from using this technology against their own citizens! Remember this fact as Hurricane Isabel bears down upon us.

Let us quickly review some facts in case you have not read these articles in our Weather Control section. Not only can hurricanes and typhoons be created, they can be dissolved and they can be steered! There is no reason whatsoever that a hurricane should ever devastate any land anymore.

Consider this news article published not too many years ago.

NEWS BRIEF: "Malaysia to Battle Smog With Cyclones", by Chen May Yee, Staff Reporter of the Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal, Thursday, November 13, 1997, page A19.

"KULA LUMPUR -- Malaysia's war on smog is about to get a new twist. The government wants to create man-made cyclones to scrub away the haze that has plagued Malaysia since July. 'We will use special technology to create an artificial cyclone to clean the air', said Datuk Law Hieng Ding, minister for science, technology and the environment. The plan calls for the use of new Russian technology to create cyclones -- the giant storms also known as typhoons and hurricanes -- to cause torrential rains, washing the smoke out of the air. The Malaysian cabinet and the finance minister have approved the plan, Datuk Law said. A Malaysian company, BioCure Sdn. Bhd., will sign a memorandum of understanding soon with a government-owned Russian party to produce the cyclone. "Datuk Law declined to disclose the size of the cyclone to be generated, or the mechanism. 'The details I don't have', he said. He did say, though, that the cyclone generated would be 'quite strong'. Datuk Law also declined to disclose the price of creating the cyclone."

This article was written by the prestigious Wall Street Journal, and it reports -- very matter of factly -- that Malaysia is ordering a cyclone just as someone might order some lawn furniture from a catalog! We also learned that the Russians do have the capability of creating such a huge storm for a fee. Also unsaid, but inferred, is that this cyclone could be steered or controlled so that it would come close enough to Malaysia to clear away the haze that was bedeviling that nation, but not so close it would cause any damage. Further, the nations close to Malaysia are not quoted as being overly concerned that this most powerful of storms might accidentally hit their shores.

One Cutting Edge subscriber, an American living in Moscow -- called our office to talk about Weather Control and Warfare. He said that, if he mentioned weather control to an American, he would be looked at as though he had three heads; however, the average Russian accepts weather control as a normal factor of life. Almost daily, some Russian "Weather Modification" company is advertising their services, and such companies are now public! However, Americans lag so far behind in our thinking and our understanding that we still wrongly conclude these many and terrible disasters to be "Acts of God".

For full details, read NEWS1694.

But, for those who wish to create such a series of devastating events over a period of time that people will accept a radical change for a New World Order [Read NEWS1855 for full details], powerful storms can be very effective. A hurricane produces enough devastation that it disrupts normal life in the community. It can force people from their homes, leaving them to police and/or military control, especially if Martial Law is imposed. Finally, people who have suffered grievous losses are dependent upon FEMA if their home insurance will not cover all the loss; thus, people are led to trust the very wolf that will one day eat them!

Finally, one day -- after a number of horrendous natural disasters have hit this country and throughout the world -- a spiritual "superman" will arise on the world scene, and will announce that the reason America has been suffering so much is that our Industrial Civilization is imposing stresses on "Mother Gaia" ("Mother Earth") that are intolerable to the goddess; therefore, Mother Gaia has finally started to take manners in her own hands by imposing these disasters. Then, Antichrist will order that "Re-Wilding" be carried out throughout the world [Read NEWS1368], a draconian plan in which most of the land in the world will be set aside, prohibiting mankind from carrying out any "human activity". All humans will be shoved into very tightly controlled land areas. The USA map in NEWS1368 tells the story, so we suggest you study it carefully. Note that virtually the entire East Coast is designated either "Core Reserves -- Little or No Human Use" or Buffer Zones -- Highly Regulated". This area is precisely the areas affected by Atlantic hurricanes!

The bottom portion of this card reads: "This device can act once per turn. It can increase the Power of any attack or destroy a Place, or of any Disaster, by 2."

Once again, the capabilities described in this card are consistent with what we have been teaching on Weather Control and Warfare. Using HAARP or scalar waves, any place on earth may be triggered to tremor, and a very "natural" looking earthquake will result. earthquake phenomenon might be the most terrifying of all natural disasters, since people cannot live without a solid foundation. Entire city structures are based upon buildings having dependable foundations. Therefore, since the New World Order Plan envisions eliminating cities, we might expect that earthquakes would be a preferred weapon of choice. Severe earthquakes might result in the wholesale evacuation of cities.

Scientists can also create earthquakes by changing the "composition or structure of the earth". This technology is "Tesla Technology" first perfected by the Russians! Such capability means that scientists afar off, pulling certain levers, can create earthquakes wherever they want, and probably, of the intensity they desire. It is one thing for people to live in such earthquake prone areas like California, thinking they will just "take their chances" of an earthquake killing them. But, it is another matter, indeed, for people living in these earthquake prone areas to understand they are in a hunter's rifle scope!! Of course, the "rifle" being aimed at them is not a traditional rifle, but the weapon of Weather Control that can produce earthquakes wherever and whenever they choose, of whatever intensity they choose.

Today, the Yellowstone Super Volcano seems to be getting ready to erupt. We feel it highly likely, as we explain in NEWS1852, that Yellowstone may have been steadily building up as the result of 27 solid years of the Russians "pinging" our Pacific Northwest with their "Woodpecker" scalar waves! But, when that volcano blows, it will seem as though it occurred "naturally".

Since many earthquakes are created by strong and abrupt magma flowing through the geological "plumbing" beneath the earth, it is possible that the planned 9.0 earthquake against Los Angeles ("Behold A Pale Horse", William Cooper) may occur because Yellowstone has suddenly sent massive quantities of magma against the faults deep under that city.

The bottom of the "Emergency Order" card reads: "This card may be played at any time, and counts as the action for the group it affects ... The Power for one Government group is increased to +6. Link this card to your chosen Government group.'

Once again, we see that this card immediately increases government control and power. As the picture clearly indicates, these Emergency Powers are conceived to be imposed by government agencies. Note the low-ranking soldier in this picture is roughly handling a dark-skinned minority person; however, do not be deceived as to whom the Emergency Powers is directed against, for the greatest "minority group" the Illuminati fears is the Fundamental, Born Again Christian.

The Illuminati Plan foresees the deliberate instigation of terrible calamities, brought on by wars, natural disasters, and urban lawlessness; as a means to restore the order they have disrupted, our leaders will announce they must impose Martial Law, suspend the Constitution, our liberties and our freedoms. They will explain that they have to "temporarily" take away these freedoms before they can restore "Law and Order". And that brings us to the next card, pictured above:

The bottom of the "Law and Order" card reads: "Increase the power of all Conservative groups by +2. Increase the power of all Straight groups by 2. Increase the power of all Straight Conservative groups by +3. This card replaces any Yellow NWO card in play."

At first glance, I was puzzled by the fact that this card was supposed to give additional powers to Conservative groups, because they are the one of the first groups on the target list. However, I remembered how Hitler redefined "Conservative" once he came to power. His Brown Shirt thugs and other supporters were suddenly the new "Conservatives" while the patriot groups who had been known as the Conservatives were suddenly devalued and targeted for either intimidation or destruction. That is the reality today, for the New World Order of Bush/Clinton/Bush is Nazism revived [Read NEWS1004].

Notice the severe warning of the last sentence: "This card replaces any Yellow NWO card in play."

"Law and Order", once it is in play, will replace all other strategies for imposing the global dictatorship because it will be the "iron fist" that will pummel the opposition to death so the New World Order can be instituted. All the other strategies were designed to get us to the iron fisted "Law and Order" stage.

The bottom of the "Death To All Fanatics" card reads: "If there's one thing we can't stand, it's intolerance ... Requires Illuminati or Fanatic Action(s)."

The Illuminati truly cannot stand any "fanatics", whether they be from Christianity, or Muslim, or Jewish religions. In the mid-1980's, I noticed that the news media suddenly began calling Muslim suicide bombers "fundamentalists", a term usually reserved for Christians who were very serious about their faith and about the soul-winning that accompanies an active faith. When Muslim clerics began to complain about calling suicide bombers "fundamentalists" because there was nothing in the Koran that encouraged suicide, my concerns multiplied. At this point in time, I had little knowledge of the New World Order or its draconian plans, but I had been trained in U.S. Army Intelligence to spot a propaganda campaign. This sudden change in terms smacked of the beginning of a propaganda campaign to me.

Now, I know that this was the beginning of just such a campaign to lump all "fanatics" into the same sorry barrel, so they can be dealt with severely at the appointed time. Notice also this picture, for it portrays who is going to be doing some of the killing for the Illuminati. People are going to be turned against their own families during the time of the Tribulation; family members zealous for Antichrist are going to be viciously turning against Born Again family members. What did Jesus foretell?

