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Report #55: Melanie Vritschan & Ramola D: Support ICATOR in Speaking For Humanity

Ramola D Reports
Published on Mar 17, 2018
Deeply educative, connective, and ruminative conversation on the avant-garde human rights advocacy being offered by the organization ICATOR, the International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and the Robotization of Living Beings founded by Melanie Vritschan--an organization I have joined as a member myself this month, something I will write more about shortly—and an appeal and invitation to all concerned humanity to join, support, and help financially sustain the necessary and essential work of ICATOR.

ICATOR is currently working on setting up scientific scanning sessions with physicists at a University for a group of reporting victims who have undergone preliminary scanning and identified implants in their body, and is seeking funds to pay for this important and vitally needed scanning for humanity.

Melanie reports that previous scanning sessions have identified implants in the bodies of children  as well; adults reporting that they are victims of electronic terrorism spoke up and asked that their children be scanned too, and indeed learned definitively that their children were implanted.

Do we as a society condone this barbarism—where a secretive Military/Intelligence/Industrial complex is permitted to sharpshoot, inject, spray and otherwise covertly implant children and adults as they wish, all over the world?

ICATOR is also working to build on previous efforts to secure legislation at the European Parliament to establish a ban on electromagnetic weapons, worldwide.

Please step forward to support the brave and hopeful work for humanity that ICATOR is doing, please donate:

As Ms. Vritschan spells out, ICATOR is speaking for humanity, not just the current-day victims of Intelligence/Surveillance State/Military crime—you or your children can be next!--but seeking intellectuals and activists and human rights advocates—doctors, lawyers, physicists, engineers, journalists to step forward and support the important work ICATOR is doing to help victims of non-consensual implantation and experimentation.

This actually turned out to be a bit of a bombshell conversation where we discussed at length the horrors of ongoing #SurveillanceAbuse and #SurveillanceToture by the global One-World Surveillance State, the high price being paid today by activists such as us speaking openly about it (we are both being assaulted with DEWs on a daily basis; atrociously, Melanie's baby Amethyst was abducted from her in October in Erasme Hospital, Brussels, where she gave birth, and is still being held wrongfully by the Belgian Intelligence state via the Juvenile Court system), the great push the State is making to hide these crimes under “Delusional” labels as reporting victims are labeled mentally ill and schizoid “Targeted Individuals,” and as Intel-bought mainstream media publish lies and POPPCon (Psy Op Propaganda Piece Con) for criminal Mil/Intel entities, slandering, defaming, and dismissing reporting victims as needing mental health help—so as to bury the horrors of what they are reporting, and the importance of informing the world public about these realities


The Pakistani-Canadian psychiatrist's article:

Dr. Seth Farber's article:

Dr. Ben Colodzin's letter for doctors:

Highly informative, enlightening, no-holds-barred candid, real, authentic conversation on the Unreal Surveillance State, if I say so myself :) Please watch, share, inform others. Human rights activists, concerned citizens, doctors, journalists, academics, every parent, every young person needs to know.