Author Topic: generalised OVERVieuw of 911  (Read 1229 times)

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generalised OVERVieuw of 911
« on: August 17, 2008, 09:10:09 pm »
IM presuming planes DID cras [were steered] into the towers
the planes were near empty [the jets were far from 'full'
thos accused of flying the planes are in many cases still arround [alive] thus those blamed are blamed by lie

it seems the planes were remotly flown [at least the evidence suggests this]
the building was prewired to disintrigate ,using drills to evacuate the building as cover
the building was prewired to fall ,it  had 2 billion of asbestos removal to clean up [as a condition of lease [but NO ONe would insure the public liability to do it

the owner insured his leased buildings via an israel insurance [that paid up with its funds that it sublet to other insurors underwritters [who cant complain because the first party ALONE has the legal standing to do so]
DIkkk cheeney was a major conspiritor ,him and his neo cons organised exersises on the same day to c0over the REAL event [he is reported to have overseen it all from a command bunker ]

the reasons are manyfold [enron court documents were held in the buildings [so enron got cleanedc up as well as the asbestos problem [but there is missing gold [no one seems to have noticed ,this rreportedly was removed prior the building collapse.

anyhow there is yet more [no steel buildings have EVER collapsed [let alone from smouldering fires]
buil;ding seven collapsed in its own footprint despinte not being hit by a plane [or having a fire ] it should be noited the busche connection in this as the pres brother was in charge of security in the building [the explosives were wired up on HIS watch.

but there is yet more to this huge treason [on the day it was 'pulled' the stock market was supposed to melt down  [but the 4 day shutdown gave new direction for the market [into a war footing ][busches first declaration was this is an act of WAR [this it seemed was at first because ab act of war insnt ISNT insurable, [so how come larry got his 3 trillion pay out?]
anyhow larry still has a valid lease [when the towers are rebuilt he will clean up again big time [thus the site should remain UNTOUCHED for the term of his lease at least

ok so we have yet more dots to join ,MANY court case files were destroyed on big buisness collusions [not just the enron court case [but no one speaks of them]nor will we talkl of the upgrades that didnt work, or the first attempt for which certain people will not be held to account for either

we have proofs the buil;dings were pulled [and reported pulled indeed p[build 7 ] 20 minutes before they were pulled ,anyhow this over vieuw could go on for pages and pages [with links [that will themn be sghut down[but the courts do treason being under legislated [not constituted juristiction] ,the police are shut out , and the rot goes deep into the heart of banking and big buisness collusions

the media is as much facilitating this treason as not reporting on it or questioning, the system has exposed its filth ,but the people so frightend they cant join the dots , there are so many more dots to join
but to what end ,now as we head to Gwww3 busche and cheeney shall bring on the obama global warning tax ,and the obama hitler youth ,they dig their treasons ever deeper [knowing that they have allready done was done unseen [uncared for by the people [and yet the sheple sleep]

do your own research sheeple ,but then you can do only as we can do because media spin isnt designed to fool us
only to allow us to do nothing about it
well will you love hell
this is nothing yet
wait till they bring on the real thing

the HARDron collider is only their latest attemnt to unleash their masters in hell
they dont realise when the door opens THEY GET SUCKKKED in
evil is bound ,they can delude on
god gives them enough rope
anyhow the meek inherit the earth

the neo con cowards get theirs
we dont need to do a thing
just keep the LOVE

love god
LOVE neighbour
its that simple

lord have mercy on their  AAAHSOULS
AHHH men
There is one LIVING loving god
who gave ALL our lives to live
no death can please the ONE lifegiver

In life we chose
to hear
the voice of love [life]
to hear the voice of fear

fear no evil
Chose to serve love
and life [fearlessly]

love god [GOOD]
love neighbour[life]