"... a man's foes shall be they of his own household." [Matt 10:36]

While Jesus uttered this warning to all Christians of every era, it has great application in the End of the Age. You see, the Kingdom of Antichrist is going to be one of those times in world history in which a fervor of love for, and loyalty to, the top leader (Antichrist) will become the supreme devotion of many, many people. They will turn in a minute against any member of their own household who will not profess the same degree of love toward the supreme leader that they have, and if that person in the house actually opposes the supreme leader, even grandma might take up the butcher knife!

The bottom of the "Martyrs" card reads: "Play this card at any time to give +10 Power or Resistance (your choice) to any Peaceful group you control."

In Israel recently, a young peace protester was run down by a tank and thoroughly crushed by the tank-treads. This picture portrays that reality strongly. The idea behind this picture is that the government will rule over all "peace" protesters -- actually, any protester -- with an iron fist. If anyone publicly protests, they must realize they might be the one crushed beneath the tank treads!

The bottom of this card reads: "Good thoughts are now required. Increase the power of all Liberal groups by +3. All Conservative groups with a Power of only 1 become criminal as well."

What interesting -- and correct -- insight this card provides! The "Thought Police" are definitely coming, as a discerning reader of the news knows right well! Ever since the Vietnam War, Liberals have loudly proclaimed their right to speak whatever is on their mind, even if it is vulgar, without class, or plainly wrong; however, these same Liberals have always sought to shut down everyone else's right to speak their mind. During the Vietnam War Era, this tendency meant only that people were shouted down in public; but, since that time, whenever Liberals have controlled an institution -- like colleges -- they have always sought to deny the right of their opponents to speak anything that would run counter to the Liberal mindset.

The New World Order will carry this tendency to a "murderous" extreme. The victim on the left has just died because he "used an insensitive pronoun", while the victim on the right has just died because he "ate flesh of dead animals", probably at an Outback Steak House! Seriously, a vegetarian diet will be mandated and all eating of animals will be strongly outlawed. After all, as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has always taught us, human beings are just animals that, for this moment in Evolution, are higher on the evolutionary ladder; therefore, there is no practical difference between a pig, a cow, a chicken, or a human.

While it is perfectly reasonable for these type of people to kill a human being still in the womb, it is outrageously wrong for you to kill an animal to eat!

Finally, notice that all Conservative Groups who are weak and cannot defend themselves are to be classified as "criminal" under this new system. Actually, the game differs from the real plan at this point because all Conservative Groups are planned to be classified as criminal, no matter how large or small, or how powerful or weak they are -- for they will all be weaker than the central government.

New Age author, William Cooper, said that the net is going to be drawn so tightly, if a person just has taken the wrong magazine subscription in his lifetime, he will be arrested and killed. Welcome to the final stage of the New World Order. New Agers call this stage the "cleansing".

The bottom of this card reads: "All Government groups in your Power Structure gain the ability to listen in on phone conversations worldwide ... Increase the Power of all your Government groups by +2. You are also totally immune to the Phone Freaks. If you ever have no Government groups, you must discard this Resource."

As we head into the all-pervasive surveillance society, think of this card and of the overall surveillance plan it represents. Ponder carefully the points:
1. "All Government groups in your Power Structure gain the ability to listen in on phone conversations worldwide" -- All governments -- local, state, and federal, can listen in on your phone conversations! "All" governments! Today, the government can monitor your phones, your cell phones, your faxes, and your emails. While Christians are not too concerned because we do not do anything against the law, the fact remains that no society can long remain free whose government is aggressively spying on its citizens. How can this be, you ask, if the government is simply trying to catch thieves, crooks, and terrorists? The answer is simple: the government is NOT just interested in catching the above groups of people, but is most interested in repressing all citizens with whom it disagrees, either in religion or in politics. As we reported in NEWS1553, the Bush Administration redefined who constitutes a terrorist "way back" on October 3, 2001, only a few weeks after the 9/11 attacks.

2. "If you ever have no Government groups, you must discard this Resource." In other words, only the government is going to possess this authority. No private group will possess either the equipment nor the authority to wiretap phones and to intercept and read all other types of communications! Our Founding Fathers understood that a "Right To Personal Privacy" is absolutely indispensable in maintaining a society. They knew the recent history in England and Europe, of the all-pervasive secret police that terrified and bedeviled ordinary citizens so the king could maintain his absolute dictatorship. In modern history, every tyrant has created an all-pervasive secret police immediately upon taking power. With modern technology, we are at the point where the government's secret police can be suffocatingly effective. What is the end result toward which this unprecedented surveillance is taking us?

The Bible tells us:

"... that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." [Rev 13:17]

When the unprecedented bank mergers began to occur in the late 1980's, continuing all the way through the decade of the 1990's, I knew the New World Order Plan was in play. The ultimate economic goal of the New World Order is Fascism. There are three types of economies in the world: Capitalism, Communism, and Fascism.

* Capitalism is that type of economy in which private individuals own the Means of Production, i.e., the factories and the mines. The companies founded by these private individuals then compete openly with one another in the Marketplace. No one tells the owners what to produce, or how much to produce, or how much to charge. Competition is the primary determinant of prices, and careful attention to the needs and wants of the people within this type of economy determines how much is produced. Capitalism may have its faults, but it has produced the highest standard of living in history for her citizens.

* Communism is that type of economy in which the State owns the Means of Production. Companies are told what to produce, when to produce it, and how much they can charge. This type of control is supposedly enacted in the interests of the "people", to ensure that they are treated "fairly". However, history has shown that Communism never works; rather, it delivers the most wretched conditions on earth for its citizens.

* Fascism was the economic system of Nazi Germany, National Socialist Italy, and Imperial Japan. Today, only Japan retains this system. In Fascism, private individuals retain control over the Means of Production, thereby ensuring that the key element which makes Capitalism work so well is kept in place. However, the Government intervenes to control how many competitors can be making the same item, and how much they can charge. Therefore, the potential for the most profit lies within the Fascist economy! The experiment with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan proved that Fascism does work. We have seen that the proper coordination between Government and Capitalism does work.

The economy planned for the New World Order is Fascist; therefore, the private Captains of Western Industry are most anxious for this new system to begin, so they can begin to reap the rewards of dramatically increased profits. Since a Fascist government heavily regulates how many competitors can make the same product, the number of companies is going to shrink dramatically. For example, there may only be one or two car companies worldwide! Therefore, in the "Preparatory Period" leading up to the actual Kingdom of Antichrist, it makes sense for the process of only a few companies in the world making the same type of product or offering the same type of service to begin voluntarily through mergers, buyouts, and even bankruptcies! This Bank Merger card is a perfect addition to the Illuminati Card Game.

The bottom of "Market Manipulation" reads: "This card may be used at any time. Remove the Action tokens from any one Corporate group (if you choose) and any or all Bank groups. This does not count as an action."

Truly, the Stock Market is being manipulated. New World Order planners definitely have a global economic collapse planned that will aid mightily in bringing their Masonic Christ to the world scene. Let us examine one interesting quote from New Age Christian author, Bill Cooper:
"... it was discovered that an economy obeyed the same laws as electricity and that all of the mathematical theory and practical and computer know-how developed for the electronic field could be directly applied in the study of economics ... human life is measured in dollars ... the recipients become state property ... those who get hooked on the economic drug must go to the elite for a fix. In this, the method of introducing large amounts of stabilizing capacitance is by borrowing on the future 'credit' of the world. This ... consists of performing an action and leaving the system before the reflected reaction returns to the point of action -- a delayed reaction. The means of surviving the reaction is by changing the system before the reaction can begin ...and the electric spark generated when opening a switch connected to an active inductor is mathematically analogous to the initiation of war." ["Behold A Pale Horse", p. 45-48]

Once the Illuminati understood that an economy acted to stimuli in the same manner as does an electronic circuit, they began to plan to first build up the economy and then tear it down in order to so panic the people that they will accept the "supernatural" intervention of The Christ. You see, before the accumulated debts of consumers and nations gets to the point of absolute collapse, World War III is scheduled to occur, analogous to "opening a switch connected to an active inductor". Through the smoke, dust, and destruction of this war, Antichrist is to come striding, presenting himself as a religious Messiah figure whom so many religions are expecting; he will also present himself as the "economic messiah" that will set matters right in the new, global economy. In this model, the initiation of war is likened to the opening of a switch to allow electric current to flow to an active inductor.

This is one of the reasons World War III must be initiated; our debt load has reached a level that cannot be supported any longer. How does a world war help the debt load. Cooper again explains Illuminati thinking:

"They must eventually resort to war to 'balance the account', because war ultimately is merely the act of destroying the creditor ... Since most of the general public will not exercise restraint, there are only two alternatives to reduce the 'economic inductance' of the system. 1) Let the populace bludgeon each other to death in war, which will only result in the total destruction of the living earth; or 2) Take control of the world by the use of economic 'silent weapons' in a form of 'quiet warfare' and reduce the economic inductance of the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide." [Ibid., p. 49]

Therefore, when World War III occurs, you will know that the "account" is merely being balanced by a "process of benevolent slavery and genocide." This is Illuminati thinking!

