Author Topic: Just as Mike Adams starts talking about how cancer cures already exist--  (Read 1451 times)

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...this happens:

Edit: Now it's working correctly again, but the timing for the video stream refeed cutting out couldn't have been more perfectly non-coincidental.

Edit #2: But to coherently explain what happened... I was switching back and forth between different web pages on the infowars website (while actively unmuting the video stream every time an infowars page loaded up again, because I was actually trying to listen to it while multi-tasking), and at one point, decided to press the Refresh button (F5) for my browser just as Mike was starting to talk about the cancer stuff involving Joe Biden, and that was when everything stopped working, stuff didn't load, etc.
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Well of course; what a coincidence.
It make me wonder why this cite keeps going down? 
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