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Censored .... In Corporate America,

while I am not always in agreement w/ the approaches that InfoWars takes - their Freedom of Speech and expression of conscience and to air grievances - etc. is my problem too.

Here's what I'd suggest to inspire the World via making this a seriously impactful issue. 

1. Alex Jones should start to do once per week interviews w/ up & comers (civilian journalists) and I mean being interviewed on their platform (as the guest); not only can this be very entertaining, many of the interviews will go viral for sure and be unexpected and appreciated.

2. Have more diversity of opinion and real debates on your show.

3. Create a new Account on FB and YT etc. HOWEVER - only do one video per week, make it quality and powerful yet something that is censorship proof - creative, philosophical.

4. Make sure EVERYONE knows (educate & inform) the difference between a publisher and a platform .... and the legal differences.
 a. either Google is a publisher : in which case it's just as responsible to any lawsuits and etc from a long way back for many, many things or
 b. Google is a platform : in which case - how does it legally selectively discriminate who's removed - should not CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC and ETC for their fake news and destructive information be first on the chopping blocks, if we're being objective and fair?  also, should Google and YouTube be split?

5. Join in a massive Class Action Lawsuit - w/ many who've been selectively censored (L & R) and sue for the fact that Google/YouTube have discriminated as a platform - unjustly - and was bribed/coerced by CNN, etc.

6. Massively promote new SM that likewise promotes Freedom of Speech (not a L or R thing - at all).

7. Promote a competition of ideas across the board.  The Freedom of thought and to question the darkest deepest parts of our mind is what partly keeps us sane.

8. Make it known that Communist China has unfortunately influenced Apple and gang more than they influenced it - it seems.

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Silicon Valley has a cozy relationship with unaccountable, unelected Western intelligence agencies. That, along with a west coast culture that is pro-globalist, pro-communist, anti-sovereignty, pro-debauchery has put us in the current predicament.

There are some really lucrative opportunities for new start-up platforms ATM. Some have already been established.
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 9. Another tragedy in all of this is the burning of history in just a click of a button .... e.g. a Noam Chomsky interview, Henry Rollins, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, Jill Stein, Peter Joseph, 9/11 predictions, Patriot Act Austin City Council Speech, helping veterans keeping their home, George Noory, Jesse Ventura, and many many many more and etc.  Does a platform have an obligation to at least preserve history? 

 10. I know Alex has run for Congress before - maybe in 2020 it's time to do it again - remember, you win just getting the message out.

Just a side note .... some of the best parts I've enjoyed when watching InfoWars early on was when Alex debated people who called in (even if some were w/ idiots); I feel (speculation) after watching for a while (years) that after years of doing this Alex (understandably) got burned out doing this.  Alex IMO is an excellent debater (very under-appreciated or recognized) and doing some genuine ones would really spread the message and show how good Alex is at it, again maybe he's burned out of doing it (as many people who do things they're really good at, and have done a lot of).  Anyways, as mentioned in point 1 in the original post - if you're burned out of something, sometimes it's time to metamorphisize into something new (i.e. after interviewing people all this time - perhaps it's time you're the one who's to be interviewed now more so - maybe).  I know Alex has been interviewed (valuetainment and more); however, it's once in a blue moon, imagine doing one of those a week - and half of them going viral (also from unexpected sources, citizen journalists + bigger ones - L, R and independent, there's an almost unlimited list plus it could be fun) - it'd be almost just as effective as having an uncensored channel and maybe even more so.