Even though the existing financial markets throughout the world will suffer collapse during World War III, the time period of the actual collapse will be short enough that, when Antichrist arises, confidence in him and in his program will be sufficiently strong that he and the international bankers may be able to resurrect a global economy based upon a global currency.

One former Satanist, Doc Marquis, told me that the Illuminati had decided that Americans would never accept the Kingdom of Antichrist unless they felt wealthy right up to the point of World War III. Then, once Antichrist gets on the world scene, Americans will very enthusiastically support him as he promises to restore their wealth! Marquis said that the Illuminati was so determined to keep the American stock market high that they would even go to the extreme of using the most powerful witchcraft in the world to keep it up. The stock market crash can only occur at the same time that the political war is about to occur; furthermore, the world's religions must also be at the point where a charismatic leader, supported by a False Religious Prophet, can lead the world to a merged religious system. Once the political and religious situations are at the right point, the stock market collapse will, indeed, be triggered, and will "come out of left field" for most investors.

With the Illuminati this determined to keep the Stock Markets from collapsing prematurely, before the other segments are ready, you can see how much they control the markets. Truly, the symbolism in the card is correct: the power of the Illuminati IS greater than all the cash and other assets in the markets combined! The most striking feature of this card is that the Illuminist All-Seeing Eye is inside a pyramid that is heavier than all the money in the marketplace! Notice how the pyramid is sagging lower than all the cash on the other side of the balance scale.

I think we are witnessing the point where all three major segments are ready to go into play at the same time. The markets are skating on thin ice; politics seems about ready to cause World War III to explode; all major religions are ready to follow the lead of the Roman Catholic Pope into the global New World Order religion. Antichrist seems close at hand.


In Parts 1, 2, and now 3 of this series, we have emphasized the many disasters the Illuminati has planned for us, to so panic us that we will accept any plan their superman puts forth as a "solution" to the very disasters they have created. The attacks of 9/11, planned natural disasters, wars throughout the globe, economic collapse, and other disasters, are all planned to bring down the Old World Order so it can be replaced by the New World Order.

And these cards of the Illuminati Card Game capture each element very nicely. Now, this game even has a "Combined Disasters Card" -- very appropriately, I may add.

The bottom of this card reads: "By playing this card, you may combine two Disasters on the same target! You must play both of the Disaster cards, as well. Pick one Disaster to be the 'main' one and follow all the instructions on its card. Add the Power (but none of the other effects) of the other Disaster."

As Bill Cooper stated in his book, "Behold A Pale Horse":

"It is true that without the population or the bomb problem, the elect would use some other excuse to bring about the New World Order. They have plans to bring about things like earthquakes, war, the Messiah, extraterrestrial landing, and economic collapse. They might bring about all of these things just to make ... sure that it does work. They will do whatever is necessary to succeed. The Illuminati has all the bases covered ... Can you imagine what would happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the shelves, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time?" [Page 177]

And, the Illuminati Card Game -- created from 1990-1995 -- catches all the parts of this draconian plan! Truly, the End of the Age seems nigh.

Ye Must Be Born Again!

True Salvation & the TRUE Gospel/Good News!

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We have covered the background of Steve Jackson and his S.J. Games in NEWS1753, and strongly urge you to read it so you will understand the implications of the attempt of the government to shut Jackson down before he could get his Illuminati Card Game to the market. Jackson knew the specific plans of the Illuminati by which they could slowly dissolve the Old World Order, replacing it with the New World Order, including the appearance of Antichrist. We encourage you to read this above previous article, for we consider it "Smoking Gun Proof" that the Illuminati had planned the attacks of 9/11 many years before that terrible event.

In this article, we shall conclude our study by showing you the cards depicting events that have not yet happened but will surely happen, based upon Bible prophecy, and the parallel Illuminati plans. Of course, the Illuminati Card Game has cards for these events, continuing to demonstrate that Steve Jackson knew the plan very well. Avid players of this role playing game knew most of the detailed parts of the plan to so change Western Society that the Antichrist can be established upon the world scene as they began to play the game in 1995.

The bottom of this card reads: "Though England's power is reduced today, her influence is still felt everywhere. England gets two action tokens every turn."

Notice the cup of tea superimposed upon the Big Ben Tower. One very interesting book is called, "Antichrist And A Cup of Tea", a must read for anyone who wants to understand the workings the symbols of the Illuminati and their plan to produce Antichrist. Tim Cohen is the author and he "counts" or "calculates" the number of the Beast just as we are told to do in Revelation 13:18. Cohen performs his "calculations" very well and very interestingly. He concludes that the identity of Antichrist can be known ahead of time if you "calculate" his number. He believes Antichrist will arise out of the English Monarchy, from the House of Windsor! If you have not read this book, we highly recommend it.

Another most interesting factor about this card is the Ben Ben Tower, truly THE #1 symbol of the past might of Great Britain and her long-term stability. This landmark is also known as "the Great Clock of the Palace of Westminster". Before we discuss this particular card, let us briefly examine the history and some facts about Big Ben.

Brief History: "On the night of the 16th of October, 1834 the old Palace of Westminster was destroyed by fire ... the Houses of Parliament were on fire. Following the destruction of the buildings, a competition was launched for design suitable for the new Palace ... The name 'Big Ben' was first applied to the original hour bell cast by Warners ... it may have derived from Sir Benjamin Hall, Commissioner of Works who was involved with the project and who was a man of considerable size ... the five bells were installed in the tower in 1858 ... the clock became fully operational on the 7th of September 1859 ... The next 114 years of the clock's history were relatively serene and Big Ben soon developed a reputation for great accuracy. In 1906, the gas lighting of the dials was replaced by electric lighting. Electric winding of the clock was introduced in 1912. The mechanism was overhauled in 1934 and 1956 ... The first radio broadcast of Big Ben was made by the BBC at midnight on the 31st of December 1923 to welcome in the new year ...

"The broadcasting of the bells on the BBC World Service assumed particular importance during the Second World War, when the sounds were a source of comfort and hope to those that Britain would not be overcome ..." ["History of Big Ben",]

In most people's eyes today, Big Ben is synonymous with Great Britain -- its sturdy institutions of Parliamentary democracy, the Monarchy, and its financial wealth and stability. That very fact makes it a likely terrorist target. If you destroy Big Ben, you have symbolically destroyed Great Britain. Are there any terrorist threats against Big Ben? We know that London has drawn up draconian massive evacuation plans to be implemented during a terrorist strike, but most people have not heard of any specific target within London; however, threats against Big Ben are known to exist.

NEWS BRIEF: "Big Ben 'was September 11 target'", CNN News, June 12, 2002.

"LONDON, England -- Suicide hijackers intended to target London's Big Ben on September 11, according to a British terrorism expert. A group of al Qaeda operatives were at Heathrow Airport waiting to take over a jet and crash it into the Houses of Parliament ... the attack was thwarted when flights out of London were grounded following the U.S. attacks. The plan was intended to show the international reach of al Qaeda ..."

Therefore, we know that, supposedly, al Qaeda intended to strike Big Ben on 9/11/2001, but were thwarted because British planes were grounded immediately after receiving news of the strikes in America. This cover story does not really ring very believable, for a couple of reasons:

1. Any attack on multiple targets in different countries would likely be carried out simultaneously, or nearly so

2. London is five (5) hours earlier than American East Coast time, so there is no reason to pass up the early morning rush hour in Heathrow Airport to wait for a later time; after all, the U.S. attack took place during the rush hour commuter air traffic time. Surely, the morning rush hour time would be preferable for terrorists, because the sheer number of people getting on planes makes the thorough checking of potential terrorists a more difficult proposition.

But, then, we realize that Big Ben might be a future target as well. Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Domestic Security Sky-Rockets as New Al-Qaeda Target List Uncovered", IslamOnline, February 2, 2002.

"WASHINGTON, Feb. 2 (IslamOnline) – Security in the United States is at an all time high as news agencies reported that a new Al-Qaeda target list citing several U.S. and European tourist attractions as possible new targets has surfaced. The 11 volume, 5000 page manual is reported to have been turned over to an Associated Press (AP) journalist in Afghanistan by a 'disenchanted Taliban member'.The manual allegedly calls for the new target sites to have 'high human intensity' and 'sentimental value'. Included in the list were major landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty in New York, Big Ben in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. In addition, the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, set to host 75,000 people for Sunday’s Super Bowl XXXVI was also reported to have been named in the document."

Certainly, Big Ben would be a highly sentimental target for all British citizens. If the Illuminati wanted to symbolically destroy the Old World Order Great Britain, they would naturally target the Big Ben Tower.

