Author Topic: Targeted by CPS: Ramola D - Award Winning Author and Journalist  (Read 269 times)

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Targeted by CPS: Ramola D - Award Winning Author and Journalist

The Honeybee
Published on May 8, 2018
Ramola Dhamaraj, known on the internet as Ramola D, is an Award Winning Author and Independent Journalist with a Physics degree from George Washington University where she later was a Professor of English and Literature. She has written award winning literature and hosts her own website and YouTube channel linked below.

Over the last few years, Ramola has focused her research on directed energy weapons on law abiding American citizens, gang-stalking, and harassment. She works with former FBI and CIA whistleblowers and reports evidence through declassified government documents and speaks with victims of organized attacks. She sees much of this happening to the truth movement community and those who speak out against the government, aka The United States Corporation of America.

Recently Ramola has become a target of CPS who was called by her daughter's school when learning about Ramola's research, a baseless claim and retalitory attack on her character. CPS is attempting to ensnare Ramola in a court battle for her child and also her reputation, but she is fully prepared to not consent to CPS's dirty tactics. Please listen as she shares her story, know your rights and also learn how you can prepare if CPS comes knocking.


You can find Ramola D on the follwoing platforms:

More information about directed energy weapons

Press Release

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