Author Topic: Diseased Refugees Obtaining SSN and Passport Upon Arrival MUST HEAR!  (Read 453 times)

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Diseased Refugees Obtaining SSN and Passport Upon Arrival  (A MUST HEAR VIDEO. PLEASE SPREAD!)

Comment under video from Army Vet 4444

I lived in Turkey for almost 5 years. I was NOT on an "American Compound" like our government has in almost every country on the planet, but rather out among the native Turk people. There were NO Americans in the Town I lived in, a suberb of Istanbul, Yesilyurt. (Pronounced Yesh-el-yurt). So I had to learn Turkish, which I did, I also read and write the language. So I am a bit of what you would call an "expert" on the "mindset" of Muslims. I can tell you right now, that in Istanbul, you would witness the MOST "progressive" group of Muslims on the planet, no ifs ands or buts about it. They are MUCH less "radical" than even the Muslims living in Dearborn Michigan. And I don't mean by a "little bit", I mean by miles and miles. And even as "progressive" as these people were, THERE IS NO WAY you can drop a bunch of these people in America, and they will "assimilate". They STILL treat females alike furniture. Now, the mens wife, they are crazy jealous. (Meaning insane kind of crazy). BUT they will cheat on them as though it's expected of them, even though they don't tell their wives, nor does anyone else. Every man I came close to having a friendship there with was like that, and since I could not stomach it, of course our "friendship" would fail. Then, the "girls" they were "stepping out with", they called them "whores". Whether they were or not was immaterial. That's how the men referred to them. Usually, these girls did NOT know the men were married. I think you get the idea as to where all this is going. It's all very immature, (IMHO), and very unhealthy, (again IMHO). They would also get kind of "tanked up" on a drink they call "Roki" (pronounced "rock-uh") and they would for fun, go find the neighborhood gay, throw a bag over his head, beat him until he was unconscious, then carry him over the to local Mosque, and carry him up to the top of the minaret, and wait until he was conscious, so they could hear him scream when they threw him off the top. Just a typical Saturday night out with the guys. That's the MOST "progressive" the Muslim culture has to offer. How are you going to make that work with American values??? You're NOT, that's how. NOT going to happen. In another Hundred years I doubt it will happen. THIS country should NOT allow this into our country. PERIOD. IT doesn't matter how you slice this pie, as a group overall, it just will not work in our society. THAT is what SOMEONE needs to learn and ALL people need to understand. Our way of life is just too different from each other.

Obama?s illegals bring disease to America?s children
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