For that matter, the Eiffel Tower is THE symbol of Old World Order France, and the Statute of Liberty is another Old World Order symbol of America. We have stated many times in the past that terrorist strikes are planned in virtually every major country in which the people still go to the polls. Democratic and Republican forms of government must give way before the ultimate Absolute Dictator can arise to take global control. We shall meet him later in our study of these cards.

SPECIAL NOTE: We find it very interesting that this article would mention that the Superbowl was a likely a terrorist target, for such is the plot of Tom Clancy's novel, "Sum of All Fears". In NEWS1535, we noted that the exact manner in which the World Trade Center was taken down was eerily similar to the description given by Tom Clancy in his novel, "Debt of Honor". At the conclusion of this novel, a disgruntled Japanese 747 pilot deliberately slams his aircraft into the U.S. Capitol during a presidential speech to a Joint Session of Congress. The description of how the Capitol came crumbling down was very similar to the way in which the WTC collapse.

So, we asked the rhetorical question: Do we have to worry about the plot of Tom Clancy's novel "Sum of All Fears"? Is it possible? A nuclear Attack on an Pro Football stadium during Super Bowl? Now, we find out that Super Bowl XXXVI was targeted!

As we go into the period when this final plan will begin to unfold, we must keep our eyes on Big Ben, and the Eiffel Tower, for they are prime symbols of the Old World Order targeted for destruction!

The bottom of this card reads: "This group can interfere in any privileged attack made by, or with the help of, any Straight or Conservative group. If it does so, that attack is no longer privileged."

The New World Order Religion is coming, and it will be patterned after Adolf Hitler's "Fourth Reich Church". We urge you to read NEWS1244, the Study of Adolf Hitler's Satanic Public Church. Hitler was most interested in fashioning a church that would serve his purpose, in precisely the same manner as Antichrist will want to do. By studying Hitler's Church, we shall be most enlightened as to the coming One World Church that this Illuminati Card Game rightly calls the "Religious Reich". We shall quote small relevant portions of our article, mentioned above.
"The Beast does not look what he is. He may even have a comic moustache." ["The Antichrist", written by Soloviev, quoted by Trevor Ravenscroft, "Spear of Destiny", p. 106, published in 1897 ]

From the beginning, Hitler was backed by Satanic power! Few people understand how completely Adolf Hitler was controlled by Satan. Hitler was totally taken over by the demonic host by the early 1920's; in fact, Eckart regularly held specialized rituals in which he and every other member of the Thule Society called for the Spirit of Antichrist to enter him. When Hitler began his quest for power, he was assured of success, even against the seemingly impossible odds facing him. While History records this success, almost no historian comprehends Hitler because he does not understand, or even believe in, the power of Satan.

Hitler captured the minds and imaginations of a huge majority of Germans because he was demonically possessed. His power over the people was unparalleled, and will remain unparalleled until the real Antichrist arises. Of special interest to all Christians is the attitude Antichrist will display toward the Bible, Jesus Christ, Christianity, and the Christian Church. We can know what these attitudes will be by studying Hitler's attitudes; when Antichrist displays these attitudes towards God's Elect, you will understand how thoroughly the Illuminati is going to fulfill prophecy!


1. Christianity is a religion that defends the weak and the low
2. It is purely Jewish and oriental in origin
3. It forces people to bend their backs to the sound of church bells and crawl to the cross of a foreign god
4. It began 2000 years ago among sick, exhausted, and despairing men who had lost their belief in life
5. The Christian tenets of forgiveness of sin, resurrection, and salvation are plain nonsense
6. The Christian of mercy is a dangerous, un-German idea
7. Christian love is a silly concept because love paralyses men
8. The Christian idea of equality protects the racially inferior, the ill, the weak, and the crippled

Adolf Hitler founded a "Third Reich" church that "solved" all these "problems" with the true Christian Church. In 1936, Hitler established a new pagan church, which he termed as "Positive Christianity". Only Nazi-approved ministers and preachers were allowed to "minister" to this congregation. Listen to some of the tenants of this church.

1. The National Reich Church demands an immediate stop to the printing and sale of the Bible in Germany. The National Reich Church will remove from the altars of all churches the Bible, the cross and religious objects.
2. On the altars there must be nothing but My Struggle, [Mein Kampf] and to the left of this a sword.
3. Do to others as you are ordered!
4. Love only your neighbour who is like yourself!

Hitler's new Reich Church viewed him as their Messiah:

"Adolf Hitler is the new messiah sent to earth to save the world from the Jews." [Antichrist will also present himself as the "New Messiah" sent to earth to save the world. This is one of the most striking parallels between Hitler and Antichrist, which is why we highlighted it in red.]

Throughout Germany, church members enthusiastically sang along with the German Youth: "One people! One god! One Reich! One church!"

As Liberal Christians "rush after" Antichrist in utter amazement, and after his False Prophet comes on the scene, the people will sing, "One people! One god! One Reich! One church!" The "Religious Reich" Church is coming; today, the Roman Catholic Pope is leading the world into Ecumenicism, and for the first 3 1/2 years, the Pope shall serve beside Antichrist, displaying the same powers [Rev 13;12], urging people to worship the First Beast, and then forcing people to take the Mark of the Beast [Revelation 13:16-18]

Then, we read in Revelation 17:16 that Antichrist and his political allies will suddenly turn upon the False Prophet and kill him and his followers; thereafter, Antichrist will serve in the same dual capacity as did Adolf Hitler: 1) Top Absolute Dictator; 2) Top Shaman, leading the people into a worship known as the "Restoration of the Mysteries", i.e., open practice of Satanism. (We urge you to fully read NEWS1244, for you will not believe the church Hitler set up, a church that Antichrist and False Prophet will copy.)

The bottom of the "Fraternal Orders" card reads: "You think they look silly with their hats and their motor scooters. If you knew what those hats really meant, you'd never laugh at anything, ever again."

Steve Jackson knew the truth about Freemasonry that so few people truly understand: behind their silly facade of strange dress and their even stranger facade of counterfeit Christianity, "Invisible Freemasonry" [Read free01a] has its hands on the levers of power throughout the world. Beginning in 1782, worldwide Freemasonry joined with Adam Weishaupt to lead the march toward the New World Order. Since that time, Freemasonry is the major power behind the effort to produce Antichrist.
Jackson's comment here strongly implies that, once a person truly knows the truth behind Freemasonry, they would be sufficiently horrified that they would never laugh again. This reminds me of a famous quote about secret societies like Freemasonry. Listen:

"There is a power so organized, so subtle, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." [President Woodrow Wilson, "The New Freedom", quoted in "The New World Order", by A. Ralph Epperson, p. 32-33; also quoted by Dr. Dennis Cuddy, "Secret Records Revealed", p. 24-25]

"An invisible hand is guiding the populace." [Lafayete, "The New World Order", by A. Ralph Epperson, p. 32-33]

This "invisible hand" of which Lafayette was speaking is the Illuminati, and the foremost part of the Illuminati is Freemasonry. Key Illuminist leaders have always spoken highly of the Masonic Fraternity. Listen to one, Alice Bailey, Director of the House of Theosophy. Bailey is writing as a conduit for her demonic 'Guiding Spirit', Master D.K. Bailey writes in 'The Externalisation of the Hierarchy':

"The Masonic Movement ... will meet the need of those who can, and should, wield power. It is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity, and the way of salvation is pictorially preserved in its work. The methods of Deity are demonstrated in its Temples and under the All-seeing Eye the work can go forward. It is a far more occult organisation than can be realised and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists ... in Masonry you have the three paths leading to initiation. As yet they are not used, and one of the things that will eventuate -- when the new universal religion has sway and the nature of esotericism is understood -- will be the utilization of the banded esoteric organism, the Masonic organism and the Church organism as initiating centres. These three groups converge as their inner sanctuaries are approached. There is no dissociation between the One Universal Church, the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons, and the inner-most circles of the esoteric societies. (Pages 511, 513)

Alice Bailey reveals much truth about Freemasonry in these words, above. Freemasonry reveres the Egyptian All-seeing Eye of Horus, which is Satanic through and through. Bailey also ties together as one organization the Universal Church of Antichrist, Freemasonry, and other esoteric (occult) groups such as Rosicrucians, the Knights Templars, the Order of the Golden Dawn, and many other such groups of occult magick throughout history!

Then, Bailey lays all the cards on the table for anyone who wants to understand, when she says, that Masonry is "a far more occult organisation than can be realised and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists." Freemasonry is the "training school for the coming advanced occultists" which will lead America and the world into the coming New World Order. This revelation casts new meaning on the many U.S. Presidents which have been Freemasons, doesn't it? We now realize, with horror, that these men were "advanced occultists" leading America away from the One True God of the Bible and toward the Great One [Antichrist]. [Ibid.]

