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Taser jolt can cause fatal heart rhythm, probe told
May 09, 2008 08:36 PM  Terri Theodore  THE CANADIAN PRESS

VANCOUVER–The company that sells more conducted energy weapons to law enforcement than any other rushed to market with faulty safety and medical research, claims the head of a company that plans to market a device to compete with the Taser.

Ken Stethem, founder and chairman of Ageis Industries, told the public inquiry into Taser use that Taser International's methodology was flawed in designing, developing and deploying the conducted energy weapons (CEWs).

Normally a company would develop medical and safety data, then test the product on animals and humans, Stethem told the inquiry.

"In my humble opinion that's not how the current CEWs were developed and deployed. And that's why we're having problems today.

Stethem disputed several claims made by Taser on medical evidence and safety connected to the device.

He pointed to Taser's patent information that says the device puts out between 100 and 500 milliamps of electricity.

Medical experts say it only takes about 100 milliamps to cause the heart to go into a fatal rhythm, Strethem told the inquiry.

He said medical studies say low voltage electrocutions can happen without any visible evidence of injury.

"Now the burden of proof has been shifted to the public that these aren't safe, instead of law enforcement and manufacturers that they are," Strethem told the inquiry.

Stethem's company designs what he called intermediate force options similar to a conducted energy weapon in a baton that incapacitates muscles with electrical output.

"I'm not here to bang Taser International or anybody else," he told commissioner Thomas Braidwood. "I'm here to report what we've learned through our research."

The chairman of Taser International, Tom Smith, will have a chance to respond to the accusations when he speaks to the inquiry on Monday.

A heart-rhythm expert also told the inquiry there are real risks to Taser use, despite the company's safety claims.

"Just because somebody collapses of sudden death minutes later after a Taser application doesn't mean that the two are not connected," said Dr. Zian Tseng, a San Francisco cardiologist and electrophysiologist.

Tseng said any normal, healthy person could die from a jolt of the conducted energy weapon if the shock was given in the right area of the chest and during the vulnerable point in the beating of the heart.

He stressed the risk of death is far greater if there is adrenaline or illicit drugs coursing through the body or if the person has a history of heart or other medical issues.

Tseng fell into studying conducted energy weapons about three years ago when he created a media storm by telling a San Francisco newspaper the device could induce cardiac arrhythmia.

"Shortly thereafter I was contacted by Taser directly to reconsider my statements to the media. They even offered to support (my) research, to give me grant funding," Tseng said, adding he declined the offer in order to remain independent.

Tseng said there needs to be much more real-world studies on the use of the weapon, instead of using police officers – often large, healthy males – to test the device.

He also said medical examiners should be given more freedom to investigate such deaths, even seizing the weapon for investigation if necessary.

"If there's a person that dropped dead suddenly after Taser application and you can find nothing else on the autopsy, I would venture to say that's due to arrhythmic death."

The risk to suspects being shocked could almost be zero to the heart if police avoided using the weapon in the chest area, and Tsang suggested that be one of Braidwood's recommendations.

Tsang also said police should avoid repeated shocks to lessen the chance they'll set the heart into an abnormal rhythm.

He said the risks are very low of a person dying while being arrested by police.

"What we don't know is has the Taser increased that risk from that very low rate to a slightly higher rate."

The inquest was launched after the very public video of the minutes before Robert Dziekanski's death was aired world wide.

The Polish immigrant created a disturbance last October at the arrivals area of the Vancouver International Airport and was twice shocked by an RCMP Taser.
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Re: EXPOSED: Tasers cause fatal disruption to the heart!!!!!!!!!!
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2008, 08:36:21 pm »
Very disturbing evidence, but we all knew that from the beginning. Cops have no idea what the taser is capable of, what it's effects are on people with various heart conditions, pacemakers or anything. All they know is it gets results, period.

I wasn't awake when this happened but I'm sure the video was discussed on here. Here's the full video of the incident for those who haven't seen it yet. (the eyewitness' cell was taken by the police and returned weeks later)

About the video,
First of all, I feel so sad for this guy and his family. I've been in foreign countries many times where they spoke no English. It's very stressful. This guy was clearly stressed out, breathing very hard and it's obvious to any layman like me that adding electricity to his already stressed heart could kill him.

Secondly, I don't know if airport security there has authority to detain and arrest people.
It looked like they were very patient, even asking for a translator " calm him down." You'll never see security in the USA have as much patience.

The cops here really disgusted me. Pure laziness. This unarmed man was tasered/murdered at almost exactly one minute after the cops arrived, just because he was deemed a problem that needed fixing, with no thought of human/social feelings and stresses that led to him being upset.. They didn't try to talk or anything. Like hungry wolves, they out numbered him, circled their prey, and took him down with extreme prejudice.

And these same cops scratch their heads, wondering why they get shot at. The cops are being taken over by brainwashed idiots!
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Watch it here

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Re: EXPOSED: Tasers cause fatal disruption to the heart!!!!!!!!!!
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2009, 11:49:22 pm »
What govt. says to back it up "Would you rather get shot at?"

Bahh! Same fatal risks!