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End Game 1.5 Henry Kissinger
« on: May 09, 2008, 01:53:49 am »
I just finished watching End Game 1.5. What I found most interesting was part three when Kissinger was talking about the nation in the middle east that have created borders not natural ones. He said something to the like that these nations are more easy to become unstable. He also mentions the Iraq war. I have been thinking that the Iraq war is intended to make the entire region more unstable. There are a lot of different cultural groups forced into created nations in the middle east just waiting for a chance to go after each other. When these nations were created I think that it was the intent to force groups of people together who where not naturally fitting with each other to make the region unstable.

I have kept up with mid-east affairs from the time the build up to the Iraq war started. I have seen that over time, largely due to the Iraq war, that the region is becoming more and more unstable. All of those groups of people who had been forced to live under a created flag and a created nation are now starting to tear each other apart. When the people turn against each other it is much more easy to take over and control them all. 
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