The bottom part of the Templars card reads: "No, they weren't wiped out in 1312. They've been growing in power and wealth and strange knowledge."

Knights Templar was one of the most deeply Satanic secret society in history.

"The original Order of Knights Templar was founded in the twelfth century ... Trade ... made the Templars rich ... In October, 1307, [French King] Philip ordered the arrest of all Templars on French soil and the seizure of their property. There was reason to believe, said the king, that the [Templar] order was profoundly heretical; that its military monks, in fact, were black magicians ... At these trials, many of the accused Templars admitted ... to witnessing or participating in ... sodomy, trampling upon the crucifix, and worshipping some sort of mummified and fiercely bearded three-headed creature. The creature, swore some of the accused, was named Baphomet ... Some may well have been practicing homosexuals ... Templars were the custodians of secret esoteric teachings, later associated with Rosicrucianism and esoteric masonry." ["Mind & Magic," by Francis X.King, Crescent, ISBN 0-517-06036-1, p. 84-85] [Note: This is a Luciferian book]

Thus, this Luciferian book on Magic ties this deeply Satanic Knights Templar to Modern Freemasonry! Christian author, Gary Kah, in his book, "Enroute To A Global Occupation", discovered from Freemasonry literature that accidentally fell into his hands, that Modern Freemasonry links itself to the Knights Templar. When we peruse some of the literature which Freemasons are encouraged to study, you will see repeated references to Knights Templar. Indeed, the 13th Degree of the York Rite is entitled, "Knights Templar". [page 92, Kah]

On page 102, Kah states that "The Templars represented the first wide-scale attempt to organize and mobilize the forces of occultism for the purpose of gaining control of the world." This, in a nutshell, is the New World Order. Kah continues, "Having embraced Gnosticism while in Palestine, and in touch with the sect of the Assassins, the Templar order degenerated, and some of its members ... were said to practice Phallicism or sex-worship, and Satanism, and to venerate 'The Baphomet', the idol of the Luciferians. The crime of Sodomy was a rite of Templar initiation."

Please remember this horrible revelation that Templars practiced Phallic worship, for Homosexuality is very tightly tied in with the Knights Templar. In the paragraph above, we see homosexual practices such as Phallicism and Sodomy. The Luciferian book, "Mind & Magic", also quoted above, lists sodomy as one of the crimes of Knights Templar. The Grand Master at the time that King Philip IV of France tried and executed key Templar members, was Jacques de Molay. Since de Molay was Grand Master of Knights Templar, we can rightly conclude that he was also involved in these Satanic, and homosexual acts. We find it highly disturbing, then, that Demolay is one of the orders of Freemasonry for young men!

Freemasonry is clearly Luciferian worship, despite their very clever, and successful, attempts to hide this fact. The ancient order of Templars became the order of Freemasonry gradually over many centuries, until today, The Templars is a specific sect within Freemasonry. The levers of power throughout the world are controlled by these organizations, just as this card correctly states!

The bottom part of this card reads: "Your whole power structure is immune to attacks from Peaceful groups."

We find it highly fitting that this picture shows a Pope wearing his pagan Dagon Fish Hat, with the equally pagan "out-raying" of light coming out of the top and the Satanic pyramid with the Eye of Horus (Lucifer) in the middle. When I was sneaked into a House of Theosophy seminar for members only on August 18, 1991, I learned that the Illuminati had just made the decision that the top religious leader of the New World Order Religion was to be the Roman Catholic Pope -- whomever he was at the time [Read NEWS1052]. This makes the Pope the False Prophet of Revelation 13:11-18!

This understanding spoke volumes to me, for now I realized the significance of the fact that the Roman Catholic Church is the most pagan religious body ever that claimed to be Christian. But, I instantly remembered the prophecy of him in Revelation 13:11:

"And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. [Rev 13:11]

The phrase "he had two horns like a lamb" means that the False Prophet will present himself to the peoples of the world as a Christian leader and will be accepted as such; yet, within his heart, he will speak like a dragon, whom we know to be Satan. This prophecy fits the Pope perfectly. He is the leader of the most pagan, secretly Satanic church on earth. We have several articles on this subject we would like you to read:

1. "Traditional Roman Catholic Church Proven To Be A Worship of White Magic Witchcraft" - NEWS1334]

2. "The Bent Cross Crucifix versus the Traditional Crucifix" - RC100

3. "The True Face of the Roman Catholic Inquisition: Rotten Spiritual Fruit From The Abyss of Hell" - NEWS1676

4. "Catholicism: Whited Sepulcher Christianity" Video that incorporates most of our teachings and speaks to the sexually predatory priests of today --

Now, we come to the handful of cards representing the final act of this global drama to so change society that Antichrist can arise.


The bottom of this card reads: "Any nation making a direct Attack to Destroy against another nation has tripled power. If it succeeds, the attacking Nation gets a Plot card, and another Action token immediately! It it fails, the attacker is destroyed and counts toward victory conditions of the defending player."

The ultimate end of the Illuminati Plan is to produce Antichrist on the world scene. However, consistent with Bible prophecy, the "birth" of Antichrist on the world scene can only occur at the end of a global war, a war in which entire nations may be annihilated. This is prophecy and this is the Illuminati plan.
Listen to prophecy first, telling us that Antichrist will be a global leader:

"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy ... and all the world wondered after the beast." [Rev 13:1, 3]

From this passage, and others, we know Antichrist will be a world ruler. Now, listen as prophecy tells us by what means he shall arise.

"And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars ... For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom ... All these are the beginning of sorrows." [Matt 24:6, 7, 8]

From this passage, we must realize that the word, "sorrows" here means "birth pangs". Literally, Jesus is foretelling that the appearance of Antichrist shall be like "birth pangs" and the birth pain shall be war, rumors of war, earthquakes, and famines in many places. Consistent with this prophecy, the Illuminati has also planned for the appearance of Antichrist to be as a "birth" [Read NEWS1789] with the birth pains being "war, rumors of war, earthquakes, and famines in many places".

All of the parts of the plan that we have been speaking of -- all these cards of the Illuminati Card Game -- will culminate in the appearance of Antichrist on the world scene to begin his global reign. World War III is the planned war that will enable Antichrist to appear. This planned Third World War is to be three wars, natural disasters, and terrorism in our cities. These are the parts of this war:

1. Israel goes to war with her Arab neighbors. The America invasion of Iraq was planned in 1952 to be the trigger that causes Israel to go to war.

2. A confrontation on the Korean Peninsula that will threaten mankind's existence.

3. China invades Taiwan

4. As soon as the war between Israel and her Arab neighbors starts, terrorist attacks against selected cities of all Industrial nations whose people still go to the polls will begin. New York City is planned to be destroyed by a terrorist nuclear device ["Behold A Pale Horse", William Cooper].

5. Natural Disasters will occur

All these disasters are planned to have a devastating cumulative effect. People will be so panicked they will beg the government to impose strict Martial Law, and anything else that might restore order. When our leaders tell us they must "temporarily" suspend our system of government, all liberties and rights if they hope to restore order, the people will gladly assent, and our freedoms will be lost. When the smoke clears from the wars, the terrorist attacks, and the natural disasters, Antichrist will come striding.

The bottom of the "Messiah" card reads: "Play this card at any time except during an attack. Link it to any Personality you control. That person is hailed as the Messiah by the millions worldwide. The new Messiah's Power and Resistance are both increased by +4, plus 2 more for every Church you control at any given time. Only one Messiah can be in play at a time."

This card certainly understands the coming Messiah, does he not? Messiah will certainly control all individual Personalities worldwide. All charismatic leaders of every nation on earth who command local audiences will come under the control of Antichrist. Certainly, Messiah will be worshipped worldwide, for the Bible prophesies he will be a global leader who will be enthusiastically worshipped by all people. Even the term, "new Messiah" is exactly the term used by such New World Order authors as Peter Lemesurier, in "The Armageddon Script". The world will be big enough for only one Messiah and if any pretenders dare raise their head, they will be summarily crushed by the demonic power residing within Antichrist.

But, now, let us see the Satanic power with which Antichrist shall arise. Read carefully:

"The Spirit of Peace is hovering close to humanity, seeking opportunity to make His Presence felt. The Spirit of Peace is not an abstract concept but a potent Individual, wielding forces hitherto unfamiliar to our planet. Great Forces are awaiting the hour when They can function as the Liberators and the Deliverers of mankind. But the door to Their entrance must be opened by humanity itself and it will be opened by a united act of the will, expressed through some formula of words and expressed in sound. It will be brought about by an activity performed simultaneously by all men and women of goodwill and by all the world aspirants and disciples. The door will not open unless the act of invocation is backed by the focussed will. The directed determination of the man or the group who is using the suggested formula, prayer, or invocation is essential." ["The Externalisation of the Hierarchy", by Alice A. Bailey]

Please allow me to explain what the demon, Master D.K., has just revealed through Alice Bailey:

Minutes before the Antichrist (Spirit of Peace) arises, some supernatural sound will be heard -- and spiritually felt, by everybody on the planet simultaneously. At no other moment in world history will so many people be impacted at once, at the very same moment! This action is designed to cause everyone to look around and upword, amazed at what has just occurred, and wondering what it all means. People will be asking themselves, "what caused this unbelievable sound"? This sound will literally "jar" the soul of all every person everywhere on earth, causing their souls to somehow "shake like a bowl of jelly".

