Author Topic: UN Staff Member: 5G Is War on Humanity  (Read 239 times)

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UN Staff Member: 5G Is War on Humanity
« on: January 06, 2019, 04:59:06 am »
UN Staff Member: 5G Is War on Humanity

Disclosure about 5G ? and its considerable risk for humanity ? is occurring within the United Nations. This is thanks to longtime UN staff member and whistle-blower Claire Edwards, who recently contacted me with this powerful story which touches all of humanity and our shared future. Watch the interview above, or on YouTube here or on Facebook here. -Josh del Sol Beaulieu

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Re: UN Staff Member: 5G Is War on Humanity
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2019, 11:22:06 am »
fyi 5G is in Deployment !!!

California's Communist Fascist Super Majority - 5G Push
5g Brain Damage ? - DNA damage ? It starts in the California Capital ...

City of Sacramento announces the first in a series of game changing demonstration initiatives that will drive forward the City as a thriving diverse community that leverages new technologies to improve quality of life for all. This new innovative pilot with Verizon will be among the first in the nation to deliver super high speed wireless connectivity to the internet for Sacramento residents. Verizon will begin offering 5G to pilot customers in the City of Sacramento during the first half of 2017. Verizon will also be running pilots in the following metropolitan areas: Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Bernardsville (NJ), Brockton (MA), Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Sacramento, Seattle and Washington, D.C. This is an important step in providing gigabit broadband service to homes and offices via a wireless 5G connection.

This pilot is part of a much broader push by the City to develop policy and streamlined processes to leverage emerging technologies and create public-private partnerships to help provide services more efficiently, meet community needs, and reduce resource consumption. Early initiatives such as this show the potential for public-private partnership to foster key quality of life improvements across sectors. The City recognizes that it alone cannot solve all the problems of the City in isolation, the City seeks to work with outside innovators like Verizon and other external entities for the purpose of rapid deployment that maximizes strategic value to the community.

| - --
5 things you need to know about Sacramento's 5G rollout

Sacramento is one of four cities worldwide to launch 5G
Updated: 7:06 PM PDT Oct 1, 2018


Christopher Anglewirth became the first person in California to connect with Verizon?s new 5G technology.

?Being No. 1, definitely some bragging rights,? Anglewirth said Monday. ?I?ve got the shiny new toy on the block.?

The shiny new toy is lightning quick internet, bringing broadband to Anglewirth?s home without wires, from a box high up on a lamp pole in his Pocket neighborhood.

The new technology is 5G, the fifth generation of wireless connectivity. It is a fixed wireless system that brings broadband to your home.


| - - - -
5G Small Cell Deployment in Sacramento
5G Home Broadband Service IS LIVE!

On Monday, Oct. 1, Sacramento became one of the first cities in the world to go live with 5G, through Verizon?s new 5G home broadband internet. The City has been working with Verizon for the past year to install small cell towers on more than 200 utilities poles. The effects of high-speed 5G go beyond homes. Eventually available as free Wi-Fi in 27 parks, the network will expand digital access for underserved communities.

5G Background

    Is it Safe?
    Who Regulates Wireless?

The demand and need for high-speed data connectivity from residents, businesses, and visitors is on the rise with no end in sight. 5G is the latest approach to increase wireless capacity for smartphones and internet service. Technologies like 5G promise to revolutionize the daily lives of people in ways that we can only imagine.

The City plays an important role and is actively working to streamline the development processes and effectively and efficiently pave the way for innovators to implement technologies that will drive economic vitality and close access barriers and gaps to serve our diverse communities

| - - -
Space Exploration Companies Will Launch 20,000 Satellites to Communicate with 5G Technology
Thousands Of Satellites Set To Launch For 5G
 Posted on Jan 08, 2019, 7 p.m.

Thousands of satellites are set to be launched for 5G which can send focused beams of intense microwave radiation over Earth; and local urban communities could have cell towers approximately every 500 feet long streets in the near future.

The untested 5G plans of telecom to install millions of cell towers on electric utility poles, public buildings, schools, bus stop shelters, in public parks, and anywhere they want in national parks and on federally owned land has been gaining more and more attention and sparking concern.

This development is troubling for those concerned about constant exposure to radio frequency radiation in close proximity to source; more alarming though is the prospect of beaming millimeter length microwaves back down to Earth from thousands of new communication satellites as SpaceX was given approval by the FCC on 3/29/2018 to launch 4,425 satellites into low orbit around Earth, and the total number expected to be put into low and high orbit will be 20,000 with the biggest being: Spacex at 12,000; OneWeb at 4,560; Boeing 2,956; Spire Global at 972. 
by John P. Thomas
Health Impact News

While telecom companies are moving full speed ahead to put up millions of small cell towers for their new 5G (fifth generation) cellular communication system in the United States, the public is waking up to the fact that 5G has not been proven safe for human health.
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