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double speak
« on: March 25, 2008, 12:16:24 pm »
hi there,

i am going to write something i know most will not like at first, please don't go flaming on me prior to reading and imagining how i see it,
if you have objections after, i am all open to it.

i often hear people make the sheep comment.
and if the people are the sheep, then government is herder, as the sheep often follow the herder.

so if government is the herder and the people are the sheep, we must be the wolfs ?
cause we are the danger of the sleepy sheep and the government herder.

i have used this once before here on the forum and i got words back like wolfs are evil..
no wolfs are not.
then they went on a religious claim but i wanna rebute that as the wolfs being gods creature.

from the perception of the sheep the herder is the good guy, (look at the sheep following bush) and we are the evil ones
making us the wolf.
but alex makes the wolfs look like the government or vise versa which is infact double speak.
i know this is not intentional but a custom, afraid of the wolf as we are indoctrinated.
the herder is the danger, because the wolf biologically will never kill more than it needs.
will not abuse/hurt for fun or profit, and the herder shaves the sheep herds them and keeps them fearfull of the wolfs filling them with lies about the wolfs.(911 truthers are violent and dangerous)
 herders would have no reason for existance  here in this world cause wolfs are endangered spicies or not present.
humans take lambs for food, the herder sells for profit, while a wolf only takes that what is needed to maintain the eco system.

so if you want to be effective, use the words that fit
not the words you are tought by indoctrinating institutions.

and you have the bible and the word herder.
please remember that times are different and back then it might have been a different situation where wolfs actually were more of a threat.(a natural threat)

so please, think about the things you use as comparisons because double speak is often a great tool for the powers that be to divide and conquer .

this is one example of double speak which can be very dangerous. there are probably many more.
and if you still think herders are the rightious ones, i am not sure what values you live by.
but if you think as herders as christ or god, i think god is title enough and herder would be an insult.

any way, debate and if you still feel the need, Flame on.
love for freedom can not be killed nor silenced.
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Re: double speak
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2008, 05:35:35 pm »
herder? as in shepherd? (see bible concordance) christ? as in Jesus or the illuminati Christ?  Wolves as in a pack of carnivores hunting, killing, then divvying up the carcass? double speak?