Then, when everyone's attention is aroused and focussed (the "focussed will") images of Antichrist will appear simultaneously over the entire earth, speaking to mankind, each in his own language. The prophesied "signs and wonders" will have begun. [House of Theosophy Seminar, "Possible and Probable Events in the Future", by Bill Lambert, New England Director, August 18, 1991, explained in NEWS1052]

However, in the next few moments, another electrifying "wonder" will occur. As the people are listening to The Christ -- Antichrist -- speaking to them in their own language, they will soon realize his image has been supernaturally modified! Listen to Bill Lambert explain:

"When Lord Maitreya appears, he will appear as different beings to different people.

* He will appear as a man to a man and as a woman to a woman.

* He will appear as a white to a white, as a black to a black, as an Indian to an Indian, etc."

"It makes no difference whether you are viewing him in person or on Television. Thus, he will show that he is all things to all people". [Lambert]

Literally, people's minds will be literally blown by this guy. Those practitioners of the magical arts, New Age adherents, and all members of mystic religions who have desired greatly that their Great One would appear, are going to receive the "strong delusion" from God (2 Thessalonians 2:11]. As these people see all the "lying signs and wonders" that will continually be pouring from this occult superman, they will "rush after the beast" to worship him with all their heart, mind, and soul.

The bottom of this card reads: This artifact, both sacred and cursed, can be used as often as you wish. It can give +1 to any Attack to Destroy (by an player) or to any Disaster. Any attack aided by the Spear is considered Magic, and magical defenses may help against it."

Stave Jackson is so correct in his understanding of the "Spear of Longinus" and its properties in the realm of the occult, I am amazed. Jackson really does know Satanism generally and Illuminized Satanism specifically.

Occultists subscribe great power to this "Spear of Destiny", also known as the "Spear of Longinus".

Supposedly, the leader who "possessed it and understood the powers it served, held the destiny of the world in his hands for good or evil." [trevor Ravenscroft's "The Spear of Destiny", p. xii].

This spear has been held in the House of Hapsburg, in Vienna, Austria, for centuries, and is on public display in a museum. One of Hitler's first official acts, once he annexed Austria, was to drive to Vienna in a motorcade, go to the museum, and take physical possession of the Spear of Destiny. At that point, Hitler believed he possessed the power to overcome all odds and conquer the world. At that point, World War II became inevitable. A short time later, when Hitler published the inverted Swastika as the symbol of his Nazi Party, White Magic occultists the world over gasped with alarm, as they realized he was going to use this power for Evil, not Good. And, they realized he possessed the Spear of Destiny!

As Hitler stood in front of the Spear of Destiny display in the Hapsburg Treasure House Museum in Vienna, staring at the Spear, strange sensations exploded within him. As Hitler later recounted, "The Spear appeared to be some sort of magical medium of revelation for it brought the world of ideas into such close and living perspective that human imagination became more real than the world of sense. I felt as though I, myself, had held it in my hands before in some earlier century of history -- that I, myself, had once claimed it as my talisman of power and held the destiny of the world in my hands. Yet, how could this be possible? What sort of madness was this that was invading my mind and creating such turmoil in my breast?" [Ibid., p. 9]

Adolf Hitler committed suicide just a few days after the Americans took control of the Spear of Destiny!

Antichrist will also highly covet this Spear of Destiny, which is again in the hands of the Hapsburg Dynasty in Vienna, Austria. Once he has this Spear, he will believe that he has the occult power of the universe behind him. Satan is the power behind this Spear, which is why Hitler became increasingly demonically afflicted the longer he stood in front of it. Antichrist will not arise until he has firm possession of the Spear of Longinus. Once he has it in his possession, he will believe no power on earth can withstand him.

Steve Jackson knew right well that Satanic doctrine dictates that Antichrist must control the "Spear of Longinus" before he arises.

"The bottom part of the End of the World card reads: "The end of the world is at hand! The millennium is coming. Real soon! Repent ... all Church or Fanatic groups get +2 Power; Fanatic Churches get +3 Power. All Corporate and Government groups lose credibility, and their Power is reduced by 2."

The Bible tells us that, as soon as Antichrist arises, God is going to raise up two very special witnesses and an "army" of 144,000 special evangelists who will witness against Antichrist, urge people to repent, and speak of the truth in Jesus Christ. While they will not look insane as does this man, they will be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.

God certainly desires that people come to repentance during the reign of Antichrist. Eleven times God uses the word "repent" and "repented" during the Book of Revelation. Repentance carries a great deal of importance to God, as He desires to save men and women out of the clutches of Satan, literally "snatching them out of the fire", as Jude 23 so eloquently expresses.

However, the Illuminati views anyone who urges people to "repent for the Kingdom of the Heaven is at hand" to be a verifiable nut case. During the Tribulation Period, people who urge others to "repent" will be mercilessly killed.


For four articles, we have been studying the remarkable accuracy of Steve Jackson's Illuminati Card Game, researched from 1990-1994 and published in 1995. As you can easily see, Jackson knew Witchcraft very well in general and he knew the Illuminati Plan to Produce Antichrist very well specifically. Jackson knew the individual parts of the plan to bring down the Old World Order so that the Kingdom of Anti-Christ (New World Order) could be established.

These Illuminati cards very closely parallel Cutting Edge teaching for the past 12 years! The plan to produce Antichrist is ongoing and is apparently getting close to the end. The beginning of World War III seems imminent.

Ye Must Be Born Again!

True Salvation & the TRUE Gospel/Good News!

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Re: Know the future/Illuminati card game
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Background of Game

We have covered the background of Steve Jackson and his S.J. Games in NEWS1753, and strongly urge you to read it so you will understand the implications of the attempt of the government to shut Jackson down before he could get his Illuminati Card Game to the market. Jackson knew the specific plans of the Illuminati by which they could slowly dissolve the Old World Order, replacing it with the New World Order, including the appearance of Antichrist. We encourage you to read this above previous article, for we consider it "Smoking Gun Proof" that the Illuminati had planned the attacks of 9/11 many years before that terrible event.

In this article, we shall conclude our study by showing you the cards depicting events that have not yet happened but will surely happen, based upon Bible prophecy, and the parallel Illuminati plans. Of course, the Illuminati Card Game has cards for these events, continuing to demonstrate that Steve Jackson knew the plan very well. Avid players of this role playing game knew most of the detailed parts of the plan to so change Western Society that the Antichrist can be established upon the world scene as they began to play the game in 1995.

Any cataclysmic natural disaster has the capability of causing more damage in a shorter period of time than any war short of nuclear war. Within minutes, or hours, an entire landscape can be re-drawn and the population of people and animals living within the range of destruction of that natural disaster can die or be driven out. When people think of natural disasters, they think of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tidal waves, tornadoes and hurricanes.

Since the coming Kingdom of Antichrist -- the New World Order -- is Black Magick Witchcraft, its adherents have some very different ideas about this planet and its natural processes than do Born Again Christians. First, occult adherents worship the creature -- Mother Earth -- rather than the Creator Who made this planet of rock, water and gasses. These occultists -- including the Illuminati who rule the governments of the world -- worship this planet, calling her either Mother Nature or Mother Gaia. They believe this planet is a living, breathing goddess with terrific power. Second, occultists believe that our Industrial Civilization is anathema to Mother Gaia, because it pollutes her water, her air and her ground [Read NEWS1693]. Most people do not realize that the religion behind the active environmental groups is an extreme worship of Gaia; her adherents believe that, if this Industrial Civilization is not shut down in planned stages by man's efforts, Mother Gaia is going to intervene in a dramatic, destructive manner to "cleanse" this civilization off the planet through great and mighty natural disasters.

This theme is the essence of Al Gore's book, "Earth In The Balance".

What most of the Mother Earth worshippers do not realize is that the Illuminati -- the most powerful of the Gaia group -- has achieved scientific control of the weather and all of the natural disasters with which man has been contending for several thousands of years [Read NEWS1694, "Weather Control and Weather Warfare"]. If the Illuminati controls the functions of "Mother Gaia", i.e., Weather Disasters, they can then use natural disasters in order to achieve their draconian plans without very many people thinking to blame them! Since the Illuminati plans to reduce the population of the world by 66%, the same percentage of population reduction in the Book of Revelation, they plan to "re-wild" much of the continents of the world [Read NEWS1368].

