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Drag Queen Storytime
« on: February 02, 2019, 10:12:35 am »
Library Drag Queen Storytime
Trump supporter 'shows up to library with gun' because drag queen was reading stories to children

Chris Baynes
,The Independent?February 1, 2019

A Donald Trump supporter reportedly armed with a gun barged into a Texas library in an attempt to stop a drag queen reading books to children.

James Greene was arrested on suspicion of trespassing after refusing to leave Houston?s Freed-Montrose Library, but claimed he was detained for being a "white Christian" and accused staff of satanism.

He had entered the building to protest against Drag Queen Storytime, a programme of events in which performers read children?s stories to families.

?This cannot stand, we must fight back," added Mr Green, who hosts a programme on Raging Elephants Radio, a conservative online station in Texas.

Police are to step up security at the next Drag Queen Storytime, which is held at the library each month. The event has attracted protesters from anti-LGBTQ conservatives, as well counter-demonstrations from supporters.

Earlier this month a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit from a group of conservative Christian men who claimed Drag Queen Storytime violated their religious rights. In a court filing in defence, Houston Public Library said it was "committed to celebrating the diverse and culturally rich communities" in the city.

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Drag Queen Storytime
Library: Freed-Montrose Neighborhood Library

Date: 8/25/2018, 9/29/2018, 10/27/2018, 12/29/2018

Room: Freed-Montrose Library Meeting Room

Time: 2:00PM - 2:45PM

Type: Featured Event, Storytimes

Age Group: appropriate for all ages
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Join the Houston Public Library and local Drag Queens for an imaginative storytelling experience. Picture books and songs shared by vibrant performers will excite and instill a love for reading for the entire family.
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