Author Topic: Maple Story 2 is coming soon English version in the coming time?  (Read 993 times)

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The fact that many English dubbed files appear in the installer of Maplestory Mesos makes many people think this game will be released globally.

Concerning the match, Maple Story 2 is a sequel to the renowned online game Maple Story premiered in 2003 by NEXON. For this new edition, the images of the game was altered from 2D angle to corner angle. 3D top notch look with animations and characters designed in cute chibi style.

Maple Story 2 will keep players away from the small, short, mischievous and beautiful characters. On the flip side, the game features high interactive community like climbing, swimmingpool, PvP, taxi, travel ...

Maple Story 2 is a non-target action where players may perform constant combos through hot keys on the computer keyboard. In the method of playing, gamers can be ruined surroundings as you enjoy.

After the local version was released in Korea two years ago, Maple Story 2 was officially established in China on September 21 from Tencent Games publisher. Lately, many gamers are sticking with this particular game unexpectedly discovered the English voice prompts raised questions regarding the forthcoming Maple Story world.

Presently, the Nexon facet remains fairly quiet and has not had any confirmation about this situation. On the other hand, the lovers of the nostalgic title game MS2 Mesos are convinced that they will shortly have the chance to experience in the coming time.