NOTE: "Re-wilding" is defined as an major effort to clear land of humans and let the land go back to the "wild".

In NEWS1368, we detail the plan to set aside over 50% of all land in America, forbidding any kind of human activity. We encourage you to read this article carefully if you have not done so, or re-read it if your original reading has been a long time ago. In particular, study the map entitled, "Simulated Reserve and Corridor System to Protect Biodiversity", by Environmental Perspectives. You will be shocked to see how much of America is divided into either Red Areas ("Core Reserves & Corridors, Little to no human use"), or "Buffer Zones,( Highly Regulated Use"). Obviously, this draconian plan cannot be achieved until the planned combined disasters have achieved the 66% population reduction the Illuminati has planned, and Antichrist is in place preaching the gospel of Mother Gaia.

The question of the hour is, how can the stage be set now so that Antichrist can claim that such a program is necessary? The most effective way seems to be to cause so many natural disasters to occur in this country -- and in other countries throughout the world -- so that, when Antichrist is here, he can point to the past pattern of disasters, claiming they were caused by our Industrial Civilization! In New Age writings, this claim is made all the time, and is widely accepted by many millions of adherents. A few years ago, the New Age Movement was claiming they had several tens of millions of adherents in America alone, so the numbers of people who believe this nonsense are considerable.

Obviously, the Illuminati must control the weather, which we detail in NEWS1694 and in Seminar 3, "Knowing The Time of Your Visitation". Before you can appreciate the full meaning of these Illuminati Cards, you must understand that our scientists can and do control the weather; actually, the Russians are the real experts in Weather Control and Weather Warfare. By the time you finish this article, you will realize that the Illuminati does, indeed, plan to use these Natural Disasters to achieve their goals; and, the Illuminati Card Game inventor, Steve Jackson, knew of these plans as early as 1990! Let us quickly review the pertinent "Natural Disasters" cards.

The bottom of this card reads: "Play this card, as a free move after any disaster is played. It gives the target +10 to defend against that one disaster."

Hurricanes are a real threat to the entire East Coast. When you check the Biodiversity map in NEWS1368, you will see that virtually the entire East Coast is either Red ("Little to No Human Use") or Yellow, ("Highly Regulated Use"). If a series of terribly destructive hurricanes could churn up the East Coast over a period of time, Antichrist could point to this pattern as "proof" that our hated Industrial Civilization is to blame, for Mother Gaia simply cannot tolerate the pollution and the natural resource drain naturally coming from our lifestyle; therefore, Gaia seeks a "correction" by sending horrific storms.

Let us begin by examining a very interesting article which posted June 1, 2003, at the beginning of the hurricane season.

NEWS BRIEF: "Hurricanes predicted to double", CNN News, June 1, 2003.

"MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- As the 2003 Atlantic hurricane season began Sunday, forecaster William Gray predicted 14 named storms and eight hurricanes. That figure is double the number of hurricanes that developed in the Atlantic last year. Named storms are those with sustained winds of at least 39 mph. Gray's research team, the Tropical Meteorology Project, based at Colorado State University, predicted three of the hurricanes will be Category 3, 4 or 5 storms with winds above 111 mph."

Knowing the love of the occult for the numbers '11' and '39', I find it interesting that the government meteorological service would select these two parameters in setting the various categories. If you are not familiar with the fact that occultists worship the creature rather than the Creator {Romans 1:25} and that they believe numbers contain inherent power, we encourage you to read NEWS1756.

Now, let us return to this CNN article:

"The long-term average for Atlantic hurricanes is 5.9 per year and for named storms, 9.6 per year. Out of the 12 named storms last year, four became hurricanes, two of them major storms. The U.S. coast has a 69 percent chance of a major hurricane landfall, compared to a long-term 52 percent average, Gray said."

Let us now examine the pattern of hurricanes in the past century, to see if there is a pattern to which Antichrist can point.

Top Ten Hurricanes -- Most Costly

1. Hurricane Andrew - Category 5 -- Southeast Florida and Louisiana, August 24, 1992, Cost: $26.5 billion
2. Hurricane Hugo - Category 4 - Charleston, South Carolina, September 1989, Cost: $7 billion
3. Hurricane Floyd -- 110 mph winds -- Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, September 1999, Cost: $4.5 billion
4. Hurricane Fran -- Category 3 -- North Carolina, September 1996, Cost: $3.2 billion
5. Hurricane Opal -- Category 3 -- Pensacola Beach, Florida, October 1995, Cost: $3 billion
6. Hurricane Frederic -- Alabama, Mississippi, September 1979, Cost: $2.3 billion
7. Hurricane Agnes -- Weakened to Tropical Storm -- Florida, Atlantic seaboard, bringing flooding rains to North Carolina to New Jersey, June 1972, Cost: $2.1 billion
8. Hurricane Alicia -- Category 3 -- Texas, August 1983, Cost: $2 billion
9. Hurricane Bob -- Category 2 -- August 1991, Northeast, Cost: $1.5 billion
10. Hurricane Juan - Category 1 -- Louisiana, Texas, Southeast, October 1985, Cost: $1.5 billion. High tides and flooding

As you can see, most of these hurricanes hit along the Eastern Seaboard, with the area of Texas - Florida's western side being exposed to a lesser degree. This Hurricane Map depicts these two areas very well, with an interactive feature that allows you to click on each region to see the most dangerous places for hurricanes. But, when you view the "Most Hit Map - South Coast" and compare it to the Biodiversity Map, you can see that the most hit areas are the very areas that the UN Biodiversity people plan to exclude or restrict human activity!

Finally, compare the "Most Hit Map - Northeast Coast" to the UN Biodiversity Map and you will see a striking correlation.

The latest hurricane, Isabel, hit the North Carolina Outer Banks, wreaking severe damage; the entire area where Isabel made land is heavily colored red. Already, the Federal Government is taking action to restrict people's movements back into this area, a subject we shall report in a separate article.

When Antichrist arises, he can point to these areas most often ravaged by hurricanes and shall state that the reason they are in such danger is that Mother Gaia is using the hurricane as a "balancing tool" in an effort to restore her purity and "balance of nature", a natural balance that our Industrial Civilization has upset. Therefore, Antichrist will order that this biodiversity map be implemented immediately. Only when our current civilization is disbanded, and only when people are restricted to living only in certain areas will Mother Gaia be restored to purity and balance. This may sound kooky to you -- and it is -- but millions of New Age people accept it wholeheartedly right now. When Antichrist arises, he can count on this substantial reservoir of support.

The bottom of this card reads: "Instant attack to destroy a place (note attack power is MORE than a meteor strike!!!!")

In NEWS1852, we demonstrated how the awakening Yellowstone Super Volcano was seemingly building to an enormous eruption. Should this volcano blow in the manner in which volcanologists are warning, death and damage could extend 600 miles in all directions from the caldera in Yellowstone Park. We show a map of the possible devastation and the following states are likely to be heavily damaged.

* Washington -- About 85% of the state
* Oregon -- about 80% of the state
* Montana -- 100% of the state
* Wyoming - 100% of the state
* Idaho -- 100% of the state
* Nevada -- 90% of the state -- only the city of Las Vegas lies outside this radius
* Utah -- 100% of the state
* Colorado - About 75% of the state
* Nebraska - About 50% of the state
* South Dakota -- About 75% of the state
* North Dakota -- About 80% of the state

How does this area of potential devastation compare to the United Nations Biodiversity "Re-wilding" map? Look at each state carefully. Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada are almost completely Red {Little To No Human Use) or Yellow (Highly Regulated Buffer Zones). There are very few Green Zones (Normal Use). Eastern Colorado, Western Kansas, parts of Nebraska and Eastern South and North Dakota contain Green Zones, but the rest of those states are either Red or Yellow.

California is also mostly Red and Yellow. Cities will be allowed only in the San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas; further, the color key at the lower left portion of the map indicates that a Black dot signifies cities greater than 10,000 people, with no larger designations! Why would the U. N. creators of this map select such a low figure? Normally, maps show a much wider range of city populations depicted on their map. This map is to be put into effect when Antichrist is cleansing "Mother Gaia", and is busily effecting a 66% reduction in population! Therefore, you must realize that you are looking at a map in which the 33% remnant of Americans will be living!

And, Yellowstone Super Volcano can cause this "re-wilding" to occur so that the requirements of this Biodiversity map could be quickly met.

The bottom of this card reads: Disaster! This is a instant attack to destroy any place. Place is devastated or destroyed. (NOTE meteorite attack power is 16)

Meteors have been the subject of fascination by science fiction buffs for many years; it is true that even a meteor which is not too big has the potential of causing great damage to vast areas of the earth. Therefore, the subject of a meteorite strike devastating earth has always been a dynamite subject matter for many a science fiction novel.

