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Youth Group Pushing LGBTQ Agenda
« on: April 14, 2018, 12:04:48 am »

Iowa State University is proposing an ‘LGBTQ inclusion’ policy for its statewide 4-H youth program.

Iowa State University Extension has asked the public to weigh in on a proposal to adopt Obama-era “LGBTQ inclusion” policies that would effectively allow men and boys to use restrooms, shower facilities, and dorms meant for women and girls.

ISU Extension is responsible for the state’s 4-H youth program, which falls under U.S. Department of Agriculture oversight. The particular part of the new policy, which officials say is driven by both USDA and university “anti-discrimination” policies, that is causing the most concern for family advocacy groups states:

“4-H shall not segregate or otherwise distinguish individuals on the basis of their sex, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation, in any 4-H activities or the application of any 4-H rule. This guidance is consistent with courts’ and other agencies’ interpretation of Federal laws prohibiting sex discrimination, as well as research-based and emerging best practices for positive youth development …"

Under the proposed policy change, 4-H participants—either students or adult volunteers—will begin “treating the individual consistent with the individual’s gender identity” merely on the basis of that person’s notification. No medical diagnosis, or parental consent, is required.

The proposed policy change would also require 4-H programs to “allow transgender and intersex individuals access to [restrooms and locker rooms] consistent with their gender identity.” While the draft document does not note that the USDA policies upon which it was based has been withdrawn, a feedback page at the ISU Extension website does.

Click here to read an archive of the original USDA document:

Click here to read the entire draft document:

Click here to provide feedback to ISU Extension:

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