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Re: Tommy Robinson gets 13 months for livestreaming
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Revealed: the hidden global network behind Tommy Robinson

The British far-right activist Tommy Robinson is receiving financial, political and moral support from a broad array of non-British groups and individuals, including US thinktanks, rightwing Australians and Russian trolls, a Guardian investigation has discovered.

Robinson, an anti-Islam campaigner who is leading a ?Brexit betrayal? march in London on Sunday, has received funding from a US tech billionaire and a thinktank based in Philadelphia.
On Facebook, Robinson has more than 1 million followers from at least a dozen countries outside the UK, including the US, Australia, Sweden and Norway.
Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, has been using Facebook donation tools designed for charities to raise funds for his activism for several months.
But the tool is meant for charities alone. When the Guardian alerted Facebook to this, the social media company switched off the function within hours.
A US tech billionaire, Robert Shillman, financed a fellowship that helped pay for Robinson to be employed in 2017 by a rightwing Canadian media website, the Rebel Media, on a salary of about ?5,000 a month.
    The David Horowitz Freedom Center (DHFC), a California-based thinktank that describes itself as a ?school for political warfare?, has published a series of pieces defending Robinson, and has lobbied for him to address US politicians.

Horowitz, the co-founder of the DHFC, told the Guardian in an email: ?Tommy Robinson is a courageous Englishman who has risked his life to expose the rape epidemic of young girls conducted by Muslim gangs and covered up by your shameful government.?

?Radical Islam is the problem and moderate Islam is the solution,? the MEF president, Daniel Pipes, said in an email. ?MEF fights for the right to discuss Islam and related issues in free, robust, open and public debate.?

Pipes added that he believed Robinson had been prosecuted for his views and not his actions outside the courthouse.

He said: ?In May 2018, in the course of five hours, he was arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced to 13 months? prison, and jailed; that sounds more like a banana republic than the home of the Magna Carta.?
Robinson was recently appointed an official adviser to Ukip, which is backing his pro-Brexit rally on Sunday. Ukip?s embrace of him has caused a rupture in the party and prompted two former leaders, Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall, and hundreds of members to leave.

Announcing his resignation this week after 25 years with the party, Farage wrote in the Daily Telegraph: ?The very idea of Tommy Robinson being at the centre of the Brexit debate is too awful to contemplate.?
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