However, the Bible also seems to allude to meteor strikes devastating earth during the 7-year Tribulation Period. Listen to the prophecy:

"And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter. [Rev 8:10-11]

Bible scholars have long identified this "great star from heaven" as a meteorite. Certainly, a large enough meteorite could cause this kind of damage, destroying one-third (33%) of the rivers, and fresh fountains of waters. Since the Russian nuclear disaster at Cherynobel, some people have wondered whether this star might be nuclear weaponry, since the name for "Cherynobel" in the Ukrainian language is "wormwood". While this remains a distinct possibility, the majority view is still that this "star" is a meteorite; if that is the case, then we would understand the occult obsession with the possibility of a meteorite striking the earth, exactly as the Bible describes the Third Trumpet Judgment of the Great Tribulation Period.

Consider just a few articles in our Daily News about meteors.

NEWS BRIEF: "Space rock hurtles past Earth", BBC News, 7 January 2002, By BBC News Online science editor Dr David Whitehouse

"An asteroid discovered just a month ago is making a close approach to the Earth. Although there is no danger of collision with it, astronomers say that its proximity reminds us just how many objects there are in space that could strike our planet with devastating consequences ... It is thought to be 300 metres in size - large enough to wipe out an entire country if it struck the Earth."

Lately, meteors have been striking houses! Listen:

NEWS BRIEF: "Three people hospitalised after meteor hits homes",, September 29, 2003.

"Hundreds of people fled their homes when a meteor struck their village in eastern India, injuring three people and destroying two houses, a state minister said yesterday. The fireball hit the village of Sudusudia in Orissa state on Saturday evening, said BB Harichandan, the state revenue minister. 'One person has sustained burn injuries and two houses have been burned down. The injured has been hospitalised,' the minister said ... 'The light was so bright that for a few seconds it appeared to be daylight,' said Sanatan Sahu, a villager."

NEWS BRIEF: "A New Meteor Crashes Into Home...In New Orleans", 09/30/30, by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

"A second meteorite crashes to Earth causing extensive damage to a home in New Orleans ... A meteorite which measures 9" in diameter crashes into a residents roof. Then the orb crashes through the second story floor, then through the first story floor, and then is deeply embedded into the concrete foundation. Luckily, home owner Roy Fausset and his family including his young daughter were not home. Fausset says "The powder room door was open and it looked like an artillery shell had hit the room." It was a sandy colored rock that appeared to have been burned around its edges. Preliminary tests by scientists at Tulane University indicate this particular rock came from outer space.

"If so, that makes it an exceedingly rare phenomenon. Meteorites enter the Earth's gravitational field with some frequency; all but a tiny percent of them burn up during their passage through the atmosphere -- what are commonly called "shooting stars."

The bottom of the card reads: "Disaster card. Instant attack to destroy and coastal place. Power is 20."

It is interesting that the destructive power assigned to a tidal wave is more than that of a meteor! Certainly, a huge tidal wave can cause many deaths and instant destruction to most structures standing in its way. If a tidal wave is of continental proportions, it can truly cause tens of millions of deaths in seconds with very little time for a warning. The devastation caused by such a continental Tidal Wave would dwarf almost every other kind of natural disaster and would easily and quickly "re-wild" the land it inundates. As you look at the map, below, you can see how the areas covered by the ocean waters would be immediately "re-wilded"; further, society would be so devastated that government will find it easy to move the terrified survivors into any area they desire and for whatever reason they put forth.

Now, let us look at the New Age warnings of massive earth flooding.

As previously stated, this theme of earth destruction resounds through many of the New Age and Occult prophecies. One of the first to foretell of coming cataclysms at the end of this century was Edgar Cayce, who was known as "The Sleeping Prophet". Cayce's predictions concerning this issue His predictions were very explicit:

1) Shift of the Earth on its axis
2) Inundation of many coastal regions
3) London will be on the coast
4) Loss of much of Japan
5) Flooding of Northern Europe
6) Greenland disappears
7) New land appears off the coast of North America
8) Widespread destruction-L.A., S.F.- New York City disappears
9) Land bridge from South America to Antarctica
10) Warming of cool areas--cooling of warm areas
11) WW III- Followed by New Age" (Skinner, Stephen. Millennium Prophecies, Longmeadow Press, Stamford, CT, 1994)

This New Age map, above, demonstrates the belief that Mother Gaia is going to trigger massive earth changes in her strenuous effort to "cleanse" the earth of our Industrial Civilization and get rid of all humans not fully in sync with the coming New Age Christ. As you can see, the ocean waters are shown in dark blue and cover much of our continent. This map is a composite which shows (in dark blue) an approximate depiction of land areas predicted by several of the New Age prophets to be flooded by rising oceans. This map is not shown to relay any one prediction with 100% accuracy, but is very similar to the majority of published earth changes maps. Gordon-Michael Scallion predicts earthquake activity will begin this flooding.

Did you know that a tidal wave of monumental proportions is entirely possible? In the Book of Revelation, we see an interesting prophecy that human scientists did not confirm until just about 40 years ago! First, let us examine the prophecy:

"And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four s of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the winds should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree. And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, saying, 'Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees until we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.'" [Revelation 7:1-3]

A study by scientists at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory reveal that the earth actually has 4 "s" locations. These "s" are 4 areas of ocean, each covering several thousand square miles, in which the ocean waters are approximately 220 feet higher than if the earth were perfectly spherical. According to this article, these high spots are caused by the prevailing winds that build up friction on the ocean surface, piling up the waters.

The above map (while not an exact copy of the map produced by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory) shows the approximate location of the earth’s four "s" points. The high points on the globe are marked by the red indicator squares, and the low points are marked by the yellow indicator squares. If the prevailing winds causing this effect were suddenly eliminated, the higher waters would crash into the lower points. This scenario would certainly be especially disastrous for both the east and west coasts of the United States.

Revelation 7:1 has long been a target of those who would attack the Bible, claiming the writer of this passage believed the earth was flat. However, in light of this little-known discovery, Revelation 7:1-3 reveals a completely new perspective. This passage describes an event that occurs at approximately the mid-point of the Tribulation Period, just prior to the "Great Tribulation". By stopping the four major jet streams at these four "s" of the earth, the result would be cataclysmic. While this may or may not cause a pole shift, this would certainly cause major earth changes to the existing landmasses. Based on this information, the maps of coming earth changes may not be as far-fetched as one may initially perceive. The New Agers and Occultists could then explain these catastrophic judgments of God away as the results of the long-prophesied magnetic pole shift.

Christians today have no guarantee that the Rapture of the Church will occur prior to a major natural disaster, economic collapse, or even open persecution of the Church. However, these New Age writings are too consistent with Bible prophecy to be coincidental. The "Age of Grace" certainly appears to be at its climax, but one must remember that God alone is in control of time. The events of the book of Revelation will certainly come to pass in accordance to God’s timetable. Satan’s minions surely realize their time is short, but they absolutely do not have a copy of God’s schedule.

How should Christians react to these things? We must not forget that we have in our possession the book of TRUTH, the Word of God. Christians must evaluate everything by the standard of the Bible. We also must not forget that this HOLY BOOK is not only relevant in the battle against the "wiles of the devil", but is the source of power--"the Sword of the Spirit"--by which God’s Holy Spirit communicates to His children. Thus, we pick up our "sword" and turn to II Peter 3:8-14, where we are given our "marching orders" for the very time in which we live:

"The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness: but is longsuffering …not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. But the Day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with a fervent heat, and the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness, looking for …the coming of the day of God…We, according to his promise, look for a new heaven and a new earth…Seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless."
The Word of God is explicit. Christians must exercise the following:

1. Holy conversation
2. Godliness
3. Looking for the coming day of God, a new heaven, a new earth
4. Be diligent
5. Be found of Him in peace
6. Without spot
7. Blameless

In the face of growing deception and misconception, the Bible does not change its command to those who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. That command is the call to personal holiness. If those who "name the name of Jesus Christ" will simply follow the above listed precepts, they will not be misled by the false prophets of Satan. Christians will be seeking the truth of the Word of God, seeking the souls of those that are lost, and will be armed against the rampant deception of these "last days".

In conclusion, if you have been deceived into seeking the advice of "spirit guides" of any description (no matter how they identify themselves), please understand that you are risking your eternal destiny. Perhaps you are like Laura in the beginning of this article; you may be receiving visions from some wise and beautiful creature. Remember, Satan and his angels do not appear as the grotesque, evil entities Hollywood portrays, but they appear as "creatures of light". Ask this entity what he (or she) thinks of Jesus Christ, compare the answer to the written Word of God, and forsake this lying devil that would damn your eternal soul. Turn from the powers of Satan, and turn from yourself. Turn to the Lord Jesus Christ, put your trust in Him, and He will (as He has promised) rescue your soul from the flames of Hell. "Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out." (John 6:37)

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