Author Topic: Public Law 102-14 and the Noahide Laws (relates to the NWO?)  (Read 3935 times)

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 You all need to check out these links.  They're a real eye opener regarding George Bush, Sr., NWO, etc.  Is it all BS if Bush, Sr. mentioned something about it all regarding Public Law 102-14 which occurred in 1991 in his speech on the new public law?  I vaguely recall this speech.  If I did hear it, it probably meant nothing to me then.

Here are some YouTube links on Bush, Sr., etc., and Public Law 102-14:

7 Laws of Noah: George H. W. Bush

Kissinger foresees "emergence of a New International Order"

Hollywoodism: Zionists Redefined the Values of the USA

Here are related links:

The Final Trap:

Talmud "Noahide Laws" to Rule Coming Jewish 'Utopia’:                 

Public Law 102-14

I searched on Public Law 102-14 on Prison Planet's website and turned up nothing.  Sounds scary to me if what I've come across is all true.  Anyone wanna bet that George W. and any of the candidates themselves are familiar with Public Law 102-14?