Author Topic: John B Wells guest says China has owned America decades (Clintons)Much more!  (Read 380 times)

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Our Ultimate Weapon Is Truth - John B Wells

Time 5:03 Wells exposes Chinese

Episode 1014 - Bill Majcher, Canadian and former RCMP connects the dots
Oct 24, 2018

Time 41:45 He talks about Maurice Strong, Canadian, he was ashamed to say. Strong was the One guy who touched all of the establishment figures Clinton, Gore, Soros, Obama, Aga Khan Fdn, Trilateral commission, World Bank, UN, was a Gaia religion believer, on and on his connections to Establishment  (This disgusting man died a few years ago)

More on Maurice Strong, the creator of the Climate Change movement fraud

Yuri Bezmenov talks about how establishment criminals have taken over countries using Ideological Subversion  (He talks about this guy time 40:36 above interview)

Do an advanced search in this forum on CHINA and Clintons! (Click on Search. Enter China and clintons (choose any words) then click Advanced Search. Heres one entry of many:

Don't believe me. Look it up yourself!