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Fighting Back Through Educating
« on: March 24, 2019, 12:06:15 pm »
OK, seeing that the Zionists are using the excuse that Muslims cannot be trusted to tell the truth about Islam, I am using the same excuse about Zionism.
After reviewing various videos on Youtube that explain what Zionism is and how it operates, I have narrowed the list down to the 9 best ones:
If any of these videos are taken down because they want to cover up the truth, PM me with your name and your mailing address. I will send you a free DVD of the ones that are taken down.
Christian Zionism and Islamophobia
Christian Zionism And The New World Order
Christian Zionism: The Roadmap To Armageddon
Christian Zionism: The Biggest Deception Revealed
Has Zionism Hijacked Judaism
Historical Roots of Christian Zionism
How Christian Zionism is Dividing and Deceiving The Church
Rabbi Dovid Weiss On Judaism, Israel and Zionism
The Zionist Story
The answer to 1871 is 1776
I am one of the people, not a fictional entity created by an incorporated state issued Birth Certificate.